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  1. ETs & Indian Point Nuclear Facility Re-Licensing

  2. Canada UFOs Over Power Plant

  3. UFO Intelligence Summary produced for the Nuclear Connection Project

  4. NCP-04 - A Project is Born - A Nuclear Connection

  5. NCP-11 - Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs?















ETs & Indian Point Nuclear Facility Re-Licensing

from ExopoliticsRadio Website




Part 1

Part 2



EXOPOLITICS: Extraterrestrials & the Environment: Part II - Nuclear Power Plants

ETs & Indian Point Nuclear Facility Re-Licensing with Remy Chevalier of FUSEUSA Advisory Board

Alfred Webre on Extraterrestrials and Nuclear Weapons Factories-Nuclear Missile Silos

Nuclear Power Plants 1944-2007.




Remy Chevalier founded the Eco-Saloon at the environmental nightclub Wetlands in 1989.


He's the editor-at-large and webmaster for Electrifying Times, a magazine dedicated to electric vehicles on newsstands since 1993. An investigative journalist and researcher, Remy contributes to dozens of blogs and magazines.


With 30 years of experience as a music promoter, event organizer and environmental activist, Remy created the Rock The Reactors ( campaign in April 2006 to bring national attention to the fight to shut down Indian Point using viral marketing techniques, securing the participation of dozens of green product sponsors.


The Bruised Apple in Peekskill has dedicated an entire section of their bookshop to Remy's Environmental Library Fund ( -

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is the author of "EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE," a book that helped found the field of Exopolitics – the science of relations between human society and advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations in the Universe. Alfred is International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), dedicated to preventing the weaponization of space; transforming the permanent war economy into a peaceful, sustainable New Energy-based, Space Age society, and supporting cooperation amongst Life in the Universe.


Alfred has proposed a Truth Amnesty-Disclosure process to facilitate release of advanced ET-derived New Energy technologies to heal the biosphere and create a sustainable, peaceful Space Age society.


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Canada UFOs Over Power Plant

Thanks to Brian Vike

Director HBCC UFO Research

from NationalUFOCenter Website

Editor’s Note: PICKERING , Ontario– UFOs have been seen regularly in the area for many years. UFOs were seen on June 10, June 14, near the power plant and over Lake Ontario on June 20, at 11:30 PM, and June 25. 2007


I am hesitant to make a report like this but the object I observed over the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station that was very similar to one reported over the station by other people, so it made me realize that I wasn't the only one who thought that this object was a bit odd.


I presently work at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station near Toronto and I witnessed the object described over the station by others on the FILER'S FILES # 26 - 2007 report.

I usually arrive at around 6 AM, and have breakfast in the cafeteria before going to work. My first sighting of the object happened on the morning of June 25, 2007. I was leaving the security building to enter the administration building when I glanced up to see an object that seemed rectangular in shape. The object was fixed in a horizontal position hanging over the back of the turbine auxiliary bay on the A side of the building.

What caught my attention was that it was something I had never noticed from that location before and because it was so perfectly stationary I stopped walking to take a better look. At first I was thinking that it may have been part of the superstructure on the top of the building as it was so immobile. After thinking about it for a few moments, I concluded that it must be part of the building and it was connected by a guide wire or something.


I dismissed the original sighting as being irrelevant and went inside and quickly forgot about it.


Around 9 AM, I had to go to the Screen House building located toward Lake Ontario.


After walking from the Screen House going west I looked up and saw the same object again and this time it was a bit higher and slightly west of the vacuum building structure. The top of the vacuum building is about 200 feet and this was about 200 to 300 feet above it. I watched it for about five minutes and it did not move.


It was absolutely stationary and that is the reason I stood there watching it. In my mind no objects in flight are so stationary and that is the reason it caught my attention. After watching it for a bit I saw a friend of mine and I pointed it out to him. His analysis was that it maybe a kite being flown from Frenchman's Bay, to the west of the plant. I was somewhat inclined to agree with him and went back into the plant to continue my work.

Later on in the morning I walked out to the back of the plant and it was gone. I searched the sky and to my amazement I saw it again. It had changed locations. This time it was situated over the cooling water inflow behind the vacuum building structure at about even with its height (around 200 feet). I watched it for a couple of minutes.

