by Dr. Michael Salla

April 06, 2024

from Exopolitics Website




Exopolitics Today Week in Review

April 6, 2024



  • NASA's Sungrazer Project just discovered its 5,000th comet

  • Major elements of Corey Goode lawsuits have been dismissed by a Colorado judge.

  • JP Update #31 - Ant People Move to New Realm after Ant King Transitions & Sleeping Giant Awakens

  • UK government is making the necessary preparations for an official announcement on the discovery of extraterrestrial life.


  • The 2024 Global Assessment of space weapons possessed by major spacefaring nations not surprisingly focuses on conventional weapons and delivery systems

  • Gene Decode does a historical overview on Deep Underground Military Bases.

  • Sudden Adult Syndrome among young people and athletes.

  • Congressman Tim Burchett says that the US House of Reps will hold more hearings on UFOs and hear from additional whistleblowers.

  • Indiana Gov issues a Statewide Emergency Declaration for the April 8 total solar eclipse.

  • Award-winning filmmaker on a Quest to Prepare Humanity for ET Contact

  • Congressman Tim Burchett explains his response to a public official saying UFO disclosure would lead to rioting

  • China's International Lunar Research Station Initiative (ILRS) just got a major boost with Thailand signing on as the 9th country

  • Moving musical tribute by a French Rapper to Singaporean supersoldier Stephen Chua