by Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

March 28, 2008

from GalacticDiplomacy Website

Angelika Whitecliff is an international lecturer & a multi-disciplinary researcher involved in the study of consciousness, multidimensional communications and humanity's extraterrestrial origin. She has been a conscious clairvoyant and telepath since childhood.


A contactee, she has had interactions with benevolent, human extraterrestrials, angelics & others here to assist humanity in a planet wide spiritual awakening. Ms. Whitecliff helped co-found the Exopolitics Institute, a non-profit corporation researching the ET presence on Earth.




Many ages have come and gone upon our world, including numerous times of great human advancement, achievement and prosperity known as Golden Ages. The most recent Golden Age, the Renaissance, seems a mere shadow of its predecessors which reach back in history to the heights of the Atlantean civilization and the Empire of Ram (India) with the reign of the spiritually masterful Rishi Kings.


Yet before Atlantis, Lemuria or Mu rose to prominence, other civilizations now lost in the shadows of collective memory saw their day and also foretold of an age more than Golden, an age which would mark the end of the great cycles, the mighty rise and fall of cultures and peoples knowledge throughout time.

A promise, so rich and fertile fills the air today as it did in our most ancient past. One vast difference marks our own time, because we are now living and experiencing first hand the fulfillment of that great promise – the promise of a heaven on Earth, an evolution of consciousness and form that brings us mastery over our realm of matter.


Making each of us the creators, we will come to advance forth to become the conceivers of new worlds ourselves.


Here on Earth lies a great fulcrum point, and each individual’s ability to use this massive potential relies entirely upon his or her integration of the human experience in this dense matter. Here is the ultimate foundation and launch point to all realms in this universe and beyond. Take poignant note, the more mastery over your own life gained here will mark the degree of integration of all your lives and thus, your potential to propel to new reaches using the momentum of this fulcrum point.

Our age will in time become known as the Age of Transformation and the tool of transformation will be identified as unconquerable ‘synthesis’. Human evolution is not yet complete, not in form nor capacity, and the Age of Transformation brings about the bridge for a new species to enter our plane of reality.


This new species is the next step in human evolution and we will recognize these immerging beings as ‘superwomen and supermen’ because of their conscious and integrated supernal knowledge. This celestial awareness is linked through the heart and it is the heart that brings about this evolution. The divine mother, the creatrix of all form, planned and planted the seed of our victory at our inception. She gave us the capacity to synthesize the entire universal spectrum of expression through our hearts, and in so doing to gain the mastery over every single expression in the spectrum of the universe.

So the Age of Transformation is nothing less than the arrival of heaven on Earth and this is brought about by the new race, not formed in a test tube with enhancements or by alien alteration, but by the will of the divine creator/creatrix through the vessel of consciousness refining its form with unmitigated perfection. Consciousness using the ultimate tool, the heart, brings about the victory of our long and labored journey into the pain filled and sorrow filled territory of separation and duality. Earth is indeed unique in all of the universe, and the great yogis of our world have attested to this fact.


Our brave Earth exists at the densest realm of physical manifestation and she contains all of the energies that comprise all of existence. This makes her very, very special indeed and a territory even some angels have feared to tread.

To incarnate on Earth offers the ultimate opportunity to evolve quickly. Spiritual master, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda’s teacher (author of the classic “Autobiography of a Yogi”), spoke of the great astral and casual plane worlds in which peace and harmony reigns supreme, but in which evolution is extremely slow even for the most advanced beings who know how to work within atypal, instead of dualistic energy expressions.


But the Earth offers the most advanced, rigorous and expeditious training because of the stark contrasts.


So many extraterrestrial races may look down upon the Earth as spiritually and technologically inferior, but the truth is that the opportunity for an incarnated soul on this world is that of complete universal mastery without the reliance on any technology at all. So Earth humans start at the bottom of the totem but all have the capacity to transcend the totem entirely.

Every soul in the universe has the potential of the perfect expression of an aspect of the universal, of the creator/creatrix. An example of this is the Greek gods and goddesses (Aphrodite, Artemis, Zeus, Ares, the Muses etc.), atypal beings who represent archetypal aspects of humankind, and who do not change and evolve – they are what they are with dynamic vigor.


