by Michael E. Salla, PhD

Feb 2, 2003

from Exopolitics Website



The loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia comes at a time of international tension over a preemptive war against Iraq.


One question that can be asked is, ‘is their a connection between the two?' After all, over the last two weeks there has been an extraordinary diplomatic showdown between the US and the German and French governments over the need for a preemptive war against Iraq. Was this merely a diplomatic spat between firm transatlantic friends, or signs of a tension that has deeper roots?

Iraq was the home of the first recorded civilization on the planet - Sumer. In 3800 BC, Sumer reached a surprisingly high level of civilization in a very short time. It had a sophisticated calendar, remarkable astronomical information and complex medical procedures. Sumer then disappeared around 1800 BC in a series of events that left widespread environmental damage.

According to the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, the Sumerians reached their high civilization with external help. However, there was no other known civilization that could have helped at the time. Sitchin's translations of thousands of Sumerian cuneiform texts revealed an answer. The Sumerians were helped by an advanced race of beings from the stars - the Anunnaki.

According to the Sumerian records, the Anunnaki helped create Sumer by placing their own personnel on Earth to govern and civilize different human settlements.

There is biblical support for such a scenario. In Book 6, verse 4, of Genesis the following paragraph appears:

"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterwards-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown."

Were the ‘Nephilim' the same beings as the Anunnaki?


Sitchin certainly believed this was the case. Other biblical texts such as the apocryphal, Book of Enoch, also discuss the Nephilim and their activities on the Earth.

If there was an ancient extraterrestrial presence on the Earth, then why haven't we learned of this before? According to a group of 100 former military and government ‘whistle blowers', there exists a number of clandestine government projects that seek to reverse engineer recovered extraterrestrial technology. These former officials played various roles either in these secret projects, or in suppressing information of the extraterrestrial technology.

If there has been an historic extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and different clandestine organizations are seeking to recover and reverse engineer the technology of this race of beings, how might this relate to the Columbia tragedy? Might there be buried in the sands of Southern Iraq, extraterrestrial technology that is coveted by clandestine government organizations?

In 2002, a German archaeological team began to do radar mapping of an ancient Sumerian City, Uruk, in preparation for renewing excavations. Uruk was the first capital city in Sumer, and therefore the first recorded city in Earth's history. If there was a presence of an advanced race of beings, the Anunnaki, helping Sumerian civilization, it would have been likely that some of the technology the Anunnaki possessed would have been located in Uruk.


Given the advanced nature of these beings, the technology would have been protected in ways that rendered it safe from human interference until such time as the Anunnaki required to use it. The question that emerges here is, ‘is there some connection between the resumption of archaeological digging in Uruk, with Germany's refusal to participate in a preemptive war against Iraq?'

The description of Germany and France as part of the ‘old Europe' by US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, signals a deep conflict between the US and its major European allies. Rather than being simply a tension of different methods in getting Iraq to disarm, the conflict may well mask a deeper desire to gain access and control of extraterrestrial technology buried in ancient Sumerian cities in Iraq.

It is very possible that the Space shuttle Columbia was a high profile victim in a proxy war being conducted by clandestine government organizations over hidden extraterrestrial technology. The destruction of Columbia may well be a signal to US based clandestine organizations by their European counterparts, not to launch a preemptive attack against Iraq. If Columbia was destroyed, rather than breaking up due to some mechanical failure, then it would be clear that the responsible organizations possess a weapons technology far beyond anything possessed by terrorist organizations and most states.

The loss of the Columbia Space Shuttle was a tragedy in every respect. If it was a high profile victim in a proxy war, then it is up to us to discover the truth about the organizations involved in such a struggle, and to make these organizations accountable to elected public officials.