Part One

Turning the Universe Upside Down


How most of the story modern man and woman know about Earth and its outer space environs is wrong. How it is logical and rational that we live in a highly populated and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets. How Universe politics have placed Earth in a planetary quarantine. How that quarantine may be lifting, and what we can do to hasten a universe reunion.



Chapter One
Introduction to Exopolitics

Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe? The true story unfolding in the Universe may turn our concepts upside down.

In reality, Earth appears to be an isolated planet in the midst of a populated Universe. Universe society consists of highly organized and consciously evolving, advanced civilizations. Universe civilizations function within our own interstellar Universe, as well as within other dimensions in the Universe at large. Advanced Universe civilizations exist in other dimensions parallel to our own. They access our own planet, galaxy, and all of interstellar space.

Life-bearing planets such as Earth are part of a collective Universe whole, operating under Universal law. Think of Earth as part of a Universe commons. Life is implanted and cultivated here under the tutelage of more advanced societies, in accordance with the over-all principles of Universe ecology.

Where necessary, Universal law applies restrictive measures to a planet that endangers the collective whole. Universe government can remove a planet from open circulation within Universe society. This fate appears to have happened to Earth in our distant past. Earth has suffered for aeons as an exopolitical outcast among the community of Universe civilizations.

Earth is isolated because it is under intentional quarantine by a structured, rational Universe society. There are signs around us of a Universe initiative to reintegrate Earth into interplanetary society. It is possible that Earth may be permitted to rejoin Universe society, under certain conditions, or at a future time certain.

The above version of our Universe reality may sound vaguely familiar to you. It is the stock of most science fiction, after all. The notion of a populated Universe may have the ring of truth for you. It may raise a tingle along the back of your neck, a truth too close for comfort. Or you may react to the concept of a populated Universe as flaky and unscientific.

Your own beliefs about a populated Universe - whatever they might be - fall along a spectrum of public opinion that is frequently measured. A 1996 Gallup poll showed that 72 percent of the U.S. adult population believes there is some form of extraterrestrial life, and 45 percent believes the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial life. There are indications that public opinion about extraterrestrial visitation is similar in other regions of the planet. The proportion of extraterrestrial-sensitive world youth may be even higher than the adult populations who believe in an extraterrestrial presence.

Nearly 100 million adult humans in the United States of America (45 percent of the adult population) believe that extraterrestrial civilization has visited Earth. Approximately 100 million U.S. citizens vote in a U.S. Presidential election (the U.S. Federal Election Commission reports that 96,277,634 people voted in the 1996 presidential general election)! About 100,000,000 persons voted in the disputed 2000 U.S. Presidential election.

It is safe to assume that the 100 million US adults who believe in extraterrestrial life could not all be delusional, pre-programmed, or brainwashed. These extraterrestrial-sensitive humans are responding to something they sense is true, deep in their intuition – that extraterrestrials have visited Earth. It is also safe to assume that human intuition is reality-oriented enough to filter out false propaganda from Universe reality. For example, some extraterrestrial "visitations" are actually psychological warfare operations conducted by human military-intelligence agencies.

Other public opinion polls confirm the role of intuition in belief about extraterrestrial life. An October 2000 ABC-NEWS poll found that 47% of US adults believe that intelligent life exists on other planets in the Universe. Demographically, the poll found that belief in extraterrestrial life is held by more men (51%) than women (43%); more college-educated (51%) than high school graduates (43%); more Democrats (53%) than Republicans (38%).

The ABC-NEWS poll found that sixty percent of those who think intelligent extraterrestrial life exists believe that extraterrestrials have visited earth. Overall, 27% of U.S. adults believe that extraterrestrials visit Earth. (The poll excluded "spiritual alien" and "telepathic alien" visits.).

As with the 1996 Gallup poll, personal intuition appears to be a key component of human opinion that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and visits Earth. In the 2000 ABC-NEWS poll, fully two-thirds of those who think extraterrestrials visit Earth base their conclusions on "speculation." One third of respondents base an opinion on external evidence they have read or seen. Inner intuition may thus be a basis for the insights of at least two-thirds of extraterrestrial-sensitive persons.

Estimates of the U.S. population that thinks extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth range from 45% in the 1996 Gallup poll, to 27% of the adult population in the 2000 ABC NEWS poll. Somewhere between 50 and 100 million adults in the United States alone believe extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth. The United States is only five percent of the world's total population.

On November 11, 1999, a less statistically based poll (which included a number of leading astronomers and astrophysicists) was released in the United States on a documentary cable television program. Seventy percent of those surveyed said they believe there is intelligent life in the Universe, including in our own Milky Way galaxy. Eighty percent believe alien civilizations are more advanced than Earth’s. Sixty-five percent of the participants think Earth would be conquered if aliens chose to "invade" us. Twenty-six percent think Earth would fight back and win.

