by Michael E. Salla, PhD
July 19, 2005

from Exopolitics Website

I have recently read an important article concerning two main factions within the military-intelligence community and their respective approaches to exotic technologies and extraterrestrial (ET) related issues (see: Vince Johnson, "The Aviary, the Aquarium, and Eschatology", Close Encounter Chronicles Vol 1:1). The article suggests that these two groups of 'insiders' are divided over their respective approaches to ETs, use of:

  • psychotronic weapons

  • eschatological issues

  • ethical orientation

The article suggests that there exists a group within the military-intelligence community that is devoted to the development and use of psychotronic weapons systems. Also described as 'non-lethal' weapons, these are used in ways that resemble the technological equivalent of 'black magic'. According to this debate between insiders in the covert world, this exotic use of psychotronic weapons is very destabilizing to the planetary system and contributes to an eschatological event known as the End Times and/or the Second Coming. Articles concerning Planet X, 2012, etc., are eschatological in that there is looming an 'eschaton' (destructive/transformative global event) that will profoundly affect all life on the planet, either through global destruction or global transformation.

On the other hand, there are those within the intelligence community, especially the CIA who are leaking information about this possible eschatological event and use of exotic technologies in order to apparently prepare humanity for the destruction/transformation that lies ahead. The link between the 'eschaton' and use of exotic technologies such as psychotronic weapons is allegedly something that is leaked by 'friendly' insiders within the intelligence community. Furthermore, the targeting of extraterrestrial ships by aggressive military elements is also something that is leaked by 'friendly' insiders within the intelligence community in order to bring about a change in this covert policy.

Consequently, those commenting on the relationship between these two groups of insiders describe the conflict in terms of a struggle between dark and light in the covert world. The 'dark side' represents insiders primarily within the military community who aggressively use psychotronic weapons and other exotic technologies in ways that are very damaging to the global environment and individual civil rights. On the other hand the 'light side' leaks information about the coming eschatological event and the aggressive military technologies used by insiders in the military community to target civilians and visiting ETs.

This apparent struggle between two powerful factions within the covert world apparently lead individuals to making the choice of supporting the 'light side' within the shadow/satellite government that is opposed to the targeting of civilians and ETs that is certainly occurring. So logic apparently dictates that one should support the 'light side' largely within the intelligence community leaking this information. This has certainly been the approach of a number of UFO researchers who have been opposed to any effort to vilify visiting ETs in any way. The alleged vilification of some ETs presumably justifies aggressive military policies against these and civilians communicating or interacting with ETs.

I wish to elaborate on the exopolitical significance of this struggle allegedly between 'dark' and 'light' forces within the covert world dealing with ETs and other exotic technologies. While at a prima facie level, one is tempted to support the 'light side', there are considerable risks in doing so. The first is that the intelligence community is very skilled in using disinformation to achieve its purposes. Thus the leaking of information that purportedly describes the coming eschatological event, and the contribution of the military to this through the irresponsible use of exotic technologies is slanted to condition individuals to accepting this "light versus dark" struggle within the covert world, and to pick a side.

However, if one examines the situation more closely, what we have is a group within the military community who are intensely nationalistic and apparently dedicated to maintaining human/national sovereignty in response to more technologically developed extraterrestrial races that have intervened in strategically significant ways on Earth. To maintain human/national sovereignty this military faction seeks 'military parity' with visiting ET races and is prepared to aggressively intervene against ETs who visit Earth without 'authorization'. Phillip Corso is an example of this military world view where in his book, The Day After Roswell, he described the dangers posed by visiting ETs who are involved in abductions, genetic experiments, and interference against military weapons systems. David Jacobs gives more of an idea of the logical consequences of this thinking within the military community wherein the ET abduction and hybridization program are described as posing a direct threat to human/national sovereignty.

On the other hand, insiders within the intelligence community leaking information concerning the targeting of ETs, and the use of psychotronic weapons against civilians appear, at first glance, to be more ethical. However, if one examines the nature of the information being leaked in terms of 'friendly ETs' trying to help humanity deal with a coming eschatological event, one is confronted with the troubling truth that the ETs abduction programs and genetic experiments are somehow desirable and acceptable in dealing with the coming eschaton. The information released by the CIA and other agencies is slanted towards a favorable depiction of the ETs involvement on Earth. The primary example of this is Dr Michael Wolf who worked closely with the CIA, especially James Jesus Angleton and the "Alphacom Team" designed to promote friendly diplomatic relations with ETs intervening in the abduction and genetic hybridization programs (see HERE). The perception deliberately fostered by the insiders within the intelligence community is that the 'Grays' or 'Zeta Reticulums' are our friends and performing abductions/genetic experiments to help us deal with the coming eschaton caused by the irresponsible polices of aggressive factions within our military.

