About Me


I am an engineer, a researcher, a truth seeker and a freedom fighter.


My research and personal interests include, mostly unchanged since childhood:

  • Advanced technology used for the betterment of human condition, as opposed to corporate bottom lines and mass stupidification.

  • Mysteries of the remote past (magick and/or advanced technology in antiquity, possibility of a real "Golden Age" in the distant past, Atlantis and other lost civilizations).

  • Outer space, which I am absolutely convinced teems with intelligent life.

  • Extraterrestrial reality and ufology.

  • Historical exopolitics of Earth and the human civilization (history of extraterrestrial influences on Earth affairs).

  • Inherent but underdeveloped powers of the human mind (ESP, remote viewing, astral projection, psychokinesis, remote influencing).

  • General science: physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy.

  • Philosophy, mathematics and information science.

  • I love our dear planet Earth. It's an incredibly beautiful planet with a great diversity



Update on December 13, 2012

Hello Internet community!

I apologize for having been almost completely silent for many years, and not having produced any new exopolitics research writings since 2005. My personal spiritual growth journey has taken me through a phase of relative solitude - in the recent years that have passed since I have written the pieces which appear here on Biblioteca Pleyades, I have continued to grow and evolve, and even made some new discoveries of esoteric and exopolitical nature, but all my work has been confined to a private group consisting of a few very loyal comrades.

My hibernation/solitude phase is not completely over yet - while I have plenty of new ideas which I would love to share with everyone who is interested, I still lack the time to sit down and put them into writing. The lack of time stems primarily from having to work in the muggle world to support my dear significant other, as well as other close comrades of mine who are financially dependent on me.

It is now December 2012, and as I write this update, I’m doing what everyone else in this community is probably doing right now - anxiously waiting for whatever is going to happen - if anything - on the 21st of this month, the day of the winter solstice. Aside from that, my primary focus right now is on the search for potential sources of funding to conduct further research and investigation - see another page regarding that.

I do not have my own active web page at the moment. I used to host a few web pages on my personal VAX (ivan.Harhan.ORG) - everything that Biblioteca Pleyades has under my name has been copied from there many years ago - but right now I am using that VAX only for email, and not for any web pages.


I have reached the point in my journey where I am ready once again to start putting out some materials for public consumption, and I’m going to need to set up my own website for that once again - but because of trust issues, I refuse to use any servers other than those that are physically mine, and physically hosted in my own machine room.


I already have a plan to set up a new UltraSPARC-based server on which I will host my new web page, but the setup is currently slow-going - the lack of sufficient monetary resources is once again to blame...

Oh, and a note to those who have known me on a more personal basis in the past - I am no longer single!!! I and my partner PhoenixMoon have been together for 7 years now, and she has been my comrade and partner in my exopolitical work as well.

Regarding my name change: Sokolov is my original last name from birth, i.e., I didn’t choose that name - it was simply assigned to me because the baby body to which my spirit/soul attached was born into the Sokolov family. One of the milestones of my spiritual growth journey has been the realization (made only recently, as in this year) that a more fitting name for me would be one that I choose myself, and I have chosen to be known as Michael Spacefalcon from now onward.


I haven’t performed any special ceremony to mark this name change, so it would be difficult to pin-point a specific date, but earlier this year (June 2012) I was at a conference called Conspiracy Con, together with my comrades, and during the speaker panel I had publicly challenged Stan Monteith on some major exopolitical matters on which I most emphatically disagree with him.


My challenge and the resulting exchange had roused the audience somewhat, and another panel member had asked me what my name was. I then publicly identified myself as “Michael Spacefalcon” to the entire audience in that room - so I suppose we can view that incident as my “official” introduction to this community under my new name.

My email address is still msokolov@ivan.Harhan.ORG - a UNIX user name is harder to change than the gecos field.


Eventually I would like to set up a new email address which does not contain my old name that no longer suits me, but that will have to wait until after I get the new server up and running - I still operate under the non-negotiable rule of absolutely no servers other than my very own.



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