These polls may in fact indicate a bottom-line reality about the Universe, which the poll participants intuitively sense: We humans are actually part of a highly advanced, organized interstellar civilization, from which we are in deliberate isolation. This Universe society of intelligent, planetary civilizations is a highly organized and civilized interstellar government that would not attack Earth. It is not violent, war-like, or destructive. Although we are currently in isolation from the rest of interplanetary society, we are part of a peaceful Universal government.





Chapter Two
The infancy of Exopolitics

Exopolitics, the study of political process and governance in interstellar society, is in its infancy. Yet Exopolitics is a key channel to transforming our human future. Exopolitics’ immediate goal is a decade of human education and community politics about the extraterrestrial initiative – a Decade of Contact.

Earth may be only one of countless populated planets in an organized Universe that is under the guidance of an advanced Universe society. A near majority of the human population intuitively knows the truth. Extraterrestrial civilizations visit Earth, and an interplanetary federation governs Earth itself. Humanity does not know of or see this Universe government, because Earth has been under deliberate quarantine, isolated from the rest of interstellar society.

We do not yet know the official reasons for this Universe quarantine. Earth may be quarantined for evolutionary reasons, as a planet not yet advanced enough for social interaction with the rest of Universe society. Perhaps a "minimal interference" rule may be at work, whereby more advanced civilizations are prohibited from interfering with a less evolved Universe civilization. Or Earth may be quarantined for essentially exopolitical reasons – reasons of Universe law or politics. For instance, Earth may have somehow violated interplanetary norms in our distant past, and now must prove itself worthy of participation in the body politic of the Universe.

We humans may be historical victims of Universe politics. To date, humanity has not been deemed ready to resume Universe citizenship and the exopolitical game. These are major "what if" issues in extricating ourselves from Universe isolation.

  • What if our planet Earth is part of an organized society of inhabited planets? 

  • What if we have been kept deliberately ignorant, in quarantine?

  • What if the key to reintegrating us with our fellow planets lies in our own power to change our society?

  • What if we can become ready for Universe citizenship, and Universe politics?

  • What if there are steps we humans can take to make our Universe reunion come true?

The human transformation brought by addressing these issues will be profound. If Earth is part of a well-governed Universe, our entire human civilization – including our governance, our technology, and our ways of life – can be transformed. The discovery that we are not alone but are part of an organized society will be the greatest single transformation in the long history of humanity – greater than any prior scientific, political, or social shift.

Re-entry into Universe society means that substantial aspects of contemporary human life will be changed. Our re-entry into interplanetary society will be an evolutionary quantum leap. Our evolutionary blueprint is as an interstellar species. As a practical matter, we can actualize this blueprint only as part of organized interstellar society. As we break through our Universe isolation, we will be ejecting millennia of social and emotional baggage in our awakening to Universe citizenship.

Every morning, six billion humans wake up to a false or incomplete story of who we are. Our conventional history tells us that we are the only intelligent species in the entire Universe. Our collective intuition tells us we are in a populated Universe. A majority of U.S. adults tell us that we are not alone in the vastness of space. The scientifically measured intuitions of between 50 and 100 million U.S. adults seem to know that we are part of a highly organized interplanetary society. Presumably, an equal proportion of the rest of the world’s population also knows this intuitively. Yet for evolutionary and political reasons, humanity seems to have been deliberately kept officially in the dark.





Chapter Three
A User's Guide to Life

It is little wonder that there is so much confusion on this planet about our role in the larger Universe. Our personal confusion starts at birth. Our parents, who themselves have been confused all their lives about the Universe role of this planet, pass on their own pre-programming to us. As we grow, more confusion comes our way from our schools, religions, governments, institutions, media, and peers. We ourselves eventually become transmitters of confusion, and pass more advanced Universe confusion on to our peers, families, friends, and children.

How much easier and less confusing life might be if we each were issued a User’s Guide to Life at birth, updated in real time. A User’s Guide to Life for every human being on the planet would contain standard instructions for at least four elements of our life on Earth:

1.  How most of the story modern man and woman know about Earth and its environs is wrong.
2.  How it is most logical and rational that we live in a highly populated and organized Universe society of life-bearing planets.
3.  How Universe politics have kept Earth in a planetary quarantine.
4.  How that quarantine may be lifting, and what we can do to hasten a universal reunion.

A Users Guide to Life would reassess and contradict key tenets of contemporary human civilization about the Universe circumstances of planet Earth. Paradoxically, each of humanity’s contemporary world-views, from evolutionist to creationist, contains an element of truth about the origin and structure of the cosmos. Our User’s Guide to Life would show how every dominant cosmology we now hold about the relationship of Earth to the Universe is wrong or incomplete – because humanity is in fact not alone in the Universe.

Interplanetary society may not come as much of a surprise to the fifty to one hundred million extraterrestrial-sensitive persons in the United States. If you are one of the extraterrestrial-curious elsewhere on the planet, you may likewise see the Universe in its true, populated interconnectedness.

