by exopolitics
June 6, 2008

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I know this has nothing to do with this discussion sorry, but can I get your take on Alex Collier, because John Lear and George Green believe Billy Meier's case to be true and Billy basically say's Alex make's his stuff up, because he spoke with AC and told him some stuff and AC put his own stuff in, and that's what he relay's to people.




Since your question is largely off topic, I suggest you visit the following for some answers: For the record, my view is that Alex Collier is a genuine contactee, and you should contact Wendelle Stevens for a more impartial opinion.

There is one aspect of Collier's case that is relevant to the UN discussions which I offer solely as an interesting set of synchronicities vis a vis current investigations. I can't back this up other than notes I took and some meetings with colleagues back in late 2007, but it's an interesting conversation that occurred well before Source A's public emergence.

Back in June 07, I was talking with Alex about upcoming events according to his more recent communications with extraterrestrials from Andromeda. He told me back then that the UN was "being prodded to take on a more significant role" on extraterrestrial issues. He spoke about UN meetings that would be taking place. I was encouraged to get involved in their discussions about ET life so a civilian perspective would be included.


This was all eight months before Source A's revelation and was quite puzzling at the time since I had no interest in contacting the UN.


Also, I didn't think the UN was much of a player at all on ET affairs, as evidenced by the moribund 1978 UNGA Decision 33/426, and the way in which the UN is structured to serve Security Council member interests. Basically, if major UN players (US, UK, Russia, etc.) don't want something to happen, then nothing of note does happen.

Nevertheless, I subsequently convened a meeting at the X-Conference in September 2007 with a number of advisors associated with the Exopolitics Institute including Alfred Webre, Victor Viggiani, Poala Harris, and others about doing a series of events at the UN to get them more involved on the ET issues.


Those early meetings continued by phone and a small group of us eventually contacted retired U.S. Ambassador John McDonald from the Institute for Multitrack Diplomacy who has joined us in a Citizen Diplomacy initiative to get the UN to implement UNGA 33/426. There was an announcement of our joint initiative at the April 2008 X-Conference, see:

So by the time Source A came forward with his revelations on the UN on Feb 12, we had already been planning a number of events to get the UN involved on the ET issue, so it all appeared to be very synchronistic.

I took notes of my June 2, 2007 discussion with Alex concerning a range of issues including upcoming UN discussions on ET life. The fact that others can testify that a group of us began talking about getting the UN involved back in Sept 07 is circumstantial evidence that the conversation with Alex Collier did take place a few months earlier and that I was acting on advice concerning the UN and future meetings.

So in sum, Alex Collier was passing on advance info about the UN getting involved in ET affairs and asking me to get involved well before Source A's public emergence. For those not aware, I do have a background in international diplomacy involving the UN through my work on East Timor so it's not hard to understand why I was advised to get involved, see:

For those skeptical of contactee or Collier's data, I offer the above merely as an interesting set of synchronicities that can be corroborated by others. For those more inclined to accept the legitimacy of contactee or Collier's data in relation to the UN meetings, I think the synchronicities speak for themselves.


Ethical ET civilizations are monitoring global events including UN discussions, and passing on important information to those inclined to accept and act on such information.