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  1. Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no

  2. Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012

  3. Purification Period & World Ages

  4. Kali Yuga and 2012

  5. More on Aquarius and 2012

  6. Tracking Down the Kalachakra Prophecy

  7. 9/11 Resonation With WWII on Time Wave Zero

  8. Near-Death Experience and 2012

  9. Cosmic Locusts

  10. OOBEs (OBEs) and 2012

  11. Behemoth and Leviathan

  12. Smelyakov Update










Zulu Prophecy: The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no

Credo Mutwa, an 80-year old Zulu Sanusi (shaman) and elder from South Africa, and author of Song of the Stars - The Lore of a Zulu Shaman, gave a talk at the Living Lakes Conference, in California on October 2 1999, which included the following:

Let me tell you two last things please.


One, it is this, that I am told by the great storytellers of our tribes, that fresh water is not native to our earth. That at one time, many thousands of years ago a terrible star, or the kind called Mu-sho-sho-no-no, the star with a very long tail, descended very close upon our skies. It came so close that the earth turned upside down and what had become the sky became down, and what was the heavens became up.


The whole world was turned upside down. The sun rose in the south and set in the north. Then came drops of burning black stuff, like molten tar, which burned every living thing on earth that could not escape.


After that came a terrible deluge of water accompanied by winds so great that they blew whole mountaintops away. And after that came huge chunks of ice bigger than any mountain and the whole world was covered with ice for many generations.


After that the surviving people saw an amazing sight.


They saw rivers and streams of water that they could drink, and they saw that some of the fishes that escaped from the sea were now living in these rivers. That is the great story of our forefathers. And we are told that this thing is going to happen again very soon.


Because the great star, which is the lava of our sun, is going to return on the day of the year of the red bull, which is the year 2012.

See the whole article here.


There is a stone circle in South Africa, called Timbavati, which means, "the falling down of a star" in Zulu language. It still has an equinox alignment intact. In 1997, a stone circle in the Southern Egyptian desert was found to have an alignment to the summer solstice sunrise, and at 6,000 BC is the "oldest astronomically aligned structure yet discovered anywhere on the planet".


There is also a stone observatory at Nomoratunga in Kenya, connected with the "Borana Calendar", based on rising stars and lunar phases. There are also stone circles in The Gambia , Senegal, Morocco, & Togo.

The Long Count has been traced to Izapa; Izapa has Olmec connections; the Olmec carved mysterious giant stone heads with African features.


Could there be a connection?

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Pueblo Indians: Fifth World in 2012


The Hopi Indians of Arizona believe that we are living in the fourth of five eras - the Fourth World, and there will be a "Great Purification" just before the start of the Fifth World.


They have a series of nine prophecies, starting with the coming of white men with guns, (which came true in the sixteenth century). The eighth prophecy is the hippie era, which was manifested in the nineteen sixties. The only remaining prophecy to be fulfilled is the appearance of a new star that they call Blue Star Kachina.

Speaking Wind, a Pueblo Indian from Northern New Mexico, has said that the Fifth World will start in December 2012. This conforms to Hopi Indian prophecies, even though some have put the transition at 2011.

As I said, the final cleansing of Earth, began in June, 1998. In September, 1998, the five brothers, (planets), aligned themselves to usher in the cleansing energies of Earth. The chaos everyone has been anticipating, or the tearing away of the illusion, and the lie, will begin between January, and April, 1999, and will continue to escalate until the nine brothers, (planets) align themselves on the 5th of May, 2000.


From that date, until the last day of the fourth world, December 22, 2012, a date taken from our star calendars, everything living, will undergo a purge.


If mankind will not willingly let go of the illusion, and the lie, it will be stripped away. And, we have only begun to feel the effect, since June, 1998.


The 23rd day of December, 2012, is the first day of the fifth world.

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Purification Period & World Ages


Purification variations

Although most agree that the 4th/5th World transition will come in 2012, there are several variations on the date of Purification:

1. 1998-2000 - Pueblo Indians.

2. 1987, in the Shearer/Arguelles/Kalachakra/Seneca/Cherokee calendar wheels versions.

3. July 1991; in Quetza-Sha's version, it began in with the solar eclipse over Mexico City

4. 1992 in many sources, that mistakenly think the last Katun began in 1992 (it was actually April 5 1993) Robert Gilson's Period of Justification also started in 1992 & ends in 2012. However, since the long count fell into disuse, and the 52-haab Calendar Round then was used to measure precession, a 20-haab period may be seen as a placebo for the final katun of the Great Cycle (a haab = 365 days).

5. August 1990 - August 1993, in the Q'ero Indian version.

6. Year 2000 according to the Q'ero that Alberto Villoldo spoke to.


World/Sun variations

Some tribes say we are in the Fourth World, approaching the Fifth; some say we are in Fifth Sun, approaching the Sixth...