Later on in the afternoon around 2 PM, I walked back out again to see it in the same place behind the vacuum building structure. It had not moved. I again wrote it off as explainable since it reminded me of a surveillance drone observing plant activities. In retrospect I should have informed security. The object was dark and rectangular and may have been the size of a 45 gallon drum. It was positioned horizontally not vertically.


I don't make any claims that this was not a man made object but its behavior was quite peculiar.


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UFO Intelligence Summary produced for the Nuclear Connection Project
from NICAP Website

  1. Report  Sep., 1944; Oak Ridge, TN. Metal tube hovers over gaseous diffusion plant
  2. Report  Mid-July,1945; Hanford, WA. UFO over AEC plant tracked by radar, F84's scrambled
  3. Report  April 5, 1948; White Sands, NM. Team watched UFO performing violent maneuvers
  4. Report  July 1948; Pasco, WA. Pilot reports domed disc near AEC area
  5. Report  Dec. 5,6,7,8,11,13,14,20 & 28, 1948; Los Alamos, NM. OSI, pilots, Los Alamos
  6. Report  April 24, 1949; Arrey, New Mexico. UFO tracking at White Sands Proving Ground
  7. Report  May 21, 1949; Moses AFB/Hanford, WA. Disc hov. restricted air space over AEC Plant
  8. Report  June 29, 1949; White Sands, NM. Naval rocket expert observed a silvery disc
  9. Report  Fall, 1949; Key Atomic Base. 5 metallic objects traverse 300 miles across scope
  10. Report  April 27, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
  11. Report  May 24, 1950; White Sands, NM. Cinetheodolite film taken by camera trk station
  12. Report  July 30, 1950; Hanford AEC Plant, WA. UFO over AEC plant triggers scramble of F-94
  13. Report  Oct. 13, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Sightings by AEC security patrols
  14. Report  Oct. 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Unidentified radar contacts
  15. Report  Oct. 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. UFOs sighted over "Control Zone"
  16. Report  November 10, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. Backgrnd radiation regist as object in control area
  17. Report  December 5, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. FBI document, possible radar jamming reported
  18. Report  December 6, 1950; Northeastern U.S.. National alert when radar picked up unknowns
  19. Report  December 14, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. RADAR targets over AEC base
  20. Report  December 18, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V Sightings over AEC plant
  21. Report  December 18, 1950; NEPA, Oak Ridge, TN. Army report to FBI
  22. Report  December 20, 1950; Oak Ridge, TN. AN&C Radar tracks UFO
  23. Report  October 9, 1951; Hulman Fld (IN); Paris (IL); Newport atomic plant Unknown
  24. Report  October 30, 1951; Yucca Flats, NV. Squadrons of UFOs over atomic test site
  25. Report  December 7, 1951; Oak Ridge, TN. 20' square obs by secty guard; F-47's scrambled
  26. Report  May 10, 1952; SC. UFO Incident at Savannah River (AEC) Plant
  27. Report  Summer of 1952; Kirtland AFB, NM. Famous AF F-86 shooting incident
  28. Report  June 21, 1952; Oak Ridge, TN. R/V sightings over AEC plant
  29. Report  July 5, 1952; Hanford Atomic Plant, WA. Four pilots rep disc hov over AEC plant
  30. Report  Sept, 1952; Oper. Mainbrace, North Sea area/military exercise Ruppelt's version
  31. Report  December 10, 1952; Washington state, Hanford AEC Plant, R/V
  32. Report  July 19, 1953; Oak Ridge, TN. Black objects maneuvered over area near an F-86
  33. Report  April 7, 1954; USS Curtiss carrying nuclear weapons buzzed by UFO
  34. Report  October 1, 1957; Shippingport, PA. UFO circled atomic plant
  35. Report  November 4, 1957; Kirtland AFB, NM. Egg-shaped UFO hovers over base
