The "Lost Tombs" Revisited

"Success Has a Thousand Fathers ..."

Part I

For some time, it has been apparent to many who have followed our investigations across these many years that we have been "under attack" for simply asking several increasingly "uncomfortable" (to whom?) scientific questions. Despite these continuing efforts to distract us from our work ... we have persevered.

But recently, these childish personal assaults from unceasing trivialization of our credentials, accomplishments and professional associations, to overt "name calling" (which apparently passes for "informed criticism" in the minds of some of these "dim bulbs") have undergone an unprecedented major escalation: our discovery of a desperate, paid campaign of vicious, particularly venomous personal assaults and innuendo ... which suddenly appeared last Fall simultaneous with our investigation (at the request of Art Bell) of a mysterious "radio signal" ostensibly coming from "deep space."

In pursuit of answers to this "signal," we eventually (with the help of "inside" Pentagon sources) linked events purported to be coming from a distant star called "EQ Pegasus" - located at 19.5 degrees declination in the Northern Hemisphere (by now, an obvious code!) - to some equally remarkable events occurring on the ground (actually, underground!) in northern Arizona ... at a place called "Turret Peak." We even managed to turn up a bizarre association of these events with a series of unprecedented electronic "anomalies" (persisting to this writing..) occurring simultaneously in an extreme-low-frequency (ELF) experimental "listening" network, as well at the national network of civilian and military radar facilities supposedly tracking and recording simple weather!

In fact, this national radar network also now seems to be tracking "something else" ... something which "someone" obviously doesn’t want anyone to think about too deeply ... or, the associated, disturbing "contrails" (and mysterious "unmarked aircraft") that have recently popped up in close proximity as well ...

All of which suddenly earned us unprecedented (but equally negative) additional attention from our "critics," and (it turns out) a generously paid disinformation campaign from a "new kid on the block," a shady character claiming to be an official "NASA Shuttle Documentation Contractor."

All of which would just be so much additional "noise" around our efforts ... were it not for our quiet, continuing investigation of a long-standing deep political connection between the "EQ Peg/Turret Peak/anomalous radar" events in Arizona and beyond ... and unquestioned "Masonic planning" quietly occurring there over a hundred years before (which we first reported publicly during an historic Coast-to-Coast Radio/Internet simulcast with Art Bell, in Phoenix, Arizona, July 14th, 1997.

Specifically, a set of "Egyptian/Masonic/Political Connections" we’ve unearthed, involving the founding and naming of Phoenix (if not a host of other, remarkably "Egyptian" features all around the State!) during the 100-plus-year-old Administration of President (and 33rd Degree mason) Ulysses S. Grant, with the help of Grant himself (talk about a really "Wild, Wild West" ..!).

Events which now include even more provocative linkages, discoveries and "chance" occurrences ... extending from Grant’s hundred-plus year-old Arizona fascination ... to the still-unfolding, current NASA "Masonic rituals and mission planning" .. to the mind-boggling appearance of the mysterious 2-mile wide "Phoenix Lights" themselves, in March,1997 ... to President Clinton’s simultaneous late-night "Florida accident" (the only Presidential trip that Kenneth Starr later ever attempted to investigate ... with it’s equally bizarre "DEFCON 4" alert at NORAD!) ... to the President’s inexplicable (yet, repeated!) "belated" direct references to "Grant" ...

"Connections" that now seem traceable, not just back to Ancient Egypt ... but to Mars itself.

One recent breakthrough in these painstaking investigative efforts came to a head this Spring: the global airing of the Fox "Lost Tombs" Television Special (and our inclusion in it). Also pounced upon and viciously distorted by our enemies - this time, it was also immediately followed by my own major heart attack a few days later!

Here, then, is the real "behind-the-scenes story" of that Special ... an Enterprise breakthrough of no small measure (just look at the reaction) ... and the new "dots" it is now beginning firmly to "connect" ...


On the night of March 2, 1999, the Fox Television Network aired a worldwide, provocative Egyptian Television Special - "Opening the Lost Tombs: Live From Egypt."

