Chapter Fifteen
Reaching Out to Interstellar Society

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program could be an important interactive step in reaching out to join interstellar society. But SETI has its conceptual limitations. Universe society knows full well that Earth is populated. The deliberate isolation of our planet is well known and enforced throughout the universe.

But SETI's very existence is a plus for Earth. SETI proves that humanity is at a developmental stage where it can acknowledge interaction other intelligent civilizations. SETI embodies our first institutional steps to reach out to fellow civilizations in the Universe. Of course, these civilizations already know we are in enforced isolation. SETI’s true significance is that humanity can exhibit rational social behavior in outer space.

Programs like SETI are a starting point for interactive Exopolitics. To search for extraterrestrial intelligence, we must first acknowledge Earth as a quarantined planet in an interstellar society. In order to achieve open contact with intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations, a complete transformation of SETI’s conceptual framework must occur.

Scientists Frank Drake and the late Carl Sagan founded SETI in the 1960s. SETI’s concept of the Universe is in some sense founded on the famous Drake equation:

N = n* fp ne fl fi fc L

N is said to equal the total number of extraterrestrial intelligent beings that exist in the observable Universe with whom we might communicate. As "N" turns out to be a relatively large number, it is this equation which is thought to justify the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Drake hesitates to estimate precisely how many civilizations there are in the Universe. However, he lists factors calculated in the Drake equation in arriving at the total of intelligent beings as:

(n*)   the number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy;

(fp)   the number of stars whose environs can support life;

(ne)  the number of planets in each solar system that are suitable for life;

(f1)   the number of these planets on which life actually develops;

(fi)    the number of planets with life on which intelligence develops;

(fc)   the number of planets with intelligence on which a technological civilization develops;

(L)   the number of planets with a technological civilization which has survived until today.

Drake himself admits that the result of this equation is highly problematical. The entire formula is based on only one sample – that of the intelligent civilization of Earth. Thus, the result is apt to be either a human projection of evolution on Earth, or a total speculation about evolution elsewhere in the Universe. There are no factors in the equation on which SETI is based that reflect the true and practical determinants of human communication with Universe civilizations. The Drake equation and the present SETI program do not contain a factor which states "Earth in quarantine; communication not permitted."

SETI can search galaxy after galaxy for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, without apparent response, and conclude its efforts have gone unrecognized by intelligent civilizations. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. SETI is not fundamentally flawed; it is just incomplete in terms of its approach. Interstellar civilizations are busy monitoring us to see whether the conditions for response and dialogue are met.

SETI’s task is not just scientific communication. Rather, its true task is exopolitical. How do we humans present ourselves where higher intelligence would want to communicate? How do we begin the dialogue to end the quarantine and resume an open membership in interplanetary society?





Chapter Sixteen

The Rebirth of Universe Consciousness

"As above, so below" is one principle by which Earth facilitates its Universe reunion. Earth can consciously connect to advanced interplanetary society (above), and mirrors its cosmic principle here on Earth (below). Through open interaction with Universe society, we humans can transform Earth into free, non-quarantined planet. There is no better way we could spend our time on Earth.

As individuals, we may not have to do anything as part of our reunion with Universe society. Universe consciousness is part of the growth of personal intuition among a large percentage of the human population. The remarkable increase in intuitive awareness of an Extraterrestrial presence on Earth is a good example. Whatever the motivating source, the human population is becoming aware of Universe civilizations on Earth.

Major human governments are hostile to any extraterrestrial initiative toward Earth. Academia and the "knowledge" establishments have likewise been aggressively hostile toward an extraterrestrial role in our planetary affairs. A covert military-intelligence establishment seems to be running disinformational extraterrestrial masquerade programs with the intent of "owning" the extraterrestrial experience. Yet these masquerades do not dilute the intuitive human experience that genuine extraterrestrial civilizations exist.

Subliminal communication is one important source for increasing human awareness of extraterrestrial activities around Earth. Universe civilizations are communicating with humans subliminally and at the level of peripheral awareness. This peripheral cueing forms a stage in Universe society’s over-all strategy to integrate humanity into open interplanetary society. Through subliminal awareness, a critical mass of humanity becomes consciously connected to the organized cosmos.

Advanced Universe psychologists gently work to trigger a cognitively retarded human species into full Universe consciousness, without overwhelming them with fear or paralysis. Up to forty-five percent of Earth's most affluent and educated human adults may have become Universe conscious through extraterrestrial subliminal programs. If true, this is an extraordinary success rate, boding well for our full Universe reintegration.

