Dr Michael E. Salla

December 22, 2003 (Revised Dec 25, 2003)


At 1:30 pm on Sunday, December 21, Secretary Tom Ridge of the Department of Homeland Security declared in a Press Release that the danger of a terrorist attack was "perhaps greater now than at any point since Sept. 11, 2001." He subsequently authorized a security upgrade to High or 'Code Orange' on the color-coded security threat status for the United States (http://www.dhs.gov/dhspublic/display?content=2707). Ridge ominously claimed in his Release that recent intelligence on communication between terrorist organizations indicated possible attacks that would "rival - or exceed - the scope and impact" of September 11. Less well known was that soon after Ridge's announcement, the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) antenna arrays were activated with a particular frequency pattern. HAARP went into an 'Idle High Power' status meant that it could be made operational to create an electromagnetic shield around the planet.


According to Marshall Smith in a December 21 news article, the "pattern seems only to be for keeping the transmitters warm and in an idle condition and awaiting a remote control signal from NORAD/Space Command to enter the Space Weapon aiming and fire mode" (http://www.brojon.org/). The simultaneous activation of HAARP indicated that Homeland Security feared another air-launched attack against US interests. Was the timing of Code Orange and activation of HAARP genuinely a result of concern from possible terrorist attack, or were these events timed to prevent another contingency altogether? More specifically, were the Code Orange alert and HAARP activation timed to prevent a mass First Contact event by extraterrestrial races responding to a grass roots initiative for extraterrestrials to 'Show Up'?

On December 21, a global 'First Contact' experiment was scheduled that involved hundreds of people around the planet joining together in an exercise to initiate a mass First Contact event. This was timed to begin at 9 pm in every time zone around the planet thereby creating a 'rolling wave effect'. The 'First Contact Experiment' was developed in response to a letter that began circulating the Internet in October 2003. The letter claimed to originate from a group of 'service oriented' extraterrestrials wanting global humanity to give a 'soul based' response to the question, "Do You Wish That We Show Up
?". The letter had been generating much interest on the Internet and at the time of writing had been translated into thirteen languages with more translations on the way. The global First Contact experiment was based on the concept of the 'Isaiah Effect' popularized by the author Gregg Braden in his book, The Isaiah Effect. The key idea in the 'Isaiah Effect' is that by visualizing a desired event and fully immersing oneself in positive emotions of the event as though it had occurred, a powerful energetic impulse is created that helps manifest the desired event in the concrete physical realm (http://www.greggbraden.net/lost_mode.php3). The emotions of celebration, joy, love and gratitude thus act as powerful engines for 'thought creation' and possible communication with extraterrestrial races.

A yahoo discussion forum, prepare4contact, with almost 300 members dispersed around the planet, created and organized the global experiment in order to test whether they could indeed give permission to the extraterrestrials to 'show up'. By the time of Ridge's declaration of 'Code Orange' and activation of HAARP, European members of the group were getting ready to begin the 'First Contact' experiment. The question that arises is, 'was the Code Orange alert and the HAARP activation related to the global First Contact experiment, or was this just coincidental'?

The presence of extraterrestrial races in human affairs has not been disclosed to the global population or most elected officials for at least 50 years. Indeed, secret agreements have been made between extraterrestrial races and national governments in the US and elsewhere where in exchange for extraterrestrial technology, extraterrestrials have been permitted limited basing rights, and given permission to conduct genetic experiments with human subjects. A variety of whistleblowers and contactees/abductees have reported on the telepathic abilities of these extraterrestrial races, and their ability to communicate with humans in this manner. If telepathic communication is the standard form of communication by extraterrestrials, then it is entirely plausible that a group of individuals could telepathically communicate a message to extraterrestrial races in a way envisaged in the 'First Contact' experiment. Rather than the Isaiah Effect solely being a means of manifesting an alternative reality, it was also a communication giving non-official permission for extraterrestrials showing up. In short, it was an example of non-official diplomacy not sanctioned by national governments.

The idea of different groups of extraterrestrials competing amongst themselves for the attention and support of national governments and the human population will appear odd for those still unfamiliar with the secret extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Indeed many have difficulty imagining the possibility of microscopic extraterrestrial life on Mars, far less full-blown secret diplomatic agreements between extraterrestrial races and national governments. Yet there is overwhelming evidence that such secret agreements have been made and continue to be renewed (see the Dulce-Report). As a result of more than 50 years of secrecy, tremendous damage has been done to human societies and the biosphere by the suppression of extraterrestrial technologies, creation of 'black budgets', and intimidation/silencing of officials/witnesses. Furthermore, there is disturbing evidence that the extraterrestrials involved in these secret agreements have not acted in a manner consistent with humanity's best interests.

In contrast, the group of extraterrestrials that initiated the 'Do You Wish That We Show Up' message, has appealed to global humanity to give permission for them to 'show up' in order to change the way the extraterrestrial presence is secretly managed and to assist with the environmental crises around the planet. It was this 'service oriented' or 'friendly' group of extraterrestrials that the Global First Contact Experiment was designed to give permission to 'show up'. The key question here is whether the Code Orange alert and HAARP activation were in any way related to the First Contact Experiment scheduled to start in the US at 9 pm EST, on December 21? Circumstantial evidence points to such a possible relationship.

  • First, national security organizations involved with the extraterrestrial presence are aware of the telepathic communication that occurs between humans and extraterrestrial races. These organizations would undoubtedly been interested in the effect of the Global Experiment.

  • Second, national security organizations were certainly aware of the 'Do You Wish That We Show Up?' message and the extraterrestrial request for the non-official public permission to appear over Earth's skies in a massive First Contact event.

  • Third, these national security organizations were likely aware that a First Contact experiment would result in a telepathic communication between a representative group of global humanity and extraterrestrial races.

  • Fourth, being aware of the way in which telepathic signals are tied in with human emotions, it is plausible that US national security organizations started a Code Orange alert that would raise sufficient anxiety for this to counter those US residents participating in the First Contact Experiment. This would be similar to raising the noise level in a room so outsiders have more difficulty in hearing anyone inside the room.

  • Finally, the HAARP activation was done as a deterrent to prevent 'friendly extraterrestrials' from 'showing up' in a mass First Contact event since this brinkmanship was likely to have been viewed as a factor in any extraterrestrial decision to show up without official permission.

While at this point the evidence pointing to a relationship between the First Contact Experiment, and the Code Orange alert and HAARP activation is still conjectural, it is nevertheless plausible given the coincidence in timing and the circumstantial evidence pointing to such a link. More solid evidence is required before such a linkage can be made, but until then it remains a possibility worth investigation. Further weekly First Contact Experiments are scheduled for each Sunday at 9 pm (local time) around the planet for December 28, and into January 2004. Again, 'coincidently', Tom Ridge declared in his release that the Code Orange Alert might remain in place for a number of weeks. Time will tell whether these 'global experiments' can impact on the secret management of the extraterrestrial presence and initiate a possible mass First Contact event. The possibility that a worldwide First Contact event organized by a mid-size Yahoo discussion forum sparked the Code Orange alert and HAARP activation is simply astounding. These events may ultimately prove to be powerful confirmation of Margaret Mead's famous dictum:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has!"

To participate in discussions concerning the First Contact Experiment go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prepare4contact/