No newspaper has yet secured the truth behind the operation known as ALTERNATIVE 3. Investigations by journalists have been blocked - by governments on both sides of the Iron Curtain. America and Russia are ruthlessly obsessed with guarding their shared secret and this obsession, as we can now prove, has made them partners in murder.

However, despite this intensive security, fragments of information have been made public. Often they are released inadvertently - by experts who do not appreciate their sinister significance - and these fragments, in isolation, mean little. But when jigsawed together they form a definite pattern - a pattern which appears to emphasize the enormity of this conspiracy of silence.

On May 3, 1977, the Daily Mirror published this story:

President Jimmy Carter has joined the ranks of UFO spotters. He sent in two written reports stating he had seen a flying saucer when he was the Governor of Georgia.
The President has shrugged off the incident since then, perhaps fearing that electors might be wary of a flying saucer freak.

But he was reported as saying after the “sighting”:

“I don’t laugh at people any more when they say they’ve seen UFOs because I’ve seen one myself.”

Carter described his UFO like this: “Luminous, not solid, at first bluish, then seemed to move towards us from a distance, stopped, then moved partially away.”

Carter filed two reports on the sighting in 1973, one to the International UFO Bureau and the other to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

Heydon Hewes, who directs the International UFO Bureau from his home in Oklahoma City, is making speeches praising the President’s “open-mindedness.”

But during his presidential campaign last year Carter was cautious. He admitted he had seen a light in the sky but declined to call it a UFO.

He joked: “I think it was a light beckoning me to run in the California primary election.”

Why this change in Carter’s attitude? Because, by then, he had been briefed on Alternative 3?

A 1966 Gallup Poll showed that five million Americans - including several highly experienced airline pilots - claimed to have seen Flying Saucers. Fighter pilot Thomas Mantell had already died while chasing one over Kentucky - his F.51 aircraft having disintegrated in the violent wash of his quarry’s engines.


The U.S. Air Force, reluctantly bowing to mounting pressure, asked Dr. Edward Uhler Condon, a professor of astrophysics, to head an investigation team at Colorado University.

Condon’s budget was $500,000. Shortly before his report appeared in 1968, this story appeared in the London Evening Standard:

The Condon study is making headlines - but for all the wrong reasons. It is losing some of its outstanding members, under circumstances which are mysterious to say the least. Sinister rumors are least four key people have vanished from the Condon team without offering a satisfactory reason for their departure.

The complete story behind the strange events in Colorado is hard to decipher. But a clue, at least, may be found in the recent statements of Dr. James McDonald, the senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona and widely respected in his field. In a wary, but ominous, telephone conversation this week, Dr. McDonald told me that he is “most distressed.”

Condon’s 1,485 - page report denied the existence of Flying Saucers and a panel of the American National Academy of Sciences endorsed the conclusion that “further extensive study probably cannot be justified.”

But, curiously, Condon’s joint principal investigator, Dr. David Saunders, had not contributed a word to that report. And on January 11, 1969, the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr. Saunders as saying of the report:

“It is inconceivable that it can be anything but a cold stew. No matter how long it is, what it includes, how it is said, or what it recommends, it will lack the essential element of credibility.”

Already there were wide-spread suspicions that the Condon investigation had been part of an official coverup, that the government knew the truth but was determined to keep it from the public. We now know that those suspicions were accurate. And that the secrecy was all because of Alternative 3.

Only a few months after Dr. Saunders made his “cold stew” statement a journalist with the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch embarrassed the National Aeronautics and Space Agency by photographing a strange craft - looking exactly like a Flying Saucer - at the White Sands missile range in New Mexico.

At first no one at NASA would talk about this mysterious circular craft, 15 feet in diameter, which had been left in the “missile graveyard” - a section of the range where most experimental vehicles were eventually dumped. But the Martin Marietta company of Denver, where it was built, acknowledged designing several models, some with ten and twelve engines.

And a NASA official, faced with this information, said:

“Actually the engineers used to call it “The Flying Saucer.” That confirmed a statement made by Dr. Garry Henderson, a leading space research scientist: “All our astronauts have seen these objects but have been ordered not to discuss their findings with anyone.”

Otto Binder was a member of the NASA space team. He has stated that NASA “killed” significant segments of conversation between Mission Control and Apollo 11 - the space-craft which took Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the Moon - and that those segments were deleted from the official record:

“Certain sources with their own VHF receiving facilities that by-passed NASA broadcast outlets claim there was a portion of Earth-Moon dialogue that was quickly cut off by the NASA monitoring staff.”


