COINTELPRO and Ascension

This brings us back to the subject of Ascension. As I noted, the subject of Ascension seems to be the number one topic of the New Age and Human Potential movement. If, as we suspect, the New Age and Human Potential movement is the product of COINTELPRO, that means that targeting the correct understanding of, and process of, Ascension is their major goal. Does that mean that such a potential does not exist at all? No. The concepts of Ascension have been with us a long time, as we will examine further on. What is different in the present day promotions is the process that is being promoted. Based on an assessment of the potentials of Ascension, it is obvious that the reason it is such a popular subject is that it is one of the main things that COINTELPRO is designed to obstruct and prevent.

Let me repeat the observation I made above:

Would there be so much effort to conceal the alien agenda if disclosure of the truth wasn’t harmful to that agenda? Rephrasing this: Would there be so much effort to divert the Ascension process if it wasn’t harmful to the negative agendas?

As the fellow at RAND noted,

“Terrorism is changing. New adversaries, new motivations and new rationales have surfaced in recent years to challenge much of the conventional wisdom...”

We already have the idea that the Consortium, the National Security State, does not have our best interests at heart, and that at some level, they seem to be operating at the behest of the alien invaders. Considering this, we might wish to look with new eyes at some of the ideas of Ascension that are currently being promulgated.

In order to understand the growth of the “Ascension Industry,” we need to look at a close parallel: general culture. Among the observers of the American socio-cultural scene, there are many experts who tell us that there has been a deliberate effort for over 100 years, to “dumb down” the American population both in terms of intellect as well as ethics. This subject is too vast to be covered in detail here and will be dealt with fully in a future volume. For now, let us just point out that the same process that has been used to dumb down the population in social and intellectual terms has been used to dumb us down in terms of philosophy, metaphysics and spiritual awareness.


We might observe that it is hardly likely that the effort would be expended on mind control of the masses for the purposes of external controls, without a parallel program being instituted to pervert the spirit and bring it under domination also.


Prime Time

While everyone will readily admit that there is probably too much violence on television and that the ads are revoltingly juvenile, very few people have a real conception of the precise nature and extent of the hypnotic influence of the media. Still fewer have any idea of the purposes behind this inducement.


Wallace and Wallechinsky write in The People’s Almanac:

After World War II, television flourished... Psychologists and sociologists were brought in to study human nature in relation to selling; in other words, to figure out how to manipulate people without their feeling manipulated.

Dr. Ernest Dichter, President of the Institute for Motivational Research made a statement in 1941...

‘the successful ad agency manipulates human motivations and desires and develops a need for goods with which the public has at one time been unfamiliar -- perhaps even undesirous of purchasing.’

Discussing the influence of television, Daniel Boorstin wrote:

“Here at last is a supermarket of surrogate experience. Successful programming offers entertainment - under the guise of instruction; instruction - under the guise of entertainment; political persuasion - with the appeal of advertising; and advertising - with the appeal of drama.”

[…] programmed television serves not only to spread acquiescence and conformity, but it represents a deliberate industry approach.” [16]

Allen Funt, host of a popular television show, Candid Camera, was once asked what was the most disturbing thing he had learned about people in his years of dealing with them through the media. His response was chilling in its ramifications:

“The worst thing, and I see it over and over, is how easily people can be led by any kind of authority figure, or even the most minimal kinds of authority. A well-dressed man walks up the down escalator and most people will turn around and try desperately to go up also... We put up a sign on the road, ‘Delaware Closed Today’. Motorists didn’t even question it. Instead they asked: ‘Is Jersey open?’” [17]

Submission to minimal signs of authority; lack of knowledge and awareness; and a desire for a quick fix and an easy way out. Paraphrasing Daniel Boorstin:

“For seekers of Ascension, here at last is a supermarket of surrogate experience. Successful [ascension philosophies] offer entertainment - under the guise of instruction; instruction - under the guise of entertainment; [metaphysical] persuasion - with the appeal of advertising; and advertising - with the appeal of [Cosmic Drama].”

When we consider the information about mind programming and its potentials compiled in Dolan’s book, UFOs and the National Security State, and how it has probably been used on the masses of humanity, we must also consider, as a logical step, that the major and most popular components of the New Age alternative approach to interpreting reality and seeking spiritual advancement, have also been produced by this same process in the context of electronic COINTELPRO.

What seems to be so is that most of the New Age and Human Potential movement consists of a new sub-set of programmers that work to “prepare the ground,” so to speak, so that the audience will be warmed up and ready for the final drama. They are the “sales team” that sells the ideas upon which the “closer” depends for success. They are here, now, in our world running New Age Circuses, seminars, workshops and “methods” or techniques for “ascension,” or accomplishing any of a dozen occult or purported spiritual aims. They are the New Age COINTELPRO in its function of creating “bogus organizations.”


After over thirty years of work, the one thing that has become evident is that the energies of Creation emanate “downward,” and our individuality as human beings is merely an expression of the “Theological Dramas,” so to say. To attempt to exert our will or to make our voice travel “upward,” against Creation is, in essence, an attempt to violate the Free Will of Creation, i.e. Hubris.

This is why praying, rituals designed to “change” reality, “positive thinking” with the “intent” to change something “up there,” in order to receive the benefits “down here,” is always doomed to produce more strife, misery and suffering globally.

As I searched through the literature in hundreds of fields of study, the chief thing that became apparent to me is that mankind is in the iron grip of an uncaring control system that raises him up and brings him low for its own mysterious purposes. No group, no nationality, no secret society or religion, is exempt.

