by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
July 1, 2012

from Exopolitics Website





The BBC is planning a documentary dealing with a variety of conspiracy theories including UFOs and aliens appearing at the upcoming London Olympics.


According to Paul Joseph Watson of, the UFO alien invasion meme was being promoted in the upcoming BBC documentary to discredit the burgeoning 9/11 and 7/7 truth movements. There are other perspectives warning that officially sanctioned media events such as the BBC documentary act as triggers for false flag events to go forward.


Both 9/11 and 7/7 are described as false flag events that were foreshadowed by television shows and mock terrorist simulations. So is the upcoming BBC documentary discussing a possible UFO alien appearance at the London Olympics part of a planned false flag alien invasion?

Watson’s video, “UFO Invasion At Olympics 2012 Is Y2K-Style Hysteria,” appeared today on website and he wrote in the summary:

The BBC is focusing its new documentary about “conspiracy theorists” around the premise that aliens will invade London during the Olympics. This entire meme is clearly being pushed by the establishment to discredit the truth movement.

More specifically Watson claims that “real issues” involving false flag events on 911 and 7/7 were being,

“delegitimized” by being conflated with the “notoriously disinfo ridden, often public toxic issues of UFOs and aliens.”

He proposed that the idea of aliens showing up at the Olympics in motherships to land and start an invasion was ridiculous.


Watson thought that the alien invasion meme was being deliberately associated with the “truth movement” in an attempt to discredit the latter when the alleged invasion failed to materialize. A sensible position for Watson to take, yet Watson himself was warning in his video that a “massive cataclysmic event” was indeed being planned for the Olympics.


Infowars and Prison Planet have run several stories about security lapses that would enable a false flag event to move forward. So is a false flag event being planned for the London Olympics, and does it involve an alien invasion?

A number of “Truth movement” researchers including Watson and Alex Jones argue that false flag events such as 911 and 7/7 were preceded by media events simulating the false flag events being planned. The idea is that these media events are coded messages that trigger people placed in various positions of authority to initiate the actions being depicted.


If so, then the upcoming BBC documentary scheduled to appear shortly before the Olympic games may indeed be intended to foreshadow a false flag alien invasion.






There have been rumors of a fake alien invasion using holographic and other advanced technologies for well over a decade.


Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project has given repeated warnings of such an event based on numerous whistleblower testimonies.


In 2002 he explained some of the rationale behind an alien false flag event:

For the military-industrial-laboratory-intelligence-corporate complex, there would be trillions of dollars in lucrative spending for Star Wars - now with a REAL enemy to fight! As they said in the movie Independence Day, "Lets kick alien butt..."

For schemers wishing to unite the world in militarism and control through fear (as opposed to our common humanity and peace...) what better way to attain this goal than to roll out serious UFO evidence and link it to a body of hoaxed faux-alien encounters contained within the abduction sub-culture?


People are easily herded and controlled through fear, and can there be anything more scary than evil 'aliens' floating poor, innocent humans onto UFOs to torture and sexually abuse them? Right.

For misguided religious fanatics and secret religious cults, who pine for the long-awaited end-of-the-world, Armageddon scenario, what better fulfillment of their misinterpreted prophecy than a Final Great Battle in space?

Greer’s research revealed that a very sophisticated military-industrial-laboratory-intelligence-corporate complex distorted and hid the truth about extraterrestrial life visiting our world, while working furiously to reverse engineer extraterrestrial technologies.


An alien false flag event would be the final ploy that could be used to maintain many of the deepest secrets held by this complex about extraterrestrial life and technologies.


While Watson understandably wants to keep the truth movement focused on real issues, it is not possible to separate important geopolitical events such as 911 and 7/7 from the extraterrestrial issue as I argued here.

Will the London Olympics be a truly global event that is interrupted by a false flag alien invasion? Very unlikely in this author’s view, yet one can’t underestimate the audacity and desperation of those involved in staging earlier false flag operations. The truth movement exposing 911 and 7/7 as inside jobs is burgeoning, and there are those that stand to lose much if the truth emerges.


Similarly, public opinion on the possible existence of extraterrestrial life has swung around dramatically making possible polling on questions once thought frivolous.


For example, one recent poll by National Geographic rated which U.S. Presidential candidate would be the best leader during an alien invasion.

The London Olympics will undoubtedly be the biggest show on Earth from 27 July to 12 August, 2012. If aliens do show up coming in war, then we can be rightly suspicious that such an event was staged and has a very terrestrial explanation.


If, however, the aliens showed up coming in peace, then we might be experiencing the real thing, and the Olympics would truly usher in the dawn of a Galactic age on our planet.