1. The 5th sun ended in 1519; 6th sun starts in 2012 according to some contemporary Aztecs

2. Some New Age sources also think we are "between worlds"; The Mayan fifth world finished in 1987. The
sixth world starts in 2012.

3. We are in 5th sun, approaching 6th, say the Aztecs, Toltecs & Incas; we are in 4th world, approaching 5th say the Maya ( Judith Bluestone Polich )

4. We are in the 4th Sun, and will reach the 5th Sun in 2012, say the Q'ero Incas according to Alberto Villoldo

5. The Q'ero that Joan Parisi Wilcox spoke to, said there are 3 ages, and we start the crossing in 1990-1993 and complete it in 2012, (they have combined their myth with a Christian myth of 3 ages).

6. The Hopi Indians, according to Frank Waters and some other sources, say we are living in the 4th world, approaching the 5th.

7. The Zuni Indians, neighbors of the Hopi, say we are living in the 5th world, according to Dennis Tedlock.

8.The Navajo Indians also have a total of 5 worlds, according to Gordon Brotherston.

9. Some Navajo medicine men say there are 7 worlds and we are in the 5th. Of the 2 "above us", the first is the World of the Spirits of Living Things, the second is the Place of Melting into One.

10. John Major Jenkins points out (In Appendix 2 to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012), that in the Mayan Popol Vuh epic, a total of 4 ages are laid out, of which the first 3 have ended in destruction (so we are in the 4th age).

For further discussion, see the Book of the Fourth World by Professor Gordon Brotherston

Variations in duration of World Ages

1. Multiples of the 52-year Calendar Round: (from Leyenda de los soles)

1st Sun: 676 years (52 x 13);
2nd Sun: 364 years (52 x7);
3rd Sun: 312 years (52 x 6);
4th Sun: 676 years (52 x 13)

NB This must be the origin of the idea that there were 13 Heavens that ended in 1519, and which were followed by 9 Hells ending in 1987, so we can extrapolate:

5th Sun: 468 years (52 x 9)

1b (UPDATE) According to Jose Arguelles in The Transformative Vision (1975), p. 14, the fifth age consists of the 13 heavens plus the 9 hells; 676 + 468 = 1144 years. This conforms to the Cherokee Calendar

2. From the Vaticano-Latin Codex:

1st Sun: 4008 years;
2nd Sun: 4010 years;
3rd Sun: 4081 years;
4th Sun: 5026 years

The implication here is that the 5th Sun is over 5,000 years in length.

3. There is evidence that the Aztec Sunstone shows 1 Sun = 5,200 years; 5 Suns total 26,000 years. (Brotherston p.299)

4. Sioux Indians (Brotherston p.301):

1st Sun: 6,000 years
2nd Sun: 11,900 years
3rd Sun: 3,000 years
4th Sun: 1,100 years
5th Sun: 1,900 years

TOTAL: 23,900 years

5. Madrid Codex (Brotherston p.302):

Mega-Sun: 208,000 years = 8 x 26,000 years.

  • Thus, we have a hierarchy of Suns within Suns.

  • The Mayan word for "day" is kin, and means "Sun" - apparently reborn every morning.

  • The second level is the year, when the Sun is reborn at the morning of Winter Solstice, and a new year begins.

  • The third level is the Calendar Round and New Fire ceremony - 52 years.

  • The fourth level is the Heaven & Hell cycles - 22 Calendar Rounds = 1144 years.

  • The fifth level is the Great Cycle, or 13-baktun cycle of 5,200 tuns - a fifth of the cycle of precession (level 6)

  • The sixth level is the cycle of precession - 26,000 tuns - The morning Solstice Sun is reborn aligned to the centre of the galaxy.

  • The seventh level is multiple precession cycles.

As we have seen, there are so many conflicting versions, that a unified theory is still out of reach. There are many differing Calendar Round beginning-dates across Mesoamerica, and anyway, the Calendar Round won't divide into the 13-baktun cycle, or the 26,000-tun cycle, so the hierarchy above just shows various concepts of large cycles.


Since Jenkins has shown that the Calendar Round is also a way of measuring precession (by zenith cosmology), we can say that the Suns (Worlds) measure precessional movement.


However, there is a Calendar Round that ends in 1987 (Teotitlan - 1st March 1987) and one that ends in 2012 (Tikal - 2nd April 2012).

