Chapter Four
The Garden of Eden Hypothesis

The story of the Garden of Eden is set out in the Old Testament's Book of Genesis. After the Devil manipulates Eve into eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve are ejected from the Garden. They fall into a world of disease, ignorance, violence, and poverty.

Suppose the Garden of Eden story contains fragments of actual human history. Picture the historical Adam and Eve as interplanetary colonizers. They are on Earth as part of a Universe government mission to an evolving planet in its early stages of intelligent life development. A rogue clique under command of a brilliant Universe mission lieutenant (the "Devil") succeeds in tempting the colonizers into rebelling. Earth secedes from Universe government. The forces of interplanetary government ultimately defeat the Devil-led rebels. As a precautionary measure, the victorious interstellar government places Earth and its contiguous rebel planets in a Universe quarantine that has lasted to this day.

This Garden of Eden hypothesis suggests a radical interpretation of our planetary isolation. The fragmentary myths of our great religions may contain the historical truth that our planet Earth (Sol 3) is in the Universe penalty box. We are in temporary quarantine, isolating our planet from communication with organized interplanetary society. The purpose of the quarantine is, in part, to prevent the rebellion that occurred on Earth from spreading out into the Universe. The quarantine allows the effects of interplanetary rebellion on Earth to take their natural course and eventually to heal.

You may ask, "Why don’t I see the Earth quarantine and the interplanetary government?" The quarantine is rendered by the superior technology and advanced evolution of Universe society. Universe government enforces an interplanetary quarantine of Earth through application of two advanced parascientific principles: reflectivity and dimensionality.

Reflectivity uses the holistic energy of a being, a planet, a constellation for deep understanding of or communication with that being, planet, constellation, etc. In present Earth terms, the principle of reflectivity comes into play when a human psychic healer attunes to the aura or energy field surrounding a human patient, and obtains a holistic picture of the patient’s being. In human health care, this branch of science is known as "energy medicine."

Dimensionality is based on the dimensional aspects and construction of the Universe, and utilizes the multi-dimensions of the Universe for everything from advanced space travel to intelligent, spiritual "soul" evolution. Even in conventional Earth science, dimensionality is supported by recent human scientific advances, which now predict the demise of "time" and "space" in favor of a multidimensional reality.

Advanced Universe civilizations can gauge and monitor the relative "holistic state" of human society and planet Earth. Through technologies and intelligence based on the principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, interplanetary civilization can monitor humans on Earth. If we think no one is watching Earth, we are in error. Universe government appears to be continually monitoring Earth, and has been monitoring our planet and our species since our inception.

This monitoring is positive and caring, like a gardener with a greenhouse or an ethical scientist with a cherished life experiment. Earth is a life-experiment planet, and most of the life forms of Earth have been seeded and carefully cultivated by Universe society scientists. These Universe scientists are advanced beings that specialize in the growing and cultivation of planets. Reflectivity is one principle and technology by which they monitor the ups and downs of the planet and, where necessary, of individuals and groups of humans.

The Garden of Eden hypothesis supports dimensional interstellar travel as a reality of interplanetary society. Interstellar travel to and from Earth uses the inner dimensions of the Universe. This way, visitors and permanent observers to Earth do not have to traverse the full distance of interstellar space. What we know as outer space is only one of reality’s dimensions in the time-space continuum and beyond. Dimensionality is probably one of the most useful technologies that advanced societies can offer to humans.

In the Garden of Eden hypothesis, Earth’s humanity is not yet sufficiently morally evolved to be unilaterally included in a Universe "dimensional" role. Universe society does not want us to export war or violence into interstellar or interdimensional space. The powerful nations of Earth, led by a secret command and control network in the United States, are attempting to continue the militarization of outer space. These Earth nations are on a collision course with Universe society’s ethics and law on the peaceful nature of space. The militarization of outer space may be the single most important factor preventing the end of Earth’s isolation from civilized space society.





Chapter Five
Spiritual and Material Reality

As the society of a life-bearing planet matures and evolves, it comes to understand the Universe as a sacred realm. Understanding that the Universe is sacred and spiritual in nature is fundamental to the evolution of a higher intelligent species. At core, the Universe is created as a place for growing Souls.

Human religious traditions provide key concepts for understanding how the Universe and its advanced society are "spiritual" and not only "physical" in nature. You may ask if there is any fundamental difference between the spiritual and the material. Some say the spiritual world is actually more "real" than the material world. A Swedish physicist has reportedly even weighed the human soul (about two ounces). It seems that the soul, a spiritual entity in most of Earth’s traditions, coexists in the material world of the body. What we know as "spiritual" and "material" might just be other words for energy-life dimensions.

