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The Papyrus of Ani, Chapter 77


To assume the form of a hawk of gold. Words spoken by the the Osiris Ani Ani [sic]:

I ascend from the balcony as a hawk of gold coming forth from its egg.

I have flown; I have alighted as a hawk of gold of seven cubits on its back, its wings like southern emerald.

I have come forth from Evening Boat, and I have brought my heart from the mountain of the east.

I have alighted in the Morning Boat, and I have brought those who are in their company, bowing down.

I ascend; I am brought together as a beautiful golden hawk, phoenix-headed.

Ra enters among my fathers [other papyri have "Ra enters every day to hear his words"]. I sit among those gods, the great ones of Nut.

I have rested, the Field of Offerings in my presence. I eat there; I am glorified there.

I have abundance to my heart's desire, which the grain-god Nepri gives me for my throat.

I have gained power over myself, as guardian of my head.