by Rick Martin

from The Spectrum Website

May 2001



RICK MARTIN: The weekend of April 28 you may have noticed that all the major prostituted print and broadcast media outlets announced yet another AIDS conference of "goodwill" had just ended in Africa.


This latest public relations pageant (or pressure-relief valve) was orchestrated in Nigeria, a location of deep and protracted turmoil.

All the usual array of participants (from politicians to pharmaceutical companies to medical "experts") promised, with special practiced earnestness for the cameras, to work hard to combat this illness. Meanwhile, The Truth of the matter is far different from the likes of this major propaganda event, broadcast far and wide "coincidentally" with our receiving and sharing of the following heart-wrenching communication.

The deep pain and chronic suffering that is a daily experience for many South Africans has never been more vividly described than in my recent phone conversation with Credo Mutwa.


Some of you will recall that we presented a remarkable front-page feature interview with Credo Mutwa back in our October 1999 edition of The SPECTRUM. Things have gotten quite a bit worse in South Africa since we last spoke, particularly as it relates to those infected with and dying from AIDS.

On the morning of April 23, I received a telephone call from David Ickeís publicist for the United States, Royal Adams, relaying a request from Credo Mutwa to speak with me. I am grateful to both Royal Adams and David Icke for considering The SPECTRUM to be the appropriate conduit through which to share this great Zulu shamanís most impassioned message. I called Credo Mutwa that same morning, and he was as genuine and cordial as I remembered him to be-but with a very serious edge of urgency in his voice.

Actually, words fall terribly short at times like these for their inability to convey the kind of intense emotional impact his voice so tangibly carried. It was as though Credo was speaking before the full assembly at the United Nations, delivering, in very measured wording, the most serious and important appeal imaginable.


His plea is on behalf of humanity that the genocide (initiated covertly some years ago as part of the depopulation agenda of the dark, so-called "elite" global controllers) MUST CEASE in the land of Africa - which is rapidly becoming a graveyard populated by the walking dead.

With that brief introduction to a subject of tremendous moral consequence, let me just move directly into the message Credo Mutwa wishes to be shared.

Keep those Kleenex handy.

Credo Mutwa:

My call, sir, has to do with the terrible disease which is killing my people, the disease which is called AIDS.

My appeal is this, sir: I donít know who the people are who created this disease. But in the last 2 years or so, I have handled many cases. I have handled friends of mine who are dying of this disease. And I know now that this disease, sir, is a man-made one.

I wish to appeal to those human beings who created this disease: PLEASE STOP NOW! You have done enough. You have killed enough of the children of Africa. Stop now! Stop!


The death of Africa will be the death of the whole world. If it is correct for Dr. Simon Weisenthal to pursue Nazi war criminals many years after the end of the Second World War, will it also not be just and correct for future Africans to pursue these men and these women who have murdered Africa in this terrible way?

There are questions about AIDS which I want to be answered. AIDS is not just a disease. It is a spiritual disaster to our people. It destroys families, sir. It turns children against parents. It turns lovers against each other. It has turned our society upside-down.

But what chills my blood is the paralyzing that I see amongst our leaders. Men and women who suffered and died for the liberation of South Africa are paralyzed like little rabbits in front of a vicious fox when they have to turn around and face AIDS. I do not know what our leaders are afraid of, who they are afraid of. Are there, after all is said and done, humanoid shadows out there who scare our leaders witless?

And I say, sir, to the pharmaceutical organizations in South Africa: you have done enough! Your sham of a court case has been rebuked for what it is-an act of cheap advertisement for drugs which have been rejected in Europe, in America, and elsewhere.

On top of death, you are dumping more death on Africa. Why? I say, to every human being on this planet, AIDS is not a God-made disease! If it was, I would not be trying to fight it-half-educated, semi-literate, and stupid as I am.


I say this disease was made BY people, and I am appealing to those people to stop, now! There are names which are being bandied about by frightened people in South Africa, people who talk in whispers. One of the names that is mentioned is the name of the man called [Dr. Robert] Gallo.


I say to Mr. Gallo: Remember your common humanity. You have done enough. Stop now!


[Editorís note: See Dr. Len Horowitzís monumental book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola: Nature, Accident Or Intentional? for a wealth of documentation placing Dr. Gallo, longtime head of the National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Cancer Instituteís (NCI) Section on Cellular Control Mechanisms, at center stage in the AIDS arena. Evidence suggests he created the AIDS virus about a decade before he received a lot of political accolades for having "discovered" it.]


I say to the pharmaceutical organizations: Sir, you are like octopuses. You have got tentacles sprawling all over the world. You play Jehovah [God] with the lives of our people.

But your tentacles can be lopped-off! You are driving African people into a situation where they will have to turn around and attack you with weapons. And if that happens, you will have only yourselves to blame. I am not threatening anyone. I am only articulating the anger that our people convey to me - as they lay dying, in empty shacks, skeletons wasted to nothing, with skins like brown wet paper.

I say: stop now, my brothers, in the name of our humanity! If your aim is to destroy Africa, say so. Let us fight, and at least die with honor. I say: four of my children are gripped by this terrible scourge. I cannot bear the prospect that I will have to bury my offspring before I die. It is unnatural and obscene. I say, again, to those shadowy organizations in America, and in England, and Canada, and elsewhere: STOP!

You have done enough. Turn off the tap of murder. You have killed enough. STOP!

Or allow us the right of all threatened animals to retaliate, with weapons, for what is being done to us. If there are, out there, the children of the serpent, the Chitauri, the walkers in darkness, let them know this: that I, Credo Mutwa, am not a brave man.