I needed answers. I couldn’t live haunted daily by this grief for humanity and the many horrors of history. That was the motivation for the Cassiopaean experiment.

Everything we are taught in our society, our history, our religions, and the new age versions of same, is all logically inconsistent and made a mockery of the very idea of a Creator - Ribbono Shel Olom - Master of the Universe.

There was something strange and mysterious going on here on Earth, and I wanted to know the answers. And so I undertook the channeling experiment that resulted, after two years of dedicated work, in what is known as the Cassiopaean Transmissions from "Us in the future."

In spite of the fact that we hold an "open opinion" regarding the source of this material, the answers we received from the Cassiopaeans - us in the future - were intriguing, to say the least. The closest analogy to the view of reality presented by the Cassiopaeans is graphically explicated in the movie, The Matrix, wherein our reality is presented as a computer program/dream that “stores” human beings in “pods” so that they are batteries producing energy for some vast machine dominating the world. Certain programmed life-scenarios of great emotional content were designed in order to produce the most “energy” for this machine. And it seems that pain and suffering are the “richest” in terms of “juice.”

Another major concept presented in The Matrix was that the “real now” was the reality of the control system that produced the “programmed dream of reality” that was being experienced by those “trapped in the Matrix.” The Matrix Dream Reality was based on the way things were in the past, before a terrible thing had occurred to destroy the world-that-was, after which it came under the control of computers which had become sentient and needed to utilize human beings as “power sources,” or “food.”

The difference between the metaphor of The Matrix and the view of the Cassiopaeans is that they propose a para-physical realm as another layer in the structure of space-time from which our own reality is projected, looping over and over again in endless variations. You could say that the hyperdimensional realms are the “future” in a very real sense.

This para-physical reality of hyperdimensional space - the realm of the Matrix programmers - is inhabited, according to the Cassiopaeans, by beings of both positive and negative polarity who have “graduated” from our reality, but not necessarily in the sense of “dying” and going to a strictly ethereal realm. It is, effectively, a world of the future that creates our present by projecting itself into the past. What is important to realize is that if we think about the future in terms of probable futures, or branching universes, then what we do now, whether we wake up from the Matrix or not, determines what kind of future we experience, individually and collectively.

While these ideas might seem more suited to science fiction than science proper, in fact, some of the most well-known physicists have proposed models and research programs that in no way contradict this hypothesis. They may one day demonstrate the mathematical proof of such a perspective.

For example, Paul Dirac wrote:

“There are, at present, fundamental problems in theoretical physics the solution of which will presumably require a more drastic revision of our fundamental concepts than any that have gone before. Quite likely, these changes will be so great that it will be beyond the power of human intelligence to get the necessary new ideas by direct attempts to formulate the experimental data in mathematical terms. The theoretical worker in the future will, therefore, have to proceed in a more direct way. The more powerful method of advance that can be suggested at present is to employ all resources of pure mathematics in attempts to perfect and generalize the mathematical formalism that forms the existing basis of theoretical physics, and after each success in this direction, to try to interpret the new mathematical features in terms of physical entities.”



Einstein and Hyperdimensional physics

In considering the general theory of relativity, science usually utilizes a four-dimensional space-time continuum. In classical general relativity, the metrical properties of the continuum are intrinsic to the continuum, but a fifth dimension in which our normally sensed space-time is embedded can also be used to account for the curvature and properties of physical space. In the space-time continuum, one can say that all parts of the four-dimensional world exist simultaneously, in the sense of a mathematical formalism, and this would naturally lead to a complete collapse of the philosophical ideas of causality.

However, many scientists who work with these ideas do not think that this continuum is ‘real’ in a physical sense, such that physical entities could move back and forth at will in and out of time as easily as changing direction in three-dimensional space. We, on the other hand, think that it is not only possible, but also extremely likely based upon certain observations.

In relativity theory, time intervals between events are not completely fixed relative to moving systems or frames of reference. This has led to some speculation that there may also be analogies between precognition and anomalies. However, “time dilation,” the contraction of time intervals between moving reference frames, is too small to account for precognition and would still require any information transfer to travel faster than light, and the special theory of relativity, when narrowly interpreted, does not allow for physical travel backwards in time, but relegates this concept to an imaginary mathematical formalism.

Even though it is almost forbidden to question Einstein’s restriction on superluminal travel, Einstein did, at one point, propose to consider the hyperdimensional world as “real.”


In 1938, with P. Bergmann, he wrote a paper entitled On a Generalization of Kaluza’s Theory of Electricity:

So far, two fairly simple and natural attempts to connect gravitation and electricity by a unitary field theory have been made, one by Weyl, the other by Kaluza. Furthermore, there have been some attempts to represent Kaluza’s theory formally so as to avoid the introduction of the fifth dimension of the physical continuum. The theory presented here differs from Kaluza’s in one essential point; we ascribe physical reality to the fifth dimension whereas in Kaluza’s theory this fifth dimension was introduced only in order to obtain new components of the metric tensor representing the electromagnetic field.[18]

We believe that Einstein was following a path that was later to prove very fruitful. Einstein, however, was somewhat nervous about this idea, but he followed it anyway, writing in his paper:

If Kaluza’s attempt is a real step forward, then it is because of the introduction of the five dimensional space. There have been many attempts to retain the essential formal results obtained by Kaluza without sacrificing the four-dimensional character of the physical space. This shows distinctly how vividly our physical intuition resists the introduction of the fifth dimension. But by considering and comparing all these attempts one must come to the conclusion that all these endeavors did not improve the situation. It seems impossible to formulate Kaluza’s idea in a simple way without introducing the fifth dimension.