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Kali Yuga and 2012


In the Hindu system of time cycles, the longest cycles last trillions of years, but at the shorter end of the cycle spectrum, we have the four Yugas, which are:

  • Krita Yuga (Golden Age): 1,728,000 years = 2,160 x 800

  • Treta Yuga (Silver Age): 1,296,000 years =2,160 x 600

  • Dvapara Yuga (Copper/Bronze Age): 864,000 years =2,160 x 400

  • Kali Yuga (Iron Age): 432,000 years =2,160 x 200

Each Yuga is split into 3 parts; dawn; day; and dusk:

  • Krita Yuga: dawn = 144,000; day = 1,440,000; dusk = 144,000

  • Treta Yuga: dawn: 108,000; day: 1,080,000; dusk: 108,000

  • Dvapara Yuga: dawn:72,000; day: 720,000; dusk: 72,000

  • Kali Yuga: dawn: 36,000; day: 360,000; dusk: 36,000

If these numbers look familiar, that is because they are precessional numbers:

  • Platonic Year = 25,920 years (12 x 2,160) - 1 complete precession of the equinoxes (or solstices)

  • Platonic month = 2,160 years - precession of the equinox through one sign of the zodiac

  • Platonic day = 72 years - precession of the equinox through one degree

    2 Platonic months = 4,320 years; half a Platonic month = 1,080 years; 2 Platonic days = 144 years
    360 x 72 = 25,920.

Rene Guenon and others says we are now nearing the end of Kali Yuga, although some sources say it only started in 3,102 BC.


 John Major Jenkins' recent book, Galactic Alignment goes into the Vedic Yuga system in some detail, and he studies the work of Hindu saint, Sri Swami Yukteswar, (born 1855), who discovered an oversight in the Vedas, and went on to explain it.


In one of the oldest Vedic writings, attributed to the god-man Manu, the 4 Yugas are said to add up to 24,000 years, but when they are enumerated, they only come to 12,000 years.

  • The Satya Yuga (Golden Age) lasts 4,800 years

  • The Treta Yuga (Silver Age) lasts 3,600 years

  • The Dvapara Yuga (Bronze age) lasts 2,400 years

  • The Kali Yuga (Iron Age) lasts 1,200 years

Yukteswar explained the enigma in a diagram that equates the 12,000 years to a descending half of the 24,000-year cycle, and another 12,000 years to an ascending half.


JenkinsStudy of the Yukteswar analysis shows that Yukteswar was talking about the precession cycle, but basing it on a 24,000-year cycle, rather than the (approx) 25,700-year cycle recognized by astronomy.


The descent into darkness started when the Summer (June) solstice sun was aligned with Galactic Centre, around 10,800 BC, and the ascent back to light starts when the Winter (December) solstice sun aligns with Galactic Centre circa 1998-2012.

So, the Yuga system is about precession, as we have decoded from the classic cycle lengths above, and after looking at Jenkins' updates to Yukteswar's work, we can see that the end of Descending Kali Yuga corresponds to the Pisces - Aquarius transition of Western astrology, and to the solstice-galaxy alignment era AD 1998 - 2012.


This (below) is Yukteswar's diagram:





Click here for Jenkins' diagram.

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More on Aquarius & 2012


In an excellent essay on the astronomical symbolism of the Book of Revelation, on the Calendarsign site, we find a quote from the Aquarian Age Network:

While acknowledging the zero point of the zodiac to be defined as the point where the true galactic equator crosses the ecliptic between Taurus and Gemini, and recognizing the J2000 galactic equator defined by the galactic north pole of 12h 51.4m, 27° 8' to be representative of the B1950 definition of the galactic coordinate system, by virtue of Sagittarius A* being recognized as the dynamical center of the galaxy with the true galactic equator passing through Sagittarius A*, and by virtue of the sun being at 90° 00' 32" past the point of the crossing of the J2000 galactic equator and the ecliptic at the spring equinox of 20 March 2000, 0735 GMT, we declare the Age of Aquarius to have unequivocally arrived.


Pax Aetatis Aquarii vobiscum!

Then a translation:

Expressed in more simple words, this declaration tells us that the point of the spring equinox (once being between the constellations Gemini and Taurus, on the galactic equator) already has moved more than 90° from this point on the galactic equator, which is opposite the center of our galaxy and supposed to be a black hole.


The 90° relates to three constellations, each 30°, and therefore the constellation Aquarius enters the spring equinox dawn and the new age arrives.

We now need to consider the concept of the meridian.


This is an imaginary line running from the horizon due north of an observer through the heavens to the horizon due south of an observer. The meridian at the vernal equinox is called the zero meridian, and it runs through the constellation of Pisces in which the sun is situated. At the time of the birth of Jesus Christ the nearest visible star in Pisces to the zero meridian would have been that designated alpha.


However, due to the slow movement of the sun through the Zodiac, mentioned above (the precession of the equinoxes), the nearest star in Pisces to the zero meridian, in fact the nearest of all the 1,800 brightest stars as listed in a star catalogue, is now that designated omega.


It is calculated that it will be exactly on the zero meridian early in 2012.

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Tracking down the Kalachakra Prophecy


At What's New item 28 - Kalachakra Prophecy, I had the impression, that Bernbaum's book, The Way to Shambhala had inspired Jose Arguelles to connect 1987 with the Tibetan calendar, revealed in his 1975 book, The Transformative Vision.


However, when I got hold of Bernbaum's book, I saw that it was originally published in 1980, so this could not have been Arguelles' source. I finally tracked down a copy of The Transformative Vision , to see if I could see how the Kalachakra Prophecy fits in.