The User’s Guide tells us that evolved dimensional beings, emanating from "spiritual" domains in the Universe, are permanently stationed around Earth, as part of the Universe society’s presence. These beings carry out functions of monitoring our life-experiment planet and enforcing the quarantine. Although at times it may seem that human events on our planet are chaotic, these dimensional spiritual beings are crucial to Earth’s evolution, and ultimately to our re-integration into Universe society.

We humans are immersed in a very real spiritual-material ecology around Earth. This spiritual-material ecology, based on the twin energy principles of reflectivity and dimensionality, may be a key reason why we humans are not perceptually aware of the Universe society and its quarantine of Earth. Advanced civilizations can monitor us from afar through reflectivity, and can travel to Earth without being observed by us, by navigating through the Universe’s multiple dimensions.

There is also a deeper reality to Universe society's enforcing Earth's quarantine and monitoring Earth’s evolution. More advanced civilizations within the Universe can be based in other "dimensions." Human religious traditions would call these advanced dimensions "spiritual" or "Heavenly." The Garden of Eden hypothesis suggests that these "Heavenly" domains are actual dimensions within the Universe that are different from the dimensions of time and space that we humans inhabit.

Our spiritual-material ecology makes it easy for a Universe society to communicate with an increasingly aware human population. Universe society has the technology to psychologically induce humanity into mass awareness of higher intelligent civilizations, through a mode of communication our psychology calls "peripheral cueing." Universe society uses a psychological reinforcement schedule to communicate subliminally with humans.

Covert human military-intelligence forces have also learned to mimic Universe society’s communications. Their purpose is to fool us and thereby control our mass experience of what it means to be "extraterrestrial". At this stage of recovery from the planetary rebellion, there may be still negative organized extraterrestrial forces within Earth's dimensional ecology, operating outside of Universal law.

A covert information war - carried out both by secret terrestrial power structures and by extraterrestrial forces themselves - has sharply divided humans about the existence of extraterrestrial visitors, and the wisdom of integrating into Universe society. Some researchers hold that a hostile, colonizing extraterrestrial force is carrying out a secret genetic takeover of Earth, under cover of psychological warfare and "alien abductions."

Other researchers hold that "alien abductions" are psychological warfare operations of a paramilitary nature, designed to sow confusion among humans about the extraterrestrial presence. The truth is that both sides - terrestrial and extraterrestrial - are engaged in an ongoing information war, with human attitudes as its target.

Exopolitics holds that all intelligent life in the Universe is subject to Universal law, much as all human life on Earth is subject to what philosophers call natural law. Exopolitics also holds the existence of a Universe-wide government. Thus, extraterrestrial visitors to Earth are subject both to Universal laws of justice, as well as the specific directives of a Universe government.

On Earth, a state of armed conflict may exist between certain governments; international gangs may carry out violent agendas; vandals may destroy the beauty of their urban targets. Yet the evolution of international law and natural of justice preserves our evolution.

It is the same situation with regard to Earth's position in the Universe. There may be extraterrestrial visitors who see our planet as an economic and genetic prize. Whatever their specific intentions may be, they are subject to Universal law and to Universe government's ancient plans for this planet. We can best defend our position vis--vis these visitors through Exopolitics. We must become conscious we live in a multi-party Universe, and that we can have the power of Universe law on our side.





Chapter Six
The UFO Phenomenon

The Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) phenomenon, for example, began in full force around the planet in 1947. The Garden of Eden hypothesis holds that UFOs are an integral part of humanity’s reintegration into interplanetary society. Some UFO phenomena appear primarily to be deployed by a higher intelligence as psychological conditioning tools. Psychologist Carl Jung saw UFOs as essentially "Mandalas" or spiritual conditioning symbols meant to facilitate humanity's spiritual evolution.

The UFO phenomenon operates as a key force in raising human awareness of Universe society, regardless of whether its specific source is terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Our Universe awareness is automatically increased by a UFO experience, as created by a higher intelligent civilization, by natural phenomena like electromagnetic pulse energy, or by military-intelligence disinformation programs.

Disinformation military-intelligence UFO or alien "abduction" experiences may momentarily trick human subjects into thinking "bad" aliens are occupying Earth. At the same time, these disinformational UFO encounters are driving forward humanity’s awareness of higher intelligence in the Universe.

Operationally, the UFO phenomenon appears to be a mix of all of the following:

1. Dimensional Psychological Conditioners. UFOs are electromagnetically generated "virtual reality" images of spacecraft, as well as spiritual symbols (such as Mandalas). These are created by Universe society, by advanced dimensional beings, or by the collective human mind, to condition us into Universe awareness that we are part of an interplanetary society. The "UFOs" function as peripheral cues to our collective consciousness.

