by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
from Exopolitics Website


Veteran UFO researcher Robert VanDerClock has confirmed that he has met with and seen the credentials of an anonymous source who disclosed that a secret UN meeting had taken place on February 12 that discussed UFOs and extraterrestrial life. In a February 13 article first announcing the secret UN meeting, the anonymous source disclosed that the meeting was called in response to national governments concerns about increases in global UFO sightings.


In a later article, the anonymous source, henceforth referred to as "Source A", disclosed a time table existed for full disclosure of extraterrestrial life by 2017. In a phone interview conducted with me on March 25, VanDerClock confirmed that he had met with Source A approximately one year earlier.


At the time, Source A was accompanied by the same two New York researchers, Clay and Shawn Pickering, who were responsible for the initial release of information concerning the February 12 meeting.

At their meeting one year ago, VanDerClock personally reviewed the military credentials of Source A that were, in VanDerClock's opinion, "impeccable". Source A showed Vanderclock an album of his military service in classified facilities. This helps confirm some of the claims of Source A of having worked in classified facilities where he was exposed to projects involving extraterrestrial technology and life.


Source A possessed, for example, a classified document he obtained in 1982 that detailed retrieval operations for crashed extraterrestrial vehicles that was another version of the famed Special Operations Manual that publicly emerged in 1994.

VanDerClock's confirmation of Source A's military background and service in highly classified facilities is significant since Source A claims he was instructed to brief the UN meeting on UFO sightings and extraterrestrial life under extraordinary security procedures. Source A had claimed that he was authorized leak information about the UN meeting, prior to its occurrence, by his superior, an undisclosed Navy admiral to the general public.


The Pickering brothers claimed to have received the information on February 11, and relayed the information to me on February 12, soon after the meeting had taken place.

According to VanDerClock, Source A is very reliable and there is no reason to doubt what he has disclosed so far. VanDerClock believes Source A is being directed to release information by an admiral as Source A claims.


Asked where he would place Source A in terms of a hypothetical credibility scale from zero to 100, VanDerClock replied, around 92%. Vanderclock ranks Source A's testimony very highly, and ranks him among the three most important whistleblowers he has come across.


He places Source A alongside former military intelligence officer Lt Col. Philip Corso, Snr, and former NASA rocket specialist, Clark McClelland, as the three most significant 'insiders' to so far have revealed accurate information on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Vanderclock was therefore highly confident that the secret UN meeting on UFOs/extraterrestrials occurred on February 12 as claimed by Source A.

Bob VanDerClock has been researching UFO's for 15 years and has done 76 public lectures and written several research papers. He served for three years in the U.S. military as an Army Intelligence agent during the Vietnam War performing military intelligence duties. He is currently a postmaster in the U.S. Postal Service. More info available here.


VanDerClock stated that he is willing to sign an affidavit confirming his meeting and review of Source A's credentials.

VanDerClock's testimony corroborates another researcher who also met with Source A and reviewed his credentials subsequent to the February 12 meeting. Robert Morningstar, Associate Editor of UFO Digest and a Vice Commander in the US Coast Guard Reserve, also confirmed Source A's credentials, and believes Source A is truthfully disclosing events as they have occurred. Consequently, VanDerClock has provided additional independent corroboration of the initial claims of the Pickering brothers concerning Source A's military background, and his background in classified projects.


This helps further establish the credibility of Source A's original claims that he was responsible for a briefing to the UN on UFOs and extraterrestrial life, and had been authorized to disclose this to the general public.