Bearden, Thomas E.

Tom was born (17th December, 1930) and raised in Cheniere, Louisiana. Ph.D., nuclear engineer, retired Lieutenant Colonel (U.S. Army), CEO of CTEC, Inc., Director of the Association of Distinguished American Scientists, and Fellow Emeritus of the Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study.


Tom is a theoretical conceptualist active in the study:

  • of scalar electromagnetics

  • advanced electrodynamics

  • unified field theory

  • KGB energetics weapons and phenomena

  • free energy systems

  • electromagnetic healing via the unified field action of extended Sachs-Evans electrodynamics

  • human development

Particularly known for his work establishing a theory of overunity electrical power systems, scalar electromagnetic weapons, energetics weapons, and the use of time-as-energy in both power systems and the mind-body interaction.


Full Curriculum Vitae:   HERE