While the intelligence community appears to be playing a more benign role in human-ET affairs, there is an appreciable spin factor that needs to be considered in assessing the controlled leaks of information concerning ETs involved in abductions, genetic experiments, and a possible eschatological event. The eschatological event is spun in a way that attempts to manipulate individuals and policy makers to choose to cooperate with ETs performing abductions/genetic experiments in order to best ensure survival. The eschatological event itself is therefore depicted as inevitable and something that can't be avoided.

The intelligence community plays a leading role in removing from the public realm all information concerning friendly human looking ETs (the 'space brothers') who have an agenda that appears genuinely supportive of human sovereignty and evolution. They also provide more information and choices concerning the eschatological event that lies ahead. 'Contactees' who engage with these friendly 'space brothers' are discredited, intimidated and their books prevented from reaching mass circulation. In contrast, we have a large number of books reaching mass circulation describing the role of ETs performing abductions/genetic experiments and debates over the benefits/dangers posed by these.

So the Intelligence community is spinning its controlled leak of information to have us absorbed by the apparent choices we need to make in terms of supporting the abduction/hybridization program in order to prepare us for the 'inevitable' eschatological event in the near future.

A close examination of the exopolitical situation here does not merit outright support for either the 'dark' or 'light' factions within the covert military and intelligence communities. Public debate over exopolitical situation has been deliberately skewed so we are skillfully manipulated into supporting either the light or dark sides in how to properly respond to visiting extraterrestrials. The truth is more likely that the military community have been covertly influenced into taking an ultranationalistic approach where there are irresponsible uses of exotic technologies both against ETs and civilians. On the other hand, the intelligence community has been covertly influenced to provide a benign view of the intervention of certain ET races such as the Grays/Zeta Reticulums who appear committed to a covert program of infiltrating and controlling human society through their abduction and hybridization programs.

So if the above and 'light' and 'dark' factions within the intelligence and military communities raise significant questions about either policy, and don't deserve full support, then what is the solution? I believe the solution is threefold.

  • First, one needs to more fully understand the exopolitical dynamics occurring here and the likelihood that both factions in the covert world ('dark' and 'light') are in fact influenced and even controlled in some cases by different factions of ETs committed to intervening and influencing human affairs with a long term agenda that either undermines human sovereignty or intended to utilize humanity as a strategic resource.

  • Second, information about friendly human looking ETs or the 'space brothers' has been deliberately prevented from entering into the mainstream public consciousness. As we become more aware of the intervention of these 'space brothers' and their perspective on the exopolitical situation before us, then we are more likely to make the appropriate choices in how to respond to different covert agendas that are underway in both the military and intelligence communities.

  • Finally, one needs to be aware that the collective consciousness of humanity is an important variable in the global and exopolitical situation before us. The possibility of an eschatological event in the future and the intervention of different ET races in our world are directly influenced by human consciousness. As we individually and collectively engage in our own efforts to raise awareness, then our global reality is sufficiently influenced to dramatically affect the likelihood of possible future destructive/transformative events. This is vividly demonstrated in the 1977 leak of the Alternative Three scenario which did not culminate in the destructive changes envisaged and suggested that collective human consciousness is an important variable in global events (see HERE).

In conclusion, the depiction of intervening ETs, use of exotic weapons, and a possible eschatological event in the near future should not be reduced into a simple binary formula of light versus dark factions in the military and intelligence communities. Both the aggressive use of exotic weapons systems and the intelligence spin factor concerning ET intervention and eschatological events are undesirable. Both are likely a product of undesirable ET manipulation that we need to be aware of.


The exopolitical situation is more complex that a simple 'light versus dark' scenario and possible disclosure formulas that might be used when the general public learn about the ET presence (see HERE). Those factors that deliberately spin or distort the exopolitical dynamics before us need to be removed so we individually and collectively can make the right choices for what lies ahead. Important choices need to be made and those both inside and outside the control system need to have more accurate information in order to make the right choices, and thereby have a favorable impact on the exopolitical situation confronting us.