  36. Report  November 6, 1957; Radium Springs, NM. Rnd object rose verticalfrom mountain top
  37. Report  February, 1961; Western Europe, France. DDisc near nuclear power station
  38. Report  Summer of 1961; Near Moscow. Report of Russian tact missiles being fired on UFO
  39. Report  August 7, 1962; Oracle, Arizona. UFO over Titan missile silo, Jets sent up
  40. Report  October, 1962; NORAD Reg 2, nr Palermo AFB, NY. Scramb hot bird Cuban Missile Crisis
  41. Report  1962; Unidentified A.F. Test Range, UFO blocked tracking of U.S. rocket
  42. Report  February 7, 1963; Charlottesville, VA.  Planes scrambled, UFOs over missile site.
  43. Report  April 30, 1964; Stallion Test Site, NM. B-57 radios white object landed, phto recon
  44. Report  May 15, 1964; Stallion Site, NM. Two scrambles, radar/vis, UFOs sent proper IFF.
  45. Report  May 22, 1964; White Sands, NM. Auto radar tracks UFO on tape, sends phony IFF.
  46. Report  September 15, 1964; Big Sur, CA. Destroys Atlas warhead, filmed by mil trk crew
  47. Report  June 5, 1965; Lynn/Nahant, MA. UFOs over GE facility.
  48. Report  October, 1965; Lake Norman, NC. Three UFOs over McGuire Nuclear Power Station
  49. Report  October 7, 1965; Edwards AFB, CA. Encounter between UFO and a hot bird
  50. Report  April, 1966; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFOs, alarms, 10 missiles inoperative.
  51. Report  June 16, 1966; Elista, Kalmuk, Russia. Scientist report UFO maneuv nr missile test.
  52. Report  August 24,1966; North Dakota. UFO jammed a Minuteman site
  53. Report  February 10, 1967; Sandusky, OH. Saucer hovers over AEC facility with blue beam.
  54. Report  March 2, 1967; White Sands, NM. 20 silver objects, radar blips at 7 mile alt.
  55. Report  March 5, 1967; Minot AFB, North Dakota. Craft trk on radar hovered over missile site
  56. Report  March 16, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. UFO and "no-go Fault" cond at missile facility
  57. Report  March 24, 1967; Los Alamos, NM. Disc hovers for 10 minutes.
  58. Report  March 30, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, MT. Radar/visual, UFO 10 missiles shut down.
  59. Report  October 26, 1967; Portland, England. Cylinder w/ 4 arms over nuc plant, A-R.
  60. Report  Late Summer, 1968; Lake Norman, NC. Domed UFO near AEC plant
  61. Report  September 17, 1968; Nellis AFB, NV.  Two military ATCs report violent maneuvers.
  62. Report  July or August, 1972; Lake Norman, NC. Saucer near nuclear facility
  63. Report  March 1975; Lake Murray, Lexington, SC. CE with octagon near nuclear site 
  64. Report  October 27, 1975; Loring AFB, Maine. UFO circles weapons storage area
  65. Report  October 30, 1975; Wurtsmith AFB Michigan. UFO chased by KC-135 tanker
  66. Report  Late October 1975; Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Night NORAD went on top alert
  67. Report  November 7, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. Targeting system tampered with
  68. Report  November 8, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana. F-106's scrambled after UFOs
  69. Report  November 22, 1975; Savannah, Georgia. Pilots observe UFO near nuclear plant
  70. Report  August 9, 1980; Albuquerque, NM, UFO landing near Kirtland, AFB
  71. Report  October 18, 1982; Lake Norman, NC. Silver oval UFO with "four legs"
  72. Report  October 13, 1983; Gaffney, SC. UFO near Cherokee Nuclear Station
  73. Report  June 24, 1984; Peekskill, NY. UFO over nuc plant causes alert and elect failure
  74. Report  April 26, 1986; USSR. Chernobyl explosion at 1:23 AM, preceded by UFO activity
  75. Report  March 4, 1988; Eastlake, OH. Triangular objects hd toward Perry nuclear power plant
  76. Report  April 22, 1998; Washington State. UFOs sighted at sub base and nuc storage facilityshington State. UFOs sighted at sub base and nuc storage facility