Humanity’s coming into full Universe consciousness is governed by Universal law. Earth’s evolution differs from that of a normal evolving life-bearing planet in that we are in quarantine from interplanetary society. On normal life-bearing planets, open participation in Universe society starts at the very beginnings of planetary civilization. From Universe society’s point of view, Earth is unique to intelligent civilizations.

We humans are now beginning open Universe integration. This is a process that occurs according to evolutionary laws governing advanced civilization. That we are ignorant of Universe laws does not make us any the less subject to them. We are an entry-level intelligent species becoming aware of the society of intelligent species in the larger Universe.

A critical mass, open to union with interstellar society is gathering. The truth is that we on a path to rejoin a greater society. As individuals, we can choose to experience this process as a positive opportunity, or we can resist and regress.

Fear and ignorance fuels most of the resistance to Universe integration. Humanity’s open integration into the organized Universe is for our long run benefit. Our evolutionary cycle at this stage offers opportunities, providing we interact positively with Universe society. Of course, we can chose self-destructive reaction to the Universe society’s approach and plan. Even that would be but a temporary setback in Earth’s inevitable evolution into interstellar society.

Humanity is at a stage analogous to when we were first entering the Universe quarantine. Only now, instead of being isolated from the organized Universe, we are rejoining Universe society. Our reintegration is made possible by our Universe awareness Exopolitics provides a conceptual structure that allows Earth’s Universe re-integration to take place. Major planetary transformation can occur within the framework of Exopolitics.

Official science denies there is organized advanced life is actively involved with Earth. Secret military-intelligence disinformation about Universe society mimic "extraterrestrial activity" in order to control public opinion's psychological gateways to Universe reintegration. Covertly orchestrated confusion feeds human attitudes and knowledge about extraterrestrial intelligence. Science fiction cinema and literature may paint a dark future for humanity in outer space. Each of these visions seems to be founded on fear, ignorance, error, or vested power interests.

Compare these false, negative portrayals of the Universe with our intuitive knowledge that the Universe is organized and benign. A positive vision of life in an organized Universe is extravagant and blissful. It is not dark, fearful, conflict-ridden, or slave-like. The owners of our terrestrial petroleum-nuclear civilization are opposed to reunion with Universe society. Our military, petroleum-based and nuclear establishment may likely deconstruct when the dimensional "free energy" of advanced Universal society becomes the technological norm on Earth.

Advanced interplanetary society does not allow war. Planetary evolution on Earth means an end to human war as a means of production, economic wealth, or social oppression. Universe society spells the demise of militarism on Earth and in our near space.

Reunion with Universe civilizations brings a closer relationship with God. The most advanced scientific reality in all creation is that God is Source. As our relationship of with the Universe expands, religious institutions must adapt as humanity learns that many of the details of their faith-belief may be myth and scientifically false. Humanity will finally cease to war against itself in the name of God, as Earth becomes part of interplanetary society.

Terrestrial power and war-making structures will largely deconstruct in the Universe reunion. Earth’s officially-enforced ignorance about Universe society is no accident. You have not heard much about the organized Universe because there are powerful forces opposed to our union with Universe society. Information about Universe society has been kept from us to ensure the status quo for a narrow human ownership that is wedded to the past.

Universe Politics - Exopolitics - empowers us to our goal of reunion. We can join Universe politics by establishing open public venues for Exopolitics. Public, community-based venues can provide the political tools to decide how public and private resources will be used in our integration with Universe society. A Universe reunion involves a commitment of our entire civilization, our entire planet, and our collective future and way of life.

It is time that we humans play the game of Universe politics openly and collectively. You may understandably feel disempowered or disenfranchised on Universe issues. There is no more important human question than whether we join this greater society, and its advanced government, civilizations, technologies, and peoples. As an individual, you will want to have input into whether your planet rejoins interstellar society. In Universe politics, all movement is inevitably forward and ultimately to our collective benefit. Even momentary adversity and upset in the process of reintegration into the organized Universe can bring its own benefits.

The essence of Universe politics is simple: We humans are not alone; we are in a collective Universe society. As a species, we do not have ultimate title and property to our planet and to interplanetary space. Earth is a Universe commons. We exist in the Universe subject to Universe laws. We are in a multi-party Universe, on a multi-party planet.

As we embark on the process of mobilizing our human awareness, we will find that we have the help and resources of a very advanced civilization that is organized throughout Universe space. Universe politics is how we humans relate to Universe society; how we enforce our rights in organized interplanetary society; how we request and seek out Universe society’s resources and responsibilities for our planet.





