"U.S. Army munitions experts at the Detroit Arsenal in Warren, Michigan are investigating a mysterious new weapon that fires a projectile the size of a pencil eraser that was used by Iraqi insurgents to knock out an M1 Abrams main battle tank in Baghdad."

"Shortly before dawn on (Thursday) August 28 (2003), a routine patrol in Baghdad was 'hit by something,' according to the report" by Terry Hughes, a technical representative from the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois.

"The yellow metal round penetrated the tank's armored skirting and hull, tore through a gunner's seatback and then took out vital equipment, disabling the tank before burying itself in the opposite wall in a hole nearly two inches (five centimeters) deep."

"The four-member crew of the 69-ton, $4.3 million Abrams survived the hit, although the gunner and the tank commander were hit by flying bits of metal."

"'It seems clear that a projectile of yellow molten metal is what caused the damage, but what weapon fires such a round and precisely what sort of round it is," remain mysteries. "Whatever penetrated the tank created enough heat inside the hull to activate the vehicle's Halon firefighting system."

"According to Don Jarosz, spokesman for the Army's Program Evaluation Office for Ground Combat Systems, the incident happened August 28 while the tank was on patrol in Baghdad."

"The investigation into what weapon was used in the attack is not yet complete, he said."

"There have been no reports of any other mystery projectile being fired at U.S. equipment before or since the Aug. 28th incident, but there are fears that Iraqi insurgents may possess some kind of secret weapon."

"The Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, which is conducting the investigation, is withholding all information concerning it, including what progress has been made, Jarosz said."

Market rumors in Iraq claim that Saddam's supposed allies, the Zarzi aliens, have given futuristic weapons to Baathist commandos who are fanatically loyal to the ousted dictator.

According to the souk (market) tales, a UFO crashed in Iraq either during the first Gulf War in 1991 or in December 1998. The alien survivors were brought before Saddam Hussein, who gave them sanctuary in Iraq. In return, the aliens used their technology to build several large underground bases for Saddam and to provide the help he needed to ward off his enemies--the USA, UK and Israel.

During late 2002 and early 2003, the aliens were thought to be staying at an underground base in Zarzi or at the centuries-old fortress of Qalaat-e-Julundi, both located in the as-Zab as-Saghir (Little Zab River valley) in northern Iraq. Zarzi was bombed at the beginning of Gulf War II in March 2003.

"Uday (Saddam's son, who was killed in July 2003-- J.T.) asked the aliens for 'weapons of the Drona Parva' to strike directly at the USA," Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat reported, "However, the aliens turned down his request."

(Editor's Note: The Drona Parva is a book of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, which describes energy weapons of fantastic power.)

But Mohammed thinks Uday's father might have been slightly more persuasive.

"Now there is talk among the Baathists of 'degaton guns.' Saddam was given only a few, and these he entrusts only to men who have proven their loyalty to him," he added, "Obviously, the aliens do not trust Saddam, else they would have given him more. But the handful he has helps to reduce the Anglo-American coalition's advantage in armor and aircraft."

A "degaton gun" looks like,

"what you Americans call a sawed-off shotgun, but with a pistol grip. The muzzle is very wide and resembles a vacuum cleaner. An odd-looking 'box' of electronics bulges out just above the trigger. There is a laser sighting system built right into the front of the electronic box."

Unlike a conventional firearm, which uses a chemical explosion to send the projectile on its way, the 'degaton gun' reportedly uses electromagnetic energy to hurl its projectiles, Mohammed explained, "The Baathists have seen these weapons hurl lighting bolts. But the ones the aliens gave them cannot do that."

(Editor's Comment: Assuming this "degaton gun" is for real, I can see where an electromagnetic charge might throw the projectile at such a high velocity that friction heat literally turns it "molten." But how do they get the projectile to travel in a straight line? Once it leaves the gun's magnetic field, you'd think the projectile would go haywire. See the Chicago Tribune for November 19, 2003,
"U.S. studies mystery projectile", section 1, page 4, and WorldNet Daily for November 4, 2003. Many thanks to Mohammed Daud al-Hayyat for the additional information.)

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