by  Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
August 24, 2011.
from Exopolitics Website




Tripoli has fallen to a rebel advance and freedom loving people in Libya and around the world are celebrating the fall of Muammar Gaddafi.


A cause for celebration given Gaddafi’s four decades old eccentric hold over Libya. Not so according to a giant in the alternative media - Alex Jones. Jones is a champion of the 911 Truth movement, and indeed the first to expose 911 as a false flag operation. Alex Jones has been at the forefront of efforts to warn the American public about the dangers of an unchecked police state, unfettered corporate power, secretive groups, and exploitative international banking.


Jones’ websites, and are filled with articles that broadly fall under the rubric of anti-globalism. Globalists, according to Jones and supporters, are those advocating the formation of a New World Order wherein government authority is centralized around the planet.


A New World Order would be one wherein big government, big corporations and secretive organizations such as the Bilderberg Group dominate international politics and finances.

According to Jones, globalists use cherished U.S. Constitutional principles such as democracy and rule of law as fig leaves for the ever-steady effort to centralize life all over the planet into a future fascist, corporatist state. That’s why the Arab Spring, where young Arab protestors overthrow despots who have held power for decades, is criticized by Jones as a sham.


The real agenda is to remove Arab dictators opposed to globalists now ready to expand into the Arab world in order to promote international banking, corporate penetration, etc.

Jones stance on the Arab Spring and support for dictators appears odd at first given mainstream media coverage of events in Libya, Egypt, Syria and elsewhere, but is consistent with the anti-globalism Jones espouses. For Jones, better the little devil of Arab dictators firmly controlling their populations, than the big devil of globalists adding the Arab world to their international balance sheets.


So the big question becomes, is Jones right?


In many respects, Jones is insightful in his geo-political analysis, yet fails in a major way to understand the underlying dynamics driving international politics and events such as the Arab Spring. He fails to seriously consider the question of extraterrestrial life, and how an exopolitics perspective would change the way we view geo-political events.

Alex Jones, like many media personalities with large listening audiences, has largely sidestepped the question of extraterrestrial life.


Jones has avoided immersing himself into controversies of whether or not extraterrestrial life is visiting our world and whether a “Cosmic Watergate” is occurring. Instead, he has considered the possibility that a fake alien invasion can be staged, and has publicly commented about an alien false flag operation.


Jones position here is both consistent and cautious. He acknowledges that a false flag operation featuring alien life could be done with holographic technologies, without acknowledging that extraterrestrial life is real and is being covered up. In this cautious way, Jones has introduced his audience to the alien issue, but solely in the context of a possible future false flag operation.


This is where Jones’ caution prevents him from seeing the bigger picture. That is visiting extraterrestrial life has been interacting with governments, corporations, military and private citizens for at least six decades.


The policies implemented to shield all this from the world public all fall under the rubric of ‘exopolitics’ - the politics of extraterrestrial life.

The field of exopolitics is vast in its implications across all aspects of human life, and directly impacts on Jones’ central concern of the dangers of globalism. For Jones, globalism is driven by the avarice of international bankers and transnational corporations wanting to penetrate and control new markets and populations.


That’s true to an extent, and we have much to learn from Jones and his supporters in that regard.


If Jones, however, peeled back the onion layers a little more he would find a deeper dynamic behind globalism. A powerful factor behind globalism is the need for those in control of the extraterrestrial issue - to gain control over any extraterrestrial artifacts, knowledge or contacts found throughout the planet.


The best way of understanding exopolitics is to consider that for at least six decades, major governments and militaries have worked secretly together to gain intelligence and conduct counter-intelligence on extraterrestrial life and technology. In addition, covert operations have been led around the planet wherever any information, technology or contact with extraterrestrials has occurred.

Organizations such as the Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, etc., have played key roles by providing the intellectual firepower on how such a network of intelligence, counter-intelligence and covert operations can be conducted without the world’s populations learning about it.


Globalism, in that respect, provides a very useful process for being able to conduct such operations across international borders.


More importantly, international cooperation on the extraterrestrial issue has led to the creation of a “breakaway civilization” in highly classified underground and undersea bases. According to some credible sources, there are even human colonies on the moon, Mars and beyond.


For many readers that might appear to be sheer science fiction. Yet once thorough research is conducted, the conclusion is inescapable.

The existence of a breakaway civilization is one of the great failings of contemporary world politics, and especially for progressive thinkers who have eschewed serious discussion of the extraterrestrial issue. The most advanced technologies known to humanity have been secretly developed and used in vast network of classified projects without any kind of oversight by representative government institutions, media or population.


So where does Jones and his take on the dangers of globalism fit into this exopolitics picture?

Globalism is simply a process that can be used for good or evil depending on how it is managed by those with the most influence in directing and controlling it. In making globalism the big devil of the progressive movement and alternative media, Jones errs. He makes the profound mistake of not recognizing that it is how globalism is currently being managed that is the problem.


Globalism can be a very good thing in monitoring and regulating international practices, especially when it comes to introducing transparency and accountability into the classified programs that have been conducted for decades around the planet. Humanity has a need-to-know what technologies have been secretly developed. This will require transparency not only in classified military programs; but, more importantly, classified corporate programs around the planet that defy oversight by any government or military agency.


In the United States alone, the amount of black budget funds siphoned by the CIA into this network of deep black programs was estimated to be up to 1.7 trillion a year over the three year period from 1998 to 2000.

The reflexive anti-globalist stance, taken by Alex Jones and supporters has the unintended consequence of facilitating the continued secrecy that makes possible classified military and corporate programs across international borders.


An anti-globalist 'every country mind-their-own business' approach encourages opacity and unaccountability across international borders. Anti-globalism eschews international cooperation and the strengthening of multilateral institutions such as the United Nations and International Criminal Court.


At the same time, one needs to be wary that globalism is not hijacked in order to facilitate corporations and military programs seeking to secretly manage even more extraterrestrial information and contact all over the planet. Done correctly, globalism can help expose and bring to account those responsible for hiding how advanced extraterrestrial technologies have been secretly developed and used.

Supporting peoples struggling for democratic governments such as we are witnessing in Libya, Syria and other Arab Spring countries is an important means for promoting transparency and accountability across international borders.


Alex Jones reflexive anti-globalist agenda not only unintentionally supports recalcitrant dictators in the Arab world, but also aids those that have secretly controlled a vast complex of secret projects and covert operations focused on extraterrestrial life and technology. The world has a need-to-know what has secretly happened behind the closed doors of highly classified compartmentalized alien related projects spanning the globe.


We should not be afraid of globalism.


Wisely embraced, globalism can bring about the kind of transparency and accountability across international borders needed to protect humanity’s freedoms well into the 21st century...