We have, therefore, to take the fifth dimension seriously although we are not encouraged to do so by plain experience. If, therefore, the space structure seems to force acceptance of the five dimensional space theory upon us we must ask whether it is sensible to assume the rigorous reducibility to four dimensional space. We believe that the answer should be “no,” provided that it is possible to understand, in another way, the quasi-four dimensional character of the physical space by taking as a basis the five dimensional continuum and to simplify hereby the basic geometrical assumptions. […]


The most essential point of our theory is the replacing of …rigorous cylindricity by the assumption that space is closed (or periodic). […]

Kaluza’s five dimensional theory of the physical space provides a unitary representation of gravitation and electromagnetism. […]


It is much more satisfactory to introduce the fifth dimension not only formally, but to assign to it some physical meaning. [19]

The reader should note that when considering field theory, it is necessary to differentiate between:

1.)   Pure field theory such as gravitation, and electrical and magnetic fields

2.)   Quantum field theory

Fields such as electromagnetic fields and gravitational fields are continuous and spatial while quantum fields are quantized, broken into discrete sections of particulate substance or energy. The basing of a theory of psi on a gravitational field rests partly on the fact that gravitation is not subject to the maximum velocity of light because it doesn’t travel, but is structural. Evidence from Vasiliev and others suggests that psi is also independent of the velocity of light.

However, general relativity has obliged science to abandon the “action at a distance" idea, causing the ‘distance force’ to be abandoned, and has placed gravity under subjection to a maximum velocity. Nevertheless, Margenau has suggested that general relativity ought to be regarded as a ‘formal’ principle such as the Pauli Exclusion Principle. In this case, gravitation would be non-energetic and subject to no maximum velocity and would act as a guiding way to physical phenomena.” [20]

These ideas have been adopted by many “alternative science” writers who have related them to buildings, energy fields, light beings, earth grids and all that, and it does, indeed, seem that there may be locations on the planet where one can “tap” a certain energy with greater or lesser ease. But the phenomenon that these ideas speaks to more directly is that of hyperdimensional realities wherein mental energies or consciousness energies are amplified and can be interactive with the environment.


There may be a specific technology that suggests not only power for transport that is partly physical, partly “ethereal,” that suggests communication that is also partly physical and partly ethereal, as well as powers of “manifestation” that might seem impossible to us in our present state of technology. All of these properties DO belong to hyperdimensional existence, and such a state of being has been reported for millennia as being the “realm of the gods.”

Certain ontological problems related particularly to quantum theory suggest that an “observer” (J. A. Wheeler’s “Eye” - or Us in the Future), watching the universe so as to “create it”, may need to be included in our consideration. That suggests the necessity for expanding the scope of what is nowadays considered as “physical entities.” The answer to “observability of parallel universes” may involve taking into account such an extension.

Now, consider the idea that there are several - maybe even infinite - “probable future yous” as observers. In the picture (left), this would be represented as many “eyes” but all of them converging on a single point on the tail - the “now” moment that we perceive, which is the moment of “choice.” It is from these probable futures of infinite potential - of “thought centers” - that reality is projected. It is through human beings that these energies are transduced and become “real.”

You in the here and now - at the conjunction of all of these probabilities all vying with one another to become “real” - have no possibility of “creating” anything in this reality from “down here,” so to say. The realities - the creative potentials - are a projection from higher levels of density. You are a receiver, a transducer, a reflector of the view of which eye is viewing YOU, nothing more.

The phenomenon that these ideas speak to more directly is that of hyperdimensional realities wherein mental energies or consciousness energies are amplified and can be interactive with the environment: technology that suggests not only power for transport that is partly physical, partly “ethereal;” communication that is also partly physical and partly ethereal, as well as powers of “manifestation” that might seem impossible to us in our present state of technology. All of these properties do belong to hyperdimensional existence, and such a state of being has been reported for millennia as being the “realm of the gods,” including Dragons and Serpents, and critters of all sorts.

If we can describe such realms mathematically and give them a physical reality, as Dirac suggests, then we might also consider the hypothesis that they may be inhabited. Could our “Gods” be inhabitants of this realm?

As many physicists will tell you, all that really exists are “waveforms” and we are waveforms of reality, and our consciousness is something that “reads waves.” We give form and structure to the waves we “read” according to some agreed upon convention.

And so, certain denizens of hyperdimensional space are “read” as more or less “reptilian” because that is the “essence” of their being, the frequency of their “wave form.”  We call them the Overlords of Entropy. They are not necessarily physical as we understand the term, nor are they necessarily “alien” as we understand the term either. We suspect that the perceptions of these levels of reality and their “consciousness units” are what is behind many religious conceptions and mythological representations of “gods and goddesses” and creatures of all sorts.

It is in this context of the Matrix, and realizing that the inner knowledge of many great mystery teachings down through the ages have presented the same, or a similar concept, that I have come to view the phenomena and interactions of our world. Such a view certainly produces results of becoming “free” from the controls of this Matrix, so I can say that in terms of experiment, it produces replicable results.


However, as Morpheus explained to Neo in the movie:

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around; what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand; most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Were you listening to me Neo, or were you looking at the woman in the red dress? They will fight to protect it...


We could just as well re-write this to say: When you are inside the Matrix, you look around and see Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Zoroastrians, Wiccans, Magicians... most of these people are not ready to be unplugged... they are so hopelessly inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. Were you listening to me, or were you listening to that Zionist, Baptist Evangelist, or purveyor of Magick and mumbo jumbo?

