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what follows are two articles by Ed Komarek discussing the existence of a secret UFO Working Group comprising Navy admirals vis-a-vis the UN UFO meeting. The second is a revised version of an article sent out earlier discussing the role of Navy admirals in these disclosures. Investigations are still underway to confirm some of the claims made by the original source of the Feb 12 meeting who is still releasing information including the latest revelations about the existence of a secret UFO Working Group.


My own position remains unchanged that Source A's original information is correct based on his credibility as an active member of the U.S. military whose ID has been independently confirmed and has been known to me for 18 months, though some obfuscations have been introduced about what was actually discussed at the Feb 12 meeting.

The French source, Gilles Lorant, has gone underground and not followed through with a radio interview with prominent French journalist Didier de Plaige to clarify the controversy over his professional qualifications. However, Lorant has still not retracted his testimony regarding the UN UFO meetings on Feb 13 and 14 despite the controversy over his professional background.


One thing that I have been able to independently confirm is that Lorant has been present at high level military meetings at the French Ministry of Defense. This helps confirm initial reports that he did possess the kind of professional background and military connections to be present at the UN as a French witness/participant.

All this leads to the conclusion that the authorized leaks on the UN meetings(s) emanated from a UFO Working Group comprising Navy admirals, and the French Ministry of Defense. It is very likely that these efforts are being coordinated, and while this helps alert the public to secret UN meetings discussing UFOs, the final goal remains unclear.


Ed Komarek's articles help give more information about some of the more recent claims regarding the existence of secret UFO Working Group behind the leaks. While Ed K. refers to it being a U.S. Navy Working Group, according to Source A the Working Group is an interagency entity with a number of admirals participating.


This is consistent with the model used in earlier 'secret' UFO Working Groups that were interagency efforts, as described by Howard Blum in Out There - The Government's Secret Quest for Extraterrestrials.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.




Where the Navy Leads Will the Air Force Follow?

by Ed Komarek
March 21, 2008

from ExopoliticsBlogSpot Website


According to sources leaking information to UFO/ET researchers as to a secret UN UFO meeting recently, there exists a United States Navy working group that is secretly pushing for full and open disclosure of extraterrestrial reality.


This group sees,

"… a logistical 'window of opportunity' to end over 60 years of denial during this 'lame duck' period (of the Bush Administration) and before the next administration takes office; this helps to facilitate disclosure at this time in order to put overt contact at the forefront of future plans."

(After this article was published a debate amongst investigators ensued as to wither the source first said this was a Navy UFO working group. The source has since issued a clarification and insists that the group is a inter-agency group in which the Navy participates.)

One of the ways that this group hopes to effect disclosure is through calculated leaks of UFO/ET related information to the public. The question now is if the Navy takes the lead will the Air Force, Army and Marines follow?


(For some history on this U.S. Navy UFO working group go to the following site and scroll down to the discussion of this in this article on the Black Budget: What's Up With the Black Budget? - The Real Deal)

Clearly as far as the war in the Middle East is concerned many in the armed services are becoming fed up being used by the civilian leadership to support global entrenched economic and political interests against the best interest of the American people. Some of this realization and dissatisfaction with being manipulated and used by the global elite seems to be spilling over into other areas like the cover up of extraterrestrial reality.

This U.S. Navy UFO disclosure working group seems to be one of many military working groups that are cropping up in countries around the world. The most open and vocal of these seem to be those associated with the Brazilian Air Force that is now working closely with the Brazilian UFO community: Brazil Releases Classified Data - Recognizes UFO Research.

Recently Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira has publicly stepped forward pushing of disclosure of all extraterrestrial secrets. Other South American military working groups seem to be cropping up and pushing openly for disclosure as well. In the developed countries France’s military also seems to be taking the lead in working openly with the UFO community: France to Release UFO Reports.

In the United States the push for disclosure of all extraterrestrial secrets by the American military seems to be much more timid, hesitant and covert. Hopefully this will soon change especially if other working groups can form in the Air Force, Army and Marines and fall in behind the Navy’s lead. It seems to me that the extraterrestrials are helping this process along by stepping up the pressure on the Air Force in particular, putting it into a state of near panic through regular airspace intrusions about the United States.


The resulting encounters are becoming more obvious to citizen observer-participants on the ground armed with video recorders documenting the action. (Some history on UFO dogfights can be found at, The Secret History of the UFO and, The Tehran, Iran/F-4 Incident.)

As I have stated in other articles it would seem that the ETs are using classic techniques and principles of non-violent political action to bear against militaries around the world. I believe that military and civilian leaders really have no choice but do fully disclose if this kind of ET political pressure is maintained for any length of time.


In addition citizen UFO activist networks and movements are growing worldwide like the ones that I participate in that have direct links to friendly extraterrestrial races. This pincher encirclement around anti-disclosure reactionary forces seems to be doing the trick with opposition to disclosure around the world beginning to crumble rapidly.

In the United States the pressure to disclose continues to build from ETVs (Extraterrestrial Vehicle) intrusions into American airspace on a daily basis combined with a growing national and international exopolitical movement. I can only wonder what the young pilots in these military bases are going through being exposed to extraterrestrial reality cold turkey in a relatively short period of time. The psychological pressure must be severe and the controversy great in attacking a superior extraterrestrial force that is so confident that it does not in general return hostile fire. Maybe an anonymous report from one of those involved may yet surface in my email box.

I expect a spill over soon into the UFO/ET community as military personnel try to come to accommodation with the rapid exposure to extraterrestrial reality. I hope my articles can help these good men and women caught up in a disturbing conflict of which they know and are told little.


