KV 50 (Unknown)



General Site Information
Structure: KV 50
Location: Valley of the Kings, East Valley, Thebes West Bank, Thebes
Owner: Unknown
Other designations: Animal Tomb
Site type: Tomb


KV 50 is located in the west branch of the southwest wadi. The tomb consists of a shaft entryway (A) and a chamber (B) and is one of the smaller pit tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The tomb was undecorated, but contained animal mummies.

Site History
KV 50 is one of a group of three adjacent tombs referred to as the "Animal Tombs." The two others are KV 51 and KV 52. The tombs are said to have belonged to pets of the king, perhaps Amenhetep II because of the proximity of his tomb (KV 35). But this theory cannot be verified. The wooden coffin fragments could belong to an official or be parts of a coffin for an animal. The tomb was robbed in antiquity.

This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 (perhaps the reign of Amenhetep II)

History of Exploration
Ayrton, Edward Russell (1906): Discovery (made for Theodore M. Davis)
Ayrton, Edward Russell (1906): Excavation (conducted for Theodore M. Davis)

 -  Site condition: The tomb is inaccessible and filled with debris.


















Printable Tomb Drawings


Axis in degrees: 208.51
Axis orientation: Southwest

Site Location
Latitude: 25.44 N
Longitude: 32.36 E
JOG map reference: NG 36-10
Modern governorate: Qena (Qina)
Ancient nome: 4th Upper Egypt

Maximum height: 1.51 m
Minimum width: 0.79 m
Maximum width: 1.59 m
Total length: 3.79 m
Total area: 5.11 m²
Total volume: 5.25 m³

Additional Tomb Information
Entrance location: Hillside
Owner type: Animal
Entrance type: Shaft
Interior layout: Chamber
Axis type: Straight

Categories of Objects Recovered
Mammal mummies
Tomb equipment