It was also pointed out by Morpheus that any human being who was plugged into the system could be used as an “agent” by something similar to a downloaded program that was designed to activate them in a certain way. A similar state of affairs seems to be the actual case in our reality, with the Controllers acting from some hyperdimensional space of which we have but limited awareness, and even less access.

The option that does seem, realistically, to be open to us is to choose our alignment and prepare ourselves for the emanations that are traveling “downward” to be better received.


This is the essential point of Castaneda’s Don Juan when he said:

One of the greatest accomplishments of the seers of the Conquest was a construct he called the three-phase progression. By understanding the nature of man, they were able to reach the incontestable conclusion that if seers can hold their own in facing [human] petty tyrants, they can certainly face the unknown with impunity, and then they can even stand the presence of the unknowable.


"The average man’s reaction is to think that the order of that statement should be reversed,” he went on. “A seer who can hold his own in the face of the unknown can certainly face petty tyrants. But that’s not so. What destroyed the superb seers of ancient times was that assumption. We know better now. We know that nothing can temper the spirit of a warrior as much as the challenge of dealing with impossible people in positions of power. Only under those conditions can warriors acquire the sobriety and serenity to stand the pressure of the unknowable.” [21]

All around us we see the result of this error: the idea that we can exert our will and voice upward to change what is “above” us in order to change our reality. This idea is at the root of rites and rituals, demanding, pleading, visualizations, tapping, “workings,” and so forth. People who think that “meditating on compassion,” or “feeling the feelings of all beings,” is going to result in the “sonic entrainment of the heart’s rhythm [being] braided into more complex and coherent patterns,” which will then enable the person to “create a diamond imperishable body for use as a teaching vehicle down here on earth,” have missed the entire point. To compare such ideas to the true work of Seeker of Ascension is simply ignorant.

What seems to be true is that before the Seeker of Ascension can ever achieve the point of being able to think even momentarily about “the oneness of all beings,” or the “feelings of all beings,” or be in possession of “super-awareness,” he or she has spent many, many years in the struggle to “face petty tyrants,” or to fully realize objective reality in a step by step process that includes action in concert with understanding.

They have repeatedly exposed themselves to as many “unpleasant experiences” as they can find, all the while struggling to master their emotions, desires, and physicality. It is the work of making the physical vehicle “down here” receptive to what one chooses to align with “up there,” as opposed to trying to forcibly change something “up there” in order to have it “down here.” This process is very much involved with what is called “discernment.”

The great Sufi Shaykh Ibn al-’Arabi explains that “imperfection” exists in Creation because “were there no imperfection, the perfection of existence would be imperfect.”  From the point of view of Sheer Being, there is nothing but good. But Infinite Potential to BE includes - by definition of the word “infinite” - the potential to not be.


And so, Infinite Potential “splits” into:

  • Thought Centers of Creation

  • Thought Centers of non-being

It can be said that Infinite Potential is fundamentally Binary - on or off - to be or not to be. That is the first “division.”

Since absolute non-being is an impossible paradox in terms of the source of Infinite Potential to BE, the half of the consciousness of Infinite Potential that constitute the IDEAS of non-being - for every idea of manifestation, there is a corresponding idea for that item of creation to NOT manifest - “falls asleep” for lack of a better term. Its “self observation” is predicated upon consciousness that can only “mimic” death. Consciousness that mimics death then “falls” and becomes Primal Matter.


What this means is that the “self observing self” at the level of the Master of the Universe is constituted of this initial division between Being and Non-being which is, again, only the initial division - the on/off, the yes/no - of creation. You could picture this as an open eye observing a closed eye. It has been represented for millennia in the yin-yang symbol, which, even on the black half that represents “sleeping consciousness that is matter,” you can see the small white dot of “being” that represents to us that absolute non-existence is not possible. There is only “relative” non-existence.

These “thoughts of being and non-being” interact with one another - the observer and the observed - like a viewer looking into a mirror. Creation manifests between the viewer and the mirror. It is at once real - because it consists of matter informed by consciousness - and unreal because it is ultimately composed of only consciousness acting on consciousness.

At our level of reality, the understanding that “nothing is real,” as has been promulgated by gurus and teachers down through history, is as useless as saying “gravity isn’t real.” Such considerations are useful only for expansion of perception. They are not useful for practical application since the energies of creation apparently transduce through several “levels” before they meet in the middle, so to say, in our third density reality. Organic life exists at the “crossroads” of the myriad ideas or thought centers of being and non-being. As such, they have the capacity to transduce energies “up” or “down” depending on the “consciousness energy directors” of that unit. And again, there are apparently two broad divisions: directed toward being/observing, or directed toward non-being/mirroring.


This division manifests across all levels of organic life, including human beings. Human beings exist to transduce cosmic energies of creation via organic life. Our “higher selves” are the directors of this transducing of cosmic energies, and the direction in which the energy “flows” is determined by the activities of these higher selves. Against the opposition of those forces seeking to “capture” energy of consciousness and induce it to the “sleep of non-being,” which is gravitational in a certain sense, the energies of consciousness seek to “inform” matter via awakening the self-awareness of those organic units on earth that are capable of resistance to the gravity of non-being.

As self-aware “transducing units,” the human being has the potential for going either way - toward intensified being, or toward intensified non-being. In this sense, humans also function very much like a lens that can be “adjusted” like a telescope. It can be dialed to select the viewing range, which can be distant and inclusive of more “space/time,” or it can be shortened to only see what is up close and evident in the material world. In other words, our first and most fundamental choice is to choose what we SEE.

