by WilliamRichardson
January 18, 2007

from YouTube Website

Simply put the earth is in trouble BIG trouble.

  • From over fishing of our oceans and depleting fish stocks to dangerous low levels

  • From toxins, emissions and pollution entering and chocking the atmosphere and making the hole in the ozone layer bigger and causing more harmful sunrays to penetrate through then their should be, Thus warming the oceans, melting the ice, and threatening animals environments

  • From rainforest being bulldozed down to create grazing land for cattle and commercial development thus destroying natural environmental structure and animals habitats, animal species going extinct, and more.

These problems are caused by humans and humans only; it's scary, it really is, and will only serve to get worse if the human race takes an apathetic attitude towards the planet it ultimately needs to survive; your's and my planet.

We are dependent on the earth's biodiversity for survival and without it were in big trouble.