by Michael Salla


from Prepare4ContactYahooGroup Website

I think that assuming that extraterrestrial visitors have to demonstrate their good faith to us, by first intervening to resolve global problems is putting the cart before the horse. They could intervene endlessly in addressing these problems without stopping the cycle that generates them. And here we are assuming of course they havenít been mitigating the problems to some extent in any case.


The true situation is an exopolitical one. Global elites foster conflicts, resource deprivation, environmental problems, etc., in order to promote an iniquitous global situation. This in turn perpetuates elite control that views itself as the only means of effectively dealing with the extraterrestrial presence, and the extinction level events (ELE) they believe lie just ahead of us.

Addressing individual global problems such as the ones you identify are just a panacea if we donít change the elite control system that perpetuates global inequities, and understand that major earth changes lie just ahead of us. If you consider Earth changes as inevitable, then the potential for elite controllers to take advantage of these by generating chaos, and strengthening their control is very clear.


We can consider the iniquitous global system in terms of an onion with different layers that need to be successively peeled off if we are going to ensure that future earth changes are dealt with in a harmonious manner.


So here are four different levels of the onion which need to be addressed in order to resolve the iniquitous international system before us.

  1. secret agreements between governments and some extraterrestrial groups lead to the development of advanced technologies that are used against the population for control purposes. This dumbs people down, and gets them to passively accept the current system as something that canít be changed much, just a few minor reforms here and there. Take a look at Nick Begichís latest book, Controlling the Human Mind, to understand the mind technologies that are being used here.

  2. enormous black budgets used for ET related projects are generated through the drug trade, organized crime, oil industry, etc. This revenue is generated through ethnic conflicts, military campaigns, political conflicts, etc., such as the Iraq war. Basically, the wars in Africa and the starvation that arises mask the illicit pillaging of Africaís wealth in terms of diamonds, precious resources that go into the coffers of elites and those controlling black budgets.

  3. the generation of an enormous network of continuity of government programs to escape predicted ELEs. These programs build vast underground cities, fleets of spacecraft for a planetary evacuation, and off planet bases. This is all done in secret since the elite believe the mass public would panic if they knew that there was a real chance of ELEs occurring in the next few years.

  4. illuminati bloodlines and families that control and manipulate political, financial and religious institutions for control purposes. They stay away from the public eye and skillfully rule through intermediaries, Bush, Blair, Kissinger, etc.


    Icke is on the right track here in terms of the extraterrestrial connection, but I think his idea of shape shifting reptilians being the big bogey is a distraction.

So if we have ETs viewing our planet and seeing the complexity of the problems before us due to elite control, and the Earth changes coming our way, some would probably take off in fright at the looming chaos. Other ET groups, probably genetically related would look to ways in which they could empower us by cooperatively working together to resolve the problems outlined above, and ensure the Earth changes occur in a harmonious manner.

In my view, dealing with the above problems needs a multifaceted effort requiring partnerships with extraterrestrial groups willing to work with private citizens outside of the elite control systems and agreements that are in place. An analogy is what happened with the dissident movements in Eastern Europe that fought against the Communist systems in place. A multifaceted alliance of dissidents, political reformers, under-cover operatives, and the assistance from Western nations eventually won the tide and the communist systems collapsed.

Giving the consent to ETs to intervene in ways they describe in the ďWe Need Your ConsentĒ messages in order to transform the system so we can harmoniously deal with Earth changes before us is essential. Thereís little doubt that the sun is going into a major cycle in 2012 and this will be the preceded and followed by major Earth changes. So thatís why my response is yes to their request for permission to intervene on our behalf for the twin challenges of transforming our global system and dealing with impending Earth changes.

For those that want to sign the ĎWe Need Your Consentí petition, this is available HERE.