by Dr Michael E. Salla

December 8, 2003

from Exopolitics Website


There has been a worldwide suppression of a secret extraterrestrial presence on Earth for at least 50 years from the general public and most elected public officials.


The official public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence has long been speculated to be imminent. The repeated delays have led to much uncertainty over when the secret extraterrestrial presence will eventually be disclosed.


However, rather than 'when' being the critical issue to be decided, it appears that the more difficult issue is 'how' the extraterrestrial presence will be disclosed. There appears to be a secret race to shape public opinion of an extraterrestrial presence in a way that prepares the public to accept a particular 'first contact' scenario.

Public disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence is likely to occur in a manner that provides clandestine national security agencies a means for effectively dealing with whatever contingencies arise out of unknown global/celestial events that have been predicted or even started to occur.


An ever-growing number of authors, scientists and military-intelligence officials describe such global/celestial events in terms of,

  • a 'reversal of the magnetic poles'

  • a shift in the physical poles

  • vast solar eruptions

  • a large unknown planetoid passing nearby the Earth

  • comets/asteroids that impact with the earth

The evidence for each of these global/celestial events is sketchy and not conclusive, but whistleblower testimonies suggest that clandestine preparations are well underway for a global contingency involving tremendous social and political upheavals that lie just ahead.

It appears that what has yet to be decided is when public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence occurs and how it will be 'spun' to facilitate continued control by small clandestine groups of public officials not governed by usual democratic rules over accountability and transparency.


The different scenarios of a first contact that have emerged into the public arena by various UFO researchers/whistleblowers point to a race between and within clandestine government agencies for how First Contact will be 'spun' for world-wide consumption. It appears that there are strong factional rivalries within clandestine organizations that respectively have their own favored contact scenario. It is these rivalries that best explain the long delay in public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.

'Preparing for contact' is a means of understanding the full extent of the extraterrestrial presence, the accompanying secrecy that has accompanied this, and being ready for a First Contact event that firmly transforms life on our planet.


There are, however, a number of contact scenarios that would put a particular 'spin' on the extraterrestrial presence that would allow clandestine national security agencies to continue to control extraterrestrial affairs in a secret and undemocratic manner.


Significant changes in public opinion of extraterrestrials can be attributed not just to alleged extraterrestrial behavior and spontaneous changes in public attitudes, but to a secret race between different clandestine national security agencies attempting to promote perceptions that support a particular First Contact scenario that best permits their continued influence and power.


Beginning in the months of October/November 2003, an alternative scenario began circulating on the World Wide Web that has led to the emergence of a new actor in how public opinion is being shaped for a First Contact event.


This new actor is outside of the mass media system that is largely controlled by a small number of elites associated with extraterrestrial management groups, and appears to be solely a result of a spontaneous global response to 'when' and 'how' First Contact should occur.


The new actor comprises a number of rapidly emerging 'contact groups' that believe global humanity was recently contacted by a group of extraterrestrial races that wanted to know if 'individuals without distinction' wanted extraterrestrials to 'show up'.


The rapid emergence of these contact groups and their impact on global public opinion regarding the extraterrestrial presence suggests a race exists between multiple players over 'when' and 'how' First Contact will occur. In what follows, I examine three First Contact scenarios that have varying degrees of support and can be considered most likely to occur given recent global events.


Also, I examine how public opinion is being shaped in ways that promote particular First Contact scenarios, and the respective roles of extraterrestrials, national security agencies, UFO researchers, and the general public.



Contact Scenario 1

Orson Wells and 'War of the Worlds'

In 1938, Orson Wells produced a radio adaptation of H.G. Wells, ' War of The Worlds'.


In the famous broadcast, listeners believed they were hearing genuine news reports of an attack by Martians on Earth, and the destruction of the United States. While Wells' production shocked listeners, it gave a classic example of how mass communication could very easily shape public opinion of extraterrestrial races.


Moving to the present era, Dr Steven Greer, director of the 'Disclosure Project', has interviewed an extensive number of whistleblowers that are former or current employees in the US military-intelligence community, or aviation industry. In his interviews he has learned of a secret plan that involved producing another fictitious 'War of the Worlds' as a 'First Contact' event where the global population would officially learn of the hitherto secret extraterrestrial presence in terms of an extraterrestrial invasion (see below report).






The fake extraterrestrial invasion would presumably happen at a time and place that suits the interests of clandestine organizations that have secretly managed extraterrestrial affairs since the Second World War era (to see report, "click" HERE) .