But when I see my children ravaged by AIDS, when I see my children turning their eyes, turning away from me, I feel the courage of any beast that watches its offspring being slaughtered by a predator. You have done enough. Conspirators, you have done enough!

Do you know, sir, let me tell you one last thing before I stop. I, and a White doctor, are saving many of our people-not curing them, because we are not allowed to claim that we have a cure for this disease-but the herbal medicine that we use is making people, who have been condemned to go home and die, come back to life.


And I am asking that the South African government and the United Nations, if they are not servants to Dark Forces, they must release this medicine and allow us to combat this scourge, until such a time as scientists can come up with a stronger medicine against AIDS.

I will not allow Africa to die! I am sorry, but I will not allow my people to perish! I am only doing my duty as a father and as a Black man, and as a human being, in a country which is being deliberately murdered.


I cannot accept, and will not accept, the fact that in the United States, the magazine called TIME, states that there are only 920,000 people with AIDS in the United States. And yet, in sub-Saharan Africa, there are close to 44 million.


This is illogical! And I want to know the reason behind it. Iím sorry, sir, but this is how I feel!


Martin: Please donít apologize.

Credo Mutwa: These conspirators, sir, these ugly entities have shown a dangerous over-confidence, and it is high time we confronted them. I cannot - you know, sir, what happens in South Africa is that a child who has got AIDS runs away from his family and hides himself. And if you, the desperate parent, try to go looking for your child, your child fights you and can hit you with stones and drive you away.

It happened to me, sir.

There are stories which newspapers never dare to print, which are happening in South Africa, centering around AIDS. And the newspapers in South Africa, which are directed by conspirators and liars, do not even try to stop the stigma, which they built-up, against AIDS and its victims.


In fact, sir, they are making it worse, with the resolve that people who are suffering from this disease find that they are being rejected by their families. Men die alone, in shacks behind their homes. Women chase their husbands out of their homes. Men murder their wives, sir, because of the spread of AIDS.

I appeal to you, and the editor of The SPECTRUM - please, please, tell the world the hell in which we are living. Please! Like now, I am trying desperately to build clinics in South Africa, with the help of my initiate, Virginia Rathele, and others. But we are being blocked and frustrated at every turn. We are threatened.

My house has been broken into 3 times, and the seeds of the precious and endangered plant, which we use in helping our people, were stolen.


But I was able to find more, and I intend to find a piece of land - God knows where and how - to plant them, so that this plant, which is on the brink of extinction, should come back and save our people, which it is doing. I appeal to the world, sir, and to all decent human beings, that the strangle-hold that the Chitauri, the Reptile People, have over humanity, should be broken once and for all. The death of Africa will lead to the death of the entire human race.

People must be aware of that, please. Thank you, sir. But, please, can you please tell me, sir: What should a half-educated man like me do? You know, sir, I expected my kids to bury me when I die. But now it seems it is going to be the other way around.


What father can see his children being slaughtered in this way? What parent can allow such an ugly thing? What should a parent legally do against these monsters who have unleashed AIDS?

Everything points to the fact, sir, that AIDS is a man-created disease.


In fact, I was telling Mr. David Icke, only a few moments ago, that I have traveled widely through Africa, as you know, and I can tell you one thing that scientists who study AIDS cannot tell you: That people who die of AIDS, sir, immediately after death, show signs of people who have died of arrow poison-you know, as if theyíd been shot with a poisoned arrow. They donít die, merely, of a disease, as would happen in the case of tuberculosis or cancer.


Their lips are discolored in a way that I have seen happening with people who had been hit by poisoned arrows. What is it in AIDS that behaves like an arrow poison?

And, another thing, sir: It is said that AIDS began as a disease of homosexuals. But wait. In Africa, most homosexuals do not penetrate each other, sir, as they do in Europe. African homosexuals do the sex act between each otherís thighs, not in each otherís, you now, back passage. So, how does it come that these people get AIDS, when there is no physical contact with the body fluids between them?

Another thing: How does it happen, as I have seen now many times, that you find a family of four - a mother, a father, and two children. You find, sir, that the parents are healthy, but the little kids have got full-blown AIDS. Can someone, kindly, explain this to me, this phenomenon which I have seen in many parts of southern Africa?

Another thing: You find a man who has got full-blown AIDS, and a wife who is free from AIDS, and these people have got a child who is totally free from AIDS. How can one - can anyone on the Earth who reads your paper, sir, kindly explain this amazing phenomenon to me?

What, other than sexual intercourse, what is another thing that is spreading AIDS? I suspect there is something else, but the doctors disagree with me when we talk at conferences. I suspect there is another way by which AIDS spreads through people.


Is it an insect, as I suspect, or is it a what?

I donít know. Please, let wise people out there help me, because these conspirators and their running dogs, these people who work in shadows, are, literally, destroying Africa. And if Africa is destroyed, other races of humankind will follow - one of them being the Black Americans in America. They wonít survive the destruction of Africa.

What is the idea behind Africaís depopulation
? I read a chilling book not so long ago, a book written about the "great" [The word should definitely be contained within quote marks, to depict the actual, opposite meaning of "respect" for this very prolific, now deceased member of a very major family among the so-called "elite" controllers.


Credo knows very well that about which he speaks so humbly!] White man, Bertrand Russell. Russell stated that, one day, the Western nations would have to decimate Black people, using war, famine, and disease. And this has happened.

I say, please, you Russell followers, please, you racists and Malthusians, you have done enough harm! Stop now! Stop!


In the name of our common humanity, and in the name of the Intelligence that obviously exists behind the Cosmos, the Intelligence which human beings call by the cheap name, God, please stop now!

Stop, please! Stop!

Thank you very much, sir.