Binder added: “It was presumably when the two moon-walkers, Aldrin and Armstrong, were making the rounds some distance from the LEM that Armstrong clutched Aldrin’s arm excitedly and exclaimed - “What was it? What the hell was it? That’s all I want to know.”

Then, according to Binder, there was this exchange:

MISSION CONTROL: What’s there ? ... malfunction (garble) ... Mission Control calling Apollo 11...
APOLLO 11: Theses babies were huge, sir...enormous.... ...Oh, God you wouldn’t believe it!...I’m telling you there are other space-craft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater edge...they’re on the Moon watching us...

NASA, understandably, has never confirmed Binder’s story but Buzz Aldrin was soon complaining bitterly about the Agency having used him as a “traveling salesman.” And two years after his Moon mission, following reported bouts of heavy drinking, he was admitted to hospital with “emotional depression.”

“Travelling salesman”.... that’s an odd choice of words, isn’t it?


What, in Aldrin’s view, were the NASA authorities trying to sell? And to whom? Could it be that they were using him, and others like him, to sell their official version of the truth to ordinary people right across the world?

Was Aldrin’s Moon walk one of those great spectaculars, presented with maximum publicity, to justify the billions being poured into space research? Was it part of the American - Russian cover for Alternative 3?

All men who have travelled to the Moon have given indications of knowing about Alternative 3 - and of the reasons which precipitated it.

In May, 1972, James Irwin - officially the sixth man to walk on the Moon - resigned to become a Baptist missionary. And he said then:

“The flight made me a deeper religious person and more keenly aware of the fragile nature of our planet.”

Edgar Mitchell, who landed on the Moon with the Apollo 14 mission in February, 1971, also resigned in May, 1972 - to devote himself to parapsychology. Later, at the headquarters of his Institute for Noetic Sciences near San Francisco, he described looking at this world from the Moon:

“I went into a very deep pathos, a kind of anguish. That incredibly beautiful planet that was Earth...a place no bigger than my thumb was my home...a blue and white jewel against a velvet black sky...was being killed off.: And on March 23, 1974, he was quoted in the Daily Express as saying that society had only three ways in which to go and that the third was “the most viable but most difficult alternative.”

Another of the Apollo Moon - walkers, Bob Grodin, was equally specific when interviewed by the Sceptre Television reporter on June 20, 1977:

“You think they need all that crap down in Florida just to put two guys up there on a...on a bicycle? The hell they do! You know why they need us? So they’ve got a P.R. story for all that hardware they’ve been firing into space. We’re nothing, man! Nothing!”

On July 11, 1977, the Los Angeles Times came near to the heart of the matter - nearer than any other newspaper - when it published a remarkable interview with Dr. Gerard O’Neill. Dr. O’Neill is a Princeton professor who served, during a 1976 sabbatical, as Professor of Aerospace at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and who gets nearly $500,000 each year in research grants from NASA.


Here is a section from that article:

The United Nations, he says, has conservatively estimated that the world’s population, now more than 4 billion people, will grow to about 6.5 billion by the year 2000. Today, he adds, about 30% of the worlds population is in developed nations. But, because most of the projected population growth will be in underdeveloped countries, that will drop to 22% by the end of the century. The world of 2000 will be poorer and hungrier than the world today, he says.

Dr. O’Neill also explained the problems caused by the earths 4,000 mile atmospheric layer but - presumably because the article was a comparatively short one - he was not quoted on the additional threat posed by the notorious “greenhouse” syndrom.

His solution? He called it Island 3. And he added:

“There’s really no debate about the technology involved in doing it. That’s been confirmed by NASA’s top people.”

But Dr. O’Neill, a family man with tree children who likes to fly sailplanes in his spare time, did not realise that he was slightly off-target. He was right, of course, about the technology. But he knew nothing of the political ramifications and he would have been astounded to learn that NASA was feeding his research to the russians.

Even eminent political specialists, as respected in their sphere as Dr. O’Neill is in his own, have been puzzled by an undercurrent they have detected in East -West relationships.


Professor G. Gordin Broadbent, director of the independently - financed Institute of Political Studies in London and author of a major study of U.S. - Soviet diplocy since the 1950s, emphasized that fact on June 20, 1977, when he was interviewed on Sceptre Television:

“On the broader issue of Soviet - U.S. relations, I must admit there is an element of mystery which troubles many people in my field.”


He Added: “What we’re suggesting is that, at the very highest levels of East - West diplomacy, there has been operating a factor of which we know nothing. Now it could just be - and I stress the word “could” - that this unknown factor is some kind of massive but covert operation in space. But as for the reasons behind it...we are not in the business of speculation.”

