by John Lash

Flanders 27 December 2009
revised January 2011, Flanders

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In the entire world a single sacred artifact preserves in clear and coherent form the complete pattern of the World Ages.


This is the Dendera Zodiac, a bas-relief from southern Egypt preserved in the Louvre. Densely encoded with myth and historical allusion, this artifact preserves the wisdom of forgotten ancestors who saw into the secrets of time.


Designed like a time-scanning dial, it reveals the mythic pattern of humanity’s experience over 26 millennia.




The Zodiacal Ages (Arien, Piscean, Aquarian) are engraved on the Dendera Zodiac in pictures that can be cross-linked to star-patterns and in turn to historical periods. The result is a comprehensive agenda, a visionary overview of human development in the long term.


Dendera demonstrates initiated knowledge of the full 26,000-year cycle of astronomical timing (precession), including the start-point or zero hour of the full cycle. Such precision is not possible without knowledge of the direction to the galactic center and precessional alignment with the center, or lock-in-phase, coming in 2216 CE.

The DZ registers the oldest known calenderic date, 4241 BCE.


On that count alone, this artifact is unique in the world, but it also exhibits several remarkable features not found in any other ancient relic. It displays the comprehensive framework of World Ages with specific reference to the time in which we are now living, and the two centuries ahead.


Studies based on that framework support the correlation of Hindu, Egyptian, Mayan and Aztec calendrics in an intelligible manner, so that cosmic timing can be factored right down to the immediate era.

Correction of the Maya Endtime

In the fall of 2009 Mayanist scholars recalculated the Long Count to check the widely accepted end-date of December 21, 2012, established by the Goodman-Martinez-Thompson correlation to the Julian calendar.


Dutch and German scientists now propose the corrected date of 2208. This is just eight off from my calculation of the zero hour of the World Ages based on Denderic chronology: 2216 CE.


Hence, the Maya-Egyptian correlation I derive from the DZ is almost exact.
January 2010 Flanders

The Dendera Zodiac was not merely the tool of Egyptian astronomical science. It also encodes secrets of an ancient cult of sacred biology.


The myth of Hathor and her son Horus links our collective story to Goddess-based societies that thrived before the rise of civilization around 4000 BCE. Dendera was the center of the Hathor cult that preceded the internecine patriarchal regimes of Setian and Osirian priesthoods in the Nile Valley (the former not to be confused with the Gnostic term, Sethian, designating the Children of Seth).


Those priesthoods managed the longest surviving theocracy in the world, but they did so, to some extent, using eugenic and biochemical expertise of the Denderic priestesses dedicated to Hathor-Horus, a mother-son couple without a father or male progenitor.

In the origin of theocracy inhere the causes of its ending. The Dendera Zodiac carries a prophetic message for an age of biotechnology in which humanity aspires to outdo nature and manipulate life itself.




The World Ages measured in the Zodiac provide the ultimate key to the evolutionary learning curve of humanity.


The 26,000-year cycle inscribed at Dendera locates our present moment in the pattern of cosmic timing. A hitherto undetected feature (axis E) points to galactic structure only known to astronomers in the last forty years.


Another feature, axis D, dated 3102 BCE, identifies the start of Kali Yuga, an era of moral degeneration and rare opportunity, described in startling predictions in Tantric writings such as the Mahanirvana Tantra. Hindu chronology correlated to Dendera provides insight into the current world crisis and points to a unique spiritual practice suited to the last two centuries of Kali Yuga, 1945 - 2216.

The meaning of the millennium and the coming Age (Aquarius) can be found in the pattern of Ages past. Dendera decoded can teach us how to live in the present with more wisdom and more wonderment.




Isis and the Pig

Section of the Dendera Zodiac showing the "tablet of destiny" (Pegasus square) between the two Fishes. The circle attached to the lower (western) Fish shows the goddess Isis holding a pig by the tail (partially effaced).


Pigs were sacred to Demeter and other maternal goddesses of the Old World, the Near East, and Africa.


Images of pig and cow, the animal sacred to the bovine goddess Hathor at Dendera, suggest a working knowledge of eugenics and selective breeding, including human interbreeding to produce the Pharaonic families.





