by Michael E. Salla, PhD
August 8, 2005

from Exopolitics Website

This is to announce the results of a continuing investigation of Charles Hall’s testimony described in his three volume memoirs, Millennial Hospitality where he recounts his service on Nellis Air Force base where he met and interacted with Tall White extraterrestrials who had reached agreements with the US Air Force to establish a secret base at Indian Springs, Nevada. The field investigator is David Coote, an airline pilot who, along with Paola Harris, was responsible for initially making the Charles Hall case known to the wider UFO community. David has investigated the testimony of Charles Hall by tracking down and interviewing three individuals described in the book series.


The purpose of the investigation was to find corroborating evidence that Charles Hall did serve as a weatherman at Indian Springs; that incidents described in Millennial Hospitality are accurate; whether there were sightings of UFOs/extraterrestrials at the Indian Springs ranges; and any personal recollections about Charles Hall that would help determine his credibility. David is collaborating with the author and other researchers in ascertaining the veracity of Charles Hall’s testimony by interviewing independent witnesses, finding documentary evidence; and distributing the results of these investigations to the wider UFO/Exopolitics research community.

David was able track down and interview three of the military personnel described in the Millennial Hospitality series. What follows are the key points from the interview(s) David conducted with each of the three personnel, along with David’s and my own final reflections on the significance of this further evidence supporting the Charles Hall case. The names used in the Millennial Hospitality books are pseudonyms and I will use the three witness designations used by David in his interview in order to maintain confidentiality of the three former military colleagues of Charles Hall. I thank David Coote and Charles Hall for permission to share this information with the general public. I also thank Paola Harris for facilitating communications between Charles Hall, David and different researchers. I also thank Dr Robert M. Wood for his helpful comments that assisted me revising an earlier draft of this article

Finally, a significant piece of documentary evidence that has emerged is a newspaper clipping concerning the building of a very large accommodation facility at Indian Springs in 1951 was kindly supplied by Dr Wood. The January 5, 1951 story from the Las Vegas Review Journal describes 300 million dollars spent in 1951 to fund the facility and that it was not connected with the atomic program. The funding of this very large facility may be what was described in the Millennial Hospitality book series as the ’large hangar base’ built to accommodate the tall whites and their ships by the USAF in the 1950s.


Read the newspaper clipping:


David Coote Interviews Three Military Witnesses to Events on Indian Springs

In an email to the author on July 24, 2005, David described his attempts "to find corroborating testimony from any witnesses to Charles Hall’s story." David explains that his attempts,

"met with some success after he was able to track down three individuals who were stationed with Charles at Indian Springs Auxiliary Field during the same period in the sixties."

David further states that,

"in keeping with Charles’ original desire to keep these individuals’ identities protected (as he did in his books) we shall refer to them as witness ’A’ from Michigan, witness ’B’ from Pennsylvania, and witness ’C’ from Ohio."

David says that the testimony of the three witnesses, though not conclusive "is yet significant in cementing Hall’s story in several ways." David states:

"all three witnesses were also utilized as weather observers as Charles had been. They remembered Charles, and confirmed his presence and job as Charles had described. They also recalled everyday, mundane events, and described the place just as Charlie had written in his books. They also remembered some of the other names that Charlie had mentioned."

Another significant point is that none of the witnesses had read any Charles Hall’s books. Witness B, however, had heard an interview of Charles Hall on Coast to Coast radio and passed on this information to witness C.

Witness ’A’ was a weather station observer for the USAF (Det. 31/ 25th Wx Sqdn - USAF MAC unit) and was also an ex-civilian policeman. David asked questions about how well Witness A knew Charles Hall. Witness A answered:

"I knew him very well."

"Really nice guy - real sweet - hard not to like Charlie."

"He was one of those really smart guys... chemistry major or something."

"I taught him how to play chess and he knocked me off the Base tournament one time... very intelligent."

David then asked about significant events mentioned in Hall’s books especially those concerning anomalous occurrences and an incident involving Witness A:

"They [other base personnel] used to come up with this story of ’Range Four Harry’...he was some kind of wild, radioactive horse..." also ..."Charlie remembered that? [regarding an incident where witness ’A’ broke a tie-rod in a truck out on the ranges] ...well I’ll be damned...yeah I did that."