What made this telecast "provocative" was the fact that - while ostensibly designed to showcase (one more time!) the Egyptian Director of the Giza Plateau, Dr. Zahi Hawass, and his "live" opening of several mundane tombs - the Special also included major segments directly opposing the public "mainstream" views of Hawass and other standard Egyptologists: including, the first Prime Time airing of theories of a possible "Mars/Terrestrial Connection" for the mysteries of Egypt - our own 16-year investigation of a possible direct link between the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza ... and those at Cydonia (on Mars) itself!

I was chosen as the Network guest that night to lay out these "heretical" ideas, based on the continuing multi-disciplinary inquiry of The Enterprise Mission, and my 1980’s non-fiction best seller on more than two decades of Cydonia research and possible "connections" to the mysteries of Ancient Egypt - "The Monuments of Mars."

My contributions to the 2-hour Fox broadcast (in addition to those of other "alternative" researchers, such as Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, John Anthony West, etc.) focused on my increasing belief, based on these almost two decades of exhaustive Enterprise analyses, that,

"the ruins discovered by NASA at Cydonia over twenty years ago increasingly seem to represent, not ’aliens,’ but a former long-forgotten epoch in human civilization ... straddling at least two worlds ... Earth and Mars - if not a direct hint at our possible one time existence on a host of other satellites and moons across the solar system ... "

As I noted on the show that night,

"This explanation most simply and neatly now accounts for the otherwise almost completely inexplicable presence of a very human-looking ... very Egyptian ... very Sphinx-like ’Face on Mars,’ lying in the deserts of Cydonia ...


"In other words - we are ’the Martians!’"

To buttress this astonishing assertion (which I thought long and hard about, before I finally made it to a worldwide audience ...), I decided to present new, provocative terrestrial archaeological evidence - also never before seen on network television. Evidence I’d just come across, strongly hinting at just such a prior, heretofore unacknowledged "high-tech" civilization ... prior to the known Egyptian period (or any other on this planet ...).

The new data consisted of a series of enigmatic glyphs (see wide-angle photo, with arrow - click image left), photographed by several sets of tourists in recent tours of Egypt, carved into the ceiling beams of a 3000-year old New Kingdom Temple - specifically dedicated to the chief god of the Egyptian pantheon, Osiris.

The reason the association of these glyphs this night with the main Egyptian cult center at Abydos - devoted to "Osiris" - was more than merely "interesting," was the presence of another "coincidental" sub-text to the March 2nd Special: Hawass’ astonishing (if all-too-casual) claim that night to have discovered - deep beneath the Giza Plateau itself - the actual waterlogged Burial Chamber of Osiris ... complete with Coffin!


Remarkably, this ostensible "major discovery" - which Hawass termed repeatedly his "finest Egyptological achievement" - was only briefly mentioned at the end of the 2-hour Show, and then, only in a previously-recorded segment (in a live worldwide telecast ...).

And, in an obvious (and puzzling) contradiction to the preceding segments of the Show - what was in "’Osiris’ coffin" ... was not shown.

Now - if any of Hawass’ fantastic claims that night regarding his "discovery of Osiris’ tomb" were true, given the extraordinary importance of Osiris to Egyptians - the equivalent to Christians of literally finding the tomb of Jesus Christ himself! - this event alone should have been the main thrust of the entire 2-hour Fox Special ..! And it was not--

Raising the familiar specter that, prompted by some last-minute urgings to the Executive Producer specifically from Hawass (a key member of the shadowy group that we have been investigating for so long ...), this part of the Fox Program - just as the curious and increasingly unsettling pattern of repeating "Osirian star alignments" that "Enterprise" has found in 40 years of supposedly "only scientific" NASA missions was but a continuation of the pattern of significant "double messages" that we’ve been tracking lately: one TV program (or TV commercial, or even a major motion picture!) for the general public ... and another, hidden and more profound within the same show, for key "insiders" ... perhaps, even still-believing members of a current "Osiris Cult"--

Alerting them to the impending revelation of "secrets" about the real Heritage of Humans ... long in the keeping of "Osiris" ... now - ready or not - about to come unglued ...

And, because of us, "come unglued" they did that night ... all over "Hawass’ Worldwide Television Special!"

(For another key perspective on what Hawass seems to be up to - with his fantastic claim to have discovered nothing less than "Osiris’ Tomb" (!) - go Here.