As Arguelles recently pointed out in his tribute to the late Tony Shearer, Shearer told him as early as 1969 that the end of the ninth Hell cycle would be in 1987. Shearer's understanding of the "present major cycles of heavens and hells" developed from a conversation with a Mexican Artist called Covarrubias, who had got the information from "a sorceress in the jungle hotlands of Tehuantepec"(p.302).


Shearer worked out how the cycles correlated to the Gregorian calendar, and that information is published in his 1971 book, Lord of the Dawn. Arguelles simply deferred to Shearer's calculation, which then influenced the creation of the Dreamspell count.

This is how the Tibetan Kalachakra connects, according to The Transformative Vision:

1. "In Yeats's chart of the historical cones, the last important date is 1927, which initiates a penultimate series..."


2. 1927 was "a curious year, marked by the appearance of an erratic comet, Jung’s dream, the invention of radio-television, Buckminster Fuller’s synergistic revelation, and the publication of Evans-Wentz’s popular edition of the seemingly obscure Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo Thodol".


3. " There is one other point about the year 1927: it was the first year of the current and last sixty-year cycle of the Tibetan calendar—the Kalachakra, or Wheel of Time. It seems more than a coincidence that the esoteric knowledge of The Tibetan Book of the Dead was made available to Westerners in the year that began the fateful cycle in which Tibet itself would be destroyed.


Since the final Tibetan cycle and the ancient Mexican hell cycle both end in 1987, this year may be the date Yeats did not list in his "Historical Cones,"... ".


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9/11 resonation with WWII on Time Wave Zero

Time Wave Zero, the time wave generated from the I Ching (see item 17) purports to show the ingression of novelty into spacetime, so Zyzygyz, the founder of the Time Wave Zero 2012 discussion group, looked for resonances on the wave, following the 9/11 tragedy, but found nothing particularly significant at first.


Then, another member, Carthellea suggested he looked at the beginning of World War II. Using the Watkins number set*, he found that there was a visual resonance between the Nazi invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939, and the attack on the USA on 11th September 2001.

Peter Meyer, who developed the software for the wave, had calculated a fourth number set based on the I Ching arrangement of Huang Ti (*the original Time Wave was based on the Kelley set; following the Watkins Objection this was superceded by the Watkins set; then the wave was re-calculated as the Sheliak set - see item 17 ).


He had become disillusioned with the Time Wave and introduced the Huang Ti wave as a means to test the theory.


This Huang Ti number set was included on the final version of the software (version 7.10, 1999 - now withdrawn from sale). He reasoned that Huang Ti was an earlier emperor than King Wen, so his arrangement should be just as valid if not more so than that of King Wen. However, (as Zyzygyz discovered), some sources say Huang Ti predated King Wen and other sources say King Wen came first.

When Zyzygyz mentioned this to Peter Meyer, it got him interested again, and he took a look himself and pointed out that there was an exact resonance using the Huang Ti numbers and the 23rd December 2012** end date.


The resonance is also exact using the 21st December 2012 end date, but both dates are on the bottom of a large novelty spike when the end-date is set for the 23rd.


** 23rd December 2012 is the second most popular end-point for the 13-baktun cycle, and is known as the Lounsbury correlation, the 584285 correlation, or the GMT3.

In the time wave chart below, set for end-date 21 December 2012, you can see the small vertical line from graphed line to baseline, that shows the pattern of the wave for 11th September 2001.


If the chart set for end-date 23 December 2012**, then the graph shape is identical, but September 11th aligns with the long spike that is touching the baseline (novelty increases the nearer the wave gets to the baseline).





In the chart below, also set for end date 21 December 2012, you can see the pattern of the wave for the invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939. As you can see, it is identical to the pattern for 9/11 above.


As above, if the chart is set for end-date 23rd December 2012**, then 1st September 1939 aligns with the novelty spike.





This resonance is brought further into focus by the forthcoming (2 December 2002) publication of the Michael Drosnin's new book, Bible Code II: The Countdown, which shows on the cover, the 9/11 code discovered in the Bible.


In the Bible code (p.105), Drosnin had already found "1939"; "World War"; "A. Hitler"; and "Nazi" encoded in the same place, and the year 2012 was encoded with "comet", "earth annihilated" and "It will be crumbled, I will tear to pieces"- see item 10.

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Near-Death Experience and 2012


I have recently discovered several apparently independent accounts in which people undergoing a near death experience or NDE, have been given access to information about 2012.


The most detailed account I found is that of Cassandra Musgrave, of which a brief version can be found here.


A more detailed account can be found at this site, from which the following is quoted:

Cassandra Musgrave's NDE Revelations
For Cassandra Musgrave, the odyssey into the hereafter began one bright summer day. She says,

"I feel that my near-death experience was a real gift. I feel it was a real blessing. It really awakened me. I was water skiing in Northern California and when I fell down by some freak accident, the rope twisted around my left arm and dragged me behind the boat.