Chapter Seventeen
Toward A Decade of Contact

Fear should no longer paralyze us from seeking our membership in Universe society. One version of this fear, promoted by a military-intelligence network, is that we should fear an "invasion" of hostile aliens more than anything else.

Contemporary world leaders have said that such a hostile invasion would truly bring humankind together. Former United States Presidents have broadcast this message to the world in the 1980s at the United Nations, and as recently as late 1999. In a way, this "alien invasion" is the equivalent of the "Earth is the center of the Universe" message of the Middle Ages.

The "alien invasion" is a psychological war initiative, one more way that the vested interests of powerful terrestrial governments keep the human population isolated from the advances of interplanetary civilization.

What will bring humankind together is our accessing interplanetary government. There is no authentic "alien invasion" planned. That is disinformation. Universe government is advanced, organized, peaceful, and interested in our evolution. If there is any "rogue" extraterrestrial presence on Earth, it operates outside the confines of Universe laws and will end.

How can the human population get beyond the anti-extraterrestrial conceptual traps that our institutions and terrestrial leaders keep constructing for us? One way is to build a new, participatory exopolitical process whose purpose is to foment and structure humankind’s preparedness to enter interplanetary society. Exopolitics will deconstruct negative disinformation about an extraterrestrial presence. Open research will shed the light of truth on alleged extraterrestrial plots to genetically enslave mankind.

The Decade of Contact is a ten-year participatory education-based process to facilitate integration with Universe society. We dedicate a ten-year period of education and community action around integrating Earth into Universe society. The Decade of Contact is both a process and a public attitude. Extraterrestrial contact is our doorway into re-integration with Universe society. Extraterrestrial contact is an interactive process; it involves mutual interaction between our fellow humans and Universe society. Just how many decades it will take to re-establish working contact with the organized Universe is partially in our own hands.

The Decade of Contact is simple and straightforward. Any individual, group, institution, nation, or government can participate. Participants in the Decade of Contact will commit to transform their lives, their institutional focus, and resources to re-establishing integration with organized interplanetary society. Rejoining Universe society is an exopolitical process, and will happen only as political momentum gathers at the personal, local, regional, and global levels. The process of Universe integration may take time in lift-off, like a space vehicle starting its long journey with slow lift-off from Earth.

Mobilizing the human species to integrate with Universe society will take place in many concurrent ways. A key task is the gathering of information, research, and scientific and educational resources about Universe society. Our dominant terrestrial model of reality is functionally a legacy from the Middle Ages. Our collective new knowledge base must be assembled from an exopolitical context.

There are also important cultural components to the Decade of Contact, as human awareness builds to a critical mass. These will include political movements, public events, concerts, music, art, and media to celebrate Universe society. Our reunion with Universe society is a ground of our basic human rights. The Decade of Contact process will transform our civilization from within, from a terrestrial culture to a Universal one.

Transformation of human society will occur when we reach a Universe-sensitive critical mass. With approximately forty-five percent of Earth’s population now extraterrestrial-conscious, can critical mass be far behind?





Chapter Eighteen
The end of terrestrial politics?

There are many cycles in Earth's Exopolitics. We are building on the spiral of a long planetary history. We are winning back our Universe citizenship, lost aeons ago and intentionally kept hidden from us over the years by terrestrial governments and power-greedy groups. Now, all that is about to be transformed.

During the last century, in 1977, a U.S. White House administration was open enough to acknowledge its ignorance about a wider Universe reality in our midst. The highest democratically elected authority in this land sought the most creative of our sciences to understand the open approaches of Universe society. An anti-Universe information war scuttled a Carter White House study of extraterrestrial communication. That was one of my first personal experiences with the devastating effects on the information war.

Our Exopolitics is also part of other, longer cycles. Historically, the fundamental rights of humankind, hard-won in political struggle and revolutions against old repressive orders of reality, are part of our exopolitical development. In ages past Earth was once a member of an interplanetary society. Each one of you will decide whether this possibility is worthy of your consideration.

Exopolitics brings us into our collective Universe bodies politic. Politics is a process of mediating among our various interests within a larger framework. Politics is more than an academic, analytic exercise. Politics is about the freedoms of our bodies from want, and the freedom of our minds from fear. Politics is about mutual empowerment. And our Universal heritage is the ultimate empowerment in our known reality.

A narrow military-intelligence-plutocratic clique – hosted in the United States of America – attempts to lead our entire generation of Earthlings into believing a planetary lie - that we are alone in the Universe.

