by Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

August 19, 2004
from GalacticDiplomacy Website


This is a possible, plausible and currently active model for ET contact and the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships which will assist the Earth's entry into the galactic community as a conscious, self-determining and empowered member.

Each new relationship will be founded upon the collective agreement that the loving support of the spiritual evolution of humanity is the paramount objective of contact and all subsequent interactions. In tandem all new ET associations will support and uphold the right of humanity's loving stewardship of the planet and assist our increased understanding of how to promote respectful and harmonious interactions with all of Gaia's diverse species, life forms and environments.

Contact will begin through the individual initiative of starseeds, walk-ins and those with open minds, open hearts and strong integrity - who in loving awareness of their own star heritage - project the invitation in a thought-form of light to our ET neighbor's. These thought-forms will clearly convey that we are ready to establish and take responsibility for a mutually edifying exchange.

Next, small groups of these inviting human-starseed hosts will join together in common vision around the planet. Awakened to self and in communication with the many Earthly kingdoms including but not limited to the animal, plant, mineral and delvic groups, all will honor the many voices of Gaia and unite with the goal of raising consciousness on the planet, healing the environment and goodwill for all.

These individuals and groups will reach out into our galactic community with consciousness, using the intuitive gifts of telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsensience and the other psychic abilities spiritually evolved beings all share, beginning the process of communication.

Becoming our first galactic ambassador's and diplomats of an awakened humanity, such individuals will become responsible for shepherding the planet into its galactic role as member and peer. Educational relationships will begin and be established with willing ET groups in alignment with the enlightened humanity's objectives.

Physical contact will next begin as high-minded motives and integrity are used as foundations for further activities together. Then small groups will subsequently build bases upon the land, after acquiring Gaia's permission and support, for the sites of sustained ET contact. Gaia will further provide adequate portals and vortexes for physical, inner and extra-dimensional travel and the travel of consciousness to our sister planes of reality.

These initial bases will accommodate the viewing and eventual landing of ET craft, and provide meeting and resting facilities for human-ET exchanges.

In the future we will be utilizing our combined resources in 5th dimensional light technologies and architecture. For now landing platforms, housing and all other necessary constructs will be erected and made available to the chosen ET groups in sustained contact with the site specific galactic diplomats in residence and visiting.

Eventually, the numbers involved in such ET interactions will increase and the collective consciousness will be stimulated with a new model for galactic awareness.


Gently and in harmony with the evolution of consciousness upon the planet, all of humanity will awaken to perceive the new model of reality and all our brother and sister communities of space.