And I found myself being pulled at a very rapid speed and unable to get any air. And my friends, who were goofing off, didn’t stop the boat because they weren’t paying any attention."

As she began to drown, Cassandra remembers entering into a kind of dream-like state she feels was the beginning of her near-death experience.

"All of a sudden, I was out of my body watching myself being pulled along and thinking ‘This is really incredible. This is really quite amazing.’ On an inner level, I was being pulled through a very dark tunnel. I didn’t feel afraid at all. All of a sudden, found myself coming into a wide open space with stars all around like out in the universe."

It was in this cosmic emptiness that Cassandra claims to have received prophecy.

"Basically, I saw that there was a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012. Things will be greatly accelerated on earth. All these things will be manifest by great earth changes: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds.


I also saw there were certain areas that would be particularly affected – the areas of the east coast, which will be surprised regarding earthquakes. I remember very clearly Japan slipping into the ocean. I was shown there was going to be something akin to 3 days of darkness. I don’t feel it is from a nuclear war.


To me, it was more of a feeling of natural earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that would block the sun. We are all going to be on a roller-coaster ride, and yet it is not forever. If we have darkness for 3 days, it will pass. We will always have the light."

A general summary of the visions of near-death-experiencers can be found at, and includes Cassandra's vision as part of an overview.

Dannion Brinkley's NDE
Dannion Brinkley is a more famous case, since he had an NDE that lasted 28 minutes.


This is the longest clinically documented NDE ever recorded. His experiences during these 28 minutes are related in great detail in his best seller, Saved by the Light, but briefly:

On September 17, 1975, Dannion Brinkley was talking on the phone during a thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning hit the phone line, sending thousands of volts of electricity into his head and down his body. His heart stopped, and he died, but in the process, he had a near-death experience. When Brinkley revived in the morgue after twenty-eight minutes of death, he had an incredible story to tell.

At, we can find details of Brinkley's story. Briefly, he found himself floating above his body, went down a spiralling tunnel into a bright light where he was approached by a bright silver being that radiated love. He then re-experienced his life (which had been one full of aggression, including a spell in the marines).


He judged himself, feeling the pain he had caused others and also the positive affects he had caused. he was taken to a crystalline city of light. He saw a group of 13 beings representing the signs of the zodiac and a being that presided over the other 12.

Dannion was approached by each one of these beings with what looked like a small box. Each time this happened the box opened up to reveal what looked like a small TV screen. Scenes showing events from the future appeared on the screen that would grow in size until Dannion found himself inside the scene.


These were major world events that would take place in the future.


There were over 300 of these scenes, 117 of these were Major world events that Dannion was told would take place in the future (1975 to 2012). Dannion was immersed in events ranging from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, the break-up of the former Soviet Union, the Gulf War, changes to our Earth's climate, breakthroughs in technology and many other things. Now (in 2002) about 100 of these very specific global events have already occurred.


After getting instructions for the building of special centres, Brinkley was sent back to his body which had already been issued with a death certificate, and was cold and covered in a sheet (and, in this version, just about to be taken to the morgue). Following alot of pain and paralysis, Dannion found he had telepathic and precognitive powers.


His predictions are said to be coming to pass with astounding accuracy; 95 of the 117, according to one source.


Regarding 2012, when asked by an interviewer, How bad will it get, Dannion?

He replied:

Or how good will it get? I think it will get really bad geographically, and topographically but in spiritual consciousness it is going to grow in leaps and bounds. Oh, I wouldn't miss it for the world!


This earth is changing as the entire universe is changing because between 2004 and 2014, more precisely between 2011 and 2012 , we will experience the return of an energy system that existed here a long time ago. You can call it a spiritually uplifting consciousness, the Second Coming, or the birth of the Aquarian Age.

On another page at the same site, he is also quoted as follows:

In closing, this is my hope rather than a prophetic prediction: as all the earth changes, both subtle and massive come to pass, one by one, and most especially with the occurrence of the electro-magnetic polar earth shift (between 2012-2014) I hope we all will seize the opportunities for growth which will undoubtedly present themselves to promote our inner development of spiritual virtues.

Phyllis Atwater's NDEs
Phylis Atwater (also known as PMH Atwater), underwent three NDEs, and a kundalini experience. As a result, she became a researcher into near-death experiences (and author of 8 books ).


In her research into child NDEs, she found that many of the children were reporting predictions of Earth changes and she has correlated the timing of the culmination of these to December 2012, which she says will not only be the start of the Mayan Fifth World, but also the start of the "fifth root race".

Jackie's NDE
An Australian woman called Jackie, who experienced 2 NDEs in 1979, says that she received an important message from the angels, but couldn’t quite remember what it was. Ever since, she’s been looking for cues to jog her memory.