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A Nuclear Connection
NCP-04 - A Project is Born

by Francis Ridge

Coordinator, NCP
Updated: 6/26/2002

from NICAP Website


In 1945, in southern New Mexico, at Los Alamos Laboratories, scientists were developing and testing the first nuclear weapons in great secrecy.


The need for extensive flight support and test facilities reasonably near Los Alamos became apparent, and during September 1945, units of the Z Division of Los Alamos Laboratory were moved to Sandia Base at Albuquerque.


The unit was the predecessor of Sandia Corporation, which was organized in 1949. It became, and (as Sandia National Laboratories) remains, the largest resident unit on Kirtland and has consistently been involved with development and testing of special weapons and energy sources and systems. Today this includes LASER weapons, particle beams, and plasma weapons - "Star Wars" weapons.

Other nuclear-related units were formed at Sandia Base and nearby Kirtland AFB, as the west side was re-designated in 1947. The Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (later the Defense Atomic Support Agency, then the Defense Nuclear Agency) operated Sandia Base and provided support to the Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and military departments in matters concerning nuclear weapons, nuclear effects, and testing. In addition, the Air Force Special Weapons Command was established at Kirtland in 1949 and was re-designated the Air Force Special Weapons Center in 1952 to help develop advanced nuclear weapons.

During the 1940s and 1950s, air defense, weather, and atomic test squadrons operated form Kirtland, and people from both bases took part in the nuclear test series conducted in Nevada and the Pacific.

These facilities in the southwest, including Kirtland, were very important to us, and apparently, to someone else. On November 4, 1957, an incident occurred at Kirtland AFB (Ref. 1) that for years got lost in the shuffle and was "explained away" by Air Force Project Blue Book. Even the Condon Committee wrote it off.


Then along came a dedicated researcher, Dr. James E. McDonald from the University of Arizona. He found that no one had really interrogated the witnesses and that literally everyone had missed a very important close encounter with something we still don't have in the U.S. inventory, an egg-shaped craft that has been seen many times before to fly with its longer axis in a vertical position.

There are three principal types of objects that eventually belong to this group of "small" UFOs. One of them is a type "a"; an egg-shaped machine about 6- to 8-ft long that flies with the long axis vertical, comparable in size to a compact sedan. Manned or unmanned, this was not a conventional aircraft that just happened to wander into Kirtland's restricted airspace. It ha hovered over the "Drumhead Area" for about a minute, just yards NE of the Weapons Storage Area bunkers, and was very close to the area where the B-58 "Hustler" operated, which was just beginning its nuclear qualification testing at the time.


And the object had come in from the east and must have passed just north of the main WSA at Manzano Mountain.



My interest in the "nuclear connection" began in the 1980's, but my desire to pursue it further began just a few years ago while writing my book (Ref. 2). I am well-versed in UFO military history, in particular, and I've always been impressed with the first major sighting wave in the United States, which was in the summer of 1947. Two years before, in August of 1945, we were forced to drop two atomic bombs on Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and almost 200,000 civilians perished.


Without any stretch of the imagination, it is now easy to see that an "outsider" who had good intelligence information at the end of the second World War, would have been able to predict that these weapons of mass destruction, already used by one of the most civilized countries on Planet Earth, would probably be used again. With 150 different tribes of people that existed on the planet, all of which had tribal warfare as their number one pastime, this must have seemed likely. In 1947 those weapons and those delivery systems were being tested in the same region as the massive UFO activity: the Southwest.

The first major sighting wave occurred in the United States in the summer of 1947 with over 800 reports in six weeks, half of which were sightings of "daylight discs" or ""flying saucers"? The sightings peaked and ceased within days of a reported crash of an object at Roswell, New Mexico, the HQ for the 509th Bomb Group, the only atomic bomb group in the world.


A more technically interesting and potentially-threating area on the face of the Earth did not exist in the summer of 1947.



The "green fireballs", which were a piece of the UFO puzzle that I had always avoided because they were very much like meteors, and very much unlike "flying saucers", began to fit into the puzzle. These strange objects were not meteors or foreign missiles, and they had high selectivity for nuclear installations.


A lot of people were concerned; some were worried.


More Reports

UFO sightings near atomic power plants and other nuclear installations were already on record. Project Blue Book's, Captain Edward Ruppelt, in his 1956 book (The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects) stated that "UFO's were habitually reported from areas around "technically interesting" places like our atomic energy installations, harbors, and critical manufacturing areas.


Our studies showed that such vital military areas as Strategic Air Command and Air Defense Command bases, some A-bomb storage areas, and large military depots actually produced fewer reports than could be expected from a given area in the United States. Large population centers devoid of any major 'technically interesting' facilities also produced few reports. Whether he didn't know, or couldn't say, the incidents near and over areas with a nuclear connection were prevalent. There were over 193 incidents!


There were many, detailed reports, where objects had violated airspace over atomic installations and caused major concern, ten years before the one at Kirtland (1957) mentioned earlier, and they continued after that up until one of the most dangerous times in world history, 1962.


Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)

I was the Director of the UFO Filter Center at Mt. Vernon, Indiana, from 1973 to 1995 and operated the MADAR (UFO detection) Project at the same time. Whenever I would get on-going sightings referred to me from law enforcement or the Evansville airport control tower, I would contact one of our volunteer spotters close to the sighting area to check the sky sector.