It was immediately after this major "Enterprise" network television breakthrough - new evidence, broadcast worldwide, supporting an inexplicable, "high-tech" epoch on this planet - that I suddenly experienced my major "heart attack." While simultaneously--

The most horrendous, carefully-orchestrated campaign was vigorously launched behind my back, to discredit not only the validity of the extraordinary glyphs presented in the Fox Television Special, but to savagely attack "the Messenger" as well - with everything from "200 sophomoric questions," to outright lies about my heart attack.

This broad front assault even included several new Conference discussions here, one sneeringly called "Hoagland’s Last Stand" (I get such a kick out of the fact that I’m paying for all these ...) - joining in the claim that I literally stole the original Abydos discovery in the Fox Show, and had then - somehow - deleted an entire "Lost Tombs" discussion of my "crime" ...

But, as Mark Twain once noted, "Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated..."


Because of these savage and completely unfounded accusations, I want to take this opportunity to clear up a couple of misconceptions about just how we did come by the original Abydos graphics in the first place. And for those who may not fully understand the complexity of these affairs, I would also like to provide a little background on how they ultimately wound up on a world-wide Network Television Show. It didn’t happen "just by accident."

This may take some time, so please bear with me.

Then - I want to unveil some startling new evidence (actually, some of it is very old ...), from Egypt and from elsewhere, directly supporting what I said March 2nd.

But, let’s begin with "when" and "how" the Abydos glyphs originally came to my attention. They came, as much else comes to Enterprise ... from someone who wished to remain totally anonymous.


I get a lot of "stuff" each week - every "public" person does - via fax, e-mail (yes, contrary to published accounts, I do have a private e-mail ... ’til it’s made public; then I have to change it and start all over again ...), and even old-fashioned "snail mail." Unfortunately, there is no way to ever personally respond to even a small fraction of this influx; and even reading it would take far more hours than exist in any reasonable human lifetime ...

So, almost all of it - out of sheer necessity - inevitably gets filed [well, eventually ... J ] for "future reference."

On this particular occasion last Fall, the writer (who had somehow acquired access to my private e-mail address) knew one sure-fire trick to get me to at least pay attention to his message: send along a couple of neat images!

That was all: a "Look at this" ... and the attached (now identified) "Abydos graphics" (see below), that also appear in our original Web posting. I looked ... and instantly dismissed what I saw as but another "Internet prank." What would you think:

Helicopters and hovercraft ... in Ancient Egypt!? (click image below)

I strongly suspected that a bit of "touch-up" in PhotoShop had been applied to a standard set of Egyptian hieroglyphs; after all, the writer didn’t even say where they were located, just a maddening "these are somewhere in Egypt! Interested?" As we were literally in the middle of the so-called "Pegasus Affair" (with its own frustrating "clues" and swirling accusations), I was heavily inclined to think we were just being "set up" one more time ...

But ... damn it: they were extraordinary. What if ..?

Then, in Seattle for a follow-up to our September Conference with Bearden and Van Flandern, I chanced to ask a friend about the "glyphs" - still stored within my laptop--

"Oh, I’ve seen those," she instantly shot back, "Greg Braden photographed them at Abydos, and shows them in his lectures all the time ..."

We immediately tried to call Greg Braden. He was out of town; worse (according to his answering machine), he was out of the Country ... on one of his many "weeks-long pilgrimages" to South America. Dead end.

By now, after an aborted project to go to Egypt myself at the end of the year (tentatively announced on Art Bell early on in 1998 - which is probably why I got the "Abydos" e-mail in the first place), I was in the midst of heavy (and secret!) preparations for the Fox Egyptian Special.


On learning that Braden (whom I had talked to off and on for several years) was actually using versions of the mysterious "Abydos glyphs" in public lectures (although, according to my friend, he hadn’t claimed to have discovered them), I felt much better.


And instantly a thousand times more curious ... Though they still looked like something done in PhotoShop, I now knew that at least one human being - whom I actually knew - had ostensibly seen them in the ceiling there in Egypt!

It was time to try to interest Fox - a major television network - in verifying their astonishing existence ...


Years ago, while at CBS, I pioneered the technique behind what I was contemplating now: getting "television" to do some "boot-legged" major science.