While attending a Vancouver NDE conference, she got the cue she needed during a talk by PMH Atwater, following which she said,

"It’s all come back. It started yesterday in the experiencers’ session. Then this morning – I already knew everything that woman said!".

In her talk she informed us that NDErs are in effect God’s new chosen people. They’re sent back to life with extraordinary powers to pave the way for the consciousness revolution that will transmute our planet beginning in 2012.


Pam Reynolds' NDE
Another source says that a woman called Pam Reynolds of Atlanta, Georgia, also had a near-death experience involving a vision of 2012:

This happened about ten years ago when she was dying from a brain tumor...She saw future events like earth changes and a breakthrough in physics and a consciousness change near 2012. She didn't see the end of the world, just changes.

Ken Kalb's NDE
Finally, Ken Kalb's book, The Grand Catharsis, was based on a lucid vision gained during a near death experience in 1969.

"It is a history of consciousness from 1987 to 2012 weaving together many bodies of knowledge to focus on the real issues for the new millennium".

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Cosmic Locusts


There is an excellent new novel called Cosmic Locusts - The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan and Biblical Prophecy by Joel J. Keene, who wrote the book following a series of synchronicities.


Joel's birth date is, astrologically, on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius, which is the celestial position of Galactic Centre, and even more accurately, the Galactic equator.


When he heard that the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya was designed to terminate at the point when the winter solstice sun converges on this very point, in 2012, and concurrently found that the Biblical book of Joel, (which is his name), seems to describe Earth's future passage through the tail of a comet, Joel became aware of a clustering of more synchronicities around himself.


He started to write it all down in a fictional format, because it was all so incredible, but like Robert Anton Wilson, when he wrote the fact-based but fictional Illuminatus! Trilogy, Joel found that the synchronicities were continuing.


For example, he had written of a 2012-convergence of a burst of energy from Galactic Centre, and the return of the shattered remains of a comet, only to find that astro-physicist Paul LaViolette had already said that we are overdue for a burst of energy from Galactic Centre, and connected it with the Mayan end-point, and that dendro-chronologist, Mike Baillie has found evidence that an ancient shattered comet became associated with the mythology of the Birth of Venus, (Quetzalcoatl) which is also associated with the start of the 13-Baktun cycle.


Then he found in Ray Stanford's book, The Fatima Prophecy, that the famous series of prophecies of the end-times given to the children at Fatima, spoke of the birth of the planet Venus being responsible for the ascension of mankind.

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OOBEs (OBEs) and 2012


Christopher Bache,

"is a professor of philosophy at Arizona State University, and does research in self-inducted "Out of Body" (OBE) experiences. In one of his OBEs he was told, by a number of points of light (he assumed they were spirits), that around 2012 the world would go through a global crisis unparalleled in human history (Apocalypse?).


They did not tell him what would happen. Because he is a scientific thinker he began look for what this crisis could be".

He has now concluded that it will be an environmental disaster caused by humanity.


Coincidentally (or not) 2012 is the target date for the world to get its greenhouse gases under control. This is known as the Kyoto Protocol. Prof. Brache has written 2 books, Dark Night, Early Dawn: Steps to a Deep Ecology of Mind, and Lifecycles: Reincarnation & the Web of Life.


If you like the sound of a University degree in Transformation, called Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness, Christopher Bache is on the team, along with Stanislas Grof and David Ulansey, at C.I.I.S. California, USA.

Navajo Indian J. Reuben Silverbird , born blind, up to age 5, learned to travel out of body; At age seven, "just two years after my wonderful miracle of sight, I had another, most horrifying vision that will remain with me until the day the Creator decides I am ready to go to the mountain and join my dear parents, Sun Bear and Thomas Banyanca. The experience conceived the year 2012 and my death and bringing back to life by a spiritual, almost Holy Stranger.


This story and the one about my blindness is too long and will be a part of my book "Spiritual Healing Words of Wisdom".

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Behemoth and Leviathan


E.Din Land of Righteousness is a massive work by El a.k.a. Elliott Rudisill, with over 350 pages of very small print.


The author has used not only the Bible, but the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, and other apocryphal works, combined with the works of Zecharia Sitchin, to form his interpretation of human history.


He also lists the Popol Vuh, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Talmud, Upanishads, Kabbalah and Koran in his list, as well as some of the most influential books on 2012:

  • John Major Jenkins' Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

  • Arguelles' The Mayan Factor

  • Gilbert & Cotterell's The Mayan Prophecies

  • LaViolette's Earth Under Fire

  • Ambilac's Giza-Genesis (!)

The planet Nibiru is said by the author to have passed through the solar system around 5100 BC, (no reference is given), and is predicted to return around 2012 AD, possibly as the "New Jerusalem" (p.210).


The book of Job is analyzed in detail, since Job was shown how to survive after his family were killed by a meteor, and it becomes apparent that the 2 "monsters of the deep" Behemoth and Leviathan, mentioned in the book, are actually huge asteroids swimming in the sea of space.


