with Dr. Michael Salla

January 23, 2007

from GoogleVideo Website




Within a short number of years the study of the political science of extraterrestrial phenomena will be commonplace at universities around the world. It will be called "Exopolitics" in no small measure due to the work of Dr. Salla, who with a few others, is founding this new area of study.


This lecture will identify the key features in the emergence of exopolitics as a branch of political science.


Attention will be placed on identifying the different conceptual frameworks used to understand the extraterrestrial presence and its political implications. Attention will be on the various sources of information on the extraterrestrial presence, the coherence of these sources and their persuasiveness as evidentiary bases for making policy recommendation.


Special focus will be on the motivations, activities and moral orientations of different extraterrestrial groups identified by a variety of sources.


Finally, the way in which political control has evolved in response to the extraterrestrial presence by responsible government agencies in the US will also be identified and analyzed in the context of the present international political climate.


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