KV 41 (Unknown)



General Site Information
Structure: KV 41
Location: Valley of the Kings, East Valley, Thebes West Bank, Thebes
Owner: Unknown
Other designations:
Site type: Tomb


The tomb is located behind Dayr al Bahri in the so-called "Valley of the Pits." It consists of a shaft about 11.24 m (36.88 feet) deep. The tomb has no side chambers and was never finished.

Site History
Elizabeth Thomas suggested that KV 41 belonged to Queen Tetisheri, wife of King Seqenenra Ta'a II, one of the last kings of Dynasty 17. If this is the case, then this tomb was one of the first tombs built for a queen in the Valley. There is no evidence to confirm this theory. The tomb was never used and no objects were recovered.

This site was used during the following period(s):

New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 (early)

History of Exploration
Loret, Victor (1899): Discovery (made for the Service des Antiquités)
Loret, Victor (1899): Excavation (conducted for the Service des Antiquités)
Bénédite, Georges Aaron (1900): Visit
Steindorff, Georg (1902): Visit
Institut français d'archéologie orientale (1991): Excavation (conducted in association with the Faculty of Archaeology of Cairo University)

 -  Site condition: The tomb was recently cleared.












Printable Tomb Drawings


Axis in degrees: 90
Axis orientation: East

Site Location
Latitude: 25.44 N
Longitude: 32.36 E
JOG map reference: NG 36-10
Modern governorate: Qena (Qina)
Ancient nome: 4th Upper Egypt

Maximum height: 11.23 m
Minimum width: 1.82 m
Maximum width: 1.82 m
Total length: 1.62 m
Total area: 2.96 m²
Total volume: 33.13 m³

Additional Tomb Information
Entrance location: Hillside
Entrance type: Shaft
Interior layout: Shaft
Axis type: Straight