These young men and women need to be told the whole truth and not just partial truths designed to manipulate and pressure them into hostile conflict with extraterrestrial races.



US Navy's Admiral Fallon Linked To UFO/ET Disclosure
by Ed Komarek
March 18, 2008
from AmericanChronicle Website



There may be more to Admiral Fallon's resignation than meets the eye if UFO investigators are correct.


The leaking of a recent secret UFO UN meeting to the public has been now tied to Admiral Fallon.


Also a top Brazilan Air Force general has publicly come out in favor of UFO disclosure.


Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter

was the third director of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States,

serving from May 1, 1947 to October 7, 1950.

"Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."

Admiral Roscoe Henry Hillenkoetter (May 8, 1897 - June 18, 1982) First Director of the CIA, in a letter to Congress-1960.

There have been many recent developments in the area of UFO/ET disclosure. One of several sources that leaked information to the public on a secret UN UFO meeting has shown impressive credentials to UFO/ET investigators. When the information was first leaked one researcher Robert Morningstar was only allowed to state that this individual worked under an admiral at the Pentagon.


While the furor over the UN meeting has been going on in America, France and around the world Brazilian Air Force generals are now pushing UFO disclosure openly in Brazil according to UFO investigator and UFO Magazine editor A. J. Gevaerd.

These are exciting times to be in the UFO/ET field.


The best place for the public and the military to monitor rapid developments having to do with the UN meeting is on the Open Minds Discussion Board. Many uninformed critics from around the world of this UFO meeting have begun to fall upon their own swords and there is no way that I can recount in this article all the twists and turns taking place right under the noses of the brainwashed mainstream media. The thread at Open Mindds relating to the UN meeting follows: Source at U.N. Tells of Secret UFO Meeting February 12, 2008

Let me begin with the apparent U.S. Navy push for UFO/ET disclosure and I will follow with the Brazilian public initiative.


Robert Morningstar said:

"I can only speak for myself (specifically regarding the first meeting) and I reaffirm that I have met 3 times with a distinguished US military officer, pilot and diplomat, to discuss this topic and that the credentials presented to me are legitimate."

"I can now tell you, and this should be of some consideration, that as I stated this was initiated by a Navy working group. From the first, my source made it clear to me that Admiral Fallon was his mentor and has given tact approval behind the scenes to advance the cause of UFO disclosure. In my view, a smear campaign against him has been conducted (by opponents) in a major magazine and that can be viewed as desperate "damage control" on the part of the "US UFO 'Secret'-ariat". This officer has now resigned."

Admiral William Fallon

In another message Robert has the following to say;

"Our source found the UN members (and their military reps in Europe) to be entrenched in denial, resistant and recalcitrant against to the new US proposal."

"Perhaps, the real purpose behind the leaking of the information on the part of my government (and that is precisely what our account is, a 'US Government' leak) may be designed/intended to bring strong public pressure to bear on those United Nations representatives (and our own) who have demonstrated themselves 'half willing' or 'unwilling' to proceed with the initiation of a process that the United States requests."


"It appears to me that the US wants us to FORCE the UN to rethink their policy and to cooperate with the US plan, beginning with a proposed timetable for UFO Disclosure by 2013."

Robert Morningstar is co-editor of UFO Digest:

In regards to the Brazilian initiative I here quote from a report by A.J. Gevaerd.

"'All UFO secrets must be disclosed.' So says Brazilian Air Force Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira, one of the most distinguished military officers in Brazil, who gave Brazilian UFO Magazine an exclusive interview last Saturday, March 8th 2008."

"Brigadier Pereira admitted that he is a supporter of our campaign UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, and said that 'it is time to end all secrets about UFOs in Brazil and everywhere.'"

"Brigadier Pereira has an impressive military record. He flew all sorts of aircraft all over the world for 40 years and was a top authority in the Brazilian Air Force during the last two decades. Recently he served as General Commander of Comdabra, The Brazilian Airspace Defense Command and then President of Infraero – Brazilian Airports Infrastructure Company. He has a direct line with the president Lula da Silva. Brigadier Pereira was once considered the man who had the key to the safe the UFO secrets were kept in."

Brigadier Jose Carlos Pereira states:

"All secrets must be disclosed. There is no reason at all to keep them away from the citizen, in the military installations. It seems that the phenomena don't represent any kind of threat to national security nor a danger to aviation. So that the population may learn what they contain, especially UFO researchers. There is a favorable environment in Brazil's military community in that this matter would be treated openly. I will do my part, assuring my support to the UFO researchers' movement that requests government freedom of information."

Okay you US Navy guys, maybe its time for the US military to come out of the closet and bring Admiral Fallon up to the plate to openly support UFO disclosure as have the Brazilian military brass. Thanks for letting us know you are watching.

The following was related as possible confirmation of this by Robert Morningstar.

"A couple of weeks ago, I asked our contact to try to find a way to give us some indication of official recognition, a sign of tact approval from the Pentagon. It seems to have come in a subtle way yesterday, when one of my research associates found a reference to "Is the Navy Pushing for UFO Disclosure" listed on the JCS News website (Joint Chiefs of Staff News). When we went to the page, the article was not immediately obvious."

"So, I typed in "Navy Pushing for UFO Disclosure" in their search engine. Another JCS News page came up with a direct link to their reposting of Ed Komarek's article of the same name on JCS News. This article quote some of my comments on the nature of the problem faced by the JCS in reversing 60 years of UFO denial in the short time left to do so. I am very pleased by this sign of support from 'on high'."