by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Kona, Hawaii
from Exopolitics Website


On November 14, India succeeded in landing a space probe on the surface of the Moon. The probe was launched from an orbiter, Chandrayaan-1 (Sanskrit for moon-vehicle), circling 100 km above the Moon that had reached lunar orbit on November 8.


Launched by the Indian Space Research Organization on October 22, Chandrayaan-1 marked India's first effort to reach the Moon. India joins a small group of nations that have reached the moon, and one of only three nations currently with orbiters around it.


Chandrayaan-1 will remain in orbit for two years in order to conduct a comprehensive geological survey of the Moon's surface.


It has already begun supplying high resolution images of the Moon's surface which excites those seeking independent verification of what exactly is on the Moon's surface.

One of those most excited by the Chandrayaan-1 mission is Richard C. Hoagland who has spent decades analyzing NASA images of the Moon and Mars. In his 2008 book, Dark Mission, Hoagland claimed that NASA, through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has systematically covered up or altered satellite imagery data pointing to the existence of extraterrestrial artifacts on both Mars and the Moon.


He furthermore pointed out that NASA is subservient to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) due to the national security provisions found in NASA's Charter.

I contacted Richard C. Hoagland to get his opinion about the Chandrayaan-1 mission and its significance for his thesis that extraterrestrial artifacts can be found there.


He prefaced his response to my questions by pointing to President-Elect Barack Obama's statement on October 22 where the latter observed:

"With India's launch of its first unmanned lunar spacecraft following closely on the heels of China's first spacewalk, we are reminded just how urgently the United States must revitalize its space program if we are to remain the undisputed leader in space, science, and technology."

What follows are Richard Hoagland's responses (R.H.) to my questions (M.S.).


M.S.: Have you any thoughts on how long the NASA-DOD inspired cover up of extraterrestrial artifacts can continue with India and other nations placing orbiters around the moon and probes on it?

R.H.: If Obama (and those behind him ...) is truly interested in the new Indian Moon mission, as his very public statement strongly implies (McCain made no such public statement, nor did Bush), then Obama must also suspect (or know!) the "why" for India engaging in this totally "non-economic" major domestic expenditure. And, why it is planning on further, far more expensive future lunar missions with the Russians!


So, whether the "NASA-DOD cover-up of alien artifacts" will continue during the Obama Administration would seem, in part, to involve Obama's personal knowledge of why the Indians are going to the Moon... and his related, future plans for some kind of a "new relationship" with Russia (Putin).

Short answer: I think we finally have a shot at some real "disclosure" here - if for no other reason than, the more that other international "players" are involved (even if they're all controlled by one central "source" - "the Families")... the more opportunity for serious new "data leaks" - planned, or otherwise.

M.S.: How successful will the Indians be in coming up with an independent data base on what's on the moon's surface?

R.H.: The Chandrayaan mission is equipped with sensitive, state-of-the-art high resolution equipment - cameras, radar, and a unique instrument designed to specifically record instances of "TLP" ("transient lunar phenomenon" - bright, minutes-long "lights" that have been appearing on the lunar surface for hundreds of years ...) close-up from lunar orbit.


We at Enterprise, based on the NASA images, believe that these long-reported "lights" are actually bright, irregular solar reflections from the surviving glass ruins on the Moon seen in those NASA images!


We actually have some quite striking examples in the NASA database of such reflections "from the glass!"


If that is so, the fact that the Indians have specifically sent an instrument into lunar orbit to study and record this long-standing mysterious phenomenon, could be interpreted as strong foreshadowing of their plans to ultimately, publicly, reveal the source of those reflections - once they have their own TLP data: ancient glass ruins on the Moon!

M.S.: How do you anticipate NASA/DOD trying to influence what the Indians put up for the public on their future moon database?

R.H.: the Indian government signed a "memo of understanding" with NASA some years ago, over this Indian Moon Mission [ ]. As a result, there are a couple of NASA experiments flying on the Chandraayan mission, in addition to the Indian experiments, with JPL scientists involved. However, if the Indian government is planning to reveal "the good stuff," I don't believe NASA will hold much influence in their larger policy objectives.


Again, it all depends on agreements much higher up "the food chain," and how much "change" Obama (and the folks behind him ...) REALLY are supporting ... in the run-up to 2012.

M.S.: Do you consider India as a possible contender for informing the world about artifacts on the moon through satellite imagery?

R.H.: Definitely, yes. The Indian Vedas preserve remarkable hints of the ancient, sweeping, high-tech history of all humanity - from the distant era when both the Moon and Mars (and many other bodies in the solar system) were once inhabited... by our own great, great, great ancestors. If there is to be "disclosure" of these long hidden truths, there would be no more fitting "messenger" than India... if they are "allowed" to make them public by other geopolitical forces acting on them at this time.


Obama's curious, public "singling out" of India's new Moon mission... weeks before he was in any position to do anything about it... is a very intriguing sign of what could happen in the coming months....

M.S.: Finally, do you anticipate that those behind the secrecy are fully aware of India disclosing the truth about what's on the moon's surface and may try to preempt such a contingency in order not to lose all credibility.

R.H.: That again leads us back to Obama's public reaction vis a vis the Indian Chandraayan Mission, even BEFORE he was elected. I'm cautiously optimistic at this point that "change" is coming. Who will initiate it (us, out of fear of "loss of face"... or the Indians) is totally up for grabs... again, if it occurs at all.


Allowing India "to do it" has a certain logic behind it. It would give NASA a much-needed "plausible deniability" - in terms of its own, decades-long NASA data and the cover-up; the Indians just had "better, newer equipment"... which allowed scientific proof of what was merely hinted at on NASA's ~40-year-old images!


As with all other ultimately political decisions, the final decision would seem to depend on how dumb "they" think the rest of us really are... to buy this type of "Indian revelation." If it comes.

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