Witness ’B’ is presently 62 years old with a degree in electronics. David again asked about the witness’s recollection of Charles Hall and incidents described in Millennial Hospitality. Witness B said:

"Charlie was a particularly bright character...more studious...more reserved... Didn’t talk much about it...we heard rumors constantly [about what went on out on the ranges]...’Range Four Harry’ etc .. Charlie was so serious about it. But he didn’t really want to talk about it... I felt he didn’t know who he could trust. ...there were rumors about people getting transferred... if you say too much about this stuff then you might find yourself where you didn’t want to be. ...Charlie spent more time out there [on the ranges] than the rest of us. ...I believe in him...that he was dealing with something out there. ... I never felt I was alone when I was out there. ... It was a very secure area. "

David explains how at one stage he [witness ’B’] had been told from another individual that the Air Police never responded to calls out on the ranges because "...they were afraid." David also noted that witness ’B’ stated that witness ’C’ … "is a very sincere person."

Witness ’C’ ("Pushing sixty" - combat veteran, Retired). David again asked how well he knew knew Charles Hall and about any significant events on the ranges and got the following responses:

"Yes I knew Charlie...I relieved Charlie when he left Indian Springs...It was an eerie place...Only knew Charlie a week...he wanted to talk to me about Einstein’s theory of relativity.

David notes that when witness ’C’ first got to serve on Indian Springs he was told "to be observant of UFO’s". Witness C further explained:

"...I did feel many times my life was in danger. I’d call the aerodrome officer at Nellis AFB whenever I had suspicious occurrences and they would never confirm any aircraft in the area. ...a lot of the time I knew I wasn’t alone out there; whatever these forces were they were hostile to me because I had a hostile intent towards them."

David explained that Witness C admitted he had "always been a ’fight first’ type of personality".


David explained how witness C,

"felt threatened by certain events that had taken place although he never saw the ’culprits’. There were occasions when "they" would shut the generators off; once, both at the same time... also switched the light switch off in the truck when he had left it running outside in the dark."

David also pointed out that ’Witness C’ stated he had seen unexplained lights out there, both on the ground and in the air. David then explained more about what led to Witness C abandoning his duties at the weather station:

"About the time he’d "finally had enough" an incident occurred, when he sensed company and where an "orderly" pile of large ’target posts’ (approx 10" by 10" by 15 foot) had been strewn about just outside his range shack one night. He just jumped in his truck and drove back to Base. He told his First Sergeant that he didn’t want to go out there again, that: "I’ve performed my duties to the best of my ability, and I don’t care if you put me in the brig."


"I recommended that they pull the weather station from the ranges and put it at the radar site on Nellis for security and other reasons...and that’s what they did."

Witness C also explained to David:

"It was Charlie who... had mentioned to me certain areas not to go... where his [Charlie’s] truck had been ’shut-down’... and other areas where he had had daylight sightings of ’dirigibles.’ ...these things were never talked about officially. We would only mention occurrences ’one on one.’ ...The only thing that was ever officially said was that the First Sergeant told me that under no conditions was I to ever put a UFO report on the comments or remarks section of the [weather observer report ] official Air Force document... I’m guessing that apparently there had been a problem in the past."



The results of the interviews with corroborating witnesses offer evidentiary support for Charles Hall and several of the incidents described in his books. First, they confirm that Charles did serve as a weatherman and that he did perform his duties in an isolated and frightening environment. Witness B confirmed that Charlie often served alone out on the weather ranges; and even the Air Police were too frightened to go out on the ranges. This is consistent with Hall’s description of the high level of anxiety experienced by servicemen over the unexplainable events on the weather ranges.

Second, Witness C’s testimony that he was strictly instructed not to record UFO sightings on his daily logs offers support for Charles Hall contention that the Tall Whites frequently flew their ships in the area of Indian Springs. Witness C recalled that Hall had told him about ’dirigibles’ he had seen in the sky which confirms that Hall had told others about his UFO sightings during his service at Nellis Air Force base. Hall describes in his books numerous instances where he could monitor the large interstellar ships entering and leaving their secret base through the theodolite he used for tracking weather balloons.