The fake 'war of the worlds' would allow military-intelligence organizations around the world to continue their vast network of secret projects that are funded by '
black' budgets that in the case of the US, go as high as $1 trillion dollars annually.


The fake invasion would allow the passage of strict national security laws that would benefit those factions within the national and global extraterrestrial management groups that desire to maintain full control of all aspects of the extraterrestrial presence without being scrutinized by open and transparent democratic processes.


The strongest supporters of a fake extraterrestrial invasion have been described as a mysterious 'Cabal' that has in the past approved policies targeting and shooting down visiting extraterrestrial space craft (to see report "click" HERE).

According to Greer and another UFO researcher, Dr Richard Boylan, many of the recent reports of extraterrestrial abuses are related to military abductions (MILABs).


They cite the work of Dr Helmut Lammer who has provided extensive analysis of the role of military- intelligence communities in the abduction experience (


Lammer's work suggests that these MILABs have a genuine extraterrestrial component in them suggesting either cooperation or connection with extraterrestrial abductions. For example, if an extraterrestrial abduction occurs, then this is somehow monitored and the same `victim' is then abducted and examined by military-intelligence forces using invasive medical and psychological techniques.

The well-known UFO writer, Whitley Streiber has written about the increase in abusive experiences suggesting that a 'dark chapter' has started as far as the extraterrestrial presence is concerned for those suffering the abduction phenomenon (


He cites reports of human mutilations as worrying testimony that a new phase has started. A detailed study of one human mutilation was evidence that the perpetrators had no concern about the life of the victim and of leaving the evidence behind (http //


Streiber's alarming view is supported by prominent UFO researchers such as Dr David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins and Dr Karla Turner who have provided detailed studies of the abusive aspects of UFO abductions/contacts. The increasing evidence of hostile extraterrestrial behavior have contributed to shifts in public opinion of extraterrestrials from the friendly 'space brothers' of early UFO writers to the more dangerous 'hostile visitors' that need to be contained by national security agencies.


This increase in abusive extraterrestrial abductions may result either from different groups of extraterrestrials performing abductions, the same extraterrestrials moving into a different phase due to classified global/celestial changes, the introduction of military-intelligence abductions, or a combination of all these.

Consequently, the evidence in terms of increased reports of abuses related to the abduction phenomenon points to the conclusion that there has been a distinct shift in the way the extraterrestrials presence is being managed and being 'leaked' to the general public. It is very likely that the military-intelligence community is playing a prominent role in leaking information that extraterrestrials visiting Earth are hostile and regularly violate human abductees.


This 'spinning' of the extraterrestrial data would make possible a First Contact scenario where an extraterrestrial invasion is faked either entirely by military-intelligence units, or more likely by some cooperative factions of extraterrestrials that would have most to gain in continuing to secretly work with military- intelligence agencies.

As Steven Greer suggests, the contrived war on terrorism and invasion of Iraq are stepping-stones to the ultimate 'war of the worlds'.


The 'Cabal' is very influential within the Bush Administration and views its long term interests as best served with continuation of a strict national security system (to see report "click" HERE). A fake extraterrestrial invasion would allow the Bush Administration to release sufficient information about the historic extraterrestrial presence to support past US military intelligence polices regarding the cover-up of the extraterrestrial presence.


This would ensure that former officials involved in secretly managing extraterrestrial affairs would not be made accountable for past actions and protected from legal prosecution. While there appears to be firm support from within the US military-intelligence community for a 'fake invasion', there has also reportedly been significant opposition that has led to factional splits in the control groups responsible for managing ET affairs.

Furthermore, there appears to be only weak support from global institutions for a contrived 'war of the worlds' that are more influenced by moderate extraterrestrial control management groups associated with international institutions such as
the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.


This is reflected in major global opposition to the Bush Administration's policies in Iraq which is a cover for a more aggressive extraterrestrial management role by the Cabal embedded within the US national security system.


It appears that there is a genuine factional struggle between hard-line extraterrestrial control groups apparently wanting to have or to create the impression of a need for a war with extraterrestrial races, and another faction seeking cooperation and a more genuine form of disclosure.


Consequently, a fake 'War of the Worlds' is a possible extraterrestrial contact scenario that has varying degrees of support in the secret management groups that run extraterrestrial affairs.



The Second Contact Scenario

A Steven Spielberg Production

This contact scenario would use a variation of scripts popularized by Steven Spielberg's productions Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and the more recent television mini-series Taken.


Here the extraterrestrials would be depicted in a more morally benign light as a technologically advanced race that has entered into agreements with the US and possibly other national governments. In these agreements, the extraterrestrials exchanged their advanced technology for the US government acquiescing to the extraterrestrials using human genetic material for the biological enhancement of their race.