In an evolutionary sense, the ability to see that this planet is under "invisible" extraterrestrial political and administrative control means that you have probably activated your Universe consciousness. Your extraterrestrial-friendly vision is somewhat like the vision of round-Earth believers during a flat-Earth era.

Science, not religion, is the archetypal discipline for exploring space. Religion, however, as an expression of the collective human intuition, may be one of your more fruitful access points to working models for the study of intelligent civilizations in interstellar space. Exobiology and Exopolitics contain ancient, new, and emerging disciplines for the study of the Universe. The disciplines of human religious traditions – Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism – contain ancient and potentially fruitful models of the first principles under which the Universe is organized.

Religion was humanity’s first science and first cosmology. Sacred, religious models of intelligent life in the Universe are a starting point. Religion is the repository of the collective intuitive reality. It often claims to be influenced or created by higher intelligence. You can trust this collective intuition, and guide it with the principles of the scientific method.

The truth is that our Universe is filled with intelligent civilizations. In fact, advanced civilizations consciously participate in the continued evolution of our Universe. The vast expanse of interstellar space may appear ordered to you, but devoid of other intelligent life. Our contemporary science tells you the physical Universe appears ordered because it is ruled by the natural laws described in physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and related human sciences. Biased science holds that reality is devoid of other intelligent life.

We on Earth do not officially recognize that our Universe is populated and organized because:

1. Our inability to perceive higher civilizations in our Universal environment is an illusion, an evolutionary mask, deliberately fostered by interplanetary society. Earth is under Universe quarantine imposed by the interplanetary government. We have not been allowed to interact overtly with other civilizations. This has had profound effects on our perceptions of our world.

2. Humanity has not been able to perceive other intelligent civilizations in the past because we are only now evolving to the stage of acquiring the science necessary to locate other intelligent civilizations. We simply have not known how and where to find other civilizations.

3. The Universe may appear to humans as devoid of intelligent life because we are not yet able to understand or perceive the ongoing signals to and visitations of extraterrestrial civilizations on Earth.

4. Our perception of extraterrestrial visits is blocked by covert intelligence agencies and other human forces wanting to keep Earth isolated from the rest of interstellar society for their own reasons. One way of psychologically blocking human perception of Universal society is to "flood" humanity with misleading and "disinformational" UFO sightings and phony alien "abductions."

Each of these factors is a potent force in keeping Earth physically and psychologically isolated from Universe society.

The laws of physics, astrophysics, and astronomy represent only one mode of determining the true realities and dynamics of the Universe. Universe law is even more fundamental to the workings of the physical Universe than the laws of physics, astrophysics, and astronomy. Humanity’s evolutionary circumstances and Exopolitical status are subject to Universe law. The ancient models of the world’s religions and philosophies also provide very suggestive models for Exopolitics.

A more appropriate approach to Universe society is the intuitive method of knowledge. This intuitive approach to our Universe is not what the contemporary human scientific establishment wants you to pursue. Since time immemorial, our human culture has used intuition to survive. Our User’s Guide uses the inductive, intuitive method to build a working model of what the Universe is really like.

As you study Exopolitics, try constructing your own working model of the Universe government. Use your own intuition in evaluating whether Earth is part of an interplanetary society of advanced civilizations. Your own intuitive together with the revelations of humanity’s great religion can suggest key aspects of Universe society.

There is one way you can create dramatic personal change in your life on this planet. Let go of the illusion that outer space is empty and devoid of organized intelligent society. Let go of the illusion that there is no organized Universe society monitoring Earth now. In releasing your false illusions about planet Earth's isolation, you can develop a more natural relationship to your own full Universe heritage.

Grasp hold of your intuition. It is as powerful as your intellect, if not more powerful. Let your intuition wander freely over the vision of a populated and regulated Universe, with travel and commerce among life-bearing planets, with interplanetary organizations, universities, and communications media. Visualize planetary societies and intelligent species that may differ widely in their evolution.

Visualize the workings of an interstellar federation of planets. Every school child on Earth knows that interplanetary federations mean interstellar government, laws, and politics. Interplanetary government directives are under Universe law, whose rudimentary workings we humans can understand. Universe courts and administrative tribunals adjudicate conflicts under Universe government directives. Universe officials use the enforcement technology of interplanetary society to carry out Universal law.

On the surface, Universe government functions much the same as governmental bodies and courts on Earth. That is because Earth is under Universe law, and terrestrial government is derived from Universe government. Human culture is currently unaware of its Universe heritage, which provides the blueprint for our Earthly institutions.

Your intuition can help you access knowledge about Universe society, knowledge that can lead to your personal liberation. Your intuition can understand the basics of how Universe society functions. Your intuition can lead to the realization that interplanetary space is populated. The Universe has a government that functions according to principles we on Earth can understand.