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Aloha all,


I'm very pleased to announce that the "We Are Ready to Change the World" petition has now reached over 5000 signatures and continues to quickly grow.


We may have reached a critical point in our planetary evolution where so many individuals aware of the extraterrestrial cover up are openly calling for them to show up.


This may be a factor behind the recent October 14 prediction of extraterrestrials showing up somewhere in the Southern hemisphere and/or the state of Alabama.

I recommend viewing the below video by Mike Quinsey which endorses the "We Are Ready to Change the World" petition and presents a telepathic message from extraterrestrials concerning our planetary situation and the Oct 14 show up date.



Galactic Federation Message

August/29/2008 (Diane)




In peace

Michael E. Salla


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens

can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"
Margaret Mead








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To the Authors of...

"Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!"


This petition is in response to the communication, purportedly from a benevolent extra-terrestrial group, titled "Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!".


Please read their message before reading the petition or signing it.


Petition - We Are Ready to Change the World
While we, "individuals without distinction", as you put it, cannot be certain that your message is a sincere attempt initiate first contact, nonetheless we feel it is prudent to respond with our aspirations for such an encounter.

The forthright picture that you paint of us lets us know that you value honesty above superficial pleasantries even in an introduction. For us as well, honesty has proven to be a key in building close relationships.

As you point out, our experience on this planet demonstrates that the contact of a human society with a larger collective can be difficult. We understand that, in this situation, we are in the role of Pacific Islanders on the eve of Discovery. Great ships of the foreign powers wait offshore, out of visual range. Even though the ships are invisible, our seers have advised us that the ships are out there, waiting.


So it is time to consider our options.


With respect to malevolent foreign powers, the strategic options are limited to either resistance or capitulation. Resistance in the face of overwhelming technological superiority is ultimately a futile exercise in self-mortification. Yet capitulation could entail a long process of colonial occupation and exploitation. While this might be in the perceived interests of certain elites, for the people in general, it is a disaster.

But what if one of the foreign powers is benevolent?


As we see it, your proposal presents us with the possibility of a third option, namely, to establish a partnership with a foreign power that has our best interests at heart. In this way, even though we might lack the military capability to defend ourselves, any power that would threaten us would also be taking on our friends, and so therefore would be restrained. Since our prospects under this option are far preferable to those under the other two scenarios, we wish to explore the opportunity you have offered.

How can we be sure of your good intents?


The simple truth is that we cannot know at first. We can build trust only through working together successfully toward shared goals. As we understand your offer, you will give us new information regarding science, technology, medicine, personal empowerment, energy and consciousness. With these tools, it is our responsibility to build the world we desire.


To us, this seems to be an ideal method to build self-confidence and accelerate our progress toward the "technical and spiritual maturity" we need for productive interplanetary relations. The terms of your offer in and of themselves give us confidence that you have our long term interests in mind.

What can we offer in return?


We can envisage a time in which the human experience can be brought to bear to resolve contentious issues in many places in the galaxy. On this planet, South Africa is a country that has overcome a violent history and has reconciled diverse antagonistic communities, so much so that it is now a model of successful peacemaking and healing for the rest of our planet. We would like to be able to offer what we have learned on Earth to assist in resolving conflicts occurring in other places.

What is the best way to proceed?


While, no doubt, many humans will be eager to immediately explore the full spectrum of opportunities afforded by contact, we appreciate the wisdom of waiting until after we have absorbed the initial shock. And, to be truthful, we would like to postpone any binding interplanetary agreements until we are confident we understand your values and goals, and we have had the opportunity to demonstrate the unique offerings that we have to contribute to interplanetary society.

Therefore, we suggest a seven year period during which we can learn about you and the larger Federation of which you are a part; and so you can learn more about us, and our unique talents. During this time, we can develop a coherent planetary voice and new institutions suited to the task of conducting interplanetary affairs. At the end of the transition period, a properly constituted authority can enter into formal agreements that we consider would best serve our collective interests.

Are you right about the presence of a "third party" of ETs?


After we meet you, we will be in a position to consider your allegations of misconduct on the part of "third party" ETs or humans acting in collaboration with them. Certainly we are already aware that some humans in positions of power do not seem to act in the best interests of their people. What we do not know is the cause of their choices. If, as you allege, many in power are not free to choose their actions, we would consider this a gross violation of their human rights.


We can offer to establish a Truth Commission that will consider any evidence that you may like to bring forward regarding human rights abuses on, above, or below the planet's surface.

If you do decide to go ahead and make yourselves visible, we are sure you understand that you do so at your own risk. We are not able to guarantee your safety and so you will have to take appropriate measures to defend yourselves in the event of any adverse reaction on the part of humans or other ETs. Especially at the beginning, we may have difficulty distinguishing friend from foe, and we and our representatives, do have the right and responsibility to defend ourselves from actual threats.

Given the difficulties you cite with our current governmental institutions, we wish to make sure that the transition process is conducted in an open, transparent way. In particular, we feel it vital to include "individuals without distinction" in decision making bodies that include our political representatives. As they do not represent any national government, such individuals could be charged with holding in mind the interests of humanity as a whole. Individuals with a history of dedicated service, and a commitment to truth, peace and justice are not hard to find.


As just one example, the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality, brings together esteemed individuals of integrity that share a positive vision for our planet:

"The Commission seeks to inspire consciousness of the wholeness of the human family and the sacred tapestry of all life. "


Certain universal values, such as the aspirations for Peace, Truth, Compassion and Justice, come naturally to humans, and we would love to see them everywhere become more compelling than the allure of parochial interests. We can wholeheartedly endorse such a goal as part of this process.

We appreciate your respect for the sanctity of human free will, and the inalienable right of each individual to pursue their own spiritual path. In the past, humans have looked to the skies for gods or some kind of salvation. We understand that this is not part of your offer, and that we must each continue to pursue our own individual development. As a species and a planetary ecology, we remain responsible for our own evolution.

What do we want?


Certain places on Earth are of exceptional beauty. The island of Tahiti is an example of a place so beautiful that visitors are content to "take only memories" and "leave only footprints." We would like to be able to conserve the planet's natural environment so we can continue to enjoy the rich variety of life that surrounds us. As well, certain places on Earth are sacred.


We desire that the Earth’s sacred landscape will remain dedicated to universal values such as Truth, Freedom, and the quest for God.

After contact, we can anticipate that we will need a new foundation for our economy, one that reflects the system of values current in the interplanetary economy. We can see that it is to our advantage to be able to function autonomously within this context as soon as we can. Of course, because of our isolated condition, we must be technically backward by Federation standards. While we are ignorant of what you might use as a process or medium of exchange, we know we must offer something that you value in order to receive much of what we will need in order to develop without undue dependency.

We are quite pleased to read that you value Joy and Peace. Many here would delight in providing just such commodities to the Federation! With this in mind, we would like to suggest that Earth establish an economy based on interplanetary tourism and peacemaking rather than any extractive industry.

We would like to be known as a place of Truth, Peace and Beauty. This is the identity we feel would do the most to preserve what we love about our precious planet, while also providing the basis for our economic and political independence.

If you are in alignment with these goals, we are on board with your proposal.


The Undersigned