by Dr Michael Salla


from Prepare4ContactYahooGroup Website


Hello Mats, itís good to hear from you again after such a long absence, and thanks for sharing your thoughtful analysis. I agree with your effort to analyze the relationship between ETs and their contactees. Contactees are told or experience things that sometime leads them to making sweeping statements, and to seemingly discredit themselves in the process. Jim Deardorff believes this has happened in the Billy Meier case, and the ETs/Plejarans intent was to protect Meier so he could perform his main mission.


We also see similar things happening for other contactee cases such as Alex Collier who went out on a limb in terms of making specific predictions that didnít pan out. I am also aware about a Mexican contactee Hector Palacios, who made predictions about impending Earth changes and a necessary evacuation about to begin back around 1999. So contactees can and sometimes do get it wrong based on what they are told by ETI.

You are correct about Eric, he is very sincere and there is no effort on his part to frighten people or to get attention for his books, or to gain financially from his prediction. He truly believes that there will be a comet impact based on his communications, analyses and advise from various sources, some of which are ETI. He has staked his reputation on getting the word out and is very brave for doing so given that he risks damaging what is a very impressive professional background.

Weíll all soon see whether he is right or not but I have concluded he has misinterpreted the data before him and that there will be no comet impact of the nature he describes. Eric has connected different bits of suggestive data, the comet 73P fragmenting in 1995, missing Earth and Asteroid crop circles, his 2003 Tsunami vision/experience, the possible preemptive nuclear against Iran, and comet trajectories to come up with his bold prediction.


However, in interpreting his data, he is giving a literal reading of what might happen and overlooked that that the date given to him by ETI, May 25, might signify events of a political or symbolic nature, rather than a physical impact event. For example, if the US government were to make a momentous announcement concerning 911, UFOs, etc., in that timeframe, couldnít this be the equivalent of a tsunami that hits the Washington Political establishment?

My own view at this point is that Ericís work on the Science of Extraterrestrials is very significant since the scientific establishment poses the great threat to the UFO cover up. I have had the chance to closely read his translated pre-publication version and have concluded that it is a work of genius or as Eric claims, actual ETI information about the scientific principles they use to navigate space-time.


One of the reviewers of Ericís French version have mentioned it is Nobel Prize material so that gives an idea of its significance for the scientific community were it to be widely accepted. So by discrediting himself at this point, Eric would actually protect himself in promoting his book on extraterrestrial science. Few in scientific community, the media or the general public would take his Science of Extraterrestrials seriously after a failed comet prediction. Eric would just become another UFO crack pot spouting quasi-scientific babble.


That would mean the shadow government could take step back and not view him as a direct threat due to the scientific community embracing his new science paradigm as was beginning to happen in France. His new scientific paradigm could then take off more slowly among those scientists around the world willing to consider his theory, and establish a new paradigm for those open to the elegance of his scientific theories.

So my conclusion is that Eric has been set up to fail by ETI. He has been directed to reach false conclusions regarding the data before him, given ETI information that encourages him down this erroneous path, and led to make a specific prediction that will largely discredit him. However, the outcome will not be all that bad for him given the importance of his new science paradigm that will continue to circulate among scientists who acknowledge the elegance of his theory concerning the space-time continuum and how ETs use this to travel around the universe.