by Ed Komarek
from ExopoliticsYahooGroup Website


I have received a briefing from a confidential source that has been helpful in furthering my understanding of the current exopolitical situation mankind faces today. There will be those that are rightly skeptical of anonymous sources because most of these sources are intent on limiting our collective situational awareness. On occasion there are those who attempt to do just the opposite and wish to enlighten us in regard to these matters. The public should understand that institutions where the insiders work are not monolithic.

These institutions are made up of individuals with their own internal politics relating to disclosure who desire to modify public perceptions for better or worse based on a variety of needs and motives. A truthful confidential source can be a great asset toward any investigation as was the case in the investigations that led to the exposure of the Watergate Scandal. A truthful confidential source can keep the public investigator from wasting time on false leads by carefully navigating the investigator into fruitful areas of investigation. Of course the opposite is also possible. This is why the wise investigator relies on several independent data streams in which to triangulate and determine facts.

What I describe in this paper is a more refined sub-model that relates to a greater humanity of which our humanity is only a small part. This sub-model is a subset of what I call the Broad Exopolitical Model that I have described in previous papers. Some will consider this just another interesting little story or myth while others will investigate further. Each will interpret this according to his or her own understanding and that is okay with me. I am just along for the ride to see where this all leads.

My contact has gotten me thinking more about these IHWH, or God Kings. References to these human IHWH run through the Sumerian, Biblical, Vedic, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and native peoples historical traditions. Furthermore this sort of material crops up in contacteť cases like the contact notes of Billy Meier and the book, Date With The Gods, by Charles Silvia. This additional data stream provided by my confidential source is helpful conceptualizing a model to better organize the disparate data regarding these Heavenly Kings, Fathers, Sons and Daughters referred to in many ancient traditions.

Even the Greeks and the Romans have these stories of the all to human Gods fighting and squabbling amongst themselves just like earth humans. These Gods of old had great powers, putting earth humans at great disadvantage in their dealings with them. The Greeks and Romans believe themselves to the toys, the playthings of the Gods and I believe they were not far off the mark.

What I am learning is helping me to make sense of all this historical data and related contacteť cases. There seem to be a number of off world human societies some that are so closely related to us humans as to interbreed as described in the Bible. In some human subspecies the genetic divergence is apparently as low as 100 genes. It would seem that the great variety of human species and subspecies have been caused by both natural and artificial selection.

It would not surprise me that there are as many species and subspecies of humans as we have cats and dogs who like us have been a product of both natural and artificial selection. I would think that of the many types of technologic races coming to earth it would be those of the greater human family that we would have the most in common and would be interacting with the most. This seems to be the case.

From what I can see from the various data streams in the literature and what my source is telling me is that these IHWH who were as a whole quite barbarous have been evolving in their own space-time levels of manifestation just as we have been in ours. These so called, God Kings, and the races they represent, are not Gods at all. They like us are becoming more civilized except for a few retrograde holdouts. 


These holdouts cling to the old barbaric ways but even they are slowly relaxing their grip on the old ways and coming over to the greater group. I am told that there is one major King and his followers who are still stirring up trouble on earth and who seek to increase geopolitical tensions for their own selfish ends.

What we earthlings seem to be observing is the final scene in an unfolding drama of a very long lasting civil war that has been going on for thousands of years by certain off world human species that have very long artificially created life spans. The capture of this King may be imminent because his technology is now obsolete and he and his race are vastly outnumbered by the rest of the off world human races. What I am saying is not inconsistent with the historical texts which provide a historical background on what is now taking place above and amongst us. It should not be hard to see that we with our very short life spans are at a great disadvantage in our dealings with these heavenly races but the times they are a changing.

What is interesting to me is that Meier's contact Semjase seems to be saying much the same thing about these heavenly kings and their diverse human populations as do the historical texts. On page 252 and 253 of the first volume of the Contact Notes there is a detailed discussion of this matter. On page 253 Semjase says this. There are as well some splinter groups of our own ancient race who come here as well as visiting other worlds, and still live according to the older ways. They try to influence life forms, especially earth humans, according to their manner. As their ancestors appeared like Gods, so also do some of these....).


On page 252 this conversation takes place where Meier says,

"I can imagine that not all of the extraterrestrials who interfere in concerns here on Earth, have the best of intentions for us, but where it is not evident to me why you allow this to continue...."


Semjase responds, "Because each form of life is justified in its own existence, and thinks and acts according to its own character and form..... We are not allowed to interfere, if not necessary for survival, thus we are only allowed to be active in the way of teaching."

The governance of these sky people as they are known in native American traditions or God Kings in European and Asian traditions seems like a cross between a constitutional monarch and a head of state who answers to an assembly of representatives and to the people directly. This is in contrast to these sky king's past history where these kings ruled with a iron fist many who were cruel and unjust to their own peoples and to earth humanity as well.

What these technologic human races seem to have done to humanity over thousands of years is essentially to place a God Spell upon earth humanity that has caused incredible suffering and continues to this day. I believe that this spell is being broken by a joint effort of earth humans cooperating with their off world counterparts.


The God Spell is lifting because earth peoples are being presented with the truth of their rightful place in the universe. Obviously this is going to cause a restructuring of religion on earth which at first may be difficult for many, but in the end a religion based on scientific principles will be far superior to our present severely distorted religious perspective.