Washington’s acute discomfort over O’Neill’s revelations through the Los Angeles Times can be assessed by the urgency with which a “suppression” Bill was rushed to the Statute Book. On July 27,1977 - only sixteen days after the publication of the O’Neill interview - columnist Jerry Campbell reported in the London Evening Standard that the Bill would become law that September.


He wrote:

It prohibits the publishing of an official report without permission, arguing that this obstructs the Government’s control of its own information. That was precisely the charge brought against Daniel Ellsberg for giving the Pentagon papers to the New York Times. Most ominous of all, the Bill would make it a crime for any present or former civil servant to tell the Press of Government wrong - doing or pass on any news based on information “submitted to the Government in private.”

Campbell pointed out that this final clause “has given serious pain to guardians of American Press freedom because it creates a brand new crime.” Particularly as there was provision in the Bill for offending journalists to be sent to prison for up to six years.

We subsequently discovered that a man called Harman - Leonard Harman - read that item in the newspaper and that later, in a certain television executives’ dining-room , he expressed regret that a similar Law had not been passed years earlier by the British government. He was eating treacle tart with custard at the time and he reflected wistfully that he could then have insisted on such a Law being obeyed. That, when it came to Alternative 3, would have saved him from a great deal of trouble...

He had chosen treacle tart, not because he particularly liked it, but because it was 2p cheaper than the chocolate sponge. That was typical of Harman.

He was one of the people, as you may have learned already through the Press, who tried to interfere with the publication of this book. We will later be presenting some of the letters received by us from him and his lawyers - together with the replies from our legal advisers. We decided to print these letters in order to give you a thorough insight into our investigation for it is important to stress that we, like Professor Broadbent, are not in the “business of speculation.”
We are interested only in the facts.


And it is intriguing to note the pattern of facts relating to astronauts who have been on Moon missions - and who have therefore been exposed to some of the surprises presented by Alternative 3. A number, undermined by the strain of being party to such a horrendous secret, suffered nervous or mental collapses. A high percentage sought sanctuary in excessive drinking or in extra marital affairs which destroyed what had been secure and successful marriages. Yet these were men originally picked from many thousands precisely because of their stability.


Their training and experience, intelligence and physical fitness - all these, of course, were prime considerations in their selection. But the supremely important quality was their balanced temperament.

It would need something stupendous, something almost unimaginable to most people, to flip such men into dramatic personality changes. That something, we have now established, was Alternative 3 and, perhaps more particularly, the nightmarish obscenities involved in the development and perfection of Alternative 3.

We are not suggesting that the President of the United States has had personal knowledge of the terror and clinical cruelties which have been an integral part of the Operation, for that would make him directly responsible for murders and barbarous mutilations.

We are convinced , in fact, that this is not the case. The President and the Russian leader, together with their immediate subordinates, have been concerned only with the broad sweep of policy. They have acted in unison to ensure what they consider to be the best possible future for mankind. And the day - to - day details have been delegated to high-level professionals.

These professionals, we have now established, have been classifying people selected for the Alternative 3 operation into two categories: those who are picked as individuals and those who merely form part of a “batch consignment.” There have been several “batch consignments” and it is the treatment meted out to most of these men and women which provides the greatest cause for outrage.

No matter how desperate the circumstances may be - and we reluctantly recognize that they are extremely desperate - no humane society could tolerate what has been done to the innocent and the gullible. That view, fortunately, was taken by one man who was recruited into the Alternative 3 team three years ago. He was, at first, highly enthusiastic and completely dedicated to the Operation. However, he became revolted by some of the atrocities involved. He did not consider that, even in the prevailing circumstances, they could be justified.

Three days after the transmission of that sensational television documentary, his conscience finally goaded him into action. He knew the appalling risk he was taking, for he was aware of what had happened to others who had betrayed the secrets of Alternative 3, but he made telephone contact with television reporter Colin Benson - and offered to provide Benson with evidence of the most astounding nature.

He was calling, he said, from abroad but he was prepared to travel to London. They met two days later. And he explained to Benson that copies of most orders and memoranda, together with transcripts prepared from tapes of Policy Committee meetings, were filed in triplicate -in Washington, Moscow and Geneva where Alternative 3 had its operational headquarters. The system had been instituted to ensure there was no misunderstanding between the principal partners. He occasionally had access to some of that material - although it was often weeks or even months old before he saw it - and he was willing to supply what he could to Benson. He wanted no money. He merely wanted to alert the public, to help stop the mass atrocities.

Benson’s immediate reaction, after he had assessed the value of this offer, was that Scepter should mount a follow - up program - one which would expose the horrors of Alternative 3 in far greater depth. He argued bitterly with his superiors at Sceptre but they were adamant. The company was already in serious trouble with the government and there was some doubt about whether its license would be renewed.