A great deal of modern experimentation in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination has been done with the bovine species.


Dolly the cloned sheep was a rather misleading instance, in that respect. In the ancient past, the genetic lines of the Pharaohs were selectively bred by the Osirian priesthood that continues to this day in the Masonic order.


The genetically engineered Pharaohs had to show respect to the priestesses of Dendera in an elaborate ceremony of enthronement depicted on the walls of the temple.


Addendum January 2011

Man is wolf to man.

Ancient Celtic saying.

Interesting symbolism here.


For some time now, global panics around mad cow disease, swine flu, and bird flu have troubled the world. It is pretty certain that such panics have been orchestrated to profit pharmaceutical companies and advance a fascist agenda of totalitarian control. The danger facing humanity is twofold: deliberately induced plagues, and genuine ones, acts of nature.

The pattern of globalist deceit in the former case is alarming, to say the least. The globalist control-freaks appear to be using a "boy cries wolf" tactic in their application of the Hegelian dialectic, problem-reaction-solution. How does this tactic work? Imagine a number of plague hoaxes, such as the N1H1 swine flu epidemic.


These orchestrations may reflect a sinister design to achieve four aims:

  1. first, to generate huge profits for pharmaceutical companies, the corporate pharma giants

  2. second, to put the public in a general state of paranoia worldwide, and make them appear dependent upon the state for protection from nature's assault

  3. third, to inoculate as many people as possible with rigged vaccines intended to harm rather than protect

  4. four, to prepare the way for an ultimate eugenics cull, a true pandemic that will reduce population worldwide

For the fourth aim, the boy cries wolf tactic comes into play:

The globalist manipulators let it be known that that they are hoaxing the public and deliberating inducing plagues.

As part of their plan, they allow themselves to be exposed so that some people will claim no epidemic threat exists except orchestrated ones meant to scare people - then they hit the world with a true, massive epidemic attack, using biological and biochemical warfare.


They make the boy cry wolf so that when they set the wolf on him, warnings will be to no avail. This is diabolically clever, of course. But the globalist control-freaks are nothing less than that, it must be said.

What does the imagery of the Dendera Zodiac tell us about this frightening aspect of life today? Well, the DZ points ahead to our time, not because its designers had us and our situation in mind, and not because they prophetically foresaw our plight - I make no such claims in their behalf.


Rather, it points to our time because it graphically frames the entire 25,960-year cycle of precession (the Kalpa) and we are living in the last 200 years of that cycle.



The Dendera Revelation

Here is another view of Axis E, the fifth axis in the DZ which I discovered in 1998. No other scholar has noted the remarkable feature of this axis, namely:

It extends from Spica, the star in the hand of the Virgin, through the center of the DZ (jackal's paw) to the Ram-headed altar on the periphery, neatly bisecting the altar.




Thus it links the internal and external iconography of the artifact:

precessional time (internal design) and biological processes under the lunar cycle (external design, depicting the solilunar circuit by decans, units of ten).

The line so inscribed passes through the constellation of the Fishes, Pisces, showing the alignment of the vernal equinox at the end of the Kalpa, the full cycle of 26,000 years.


Hence, the position of this axis points to now, our moment in the mythic pattern of the Ages.




A right angle from the jackal's paw off Axis E points exactly to the Archer, Sagittarius, and the location of the galactic center near the tip of the archer's arrow:




This right angle reveals the infrastructure of the entire graphic display of the DZ, which could not have been unintentional.


Considered as the illustrated face of a cosmic clock, the circle of thirteen Zodiacal constellations has to have a zero hour defined from outside the Zodiac. Otherwise, there is no way to know where the sequence of Ages begins and ends.


The external or extra-Zodiacal point that defines the Zodiacal sequence is the galactic center, located by a sightline toward the tip of the Archer's arrow. When the winter solstice reaches this point in 2216 CE, the current precessional cycle of 25,920 years ends, and a new one begins.


The Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian and Hindu calendars can be correlated to this date, using the DZ at the master template, the revelation of the Zodiacal Ages.



