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Following a 28-year career as a professional international banker based in the City of London, David Guyatt now pursues a career researching, writing and producing material for TV documentaries, films and magazines. His feature articles have appeared in diverse publications including BusinessAge, NEXUS, Fortean Times, The X Factor and Lobster.

In addition to his commercial writing, David has prepared background papers on anti-personnel electromagnetic weapons for the International Committee on the Red Cross (ICRC), as well as for Scientists for Global Responsibility. He has also written for the World Development Movement on his "insider" knowledge of international weapons financing.

David was engaged as an expert consultant for the two-part World in Action TV documentary, broadcast in the UK in April 1997, that exposed Britain's weapons trail to Indonesia; and he assisted Swiss TV in a documentary on non-lethal weapons, also broadcast in early 1997. At present, he is pursuing an in-depth investigation into the real secrets surrounding the enigma of Nazi gold and WWII treasure looted by both German and Japanese "plunder teams". It will also unravel some of the more enduring secrets of the gold market.



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