by Michael Salla
March 09, 2024
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Exopolitics Today Week in Review

March 09, 2024




  • Prominent US Senator backtracks on UFO disclosure

  • China views UAPs as a national security threat due to their US and ET origins

  • Remote Viewing Area 51 and Crop Circle Investigations

  • Indian News story on JP's recent mission to an underground secret gold stash

  • Creation of an official Tik Tok account

  • JP shares personal reflections about his covert military missions to different national park locations, the secrets hidden there, and the beauty of nature.

  • US Space Command General warns of Russia's threat in space which is very potent due to its SSP assets

  • New documentary on Unidentified Submersible Objects

  • Timothy Alberino interviews USAF pilot who first revealed the Kandahar Giant story

  • Tim Phillips, Acting AARO Director, gives a Press briefing and releases UAP Historical Report