Third, witness C confirms that as a result of the ’high strangeness’ at the weather station, he had fully abandoned doing any further service out on station despite possible punishment by his military superiors. This offers support for Charles Hall testimony that many preceding and subsequent servicemen had to abandon their duties due to intimidation from and fear of the Tall Whites. This combined by Witness B’s recollection of the fear of the Air Police to travel out to the weather station suggests that the Air Force did not brief the servicemen about any extraterrestrials thereby helping explain the ’high strangeness’ and fear by many of the servicemen who served at Indian Springs.

Fourth, witnesses A and B confirmed that the existence of urban legends such as "Range Four Harry" as a radioactive horse which Hall recounts as an inaccurate description of the Tall Whites when in their protective suits. According to David,

"Hall’s explanation was that ’Harry’ was a Tall White guard who spent a lot of time on Range 4, whereas the ’Radioactive horse’ was how a group of Tall Whites would appear at night as they transited the ranges as a close-knit group in their luminous, protective suits."

None of the three witnesses could confirm having directly seen either an extraterrestrial or a UFO while serving with Charles Hall at Nellis AFB. This may be result of the psychological impact of unbriefed servicemen encountering UFOs/ETs in an isolated environment. Certainly the strong reaction from Witness C in terms of abandoning his duties regardless of punishment suggests such a psychological impact was evident. If this is what occurred, then further interviews and perhaps hypnotic regression may elicit further recollections that may confirm the existence of ETs/UFOs that Charles claimed to witness when based at Nellis Air Force Base. Unfortunately, the witnesses have indicated a desire to maintain anonymity, and do not appear overly eager to participant in further interviews thereby precluding for the moment this kind of follow up.

The newspaper clipping supplied by Dr Wood offers documentary evidence that a classified project was being conducted at Indian Springs that may have been intended for the Tall White extraterrestrials discussed in the Millennial Hospitality series. The construction of a large hangar facility for interstellar Tall White ships and accommodation for the Tall Whites in a secure mountain location presumably would have required a large outlay of capital. The 300 million dollars spent in 1951 according to the American Institute for Economic Research converts in 2005 terms as 2.2 billion dollars (see AIER Cost-of-Living Calculator). Given the lack of surface constructions at Indian Springs that would explain where these ’accommodation’ facilities were constructed, it’s likely that these were underground and/or constructed inside the mountains located at Indian Springs.

The conclusion of these further investigations by David Coote is that Charles Hall testimony has been corroborated in the following ways:

  • Charles Hall served in the isolated environment of the Indian Springs bombing ranges

  • there was a degree of ’high strangeness’ with the things happening at Indian Springs

  • the legend of ’Range Four Harry’ was known to other servicemen

  • that UFO’s were known to senior military personnel who instructed subordinates not to record UFO’s in official Air Force logs

While there has not been direct confirmation of Charles Hall testimony of the ’Tall White’ ETs and UFOs, the investigations do not negate any of the testimony provided by Charles Hall. In contrast, the independent testimonies of three other servicemen who served at Indian Springs and the remote weather ranges confirm many aspects of Hall’s narration of events at the isolated and secure facility. Therefore, the credibility of Charles Hall as a ’whistleblower’ describing events occurring in a classified project at the Indian Springs facility at Nellis AFB during 1965-67 is strengthened. The 1951 Las Vegas Review Journal story also lends support to Charles Hall claims about a large underground facility constructed in the mountains located at Indian Springs specifically for the use of Tall White personnel and their interstellar vehicles.

Investigations conducted to corroborate Charles Hall testimony so far indicate that Charles has stuck closely to the actual events and personnel described in his series of books. The three witness testimonies and the Las Vegas Review journal all offer independent confirmation for various aspects of Hall’s testimony. This provides independent evidence that Charles Hall’s claims about the Tall Whites being based on a secure and isolated military facility on Nellis Air Force base are worth serious consideration by researchers into the UFO phenomenon and exopolitics.