One of our SKYNET spotters (who had always maintained a low profile because of his former occupation) had been a defense radar-man. Several of his hair-raising accounts had to be kept confidential until after his death. When he passed away I filed his reports with CUFOS and MUFON, and later, posted them on the NICAP site. The most disturbing one was regarding a jet scramble mission over New York during the Cuban Missile Crisis.


The UFO was being pursued by AF jets with nuclear tipped missiles.



Five years later we were still not being "invaded" by ETs. There had to be some other purpose behind the surveillance. In March of 1967, unknown objects had caused eight Minuteman One, nuclear-tipped missiles, all of which were on different electrical circuits, to go into a "no-go" condition, meaning that they could not be launched. This incident was of extreme concern to SAC headquarters and Boeing, because they couldn't explain it.


At first this seemed like an isolated event.

  • Was someone testing our defenses and showing our vulnerabilities?

  • Did they favor the United States?

  • Or was this a warning?

  • Were we about to do something rash and was stopped, or was this timed for some other reason or purpose?

We still don't know, but it happened again in 1975.



When the Freedom Of Information Act documents began to circulate in the mid-80's, I studied the 1975 northern tier SAC base over flights, and started taking more interest in similar events. At about the same time as I was going over my set of the cleared FOIA documents, I had participated as the sole guest on a two-hour call-in radio talk show for WGBF in Evansville, Indiana.


One of the "callers" was a former AF security team member at NORAD in November of 1975, and he reported an incident that must have been part of something much bigger going on in the United States that winter. I was later contacted by the anonymous caller and was able to fully investigate the incident, which involved a total "lock-down" of Cheyenne Mountain after defense radar-men tracked UFOs.


So there were SAC base over flights on the northern tier and at NORAD HQ, all at the same time. It is interesting to note that the Travis Walton abduction occurred at about the same time.


Late 90's

By April, 2000, my interest had reached a more serious level, and I began getting incidents and people together. I began to form a special working group I dubbed the Nuclear Connection Project. At about the same time I obtained a DVD called "Trinity & Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movie". While viewing this film, narrated by William Shatner, I became extremely uneasy.


It shouldn't have bothered me at all because I had been in Civil Defense in the late 50's as a radiological monitor and had even begun training as a Radiological Defense Officer. I had shown some of the same films in some of my training classes. And in the military I was a CBR Specialist. The only difference was my new perspective after almost forty years of UFO research involving military incidents, and our recent brush with a potential nuclear threat in the Middle East. The distinct impression I got was remarkably similar to the world's dealings with Iraq.

BTW, most people would find it hard to believe that there has been over 2300 actual or putative atomic tests conducted on Planet Earth, and some in space!!! And there are rumors that at least once or twice, nuclear weapons were fired at the Moon!!!!

The suspicions about a nuclear connection and certain UFO incidents was already strong. It was time to organize and go to work. And this time the work would be done without the controversy and limitations of communication with other email lists, which were always loaded with "skeptibunkers" and weirdoes that would waste what little precious time we had. The work would be done confidentially, with occasional help from the "outside" lists.

My forty-plus years experience in UFO investigation and research began with my chairing Indiana's first NICAP investigation subcommittee in 1960. My seven-man team for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena took part in some of the most interesting investigations of the early years and was selected to support the University of Colorado's investigation and check on the Air Force Project Blue Book.


I later became State Director for the Mutual UFO Network and a Field Investigator for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies. I operated the MADAR (Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording) station near Evansville, Indiana, for 21 years. I began work on the NICAP Public Information Website on Dec 15, 1997.

Some of the other members of the NCP Working Group had provided some very interesting information and had submitted reports.

Loren Gross was a perfect candidate for the Project with his knowledge and meticulous records of the most important years in UFO research, the late 40's and early 50's. His series of booklets, "UFOs: A History", provided vital and important information.


In one booklet (Reference 4 is an extract from one) he states:

"No striking pattern to UFO activity was evident with one exception - some marked activity in the U.S. southwest in late 1948 on through 1949. What was so special about that area?"

Later in the report he gets more specific:

"Due to the difficulties previously mentioned, it wasn't until the spring of 1949 that the U.S. manufactured enough bombs to have a 'stockpile.' It is suggested that the 'green fireballs' that appeared over Sandia in late 1948 bear a direct relationship to a sudden ramp-up of American nuclear weapon production. Also, later, in March,1949, when strange 'flares' appeared around the 'Q' area at Fort Hood, it is suggested that this interest by the UFOs was triggered by the recent arrival of the first shipment of atomic bombs which was stored as America's first nuclear bomb stockpile."