The agreements would portray the relationship and motivations of both the extraterrestrials and clandestine government authorities as benign, but that these suffered hiccups due to the willful activities of a renegade group of military-intelligence officials - the Cabal.


The secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial-government agreements, extraterrestrial abuses of civilians, shooting down of extraterrestrial ships would be attributed to the willful activities and disinformation stemming from the Cabal, and/or the possible assistance of 'rogue' extraterrestrial groups. Military-intelligence officials associated with the Cabal would be identified and made accountable for their activities, and/or rogue extraterrestrials would be forced to leave.


The script for this scenario would then involve the world celebrating the appearance of extraterrestrials and the purging of the Cabal from the military intelligence community, and/or departure of rogue extraterrestrials.


Remaining extraterrestrials would subsequently be depicted in a more positive light if not as outright 'friends of humanity', at least as 'enigmas' that can assist in the development of human civilization.

Supporters of a Spielberg 'contact scenario' within the military intelligence community have long leaked information of the benevolent intentions of extraterrestrial visitors. This 'leaked' information comes from 'whistleblowers' or those embedded with national security organizations that may be part of a covert campaign to shape public opinion.


Researchers such as Steven Greer and Richard Boylan support the view that extraterrestrials are friendly and that all stories of abusive extraterrestrial behavior is due to disinformation stemming from the Cabal. They use the research findings of Helmut Lammer confirming the involvement of military-intelligence organizations in the abduction phenomenon.

Information leaked from a microbiologist who allegedly worked closely with a 'Gray' extraterrestrial known as J-Rod, Dr Dan Burish, is evidence of a factional struggle between different control groups over how to present the first contact scenario


It appears that Burish's work with a classified project called 'Lotus' and efforts to develop a practical application of a mysterious 'Ganesh Particle', is related to developing a credible contact scenario sought by military- intelligence organizations managing extraterrestrial affairs.


The case involving Dan Burish has led to the release of extensive information of his secret extraterrestrial related projects to the Internet; suggest he is part of a covert campaign to influence public opinion of the extraterrestrial presence.


 Burish's work with Grays and his involvement with 'Ganesh particle' indicates a joint government/extraterrestrial effort to give a positive image to the extraterrestrial presence, and to create the perception that their biological work has beneficial applications for both the Gray extraterrestrial race and humanity.

The Steven Spielberg version of a contact scenario really amounts to success by one faction of an extraterrestrial control management group ('White Knights') over a more aggressive faction (Cabal). The public disclosure process and the subsequent purging of the Cabal would be 'spun' in a way that legitimates the policies and approach of the White Knights faction of the extraterrestrial management groups.


This First Contact scenario would be more peaceful than the 'War of the Worlds' scenario and would lead to a more genuine account of the extraterrestrial presence. However, it would still be 'spun' in a way that disguises the full extent of extraterrestrial abuses, government complicity in this, and the presence of more `service oriented' extraterrestrial races that have not been permitted to operated openly in human affairs.


This Spielberg scenario would be based on cooperation between White Knights and extraterrestrials participating in secret agreements, to hide the full extent of the extraterrestrial presence on the planet, and the abusive activities that have occurred ( see The Dulce Report).


The shaping of public perceptions for a Steven Spielberg First Contact scenario is well advanced and is very highly likely as evidenced by an upsurge in public interest in the extraterrestrial phenomenon, and the repeated airing of the television mini-series Taken.



Scenario 3

A Gene Rodenberry Production - Do You Wish That We Show Up?

Very recently, another First Contact scenario emerged into the public arena that could very easily have come from the pen of the famous Star Trek producer Gene Rodenberry.


It involved a message that claimed to originate from a group of extraterrestrial races addressed to "individuals without distinction" (those outside of the elite groups that control political and economic processes), and operating under a principle very similar to the 'Prime Directive' Rodenberry attributed to the Galactic Federation in his series.


The message was first distributed by a French aviation expert, Jean Ederman, and continues to circulate on the Internet, and is increasingly gaining worldwide attention. The alleged extraterrestrial sponsors of the message transmitted through Ederman wanted to ask "individuals without distinction" the question "Do You Wish That We Show Up?"


The extraterrestrials claimed to be conducting a global ballot on behalf of extraterrestrials concerned about the future of humanity's sovereign control of the planet.


The extraterrestrials described how they had earlier attempted to reach agreement with government representatives on establishing First Contact but were rejected:

There are two ways to establish a cosmic contact with another civilization: via its standing representatives or directly with individuals without distinction.


