by Michael Forrester

December 28, 2011
from PreventDisease Website

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Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

It's like a big elephant in the room that nobody wants to admit is staring you in the face. We are in the midst of an energy crisis.


By an energy crisis, I mean old energy is transforming into what will soon be a new earth one year from now. Food, governments, relationships, technology, education, health, freedom and anything related to old energy and old ways of thinking are gradually being replaced by the new operating systems. The crisis is not really crisis, although it will appear to be on a superficial level with the ensuing chaos.


However, it will take the planet to the next level and we will begin seeing evidence of this change very soon after we announce a new year in 2012.

The problem is that the old earth which is still very much attached to third dimensional (3D) rules is holding on to this template. The old systems and structures desperately want to maintain their strong hold on the status quo.


Although the earth and all its inhabitants are officially in the fourth dimension (4D), we are still playing the 3D game.


However, the visionaries are changing all of that.


If you're reading this, then your likely one of the visionaries of the planet that is helping change its vibration one person at a time.


As a visionary, you must allow yourself to realize what you are doing. Stop denying who you are and what you have become, otherwise you are going to waste precious time on the planet that could otherwise be productive towards changing humanity's vibrational alignment to higher levels.


When you accept who you are, you will be in your full power and you will never lack energy to do what you need to do.


Ultimately, that purpose is to empower yourself and others.

The way you feel must be your dominant intention in 2012 and beyond. Don't worry about physical manifestations as these typically lag behind how you feel. If you feel good, you're on the right track. If you feel bad, that means you've stepped out of vibrational alignment and it's time to get back on the right track.

The ideal experience is for there not to be too much of a gap between who you are and who you have become.


You don't accomplish this by reading affirmations or thinking of goals, but rather through living life which comes from your actual feeling of these things. Where you stand right now in relation to what you have become is all that matters and you have complete control over this. You must release the past and what others think of how YOU think or feel. That is irrelevant in your growth.


If you knew how dramatically this affects your vibration, you would never think twice about what somebody thinks or feels about how you think or feel. Who cares? That is not why you are here and it should not be your focus.

You are here to become a leader... your own leader. You don't need to lead anyone else and they don't need to lead you. That is part of the problem of why government and political systems exist. You still think you need to be led by somebody. You don't. You are the master and you are in full control of your reality and nobody can change that for you unless you let them.

2011 produced more vibrational changes on the planet than has ever been seen by any entity in the history of planet earth. The ironic thing is that the changes are nothing compared to what is about to occur in the coming years.


The changes that are coming in 2012, 2013, 2014 and beyond are currently not within the understanding of the human mind. It will take as much as 20-30 years before humans can fully comprehend the changes that are about to take place, and they will be magnificent.

Don't concern yourself with what has happened or what is happening around you if your perceive those happenings as chaos. You exist peacefully in the midst of chaos and that is all you need to focus on. If others are beating the war drums, using fear to sell violence or simply reiterating chaos in the world, that doesn't mean that is part of your world. You create your own reality, period.

The entire focus for humanity has changed and you must speak your truth wherever you are to empower the rest of humanity. There will be no wrong turns. Everything is exactly the way it needs to be for you. You absolutely will not experience anything that is not within your vibration. If you've experienced it, there is a reason for it and it will bring you closer to who you need to be.

There are no victims, no accidents and no coincidences EVER.


They simply do not exist in this reality as you and others will only attract what you and they are a part of.


If that leads to your death or theirs, then congratulations, you or they have completed everything that was needed before leaving. Death is a beautiful thing and humans need to start accepting death for what it truly represents... the culmination of learning experiences which then terminate physical form, since the body can no longer bring in light and learning in its current state.


Think of it as a graduation. You won't leave anybody behind... you're going back to who you really are. Your current physical form is not who you really are. It never was and never could be. You are a divine and eternal being of light and love.

Your success on planet earth from here onward will have to do with how will you get along with and empower the rest of humanity.


That is why all your current governmental, educational, political and social systems will all fail in the coming years. They simply can no longer empower humanity for what it is becoming. The more you work with yourself, the easier it will be for planet earth to make adjustments.


Humans are the masters of the gameboard. Getting comfortable and anchoring in the new energy will be the challenge.

Live life to its fullest. Be happier. Help others.


Most of all, know that you are loved and that you are exactly where you need to be, regardless of your perception. You are an incredible being and you are about to embark on a journey never experienced by any human being.


This is your time. You are here for a reason and you have purpose.


Are you ready?