Daniel, Psalms, and Enoch all mention these monsters too, and, when cross-referenced with St. John's Revelation, their consistency and route can be surmised.

By combining the Great Pyramid timeline, the "Enochian Jubilee Calendar", and the 13-baktun cycle of the Maya, the author comes up with a "Galactic Calendar" at the root of them all, (p.282-286), and is able to plot an unfolding scenario. That scenario is as follows:

Between autumn 2004 and spring 2005, an asteroid/comet will impact the Earth and penetrate the crust (p.344). Then a star will appear in Pisces. This is Leviathan, and its apparent route will be via Cygnus ; Andromeda, Cassiopeia and Perseus; Auriga; Gemini; and Orion (p.267). Around the same time that Leviathan appears in Pisces, Behemoth will travel from the "Southern Constellations" of Hydras; Mensa (Table Mountain); Bird of Paradise, Chameleon, Flying fish, Toucan, Phoenix; Eridanus (The River); Reticulum (The Net); Fornax (The Furnace), up to the end of Eridanus, where it meets Orion (p.268).


Since Behemoth is "the one that hides", it may remain hidden until it gets to Orion. Behemoth has "ten horns" and Leviathan has "seven heads", but when they meet in Orion, "somewhere in the middle of 2008 CE" (CE = AD), they combine to become the "seven headed ten horned "Red Dragon" " of the book of Revelation. The Red Dragon is "cast into the pit" around summer solstice 2008 (p.329); or the Leviathan part is, while the Behemoth component by-passes Earth, but returns in 2012 due to being thrown off orbit by the galactic super- wave that Paul LaViolette has predicted.

Mercury (Archangel Michael) collides with the Red Dragon (Leviathan), and Venus and Jupiter may also be hit, but the Moon will take a severe hammering, and may blow apart, with the pieces hitting Earth along with Leviathan (p.328). Three and a half years later (42 months or 1260 days), Behemoth will return, becoming Osiris reborn, or the reborn First Father of the Maya, (p.329).


The galactic super- wave will come into view in Sagittarius, where Galactic Centre is located, appearing as a blue star, or the eye of God, "shortly before the winter of 2012 CE" (p.344), and will arrive at the same time as Behemoth and as Nibiru, which will be the "descent of the New Jerusalem"(p.333).


So what is this "Galactic Calendar?


The author wanted to find a Hebrew source that supplied independent confirmation of a 2012 "end-point", to connect the Maya 13-baktun cycle end-point with the Judaeo-Christian "Judgment Day" scenario.


The "Jubilee calendar" of the Hebrews is certainly ancient, and was thus examined for a possible connection. The Jubilee was originally simply 7 periods of 7 years, making a total of 49, then adding the Jubilee year to make 50, when years were still reckoned by the Moon (354 days long).


Later, when solar years were used, the Jubilee period was 49 solar years. The author - Elliot Rudisill - found a common denominator in the number 5,096, which can be divided by 49 (years in a Jubilee cycle) and 52 (years in a Mayan Calendar Round) as well as 104 (years in a Mayan Venus Round). Thus, the 5,096-year period represents 98 Calendar rounds and 104 Jubilee cycles. Since this 5,096-year period is 29 years shorter than the 5,125-year Mayan 13-baktun cycle, then if it began 29 years after the start of the Mayan cycle, it would terminate in 2012 too (p.284).

To check this presumption, Rudisill brings in the "Egyptian calendar built into the Great Pyramid of Giza", by which he must mean the great pyramid timeline, where measurements of "pyramid inches" represent years.


Charles Berlitz said that the timeline ended on 17 September 2001 but Peter LeMesurier found prophecies continuing to 3989 AD. Rudisill takes a period of 10 Jubilee cycles - 490 years - and adds it to the date the great pyramid was supposedly built, although he says it wasn't, but "there was an alignment between the stars and the "Great Pyramid" in the year 2623 BCE" (p.284; no reference given) to arrive at 3113 BC (=3114 BC).


Then, taking another star alignment date of the pyramid "the last "Pole Star Draconis" and the descending shaft"- 2141 BCE (no ref.) - and counts 482 years between these alignment dates, and continuing on to a full 490-year period (10 Jubilee cycles) leads to the year 2133 BCE.

Since God said the Jubilee periods had been neglected (during the sojourn of the Israelites in Egypt), and would not be restored until the Exodus, and some have dated the Exodus at 1437 BCE, and this is 696 years after 2133 BCE, and 696 years is "only 4 years" short of 700 years, which is 100 periods of 7 years, Rudisill says,

"This calculated "error" I will call it, of 4 years is so close to "exact" we may be seeing the year 1433 BCE as the "actual" year the "Jubilee Calendar" was "re-started". This equates to a time period of 1,680 years from 3113 BCE and 3,445 years to the year 2012 CE." (p.285).