The connection began to get better and our NCP Working Group began to grow in number. I wanted a select, but small and well-versed group. One of the first to join, and one of the first to mention a possible nuclear connection, was Richard Hall.

Richard Hall was former Assistant Director and Acting Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, DC and is now my chief consultant on the NICAP Public Information Web Site. Richard has over 40 years of experience, including extensive work on scientific publications. He was a consultant to the University of Colorado UFO Project, sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. He is the author of, just to name a few books: the "UFO Evidence" (1964), "Uninvited Guests" (1988), and the latest - "Volume II: The UFO Evidence" (2001). Richard was thinking about a nuclear connection about the same time as I was.


Here's what he had to say:

"It was not until I began reviewing reams of literature while doing research for The UFO Evidence, Volume II, in the mid-1990s that a more obvious pattern began to emerge: a strong correlation of sightings with nuclear weapons." (See Reference 5).

Larry Hatch, an early member of the NCP Working Group, had something the Project needed really bad: a database of sightings. Our group needed a checklist of UFO cases involving a potential or possible nuclear connection already on-record. After we digested those we would start looking for more incidents. To our surprise, we found that his "U" Database already had 193 cases "flagged" with a nuclear connection. This list is growing as we proceed in our NCP research. To see the current detailed list, click on Reference 3.

Wendy Connors, who continues to research the modern history of the unidentified flying object phenomenon, never ceases to amaze us with her findings. It's going to be hard to beat her to the "smoking gun" we are all looking for. For the last seven years she has worked on bringing to the field of Ufology an illustrative historical perspective of Project SIGN. She also operates and maintains the Faded Discs Archive. Her most recent work, is entitled: Anatomy of a Project – An Illustrated History of Project SIGN.

Jerry Washington was born and raised in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, site of the Manhattan Project, birthplace of the atomic bomb. He is an author and scriptwriter whose autobiographical tale, "Evacuation Road", chronicles the oddities of growing up in the Atomic City. An extremely close encounter near the "bomb factory awakened me to the reality of the UFO phenomenon". One of our earliest members, this man lived near one of the hottest UFO areas in the world, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Jerry wrote several papers about his experiences there. See Reference 7.

Our most recent additions to the Project are Steven Dunn, Joel Carpenter, Robert Duvall and Bruce Maccabee.

Steven Dunn, after receiving a BA in Physics from The Lincoln University located near Oxford, PA in 1974, joined the U. S. Navy, obtaining his Surface Warfare Officer qualification. He served as an officer in the U. S. Navy from 1976 to 1986. Since leaving the Navy, he has worked in the ASW field for various government contractors, specializing in software test and evaluation. He is now concentrating on the Indian subcontinent for NCP-related sightings, using open sources.

Joel Carpenter's father was stationed at a Strategic Air Command base in the Midwest at the height of 1960s Cold War tensions. An avid collector of documentation and photographs on aircraft, spacecraft and missiles, Joel is interested in the relationship between post WWII experimental aerospace projects and the UFO phenomenon. He holds degrees in history and industrial design. It was Joel who pointed out two nuclear connections with the 1957 Kirtland incident. With the help of an informant I was able to verify certain information and found another "connection", making this one of the best NC cases so far on record.

Robert Duvall has been in the aerospace electronics field performing mechanical packaging design for 20 plus years. At the urging of a fellow researcher from Japan, he became familiar with the history of nuclear weapons development globally and in 1999 began applying that military/political history to nuclear sighting data to search for correlation. He is now dedicating all efforts to studying and documenting this apparent correlative activity in an attempt to understand intent around the nuclear weapons issue.


For example, most people are not aware that there were serious nuclear bomber training missions from an aircraft carrier in the Vietnam region the summer before the famous Northeast Power Grid Failure of November 9, 1965. The correlation between actual UFO sightings and blackouts has been pretty well confirmed (See Power Outages & UFOS). And that on July 16, 1952, just three days before the Washington National Sightings, the joint chiefs made the recommendation for a first strike on Red China utilizing atomic weapons. There is much more. Click on Reference 9.