When we choose what we SEE - and here we do NOT mean with the physical eyes or even psychically, but rather a more inclusive term that suggests whether or not we are capable of objectivity or subjectivity - we are receiving impressions. Impressions can become knowledge if assimilated. Knowledge leads to awareness. Knowledge and awareness then direct emotions, which then energize actions in the organic world. This is the transducing of energies of Cosmic Thought Centers.

Ibn al-’Arabi tells us that Goodness is Being; to which all positive and beautiful attributes or “names” of God belong. Evil is the lack of good, so it is “nonexistence.” In other words, at the root, Being dwells in “non-existence” which is evil. Here is the sticking point, the item that is generally omitted from most “systems of ascension.” Human beings at our level of reality exist at the crossroads of the Thoughts of Being and Non-being - Good and Evil. Mankind is made in the form of all the names of God - those of Being and Non-being. Assuming the traits of the Names is synonymous with manifesting their properties.


The Science of Ascension is to obtain deep knowledge of all the Names and their true properties, the high and the low, the pleasant and the loathsome, the light and the darkness, in differentiated detail, so as to be able to CHOOSE which traits will be assumed. It is only with a full field of vision that a man can discover if what he subjectively thinks is good actually is good and leads to Being, or if it is a deception that induces to Non-being by pretense.

God is the root of ALL Names, noble and base. The task of the seeker of ascension is to bring the Noble traits from latency into actuality and to discover the positive applications of the base traits - even if that application is to “overcome” or transmute. The Shaykh tells us “noble character traits are only those connected to interaction with others.” In other words: DOing. If you SEE the illusion of separation, that is certainly the first thing. The lie is smuggled in by suggesting that this is all that is necessary, that if you just “see it” everything will “change” for you.

God creates the good and the evil, the ugly and the beautiful, the straight and the crooked, the moral and the immoral. Between these traits lie the manifold dangers of the path of the seeker of Truth. Many modern day “teachers” and “gurus” tell us,

“Since there is only One Being which permeates all things, all we have to do is see everything as only light”, and that will transmute the darkness, and we will “create our own reality of light.”

Such a statement ignores the fact that the statement “God is One” describes a reality that is a higher level from which our own “mixed being” manifests. The man who assumes that he can become like God at this level just by thinking it, ignores the facts of Being vs. Non-being which outrays from “God is One” at a level of existence that is clearly several levels above our own.

Evil is REAL on its own level, and the task of man is to navigate the Cosmic Maze without being defiled by the Evil therein. This is the root of Free Will. Man faces a predicament as REAL as himself: he is forced to choose - to utilize his knowledge by applying it - between the straight path which leads to Being, and the crooked paths which lead to Non-Being. Human beings are required to discern between good and evil - consciousness energy directors - at every stage of their existence in this reality.


Because, in fact, they must understand that God is consciousness and God is matter. God is good, and God is evil. The Creation assumes all the different properties of the many “Names of God.” The Cosmos is full of Life-giving and Slaying, Forgiveness and Vengeance, Exaltation and Abasement, Guidance and Deception. To attempt to assume God’s point of view and “mix everything” at this level, results only in STAYING at this level. Therefore, human beings must always separate God’s point of view from their own point of view and the fact that all creation assumes the divine Names and Traits.

Thus, the first Divine Command is BE!  And that includes Being and Non-being instantaneously. Therefore, the second law is “follow Being or Non-being according to your choice and your inherent nature.” All creation is a result of the engendering command. So, in this respect, there is no Evil. But the second, prescriptive law determines to which “Face of God” one will return: Life or Death.

If the engendering command alone is considered, there is no imperfection in the cosmos, since all creatures follow what God desires for them. In this respect, what is normally called “imperfection” is in fact perfection, since it allows for the actualization of the various levels of existence and knowledge. In other words, were there no imperfections - in the sense of diminishment, decrease, and lack - there would be no creation. Were there no creation, the Hidden Treasure would remain hidden. Hence Being would be unseen in every respect. There would be no self-disclosure of the Divine Reality, Light would not shine, and God would be the Nonmanifest but not the Manifest. But all this is absurd, since it demands the imperfection of Being Itself, which by definition is nondelimited perfection.


Being’s perfection requires the manifestation of Its properties. The effects of the Names and Attributes must be displayed for God to be God. […] In other words, Imperfection is demanded by existence itself. To be “other than God” is to be imperfect. …But it is precisely the “otherness” which allows the cosmos and all the creatures within it to exist. If things were perfect in every respect, they would be identical with God Himself, and there would be nothing “other than God.” But then we could not even speak about the cosmos, since there would be no cosmos and no speakers. …So, imperfection is a kind of perfection. [Chittick]

At the particular stage of existence in which man finds himself, he is equally “receptive” toward the Two primary Faces of God: Being and Non-being. The Shaykh tells us that whatever property, or trait, any human being ultimately “chooses” is what it originally possessed in its state of immutability. The task of the Seeker is to discover what is immutable within, and to purify and amplify it. This is the development of Will. Will is a relationship, which follows knowledge while knowledge follows the object of knowledge. In the process of “ascension,” the object of knowledge is YOU. Knowledge, in and of itself, has no effects. YOU, however, the seeker, can give to knowledge what you actually are, in yourself, thereby displaying YOURSELF in knowledge by your actions in concert with your knowledge.