In other words, with enough determination, you can make any theory sound plausible, by being sufficiently long-winded and confusing; providing no references, (apart from a bibliography), and no index. In this way, it is very difficult for anyone to check up on your claims, and cause the whole house of cards to come crashing down.

Three and a half years (3.5 x 360, or 1260) days after summer solstice 2008 is 3 December 2011, not winter solstice 2012 (p.329), and it seems to have been this timing that led to the placing of 2008 as the impact of Leviathan, working back from 2012; working back from the winter solstice of 2012, would put the impact at 10 July 2009.


This kind of error is not acceptable, when your diagrams show (after Ambilac) the timing of the winter solstice event down to a second (12/21/2012 10:18:13) p.278-9; 299-307.

Another 40 year error is explained as follows:

"This equates to only .004 hundreds in error, closer than the error factor of the "Great Pyramid's" representation of Earth's circumference! " (p.286).

When it is calculated, this error (40 years out of 10,290) comes out as 0.38%, which is either ten times less, or a hundred times less than ".004 hundreds", depending on what that means (.004 = 4 thousandths). In a similar way, Ambilac also shot themselves in the foot trying to say how much more accurate they were than the pyramid-builders; see item 39.

On p.295 we are told, " Revelation tells us we have a 2.5 million-man army that will conduct a fight here on Earth". However, the only army numbered in Revelation is a 200 million-strong army (Rev.9 v.16). that is 80 times larger, or an error of 800%, and although it doesn't seem to make much difference, since the army is identified as a swarm of meteors, it would be if you'd just survived a storm of 2.5 million meteors, only to be told that it would be the same every day for the next 80 days!

On p.307 it says that on one side of the world, Mesoamerica connects to the Galactic centre on the Milky Way, while on the other side of world, Cairo, connects to the point on the Milky Way opposite to Galactic Centre (they connect via astronomy encoded into myth).


Okay, but then it continues to say that there is a twelve hour difference between them, so that at 10:18:13 AM in Mexico, while Mexico looks up at the solstice sun, it will be 10:18:13 PM in Egypt, as people there look up at an array of planets in the night sky.


We are told, "Both are "exactly" 180 degrees apart from each other", meaning both the Galactic center and Galactic Anticentre; and Cairo and Mexico.


While it is true of the celestial locations, it is not true of the terrestrial - Cairo is on 32 degrees longitude, and Mexico city is at 99 degrees longitude - that's not 180 degrees apart, its 131 degrees - that's a 49 degree error! Also, 10:18:13 AM in Mexico equals 18:18:13 PM in Cairo, not 22:18:13 - an error of 4 hours, in which time the sky changes completely.

The theory of Leviathan and Behemoth as celestial bodies like asteroids or dead binary stars was an interesting idea, but there is too much waffle, too many huge errors and too little in the way of references.

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Smelyakov update


In What's new item 27, I mentioned David Wilcock's references to the work of Dr. Alexey Dmitriev, in his paper Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life which analyses the increasing solar system changes, and concludes that the solar system is passing through a magnetized band of plasma.


This Russian source of information has now been acknowledged by Professor James M. McCanney who has been working since the 1970s to find the scientific basis to Immanuel Velikovsky's theory.


His Plasma Discharge Comet Model includes an analysis of the solar changes and changes to the planets, and finds that the approach of Planet X is responsible (Planet X is the astronomer's term for an as yet un-named planet, that has been sought beyond Pluto), but his description does sound like Nibiru.


McCanney is the first scientist to agree on the existence an incoming planet, and says it will appear some time in the next 10 years (i.e. by 2012-2013), but may arrive as early as May 2003. If so, it will be visible in February from New Zealand. Unbelievably, May 2003 is the time predicted for the arrival of Nibiru by the Zeta Talk site, who got the information by channeling Zeta reticulans, but McCanney distances himself from them.

However, there is now a third possible culprit that is causing these changes, according to a Russian professor. Sergey Smelyakov, who is a professor of mathematics at Kharkov University, (Ukraine, Russia), came up with an interesting theory called The Auric Time Scale and The Mayan Factor but based it on a start date given by Jose Arguelles which was over a year in error.


He had to re-write the theory as a result, but wrote an exclusive summary (Astrological Roots and Forecasting of Some Acute World Trends for the Current Epoch) of the updated theory for 2012: Dire Gnosis. He has just completed the first 2 issues of a 5-part mega-theory that includes The Auric Time Scale, and in Issue 2 part 3 - paragraph 3.3), he mentions that the star Eta Carinae shows all the signs of going "hypernova", which is hundreds of times more powerful than a supernova.


This is predicted for July 2003. Paragraph 3.5 introduces The Auric Time Scale, but part 3 will present the revised theory in a chapter called THE GOLDEN SECTION OF TIME IN SPACE AND HISTORY.

The 5-Issue mega-theory contents page is here: THE PREDICTED UNKNOWN - A DECADE OF VOLTE–FACE

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