by Michael Salla

July 20, 2008

from Prepare4ContacyYahooGroup Website

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Regarding Mt. Adams Statement On 2012 & A Golden Age:

I wrote an article some time ago about Alternative 3 and the rise of human consciousness in offsetting the predicted disaster: Alternative 3 and 'Global Consciousness' (read below insert).


One of the factors that scientists, covert policy makers and even visiting extraterrestrials are not able to fully fathom is the extent to which human consciousness can and does influence global events.


That even applies to tectonic events as evidenced in the failure of multiple disaster predictions by noted psychics such as Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion, etc. which have not emerged.


Many ET groups have also predicted disaster scenarios but somehow we magically muddle through. Now we have a new meme emerging through authors such as Greg Bradden, Lynne McTaggart, etc., and videos such as The Secret, about the power of positive intention to influence our lives and environment.

My colleague
Alfred Webre is quite correct in his Mt Adams statement, that there won’t be a disaster scenario emerging during the 2012 transition. That is due to the rise in human consciousness which is influencing global events in a positive direction.


Those promoting the idea that global disaster will strike and ETs will come down at the last moment to conduct a global evacuation are promoting an old meme based on a disempowered humanity.

On the contrary, we are in the middle of a new meme (meme) whereby we can and do influence our environment by collectively joining in small private groups or online forums such as p4c (preparing for contact) in visualizing a positive future.

Through positive intention experiments such as the Galactic Freedom Day Celebration on 8/8/08, we can change the world, and our relationships with extraterrestrial life.


For those who haven’t done so yet, I suggest signing the Galactic Freedom Day petition to show your public support, and spread the word to others.