March 18, 2012
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Presentation at Earth Transformation: New Science, Consciousness & Contact Conference, May 18, 2008, Hawaii by Dr. Michael Salla.


Dr. Salla discusses different types of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth and interacting with humanity, and how they can be understood in terms of a typology popularized by eminent physicist Prof. Michio Kaku.


According to Prof. Kaku, civilizations can be distinguished on the basis of the different ways they consume and use energy on a planetary, stellar and galactic level.


According to Dr. Salla, once we identify the way extraterrestrial civilizations use energy, we can understand much about the technology they use, the spiritual principles they follow, and the political aspect of how they interact with humanity.


He points out that once we understand the science, spirituality and politics of extraterrestrial civilizations, we can make informed choices about how to best transform the Earth using this information.