2012 Wake Up Call

The threat of end-time epidemics may trigger deep survival programs in the collective unconscious of humanity. Equally so, it may trigger Biblical-style end-time paranoia and mass psychosis leading to self-destruction.

A knowledge of eugenic science, including full disclosure of its secret uses and abuses through the ages, is essential to the education of the human race. Understanding the use of eugenics by the globalist mafia prepares humanity to take responsibility for its own future.


No other issue of our time presents such an opportunity, framed in a life or death situation. The dark side of eugenics is become more widely recognized almost day by day now. But the other side of this threat is also coming into view: the opportunity to recover and reinstate goddess wisdom as reflected in the life sciences, biology, biochemistry, genetics, and more.


The sciences of Hathor comprise the wisdom that directs all life.


This wisdom alone empowers us as individuals to stand against the psychotic tendencies in our species, tendencies that enable a small group to control society at large and deceive the entire world about the source and direction of life itself.

In the bubble beneath the western Fish, Isis holds a pig: In our time, the swine flue epidemic has been the most revealing clue to awaken the world to biological hoaxes and orchestrated, deliberately induced epidemics. Far from being a cure, the H1N1 vaccine is know to be a eugenics fix, designed to harm and kill those who accept it. This is not a alarmist claim but a well-documented fact.


Whatever the Egyptians meant by the image of Isis and the pig, what it means for us today, 200 years from the turnover of the total precessional cycle, is clear and cogent:

life itself is a weapon for those who hate the divine source of life and would control it for their own aims, driven by a god-complex.

The specific form of the god-complex that motivates the globalist control-freaks and NWO masterminds today does not come from Middle Eastern theocracies, but specifically from Egypt.


What transpired over millennia in the valley of the Nile was a unique experiment in social engineering run by a technocratic elite consisting of two sacerdotal cults, the Osirian and Setian orders. These groups are today reincarnated in the Jesuits and the Masons, respectively.


There is, and always has been, a lot of internecine disputation between these groups, but they agree on one point:

the necessity for complete control of biological processes.

Their imperative aim is to have such control entirely held and managed by the technocratic elite.

Reading the DZ in concordance with the signs of the times, this astonishing artifact may be regarded as pointing to the showdown now facing the human species:

between those who are madly attempting to control life and those who want to co-evolve with the greater designs of the planet.

The boy cries wolf tactic may be close to its final application. 2010 was the year of sudden reckoning, and 2011 follows in that vein. No need to wait for 2012 for the wake up call. It has already rung.

Millions of birds falling out of the sky around the world, millions of fish dead on the shores of the ocean and the borders of rivers - so begins the year 2011.

  • Are these events due to nature or to human meddling with nature, with the intent of a deliberate assault on planetary life itself?

  • Are the birds and fishes the first line of casualties in the immanent attack on the human species itself?

Egyptologists say that the pig Isis holds by the tail was simply a way to indicate a lunar eclipse.


Well, the total lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 happened exceptionally to coincide with the winter solstice. It was the only total lunar eclipse to coincide with the winter solstice since 1638, and only the second in the Common Era - that is, going back 2000 years.


It was followed by the annular solar eclipse of January 4, 2011, which occurred as the earth transits its perihelion, the point on its orbit closest to the sun.


These two eclipses in that setting are exceptionally rare events, astronomically speaking. I read these celestial signs to indicate escalation of world events toward the final conflict of control versus co-evolve, in which the future of our species will be decided.


If the DZ had been designed to point ahead to a key moment in the close of the Kalpa, indicating it by specific reference to the solilunar eclipse cycles, there would have been no more appropriate moment in the far future than the one that is now transpiring.

I do not claim that Isis and the pig in the Dendera Zodiac were intended to point to this current moment in human history. But archetypal symbolism is transtemporal, operating in the timeless zone of the anima mundi, the imagination of the world.


Whatever Isis and the pig originally signified in the minds of the designers of the DZ, today that cameo signifies exactly what we are facing. And Hathor-Isis is precisely the goddess implicated in our species' choice of co-evolution or death.


The timing belongs to her: that is to say, her action in human imagination - if she be recognized at all - will strongly affect the outcome of these alarming events, and may counteract the predatory insanity coming toward the human species from its own kind.



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