The first way entails fights of interests, the second way brings awareness. The first way was chosen by a group of races motivated by keeping mankind in slavery, thereby controlling Earth resources, the gene pool and human emotional energy.


The second way was chosen by a group of races allied with the cause of the Spirit of service. We have, at our end, subscribed to this disinterested cause and introduced ourselves a few years ago to representatives of the human power who refused our outstretched hand on the pretext of incompatible interests with their strategic vision.

The reference to abusive extraterrestrial races that had signed secret agreements with human representatives is an accurate description of what has historically occurred, and presented a dilemma for more 'service oriented' extraterrestrials races that wanted to assist global humanity but were limited to something similar to Rodenberry's Prime Directive.

In explaining how they would establish contact by raising 'awareness' the extraterrestrials wrote about how a response to the question over them showing up would be the catalyst for the First Contact scenario they had in mind.


A simple answer could be monitored and tabulated in some way as part of a ballot of global humanity:

"The truth of soul can be read by telepathy. You only need to clearly ask yourself this question [Do You Wish That We Show Up?] and give your answer as clearly, on your own or in a group, as you wish… YES or NO, IMMEDIATELY AFTER ASKING THE QUESTION!"

The Ederman message describes a very different First Contact scenario to the first two. It provides an offer of tangible assistance to a global political problem we have - the world wide suppression of the extraterrestrial presence and the secret agreements that exist.


By going directly to the general population - individuals without distinction - this group of extraterrestrials has sparked a very different process for shaping public opinion concerning First Contact.


At the time of writing, the message had been translated into a dozen languages, and continues to generate numerous website discussions and initiatives. The spread of the message and the enthusiasm it is generating for an alternative contact scenario is having a surprising effect on public opinion of the extraterrestrial presence. Contact groups are emerging around the planet united by enthusiasm for the prospect of a First Contact and promise to be a significant new actor in how the extraterrestrial presence is understood and managed.


The emergence of these contact groups and the impact on public opinion they are having may well have been the primary purpose of the message – preparing humanity for First Contact.







The Race to First Contact

The role of public perception is the key to understanding 'when' and 'how' First Contact occurs.


There is evidence that powerful clandestine groups outside of the public arena are competing to secretly shape the public's perceptions of the extraterrestrial presence in a way that makes possible a contact scenario that suits the agenda of these groups. It appears that a powerful stimulus to this competition are global/celestial events that are underway whose true extent and impact are kept secret from the general public and most elected officials.


While it was expected that race to shape public opinion would be something different factions in the extraterrestrial management groups would attempt due to the long history of non-disclosure and their complicity in this secrecy, the rapid spread of the Ederman message has come as a major surprise.


Groups of individuals are emerging around the world believing that they now have a role to play in how the extraterrestrial presence is managed, and how First Contact emerges.


Their unifying principles include 'transparency', 'openness' and 'participatory democracy' in how the extraterrestrial presence is managed. As these groups communicate and network amongst themselves, they are have the potential to become a global mass movement that emerges as a major player in the way in which the extraterrestrial presence is managed at the national and global levels.

There is consequently a race occurring between two factions of the clandestine groups that manage the extraterrestrial presence around the planet - the Cabal and the White Knights that ostensibly represent the 'dark' and 'light' agendas in how the extraterrestrial presence will be disclosed to the general public.


However, a third actor in the form of an emerging global mass movement has been sparked into action by an unknown group of extraterrestrials responsible for initiating a series of global ballots on whether extraterrestrials should show up.


These contact groups represent an genuine revolution in management of the extraterrestrial presence, going far beyond the limited reforms promised by White Knights in their efforts to remove the Cabal from dominating the management of the extraterrestrial presence, while still maintaining a high degree of secrecy over the true extent and history of the extraterrestrial presence

The race to shape public opinion is likely to enter unchartered waters as the two rival factions in the extraterrestrial global management system find that the rise of a broad based global movement of contact groups represents a new dynamic in 'when' and 'how' First Contact will occur.


The former dominant contact scenarios based on Orson Wells and Steven Spielberg, have been joined by a plausible Gene Rodenberry scenario that is quickly capturing the hearts and minds of the global population. The race to First Contact is well underway, it is up to every individual to learn as much as possible in the remaining time before the extraterrestrial presence emerges openly into the public arena.


Understanding and learning about the extraterrestrial presence and First Contact is the best way in which 'individuals without distinction' can influence 'when' and 'how' First Contact will occur.