Time and time again during those amazing years (as, during our Network coverage of the Apollo Program; or, for the so-called "Eclipse of the Century"), I somehow managed to convince CBS producers, financial controllers and remote crews to expend resources on ships, satellite transmitters, aircraft, specially-designed airborne telescopes, far-flung ground stations ... if not to undertake literal expeditions far afield (like, in the mountainous wilds of Mexico, in 1970 - chasing the Eclipse), all in a dual effort to provide not only first-rate television ... but first-rate research as well.

This time, "all I had to do" was convince Fox to send a camera crew to Abydos ... There was only one "little" concern:

Unlike my "good ol’ days" at CBS - I wasn’t on the payroll at Fox!


The utter necessity for convincing Fox to send a camera team to Abydos was simple:

"If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it ... does it make a sound?"

Apparently (according to subsequent discussions with my friend, the one who knew Greg Braden) these "high-tech" glyphs from Abydos had been kicking around the "New Age/UFO Community" for years; while no one seemed to be able to tell me who first noticed them (in reply to several discreet inquiries - see below), the general consensus seemed to be (Braden’s first-hand testimony notwithstanding - and he was still unreachable) that it didn’t truly matter anyway ... as they were fakes!

Mike Bara , my friend and colleague in many of these efforts, seemed to remember something looking like the glyphs appearing "a couple years ago ..." on the Whitley Strieber "Communion" Website - only to be totally discounted by Whitley himself as "simple forgeries ..."

It was beginning to look as if my first instincts had been right.

Like too much in the surreal world of "UFOs" and "ancient astronauts" currently thriving on the Internet (and nowhere else!), all that seemed to really have occurred since these "glyphs’" mysterious appearance - carved figures purporting to undermine every bit of ancient history we know! - was a series of back and forth "claims and counterclaims" appearing on the Internet ... which I did not have time (or inclination) to run down; the example of what had happened to former Presidential Press Secretary, Pierre Salinger (right), regarding his involvement a couple years ago in "TWA Flight 800," when he had unfortunately depended on the Internet for key aspects of his research (even though he ultimately was proven by other evidence correct, that the plane had been shot down and the entire incident subsequently covered up!) - came all-too-vividly to mind ...

So, a far larger question loomed: had any truly "independent," real world agency - like a major, global television network! - actually been to Abydos to check the glyphs, to photograph them in their "native habitat" and verify that they were actually, physically there ... suspended in the ceiling of a 3000-year-old Egyptian Temple??!!  Apparently not.

Until that critical verification/falsification was actually carried out, there could be no further scientific progress on either the reality of the Abydos glyphs, or on their "meaning." And obviously, from what I had been hearing, all the talk across the Internet about the "glyphs" had been just that ... talk. No one - Whitley included - had apparently mustered the required resources to lift the discussion out of the so-called "Internet/UFO Community," and place it directly "in the face" of where it actually belonged: as a direct, defensible challenge to the Egyptologists.

And that could not occur until (and unless) a truly independent, major verification effort actually went to Abydos ... and looked.

That’s where Fox, like my previous "alma matter," CBS, could now perform a crucial service to real science ... if I could convince them.

Just by "coincidence," my Fox segment producer, Debra Gussin (who was on the payroll at Fox!), was leaving for Egypt from Los Angeles "within the next few days"; I spent those days furiously trying to convince her,

a) that the glyphs were probably "real," i.e., they were, from at least one first-hand account, in a photographable ruin there in Egypt; and

b) the glyphs (if ultimately determined to be "Real") were fundamentally important to the carefully planned "alternative theme" of not just her segments ... but the entire Fox Live Broadcast!

Debra and her crew left for Egypt mid-December, 1998 - on a "non-stop, two-week, whirlwind interview and location tour ..." I (and she) still did not know, when she left, whether she would have the time, let alone the energy, to even get to "Abydos" ... which is hundreds of miles south of the Giza Plateau (the Prime Site of the Fox Special).


Before she left, though, she did inquire through New York regarding getting "government permission to travel down to Abydos" - and had discovered it would involve (among other items) securing "many permits and armed guards ..." on the President of Egypt’s direct orders, because of the massacre of tourists a couple of years ago at the Temple at Denderah.