The political process and governmental structures we have on Earth do not stop at Earth’s geo-stationary orbit. Politics, government, and individual freedom extend throughout the interstellar and interdimensional Universe we inhabit. Government on Earth is derived from exo-government in the Universe, and we all have inalienable rights in the Universe.

We know that the era of terrestrial politics is over, and a new age is beginning. The age of Universe politics has now landed.

How this new exopolitical age will unfold – whether violently and repressively, or expansively in freedom – is in some sense up to us. We are a nucleus of politically sensitive terrestrials who are aware that the playing field is vast. We are a new dimension of Universe government as it dawns on Earth.

Remember: secret networks in some terrestrial governments continue to keep the people in darkness and ignorance of Universe government and Universe politics. Look to your own government in the United States and the Anglo-bloc – the governments of the U.S., the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This Bloc carries on a secret information war against our right to Universe participation. These are same governments that manage Echelon, a global surveillance network. The Echelon governments seem to have the largest participation in waging the anti-Universe information war.

By contrast, unofficial Governmental networks like those in France, seem to be open to the Extraterrestrial presence. COMETA, a three-year study by former French space and air force officials validates an extraterrestrial presence around Earth.

The Echelon countries and the United States continue this anti-Universe war for global power and global wealth. Echelon hides a secret government network that exists to protect a global petroleum-nuclear civilization, a military-industrial complex. Its military-intelligence command and control is a private army. The anti-Universe war is a private war, committed to prevent an era of free energy and expansive Universe citizenship from dawning on Earth. This oligarchy attempts to own the future and keep us in an oppressive past.

Every citizen of Earth is a victim of the information war against Universe integration. This inter-planetary war exists in order to perpetuate the concentration of wealth and justify the mind control technology of a narrow, brutal, retrogressive elite. Some of us have suffered more directly than have others. Our entire planetary reality suffers environmental suicide, species extinction, war, disease, crime, and poverty, and a pervading ethic of selfishness.

The very knowledge that we are part of an organized, interstellar, multidimensional society makes our new Universe citizenship a reality. Knowledge itself will begin to evaporate the power of our selfish and destructive civilization. Our so-called terrestrial power structure will no longer be big fish in a small pond, but micro-personalities in an infinite ocean of reality, the Universe itself.

Exopolitics' essential message is that collectively we the human populations are all the exo-government, the planetary Universe society. In the United States alone, between fifty and one hundred million adult Americans are aware that Universe society visits Earth. Seventy percent of the U.S. population disbelieves the official government information war. In other countries where governmental mass mind control is not as great, such as Brazil, even larger percentages of the population knows we are Universe citizens.

Terrestrial government is a hollow shell game, an atavistic remnant of the planetary rebellion. The evaporation of terrestrial government and the birthing of Universe government is inevitable. There is no "take me to your leader" scenario. The entire cosmos knows that the leaders of the Earth's information war are corrupt and unworthy to lead us further. Their perspectives are all about profit and control.

We the human populations can all land a new Universe reality and Universe society into our terrestrial dimension from the inside. Our own inner awareness can shift its allegiance from terrestrial-based reality to a Universe-based reality. Ignorance and war are no longer acceptable problem-solving alternatives.

There are many tactical and strategic roadways Exopolitics can take over the coming years. Best they be taken in a common Decade of Contact.

In the late 1970s, the U.S. White House under Jimmy Carter antedated the French COMETA study validating extraterrestrials in our environment. That prophetic effort was brutally terminated by the information war, using the mind control technology of the military. Exopolitics now cycles back again, this time to prevail.

Let us set aside a special Decade of Contact to assimilate extraterrestrial contact. In all countries, let us push for legislative hearings, scientific and policy studies, community politics, and exopolitical process. There is no doubt that our present terrestrial fabric - educational, constitutional, scientific, entertainment - needs to be transformed as part of a new Universe-based reality.

Join in the vision of a Decade of Contact in all countries, a transformation of our human self-image. The Decade of Contact will be a proactive, education-based process of global integration with Universe society. Our entire terrestrial fabric – environmental, energy, governmental, educational, scientific, technological, and philosophical – calls out for a new Universe-based reality. Let us save our precious Earth. Together let us birth a new vision, a planetary campaign for a Universe-based ecology.

We are entering a new domain of politics – Universe Exopolitics. We are shifting from a terrestrial-bound community to a Universe-directed body politic, which is our fundamental cosmic right. The transformation starts within each of us, for we ourselves are the Universe transformation. We are the exo-government. We are the new Universal human.