by BraveArcherFilms 
December 2, 2012

from YouTube Website

Spanish version


A feature documentary exploring a positive spiritual perspective on the events which will follow December 21, 2012.


The film investigates,

  • the galactic alignment

  • consciousness awakening

  • cycles of evolution

  • our binary star system with Sirius

  • the fear agenda in the media

  • who's behind it

  • love vs. fear,

...and much more.

The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spiritual leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The documental is shot entirely in Full HD, illustrated with high end animations and includes original music by Jonathan Kent.

Take the time to watch this excellent film for a better understanding on how we have entered into a phase of "super consciousness" and why it is so important right now to follow your love and passion in the months and years that follow.


The shift is already happening.


All that is needed from your end to make the transition easier is the love for yourself and others.