2. Interplanetary Spacecraft. Actual interplanetary spacecraft are part of an extraterrestrial initiative to integrate Universe society.

3. Covert Military Craft. Top secret, black-budget military-intelligence craft, masquerading as extraterrestrial UFO "spacecraft." These secret craft implement a covert disinformation scenario, including mind-control UFO abductions (MILAB), and a Psy-ops extraterrestrial "invasion" of Earth.

4. Natural phenomena. Some UFOs are caused by natural phenomena like electromagnetic pulse energy, shaped by the Jungian collective unconscious into the archetype of "spacecraft" and archetypal symbols.




Chapter Seven
The Information War

The UFO phenomenon itself can provide a psychological exit strategy from the effects of Earth's interplanetary quarantine. UFOs are a key to awakening humanity's awareness that Earth is part of a populated, advanced Universe society. It seems that many parties - both terrestrial and extraterrestrial alike - are competing for control of humanity's mass attention. The UFO phenomenon, however, is at the center of a secret information war that has raged continuously among various terrestrial and extraterrestrial parties for the last 50 years.

An information war is a conflict of perceptions waged with the weapons of propaganda, mind control, disinformation, and misinformation. The strategic objective of the 50-year information war against Universe society has been to enforce total secrecy about an extraterrestrial presence in Earth's environment. Where secrecy has failed a secret terrestrial command and control network has resorted to misinformation, lies, and black propaganda about UFO sightings. Terrestrial commandos have also undertaken disinformation operations against the civilian population, such as the MILAB, or military "fake alien abductions." MILAB is designed to portray the extraterrestrial presence as hostile or colonizing.

Violence is used against individuals who attempt to break the information barrier. Mind control weapons are used to mentally and economically destroy individuals who might break the extraterrestrial information embargo. Individuals are threatened, tortured, assassinated. These state terrorists feel safe in doing this under the cover of secrecy and plausible deniability.

The information war is the most acute reason why our integration with Universe society has not occurred. The principal aggressors in the anti-extraterrestrial information war appear to be military-intelligence authorities of the Anglo-bloc countries, led by the United States, and including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These are the so-called "Echelon" countries, named after a secret surveillance system they all operate on their own populations and the rest of the world. The ultimate goal of this bloc is to deny humanity its Universal heritage.

The term "Extraterrestrial" refers to organized Universe society as it exists in interstellar and multidimensional space. Extraterrestrial societies are the participants in the exopolitical process. Exopolitics is a fundamental organizing, mediating, social and governmental process in our interplanetary and interdimensional space.
Exopolitics is how a highly populated and regulated Universe governs itself.

The information war is designed to sow confused, negative human attitudes about Extraterrestrial reality. As we are discovering, our planet is still subject to many negative "alien" influences in the aftermath of the planetary rebellion. Universe quarantine refers to our disconnection from Universe energy circuits, and from normal interaction with Universe society. We are still under the protection and over-control of Universe authorities.

The information war has as its goal to sow confusion about the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth. The war's first goal is to keep the existence of Universe society an official secret. Its secondary goals are to sow confusion about whether the Extraterrestrial presence is benevolent or malevolent, or a mixture of both - to demonize the Extraterrestrial.

Universe society operates according to rules of law. Its intentions toward Earth are benign - we are its creatures. However, there are remnants of the planetary rebellion and quarantine that may operate within Earth's near environment. Some researchers hold that alien abductions are part of a secret alien genetic plan to develop a "hybrid" intelligent species. This new species is to replace the human race on Earth after its extinction in a coming ecological or near space catastrophe, such as asteroid collision. Others hold that "rogue extraterrestrials" are secretly threatening Earth, though benevolent extraterrestrials will not let humanity be harmed.

As in all information wars built on secrecy, propaganda and lies, it is difficult to know whether the information war scenarios are factual, distortions, or psychological projections. Some of the effects ascribed to "malevolent Extraterrestrials" could in fact be products of the information war. These effects may in reality be classic psychological warfare operations, and a phenomenon of the information war.

Reported "Alien Abduction" experiences may be a mixture of other effects. They may be growth-oriented dimensional experiences of an archetypal nature. Abductions may be virtual or psychological operations by various sides in the information war, terrestrial and extraterrestrial alike. They can be disinformation MILAB, or terrestrial military-intelligence operations, mimicking "Alien abductions" as part of the information war. Actual abduction by extraterrestrial forces may itself be "Psy-War", or psychological warfare against terrestrial military-intelligence networks. Alien abductions, in short, may not at all be what they seem.

The legacy of confusion from fifty years of information war has a practical antidote: the Decade of Contact. The information war must be ended and replaced by an education-based era of openness, public hearings, publicly funded research and education about Extraterrestrial reality.





