by Angelika Whitecliff
Earth Transformation Examiner
May 22, 2009

from TheExaminer Website




War is a false concept and mock identity in the natural order of the universe and in the natural order of the human species.


We are all interconnected, gloriously and inescapably entangled as quantum physicists now explain and yogis have always taught, serving intricate functions, whether consciously or mostly unconsciously, in a cohesive and harmonious multidimensional construct that is vital and alive.



1967 USSR UFO Postage Stamp



Human beings, as Nature, maintain effortlessly a natural balance in which all elements serve and are guided by the whole.


Our value is in ‘us’ and diminished when thought in terms of merely ‘I’. Therefore, the very foundation and premise of war, a violent conflict between illusionary divisions in the ‘we’ that is all is not even possible in this natural order.


Frictions and disagreements are possible, but not war. In fact the very idea is absurd to humanity and to human evolution.


So how can our current situation of reality be explained if this cohesive unity is a fact of our very being?

When a human fractures his/her own identity of wholeness that is linked to all humans everywhere and puts the emphasis upon individuality, the falsely separate ‘I’ over this connectedness, a battle is illicitly started to manipulate and even take over others. Here begins the rise of the diminishment of free will to a hierarchical structure that demands obedience to the most powerful usurper.


Humans, no matter the distance, are linked and inter-dependant like cells in a great body that is well and balanced. Therefore, something outside of the natural order could only be responsible for introducing this mutation. This concept, the unhealthy, illusionary ‘I’ as separate is not inherent to our species, but was introduced by off planet non-human intervention.

A juxtaposition is now in play in which the robust and balanced individual that is integrated with the whole of the species becomes the rare illuminated spiritual seeker instead of the norm.


Individualism takes on the guise of a false free will that childishly insists on its power, yet does not even vaguely grasp its place and choices within the universal scope. Illusion and the limitations of the input of the five senses becomes a foundation for a rationalism and scientific elitism that ignores or scorns intuitive input of the unseen planes of existence.


The human psychic ability that once disciplined opens the door to direct intelligence and experience of source is not taught to the children or anyone at all.

A foreign concept, the mind of war not inherent to our species, is starkly dominant but not our master, nor our birthright.


Only an external intervention on our planet led us astray from a natural and balanced course followed by the majority of our human extraterrestrial brothers and sisters across the galaxies and beyond. Many of our own species, some our very ancestors, are here to support our best efforts to transform our world and ourselves as we demonstrate our desire and solidarity in a choice of peace.


Yet this job is ours to integrate and synthesize all that is now before us, for in this process we find our strength once again of our wholeness and our excitingly diversifying inter-connectedness.

It is time to prepare the first wave of our finest and most intuitively balanced individuals to become our first galactic diplomats to greet our cosmic family, not on a government’s behalf, but on behalf of the principle of integrity and the goodwill of humanity’s highest vision.


To do this, concepts about ourselves as a species must be understood.


It is critical for those who rise to this important charge be deeply aware and even masterfully engaged with this untainted foundation of our species. We cannot take the mutation of war into space; we must not allow such a tyranny to pollute our best path forward.


Those still complicit to the lesser mind of war, those lost as slaves to unconscious habit must be compassionately led out of all offices of power and replaced.


Those who comprehend our natural safety and security in cooperation and openness are called into action.





UFO Missed by Ground Based Energy Pulse Weapon




Already, there are those who have worked a lifetime to prepare others for the idea of galactic diplomacy, now upon us as the world finally awakens to see all the visitors already here from near and very, very far away.


The public polls can no longer remain remedial by questioning only,

“Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?”

Long the answer has reflected the majorities affirmative and now must mature to its next level.


It is time for our population to face the choice of communication with extraterrestrial and ‘non-local’ beings.


Contemplation of this question and its answer takes us all to the next step in becoming galactic citizens and prepares us for a conscious participation in the making of our new course.