As noted, there are many Names of God that call to us in our present state of existence. But you are not required to answer every one that calls. The fact that human beings are, in general, ignorant of their own true “essence” gives them the illusion of freedom. And the fact is, all paths come from God, and all paths Lead back to God, but again, it can be via different faces.


As the Shaykh says:

“Unto Allah all things come home, and he is the end of every path. However, the important thing is which divine name you will reach and to which you will come home?”

And this brings us to what the Shaykh calls “perspicacity.” This is the special development of the “eye of insight,” or “seeing the unseen” that is crucial to the Seeker. Just as the physical eye, with the refraction of light from the Sun, can discern between the large and the small, the beautiful and the ugly, colors, the moving from the still, high and low, the ability to see the unseen is a property of an “inner light.” This light reveals to the seeker things about external objects that are NOT apparent to the five senses.


It reveals to its possessor when a choice that may appear to be benevolent, is a step on the path of Evil. It reveals when a choice that may appear to human estimation as negative is actually a difficult step to felicity for all involved. The Sufis tell us that some individuals have achieved such a level of “seeing” that - upon seeing a person’s footprint on the ground, even if the person is not present - they are able to say whether he is following a life of felicity or wretchedness.

The light of perspicacity seems to be a gift that not everyone has, and those who do have it, may not have developed it to the same degree. What is evident is that those who have it possess an immutable nature of Being which is able to “see” good and evil - they do not see “only good.” Thus, they are able to discern between the “calls” of Nonbeing and Being, and therefore, are able to strengthen their Will along the path of intrinsic Being. It then follows that individuals who are not able to see - or who choose not to see - both Good and Evil, are formed in the mold of subjectivity, which is the human expression of the Call of Non-being.

A human being whose immutable nature is that of Being can strengthen the light of perspicacity by “assuming the traits” of the Names of Being. This does not mean that a person comes to possess traits that do not already belong to him. It means that these traits are amplified and “cultivated.” The Ruling property of an individual is determined by what Face of God is disclosed to him, and this is determined by his preparedness. Felicity can only be disclosed when Evil has been turned away from, rejected; which can only be achieved by a long period of “testing” or being challenged to SEE and then to choose Being over Non-being in order to grow the Will or alignment to Being in a feedback loop. As the Seeker travels this path, he must not see these traits as his own, but rather that he is a locus of God’s manifestation of an ontological attribute.

People imagine that they believe in God when, in fact, what they believe always takes the shape of the receptacle. The old saying is that the water takes on the color of its cup. The deeper implication of this is that a person will only be in disequilibrium if his conscious beliefs are not in conformity with his own immutable nature. In other words, a person whose intrinsic nature is aligned toward Being, will experience disequilibrium, struggle, and even illness by attempting to assume those traits that do not exist in him. In this sense, careful observation of the physical state - even the physical environment - can act as a guide as to whether or not the whole being is coming into alignment.

So it is that different paths can produce different effects for different individuals according to their immutable nature within. Those whose intrinsic nature is toward Being, follow the path of the developing the ability to SEE and to choose alignment with infinite potential of creation, thereby being conduits of Being as GOD chooses to manifest through them. They not only see that limitation is illusion, they consciously ACT - they utilize that knowledge to generate energy and light.

Those whose intrinsic nature is toward Non-being, follow the path of limitation of Infinite Being by assuming that they, in their state of ignorance and subjectivity, know better than God how Creation ought to be fixed. They pray for change, they perform rituals, they chant mantras and repeat endless visualizations of “magickal forms” that are supposed to “change” reality. They bomb others with “Love and Light,” (their subjective version of it, of course), and they seek to fix the world “out there” by projecting their subjective view of reality onto the infinite wisdom of Creation. This “consciousness energy direction” even includes the assumption that just knowing that all division is illusion will accomplish the goal of “Ascension,” and that is the most cunning lie of all.

Each approach “ties a knot” in the heart of the believer and fixes him on a path, the object of his belief being the end of the path. All beliefs are equivalent in that God - of one sort or another - is their ultimate objective. But each belief is different in that it leads to a different name of God, or Thought Center. Even materialistic skepticism is a “belief” and leads to “matterizing” of the consciousness that follows this belief. What is more difficult to discern are the many mixed up “spiritual” paths that twist and distort the concepts of Being to engage the seeker on a path to Non-Being.

Going back to the idea of the human being as a transducing unit with a “lens capacity,” what seems to be so is that the process of Ascension begins with the choice of tuning the lens. If the individual chooses to “adjust the dial” to see the entire field of Thought Centers influencing creation, he can then begin to select those that enhance and enliven Creation and Being - the Thought Centers of Awakened Consciousness - then a feedback loop that selects that probable future will be established.

A human being can, by great effort, expand their “field of view” toward greater and greater objectivity. With a wider and farther field of view, the awareness of those things, which emanate from the Thought Centers come into focus. When thought centers are more in focus, the individual then has greater ability to discern whether impressions emanate from the Thought Centers of being, or from the Thought Centers of non-being. At this stage, the individual is then able to further “shape” his emotions and direct his actions so as to become an efficient transducing unit of the cosmic energies of Being into this reality. This is knowledge utilization, which generates energy, which generates light.

As this process continues, as the feedback loop is activated between the Cosmic observer and the transducing/actions of the creature - the organic unit, the transducing organ, so to say - strengthens and the exchange between it and the Cosmic Observer accelerates and intensifies. The transducing organ then begins to act as a “homing beacon” for greater levels of that chosen Thought Center energy - that “observer from the future” - the “eye” that is the creator.