Bruce Maccabee, a "seasoned" UFO investigator and well-known researcher, has expertise within the NCP and will be valuable with his skills as a photo analyst and his knowledge concerning important UFO events and government involvement. Bruce investigated the 1980 Kirtland landing near the Manzano Weapons Storage area.

The NCP Team, along with its demanding workload, is proceeding very well. The UFO community and the public, will be advised of our findings at an appropriate time. The work is just beginning to pay off, even though the Project is already over two years old.


  1. "Kirtland AFB Incident - 1957" - NICAP Site

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  6. "NCP-04:  UFO Intelligence Summary: Selected Incidents" - Francis Ridge

  7. "NCP-09: Oak Ridge Native Speak - An Introduction" - Jerry Washington

  8. "NCP Working Group"

  9. "NCP-10   Nuclear Historical Correlative Research" - Robert Duvall

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NCP-11 - Do Nuclear Facilities Attract UFOs?

by Donald A Johnson, PhD

Sun River Research

Bow, NH

from CUFON Website

On numerous occasions, UFOs have been reported over nuclear power plants as well as nuclear research facilities and nuclear weapons storage bunkers at military bases. (1) A good percentage of these reports occurred at highly restricted government research and production facilities, such as Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, Hanford AEC, and Savannah River AEC. Highly trained government scientists and military personnel, who had been granted top-secret military clearances, made many of these reports.

In a well-documented series of incidents in early November 1975, nocturnal lights and unidentified “mystery helicopters” visited a wide spectrum of American military bases and missile sites across the northern tier of this country. Between October 27 and November 10, reports of UFOs over nuclear weapons storage sites were repeatedly made at Loring AFB in northern Maine, Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan, Grand Forks and Minot Air Force Bases in North Dakota, and Malmstrom AFB in Montana.


F-106 interceptors were scrambled out of Malmstrom AFB near Great Falls, Montana in response to multiple reports of UFO visits to nearby missile sites near Moore, Harlowton, Lewistown, and several missile sites around Malmstrom AFB. (2)

A similar rash of incursions occurred in:

  • December 1948 (Los Alamos)

  • December 1950 (Oak Ridge)

  • July 1952 (Hanford AEC, Savannah River AEC, and Los Alamos)

  • August 1965 (Warren AFB near Cheyenne, WY)

  • March 1967 (Minot AFB, Malmstrom AFB, and Los Alamos)

  • August 1968 (Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota)

  • August 1980 (Warren AFB, Sandia Labs and Kirtland AFB, NM)

  • December 1980 (Benwaters RAFB, Suffolk, England)

  • October 1991 (Chernobyl, Ukraine and Arkhangel’s Missile Base, Russia)

These reports led some to speculate that the intelligences behind UFOs have an interest in nuclear weapons and nuclear power.


One feature of these reports suggesting a direct link deals with light rays or energy beams being focused on nuclear materials.(3) Multiple independent accounts state that beams of light were directed downward from the UFOs onto the nuclear storage bunkers and underground missile silos, perhaps penetrating them beneath the surface. (4) (5)


In addition, there have been unsubstantiated rumors from enlisted men that the telemetry of the weapons at some sites had been changed or that other weapons had been rendered inoperative.(6) (7)

Some researchers have suggested that the occupants of UFOs have a deep concern about the safety of nuclear power, and our proliferation of nuclear weapons, and are therefore keeping a close scrutiny of these sites. During the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster on April 26, 1986, technicians reported that they observed a fiery sphere, similar in color to brass, within 1,000 feet of the damaged Unit 4 reactor during the height of the fire, about three hours after the initial explosion. Two bright red rays shot out from the UFO and were directed at the reactor.


It hovered in the area for about three minutes, then the rays vanished and the UFO moved slowly away to the northwest. Radiation levels taken just before the UFO appeared read 3,000 milliroentgens/hour, and after the rays the readings showed 800 milliroentgens/hour. Apparently the UFO had brought down the radiation level.(8)

Is there any statistical evidence that indicates a heightened attention to nuclear sites? In an effort to determine this, we applied the techniques of epidemiology to the UFO evidence accumulated since World War II. Table 1 below was developed from the UFOCAT 2002 database. It compares 164 counties with nuclear facilities to a control group of 164 US counties without nuclear facilities. Nuclear facilities include those plants involved in the storage or manufacturer of nuclear materials, including military bases where nuclear weapons are deployed and commercial or research nuclear power plants.