Chapter Eight
The Planetary Rebellion and Its Causes

The Garden of Eden scenario is a working hypothesis of our actual planetary history and present Universe reality. Our quarantine affects our entire reality - physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our present-day culture may well be the product of a rogue planetary leadership that revolted against Universe society in the distant past. As a consequence, we have evolved under conditions that are the opposite of the normal life-bearing planet.

Although a new sun is created each day in our galaxy, life-bearing planets like Earth do not appear willy-nilly in the slow evolutionary cycles of the Universe. Life-bearing planets are conscious experiments of advanced Universe society. Designated Universe scientists routinely monitor planets deemed capable of bearing life. When a planet like Earth appears to have favorable life-bearing conditions, Universe society formally incorporates the planet into a life-creation program. Then, a slow, patient intelligent life-implantation program begins.

Planetary life-implantation programs are not solely biological. Where planetary conditions are appropriate, life-implantation process can produces intelligent species like humans, who are both biological and spiritual. Advanced species like us have both biological and spiritual components – body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Planets are grown like gardens. Much of life development on planet Earth is the product of conscious intervention by advanced, sophisticated techniques of the life-technologists of Universe society. This process takes billions of years. As our human scientists uncover more of the scientific past of our planet, they are actually discovering the work products of highly advanced agents within our Universe.

At a certain point in planetary evolution, intelligent life comes into being as part of the life-experimentation scheme. With this intelligent life comes the human soul, a trans-temporal entity that experiences life as a human, and survives bodily death into other dimensions of the Universe. A new life-implantation phase accompanies the appearance of intelligent souls on a planet. The planet is placed on a different life-experiment track. Intelligent soul-creatures have evolved who can themselves eventually help further creation in the Universe.

The Garden of Eden hypothesis holds that soul-bearing planets are visited and developed by formal planetary representatives of Universe society. These Universe representatives – in our case mythically known as Adam and Eve – are charged with "civilizing" the planet into Universe citizenship. Universe representatives are formally delegated to the life-bearing planet to oversee and guide its entrance into organized interplanetary society. On normal life-experiment planets, general knowledge of and participation in interplanetary society occurs from the outset of civilization. On non-quarantined planets, an aspect of being civilized means consciously being part of interplanetary society.

The Garden of Eden story suggests that Earth did not integrate into Universe society in the normal way. We humans are the children of a Universe mishap suffered in the course of our planetary evolution. Our subsequent planetary isolation accounts for the severely conflicted, violent, ignorant, and confused state of our history and our society. It is no accident that humans are cursed with war, violence, poverty, ignorance, and death. The violence of the last century would not have occurred on a normal life-bearing planet that had not experienced such an evolutionary mishap.

A planet-wide rebellion by key officials took place in our distant past, overthrowing the Universe representatives on this planet. The planetary rebels sought to secede from Universe society, and to control Earth and its contiguous life-bearing planets. Our primeval planetary rebellion lives on in human mythology in the Adam and Eve story of Genesis.

The Garden of Eden story is actually a fragmentary portrayal of historical rebellion against Universe government, and probably the key event of planetary Exopolitics to date. "Adam and Eve" are metaphorical designations for the chief Universe representatives to planet Earth. The Genesis rebels have lived in human mythology as the "Devil," a key part of the interplanetary drama surrounding expulsion from the "Garden of Eden," the Universe government’s last headquarters on post-quarantine planet Earth.

The expulsion from the Garden of Eden is a metaphor for expulsion of Earth from the regular path of social integration into Universe society. Our social heritage then became a planet of cosmic ignorance, violence, disease, and poverty. We on Earth devolved.

The Universe government threw the book at the planetary rebels, and hence at our unfortunate planet. Earth’s Universe circuits of communication and advanced energy were cut off, throwing us into devolution. Earth was isolated from the rest of interplanetary society, and placed in quarantine. As a planet, Earth has been historically deprived of normal planetary evolution and education. We have been kept in the dark about Universe society, and the advanced technologies and quality of life that normal planets enjoy.

In our individual lives and collective culture, humans have had to face more ignorance than a comparable intelligent civilization would confront on another planet. Our planetary quarantine allows the full effects of the planetary rebellion to play themselves out.

The flip side of Earth’s enforced isolation is that we humans have emerged as a hardy species of intelligent spiritual entities, or souls. At the core, life-bearing planets are designed as laboratories for growing souls. The Universe is ultimately a spiritual domain, and a key goal of developing life-bearing planets is to provide developmental opportunities for growing souls (the non-temporal components of created beings).

With the isolation of Earth from hands-on guidance from Universe representatives, this planet has become a brief and intense testing ground for new and old souls alike. Apparently, Earth has quite a reputation in the Universe as a challenging, but rewarding place to live through a human life.