In the development of such a feedback loop, the human being - as a conduit of creation, a vessel - becomes an active participant of the creation of his own FUTURE in the act of choosing which observation platform and scope he accepts as “real” - objective or subjective. Furthermore, as the energy of such a being is changed and enhanced by the “flow of cosmic energy” passing through him, as he perceives more and more of the creative expressions of Infinite potential, and chooses those he wishes to align with, he becomes colinear with those other expressions of Being - other organic units that may be quite different in make-up, but similarly aware of Infinite Potential - and is thus able to interact with them in a manner that further expands and commutates the energy of transducing.

This can then lead to exponential amplification of the transducing of the energies of Being which can then completely alter the physical nature of the organic unit. Just as a pipe that is used to channel water gets wet from the water flowing through it, so does the human being who has begun the process of aligning with Being become saturated with the higher energies being manifested through him or her.


This process leads to permeation of the organic nature of the vessel which leads to transformation in that it “awakens” the “sleeping matter” of the organic unit and makes it a full participant in Being, rather than a weight for the soul to carry or struggle against. The energy of the organic vehicle is then available in the terms described in Einstein’s famous formula, which might give some indication of the potential of such a being.

As the reader can easily see by now, the teachings of the current spate of New Age Gurus constitute the idea that we can exert our will and voice that exists “down here” upward to change what is “above” us in order to change our reality down here. They tell us that we can change our lives, our thinking, move our brains into harmony, or aid the “heart in opening,” obtaining “harmony and balance” which is then going to “open windows in our mind, our heart, and our spirit,” etc. It is claimed that we can do this basically by assuming God’s point of view that “all is one, all is love.”


It is stated, (with some truth I should add, since good disinformation is always wrapped in a warm and fuzzy truth), that, “without Divine Unity inside of us, these windows of inspiration are rarely available.” What they do NOT tell you is that the staircase to Divine Unity of Being requires a full field of awareness of Being and Non-being, and this can only be achieved by divesting oneself of the controls of Nonbeing which are, indeed, part of Being, but which seek to obviate Being in a paradoxical sleep of “Unification” which often begins by believing the lie that “knowledge protects” simply by having it.

Indeed, many of the “techniques” sold in the slick packages of “ascension tools” will temporarily produce chemical changes that will feel VERY good, the same way a good meal satisfies hunger temporarily. It really “feels good!”


But just as the steak and salad are digested and most of the matter excreted in a few hours, and another steak and salad is needed to fill the stomach again, so do such practices fail to do anything more than perpetuate the “food chain.” And, staying with the analogy, very little of the “substance” of such practices actually “stays with” the individual.

A considerable period of time is required for the seeker to finally come to the realization that techniques that relieve stress or produce “good feelings,” have done nothing to actually change their lives or their “vibrations.” They are still recognized by their neighbor’s dog, they still find new gray hairs on their heads, and they still get sick and have aches and pains like everyone else. The problem is, again, the “bottom up” ideas have been employed, which only result in remaining in the “mixed” state, or worse, being drawn deeper into the path of non-being.

Well, I should qualify that: to those for whom Non-being is their immutable nature, this is only natural and right and they will thrive following the path of non-being. But for those many, many seekers whose immutable nature is toward Being, this is a terrible trap - the gravitational effect of the Thought Center of Non-Being - to draw all of Creation into Non-Being will act on them in ways that are crippling to their relationships and health. Human beings who go through life feeling as though they have a "hole in their hearts" are those who are not synchronized with their immutable nature.

The natural field of view for the organic unit alone - with no connection to the higher self - is that of the material and/or mechanical interpretation of all phenomena. The influences of the Thought Center of non-being - the source of matter - have been increasing through the manifestation of billions of such units at a single point in time: the present.

The Thought Center of non-being is of a certain nature - contractile subjectivity - that exerts a more or less “gravitational” pull - a desire to absorb and assimilate the soul energies of Being - so as to feed its own contracting nature. Even if it promotes a full field of awareness in principle, it can only view Being as a traitor to its own need to not exist. This results in an individual who may proclaim that all is illusion, but whose actions - or rather lack thereof - betray the deeper immutable state of being. Due to its intrinsic nature, there is a powerful exertion of non-being to destroy and obviate Being and Creation - all the while it is unable to achieve the awareness that it only exists by virtue of Being and Creation IN ACTION!

The powerful exertion of the Thought Center of non-being to absorb and assimilate all of creation, powered by its own contractile subjectivity, poses certain problems both for itself and for Being.


Since the fundament of non-being is a LIE - that is to say, the state of absolute non-being that it promotes is a paradoxical impossibility - and the fundament of Being is the objective fact that Existence simply IS via ACTION - or utilization of knowledge which generates light, the essential conflict is between lies and truth. The Thought Center of non-being tells itself the biggest lie of all - that it does not exist - and goes to sleep in pretense. And from this essential point, we see that the nature of subjectivity is that of lies. Lies and belief in lies - whether or not the believer is aware that they are believing a lie - all partake of the same essence - subjectivity and non-being.

The Thought Center of non-being - in its expression as matter - being “impressed” by Creative consciousness in ACTION which partially awakens it and draws it into the creation of the organic world - wraps itself around this awakened consciousness. Its intrinsic nature of pretense to non-being acts “gravitationally” on consciousness, and twists and distorts it into varying degrees of subjectivity. It is this interaction of the energy of all possibility, lensed through subjectivity of matter, that produces the myriad manifestations of the material universe.