They refused to consider the possibility of doing another program. They had officially disclaimed the Alternative 3 documentary as a hoax and that was where the matter had to rest. Anyway, they pointed out, this character who’d come forward was probably a nut...

If you saw the documentary, you will probably realize that Benson is a stubborn man. His friends say he is pig-obstinate. They also say he is a first-class investigative journalist. He was angry about this attempt to suppress the truth and that is why he agreed to co-operate in the preparation of this book. That co-operation has been invaluable.

Through Benson we met the telephone caller who we now refer to as Trojan. And that meeting resulted in our acquiring documents, which we will be presenting, including transcripts of tapes made at the most secret rendezvous in the world - thirty five fathoms beneath the ice cap of the Arctic.

For obvious reasons, we cannot reveal the identity of Trojan. Nor can we give any hint about his function or status in the operation. We are completely satisfied, however, that his credentials are authentic and that, in breaking his oath of silence, he is prompted by the most honorable of motives. He stands in relation to the Alternative 3 conspiracy in much the same position as the anonymous informant “deep Throat” occupied in the Watergate affair.

Most of the “batch consignments’ have been taken from the area known as the Bermuda Triangle but numerous other locations have also been used. On October 6, 1975, the Daily Telegraph gave prominence to this story:

The disappearance in bizarre circumstances in the past two weeks of 20 people from small coastal communities in Oregon was being intensively investigated at the weekend amid reports of an imaginative fraud scheme involving a “flying saucer” and hints mass murder.

Sheriff’s officers at Newport, Oregon, said that the 20 individuals had vanished without trace after being told to give away all their possessions, including their children, so that they could be transported in a flying saucer “by UFO to a better life”.

Deputies under Mr. Ron Sutton, chief criminal investigator in surrounding Lincoln County, have traced the story back to a meeting on September 14 in a resort hotel, the Bayshore Inn at Waldport, Oregon.

Local police have received conflicting reports as to what occurred (at the meeting). But while it is clear that the speaker did not pretend to be from outer space, he told the audience how their souls could be “saved through a UFO”.

The hall had been reserved for a fee of $5 by a man and a woman who gave false names. Mr. Sutton said witnesses had described them as “fortyish, well groomed, straight types”.

The Telegraph said that “selected people would be prepared at a special camp in Colorado for life on another planet” and quoted Investigator Sutton as adding:

“They were told they would have to give away everything, even their children. I’m checking a report of one family who supposedly gave away a 150-acre farm and three children.

“We don’t know if it’s a fraud or whether these people might be killed. There are all sorts of rumors, including some about human sacrifice and that this is sponsored by the (Charles) Manson family.”

Most of the missing 20 were described as being “hippy types” although there were some older people among them. People of this caliber, we have now discovered, have been what is known as “scientifically adjusted” to fit them for a new role as a slave species.

There have been equally strange reports of animals - particularly farm animals - disappearing in large numbers. And occasionally it appears that aspects of the Alternative 3 operation have been bungled, that attempts to lift “batch consignments” of humans or of animals have failed.

On July 15, 1977, the Daily Mail - under a “Flying Saucer” headline - carried this story:

Men in face masks, using metal detectors and a Geiger counter, yesterday scoured a remote Dartmoor valley in a bid to solve a macabre mystery.
All appeared to have died at about the same time, and many of the bones have been inexplicably shattered. To add to the riddle, their bodies decomposed to virtual skeletons within only 48 hours.

Animal experts confess they are baffled by the deaths at Cherry Brook Valley near Postbridge.

Yesterday’s search was carried out by members of the Devon Unidentified Flying Objects center at Torquay who are trying to prove a link with outer space.

They believe that flying saucers may have flown low over the area and created a vortex which hurled the ponies to their death.

Mr. John Wyse, head of the four-man team, said: “If a spacecraft has been in the vicinity, there may still be detectable evidence. We wanted to see if there was any sign that the ponies had been shot but we have found nothing. This incident bears an uncanny resemblance to similar events reported in America.”

The Mail report concluded with a statement from an official representing The Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society and the Animal Defence Society:

“Whatever happened was violent. We are keeping an open mind. I am fascinated by the UFO theory. There is no reason to reject that possibility since there is no other rational explanation.”

These, then, were typical of the threads which inspired the original television investigation. It needed one person, however, to show how they could be embroidered into a clear picture.

Without the specialist guidance of that person the Sceptre television documentary could never have been produced - and Trojan would never have contacted Colin Benson. And it would have been years, possibly seven years or even longer, before ordinary peaple started to suspect the devastating truth about this planet on which we live.

That person, of course, is the old man....