That is they do not change unless they incarnate upon the Earth, taking a human form and embarking upon the road of challenges this world represents. Those gods, those celestials or ultra-dimensionals or extraterrestrials that chose this path evolve quickly and move forward to inherit the proverbial ‘kingdom’. So this chaotic world that some beings mistake for a piece of sooty coal is in every way an immeasurably valuable diamond in the rough.


Yet even very powerful beings, including many gods and goddesses refuse to participate at this degraded level of subconscient and inconscient shelled matter and await us to polish and shine the jewel before they will join us here.

Sri Yuktaswar spoke of the difficulties in getting beings on more advanced worlds excited about participating in their own spiritual evolution because they had things good enough as not to create a pressure to strive for more. Choice reigns supreme as beings flock to the Earth from all levels and planes of reality, some watching from afar, some merely curious and some waiting to participate at a fundamental level that will take them to their own next step of spiritual self mastery and growth.


Most are aware that what happens here on Earth effects the entire universe, and as the human template is evolved to its next level of expression, so too will the universe evolve with it. That is why this seemingly unimportant, small world is the foundation and fulcrum point for the greatest of achievements, especially now during this Age of Transformation.

You can master what you can synthesize and love turns absolutely nothing away. We are no longer trapped within the hardened paradigm in which the lower expression of a goddess like Kali, the destroyer of the illusions and lies of false reality, must be called to action as an expression of universal will in order to wipe clean a blackened slate so we may begin again fresh - but leveled to the ground in flames. Great cycles of golden ages rising up and then eventually succumbing to corruption and subsequently falling have known well this goddess force to bring about change. If one can perceive the universal tides, then one can see the future to come, unless of course there is a revolutionary factor that is not taken into account.

Many extraterrestrial groups have warned of cataclysmic destruction since the 1950’s when atomic testing began and the scientific and political leadership of our world arrogantly snubbed spiritual development and the mature applications of science without harm. Time and again over the last sixty years we have quietly surged past predictions of massive natural devastations, of a new global war, the return of planet X, even the necessary evacuation of our world by waiting extraterrestrial vessels ready to lend assistance because of a pole shift, asteroid collision, a new ice age brought on by pollution etc.


Our world is encircled with many benevolent and advanced races that wish to help us get past the most dangerous of phases in which we can destroy ourselves through our own ignorance and arrogance once again. And yet again and again we seem to brush past utter disaster as if inexplicably charmed.



We are in the Age of Transformation through synthesis. This means that a person may simply change their mind to walk and live a superior path. All baggage falls away for those who realize there are no shackles and we do not need to be punished for our poor judgments and choices by the loss of our world.


Consciousness is awakening and rising quickly enough now that a momentum is in full sway to sweep across the coming years and dramatically change everything. The lower choices of a dualistic reality are guided by a higher power that makes absolutely everything more visibly serve the higher and finer path, the divine plan unfolding.

Mother Nature, the spirit of Earth herself, is not wrathful and victimized to the point of striking out across the world with catastrophes of nature. No! She sees and feels the changing tides of transformation and she smiles and embraces to nourish the new creation. Her lower expression will not reap havoc against humankind, she is aligned with the mighty creatrix herself, the divine mother who has answered our prayers from the beginning by seeding us with our own victory, and now she has stated irrevocably that our transformation will take place in peace.


She promises that although skirmishes, stir-ups and small scale expressions of nature’s power will still be felt, life, animals and the land itself is protected under her most loving embrace - waste and loss brought to their minimized, not maximized states of manifestation. Simply put, the divine Mother has interceded and guides the precious birth of new consciousness into a peaceful reception.

There will not be any devastating Earth changes!


See and feel the truth of these words and chose to join this vision. Joining this creation empowers and infuses life force into our world with connective strength and it realigns and sooths scarred grid areas damaged by fearful, chaotic thought-forms.