A nuclear facility might be a small commercial nuclear power plant such as Vermont Yankee in Windham County, Vermont; or it might be a nuclear production plant such as Rocky Flats in Jefferson County, Colorado; or it might be a nuclear submarine base such as Bangor Naval Base in Kitsap County, Washington.

The control group counties were selected on the basis of the closest match in population, with an attempt to also match the same region of the country (Northeast, Midwest, South, Mountain, West Coast) as the county with a nuclear facility, and with an attempt to exclude control group counties with military bases that might have held nuclear weapons at one time. The results suggest that there is an important association between the presence of a nuclear facility and the rates of both UFO sightings and close encounters (CE).


This association tends to increase with those counties with smaller populations, so the results are further stratified by five population categories:

  1. counties with populations over 500,000

  2. counties with populations between 225,000 and 500,000

  3. counties with populations between 101,000 and 225,000

  4. counties with populations between 50,000 and 101,000

  5. counties with populations under 50,000

For US counties with populations between 50,000 and 101,000 the rate of UFO reports peaks at 37.03 per 100,000 people for those counties with nuclear facilities, and this rate is 2.61 times higher than for similar counties without nuclear facilities.


Overall, the rate of UFO sighting reports is 13.84 for nuclear site counties and 9.59 for non-nuclear counties, for a relative risk of 1.44. In other words, they are 1.44 times more likely to occur in these counties.


For close encounter reports, the rate is 2.58 per 100,000 compared to 1.79 per 100,000 in non-nuclear counties, for a relative risk of 1.44. Ninety-two of the nuclear site counties are considered UFO “hotspots,” having had four or more UFO close encounters, while only 70 of the non-nuclear counties are rated as UFO hotspots.

The answer about whether nuclear facilities attract UFOs appears to be “yes.” There is an excess of 3,051 UFO reports for nuclear site counties above what would have been predicted based on the non-nuclear counties. For close encounters, there is an excess of 568 close encounter reports over what should have been expected based on other UFO reporting dynamics.

In a previous study using US county data, education was found to be positively correlated with UFO reporting. Those counties with a higher percentage of residents possessing a high school degree were found to produce larger numbers of UFO reports. (9) So it is important to check if there is a large imbalance in educational level between the nuclear-site and non-nuclear counties selected for this study.

From 1960 US Census data, the average percentage of those adults (over age 25) possessing a high school degree across the 164 nuclear-site counties was 43.7%. This compares to a rate of 38.9% for the 164 non-nuclear counties. In general, it can be stated that nuclear facilities tend to require a more highly educated work force, and this fact may account for the small difference noted between the two groups. Whether this small difference in educational level could explain all of the excess in UFO reports and close encounters seems doubtful.

So we are left with a somewhat troubling finding. Apparently UFO reports do occur more frequently in the vicinity of nuclear sites, after controlling for population and the region of the country. Given that the motives of the intelligences behind UFOs, assuming that UFOs are intelligently controlled, are not well known, we should be concerned.


Given the long history of UFO incursions at sensitive, highly-restricted nuclear facilities; and given that the events of September 11, 2001 have drawn attention to the vulnerability of nuclear power plants to terrorist acts, it would seem to behoove national security agencies to re-direct some attention to the issue of UFOs entering restricted air space over nuclear facilities.


No matter how possibly benign the motives of the UFO occupants may be, were I the new Director of Homeland Security I would certainly be paying attention to this matter.






Table 1.

Do UFO reports occur more often near nuclear facilities?

A Comparison of United States counties with nuclear facilities to an equal number of counties without such facilities, matched on population and region of country.



Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio





(a.) Counties w Populations greater than 500,000

Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio





(b.) Counties w Populations greater than 225,000 and less than 500,000

Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio





(c.) Counties w Populations greater than 101,000 and less than 225,000

Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio





(d.) Counties w Populations greater than 50,000 and less than 101,000

Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio





(e.) Counties w Populations less than 50,000

Total Population


UFO Reports


CE Reports


Rate UFOs / 100,000

Rate CEs / 100,000



US Counties w Nuclear Facilities








US Counties no Nuclear Facilities







Odds Ratio






(1) The UFOCAT 2002 database lists 289 reports at sites coded as “Missile” or “Nuclear” facilities. These reports date from March 1944, an aerial encounter near Yakima, Washington not far from the huge WWII plutonium production plant at Hanford, to another aerial encounter in October 2001 over a nuclear power plant in Kent, England. At least 52 of these cases are close-encounter reports.
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