In the realm of the Thought Center of non-being, there are many manifestations - or ways - of seeking annihilation - the “Base Names of God.” These modes act in a gravitational way to engage, enfold, and distort consciousness to their ends. This results in the formation of consciousness units of great power and depth of cunning - far beyond anything imaginable in our own reality.

These consciousness units use their wiles to assimilate weaker consciousness units so as to accrue more contractile power. Obviously, the more “dense” the consciousness units “consumed,” the more “nutritious” they are. And so they seek, by great cunning, to carefully, and with great patience, manipulate the consciousness units selected for assimilation. It is, effectively, trans-millennial stalking.

These Overlords of Entropy- or so we may call them, - by virtue of the overlay of intensified subjectivity - the hallmark of the influence of the Thought Center of non-being - interface with the organic world on a “geographic” scale. Since they have, so to say, an intimate relationship with matter, the contractile consciousness of such a being can affect its area of chosen dominion very much like an overshadowing “cloud” with millions of tendrils of connections between it and its range of influence. This includes even the very matter of the bodies of human beings. It is through these etheric fibers that the Overlords of Entropy assimilate energy.

These overlords have “organs” so to speak. Just as a group of people were described by the Apostle Paul as “the body of Christ,” so are the organs of entropic overlords manifested as individual beings, though their direct connection to a single massive consciousness unit makes them more like “projections” than individually souled beings.

Because of their great drive to conserve and assimilate energy, the overlords are “stingy” with allowances to their organ-beings. It seems that they do not “waste” energy in manifesting and maintaining organic structures for their organs, and thus the organic physicality takes on the configuration of less complex creatures in the organic world. Rather than interacting with an organic structure in a cooperative, awakened state, they exercise control over theirs. Utilizing organic structures that require the least energy to maintain conserves energy. To this end, they draw the energy for their organic units from the pools of archetypal form of the animal kingdom.


This energy is more easily accessed, is lower in frequency, and thus more amenable to control.

This seems to be the reason why, when perceived by individuals of the third dimensional self-consciousness - third density - realm, their appearance is generally startling. The reptilian type comes to mind as being the most energy efficient. Again, remember that consciousness is merely “reading waves.”

For the same reason - the contractile nature of the hierarchy and its energy consumption - it is extremely difficult for these organ-beings of the Overlords of Entropy to actively function in our realm for any period of time. When they enter our realm, assuming a third density organic form, they are at a disadvantage. They are temporarily disconnected from the energy pool, which weakens, but they are at another great disadvantage as well.


Since they are not internally connected to an expanding, creative feedback loop of Creative Being, their own entropic overlord is a constant drain on them, pulling them gravitationally as it were, making them even weaker than the natural denizens of this realm. Such are those called aliens and “Men in Black.” It is this great strain on their energy resources that makes such appearances so rife with anomalous glitches. There is no creativity, and thus no ability to pull off such an intrusion into our reality with any convincing effectiveness.

For this reason they generally avoid direct interaction in the organic world, preferring to utilize other methods to stalk and conquer weaker units to “feed” the Thought Center of non-being. To this end, these entropic overlords seek to establish and maintain the “entrainment of creative energy” within the third density reality by deceptively enhancing third density, material interpretations of the phenomenal world.

In short, such beings of enormous geographic domination actively operate within their geographic field of influence to divert and discourage those organic units who have tenuous connections to creative energy - higher self - from interpretations which will lead to the establishing a feedback loop with those Thought Centers of Being/Creation.

As noted, the nature of such beings, and the dynamic of their existence, requires massive energy input in order to “control” and direct their own organic physicality. This is possible at the level of overlord/sub-units of the Thought Center of non-being by virtue of the extensive assimilation of other consciousness units, and most especially by virtue of their “geographic” character, which enables them to “connect” to thousands, if not millions, of organic beings in the organic realm. This is, effectively, the “Program of the Matrix.”

This connection is naturally enabled by the aforementioned intrinsic nature of organic units to only perceive the field of view of the organic realm. That is to say that mechanical and material feedback loops are far more easily created between organic units and the sub-units of Non-being by a sort of “gravitational” pull of these sub-units upon the natural inclinations of the organic being.

This establishes “feedback loops” as previously described. The organic unit, “infected” with the material/mechanical view, begins to act according to that Thought Center’s dictates, and this generates activities of that nature in the organic unit. Due to the fact that any given sub-unit of the Thought Center of non-being may be connected to millions of organic units in third density, any of them may be activated singly, or in concert, to fulfill the wishes of the Overlords of Entropy, a "larger" sub-unit of the Thought Center of Non-being.

Machiavelli observed that religion and its teachings of faith, hope, charity, love, humility and patience under suffering were factors that render men weak and cause them to care less about worldly and political things, and thus they will turn political power over to wicked men who are not influenced by such ideals. Of course, the real trick is to convince people that the “afterlife” is the only thing worth thinking about, and it is to this end that Christianity has been formulated. It is also to this end that many of the New Age beliefs and “formulations” of the truth about Ascension have been engineered.


All you have to do is have faith or meditate or acquire knowledge and awareness that will help you love everything and everybody. Nothing is said about the day-by-day struggle and the necessity for action.

Again let me say this:

if the Truth about the REAL process of Ascension were not so detrimental to the agenda of the Controllers of our world, the Matrix, they would not have gone to so much trouble to cover it up.

When we finally make the connection between that fact, and the fact that our governing elite is operating on the instructions of the Controllers, we then begin to realize that the drama on the political stage is a shadow of the higher-level agenda.


And that leads us to realize that the COINTELPRO operation in the New Age and Human Potential movement has truly been the “opening act.”

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