Our advanced extraterrestrial friends are not infallible and one must consider that more advanced does not mean without limitations. It is our own best spiritual masters on planet Earth who can and are helping to shine light on the path ahead for some have achieved states of consciousness and perception that even very advanced technology cannot permeate, and spiritually advanced races cannot pierce because they have not integrated this density we live and breathe.


In our particular situation, more than the universal tides must be recognized, for evolution only takes place in this form of matter by divine intervention, a revolution by divine design in consciousness. Enlightened leaders such as Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa have taught us this through their own direct experience. We are in a creation spiral, not a recreation loop. This time we do not mirror the past, and the way to escape the great cycles of Brahma - creation, preservation, destruction – is to become a creator ourselves.


The Divine Creatrix is guiding and assuring this end, for the promise is being fulfilled of a new heavenly world.

Synthesis is a peaceful process, one of blossoming awareness that creates more and more space until a great vastness is reached. It is in the vastness that we will find our new home, our new sovereignty and our greatest fulfillment. Without Mother Nature, the spirit of the Earth, all this is impossible and she has put aside her favorite way of expressing her abundance for us in this instance.


Consider her trillions of seeds, insect eggs, blades of grass; endlessly combining and casting aside to reuse every single part, never wasting but taking time ad-nauseum to bring about change. Fortunately, our new form and consciousness is not stuck in another ten thousand or ten million years of play with endless combinations. She too has joined forces with the vision of the new race to bring about quickly and expeditiously the transformation.

This cannot be done with the current human consciousness on Earth or the current body template, but we are so close to the new expressions that we are transforming now through our love unshackling our cells to allow in the cosmos and cosmic knowledge. The human race on Earth has hit its ceiling, it has maxed out its capacity.


Synthesis is the bridge. It creates the foundation for an intermediary being we will in the next years ahead look to as the superwomen and supermen of multidimensional, supernal consciousness who will usher in new visions and ideas for harmony upon our world, and act as the diplomats who will introduce us back to our extraterrestrial neighbors and in some cases, ancestral races. Welcome here 2012 and the new beginning – welcome supernal knowledge and the new supernal human being.

Evolution is heading to yet vaster territory, ultimately to express supra-consciousness through a new human body, and this represents the new species on Earth. The new form must be able to handle the capacity of matter unlocked from its inconscient and subconscient shell. All of matter on our world is formulated from these primal states, from the sludge and slime from which crawling things crept into manifested expression.


Here lie the hidden realms of dark thing that our unconscious and subconscious mind holds mostly locked tight until we force open these inner hide-a-ways. Our current body would experience a complete and utter melt-down if we allowed in full measure the supra-conscious energies into it for this unity energy by nature eradicates all shadow and division. Thus it would eradicate our own untransformed bodies.


Until we ourselves transform these inconscient and subconscient energies at a cellular level in the body, within the matter of this world, the supra energies must await the new vessel.

Such a marvelous new vessel is given birth to within the dreams and visions of the supernal (intermediary) women and men who will conceive the new achievement and this body form will come in the next few hundred years – so close for those who aspire to it. Perhaps some of you who read these words will decide to become the first wave of souls to incarnate into the new human - unity consciousness based – species. The supra-mental world awaits full embodiment, it is so near we can feel its glow.


We all must ask ourselves at this time what are our highest dreams?


This is a time of almost inconceivable opportunity as we approach the great fulcrum point, and we must ask ourselves, where we wish to go next? Do not allow yourself to be left stumbling along, powerless and visionless, when you could be soaring with cosmic capacities unlimited in scope and grandeur.

Synthesis and integration means embracing everything within your life as a teaching element that carries a gift in some way, in some form – that is if you open your perception to embrace it as such. Forgiveness is more than important to the heart at this time, for we can walk away from inferior ways and thoughts with a change of mind and express a more refined harmony and connection within our lives at this very moment.


And it is so important to deny the old paradigm of vengeance or punishment for transgressions in our hearts, because this will liberate others from the bondage of guilt that can easily cripple the first breathes of better choices. Change without chains is the hallmark of the heart’s refined capacity at this time.


Society will change more gradually, but our hearts can set the tempo for all that is to come as we transform our world and ourselves.