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Schumann Resonance Meditation Binaural Beat

  • Rejuvenate, revitalize and balance your body

  • Improve your health

  • Relieve depression

  • Enhance creativity and problem solving

  • Upgrade learning, focus and memory

Schumann resonance meditation, or SR, is describing sound frequencies that can not only synchronize your brain with the earth rhythm, but also heal your mind and body, stimulate creativity, and boost your immune system.

SR expresses the vibes or sounds that are being produced from the electric power between the earth to the ionosphere layer that surrounds us. Scientists refer to it as earth's vibration, rhythm, or heartbeat.

Already in the fifties, Winifred Otto Schumann figured out the frequency that is created by the earth and the ionosphere- 7.83 hz.


But only in 1979 did this discovery cause reverberations when the scientist Herbert Koenig discovered that there is a surprising correlation between the vibration that is produced in the earth and the basic vibration of the human brain and most mammals in existence.

Unfortunately, we live in an environment that is contaminated at the electromagnetic level.


This contamination comes from,

  • electricity poles

  • satellites

  • cellular phones

  • computers and monitors

  • microwaves,

...and more.


All of these factors are damaging and camouflaging the natural vibration of the earth.


We can't see those electromagnetic waves, but their influence on our brain is huge and inevitable.


According to scientists, this increase in electromagnetic contamination is a big cause of the elevation of,

  • depression

  • stress diseases

  • tiredness,

...people are experiencing every single day.

The good news is the Schumann Resonance meditation can be played artificially and listening to these vibrations can change many areas in our lives significantly, from mental health to physical health.


In addition, it can also protect us from the influences of the 'electromagnetic smog' that was created, as was proven by research of NASA and other major universities.



Frequencies Details

The sounds on this below video, contains 7.83 hz of Alpha-Theta waves, nature music and relaxing healing sounds that will help you to relax easily and connect with the universe's frequency.

The carrier frequencies of this meditation are:

  •  111hz - Endorphins release

  •    90hz - Endorphins release, sense of good feeling, sense of security, sense of well being

  • 7.83hz - responsible for charging the body with energy, immune system functioning, good mood, creativity and it also matches the frequency of the globe.





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