So much for a quick "side trip" ...

This, of course, did not even factor in other, last-minute "political" obstacles that could easily be placed anywhere along the way by the Egyptians, if Hawass or his associates got wind that I was actually behind "the Fox request ..."

This very real consideration heavily constrained my early efforts to determine the exact origin of the mysterious glyphs.


I had not exactly been on Hawass’ "Christmas card list," since publishing first-hand evidence, also in 1997, of secret tunneling going on inside the Great Pyramid (left).


So, before I had the actual on-site video from Abydos in hand, I was determined to do nothing that might alert Hawass, or his friends in the Egyptian Government, as to "why" Debra’s crew from Fox suddenly wanted to go "hundreds of miles out of their way" ... to photograph a Temple not even in their script!


A few days before Debra and her camera folks left town, from what careful probing I was able to conduct, I did learn that "Bill Hamilton" (of the Skywatch UFO organization) ... might know "something."


Unfortunately, the last thing I could do was call Bill Hamilton; for whatever reasons, Hamilton had in months previous apparently deliberately chosen to join in the round of "new attacks" - to specifically target me with new, extraordinary (and of course totally unfounded) accusations, even stooping to (in his mind) "clever" terms like "Hoaxland" to refer to our overall continuing research (especially, for some reason, into the current "EQ Pegasus Affair ...").

I did not think I would get a reasonable answer (if any answers at all!), if I attempted to call Hamilton direct. But, if I tried an indirect approach ...

I finally decided to prevail upon Francis Barwood, former City Council-women from the City of Phoenix, and a friend of his, to call Hamilton instead. Francis was a political veteran, and she could be trusted; she would instantly see the political sensitivities of all of this ... if the Egyptian’s got wind of "who" was really interested in the glyphs at Abydos ...

I briefed her on the whole convoluted story - including, that a Fox television crew was about to leave for Egypt, and that they might be able to verify insitu their (the Glyphs) extraordinary nature. It was perfectly natural for her to call Hamilton for further information: he lived somewhere in Arizona, and had been one of the "ET/anomalous phenomena" brain trust she had turned to after the infamous 1997 "Phoenix Lights Affair ..." (see right).

I just asked her NOT to tell him the real reason for the call [in light of his published venomous attitude towards "Enterprise," and the potential (through the Internet) for my sudden interest in "the Glyphs" getting back to Egypt ...). She immediately concurred. I simply suggested she imply that "some friends of friends of hers (true!) ... were about to leave for Egypt, and wanted to know the background and location of the glyphs ... if he knew ..."

Unfortunately, when Francis called me back (a few days later), she informed me that "Bill Hamilton has left the Phoenix area ... and no one I know seems to know where he’s now living." But, she also promised to keep looking.

More dead ends.


By now it was approaching Christmas, 1998.


Debra and her crew were literally incommunicado "somewhere in Egypt" (even Fox, in New York, didn’t know exactly how to reach them ...), and I was preoccupied with both the coming Holidays as well as several other, pressing projects - including, a major family crisis that had suddenly developed.

It was in these weeks that the follow-up to the December 7th, striking "radar anomaly" recorded at Turret Peak (above), and the "real meaning" behind the whole EQ Pegasus soap opera, was taking center stage in our research.

That - and a sudden, simultaneous, increasingly strident, and obviously (in hindsight) "NASA (CIA/NSA?)-sponsored" disinformation campaign ... aimed directly at "Enterprise," "Art Bell" ... and anyone else who was daring to ask penetrating questions in this time frame.

Especially ... questions regarding possible links between the "NASA Osiris/Isis" alignment data ... Comet Encke ... and the stunning radar anomalies that had literally blossomed on our collective physical and mental "radar screens" as a direct result of our publicly focusing on EQ Pegasi ("death") and Project Samson (another Egyptian "Horus" reference ...).

"Where" Debra was in Egypt, and if she was going to be able to acquire actual video of Abydos, was literally driven from my mind by these and even more immediate and frightening concerns that were developing: like ... actual death threats (read on the air by Art Bell), tendered to a close friend and colleague in our on-going radar inquiry!

Only after the New Year, in early January, did my attention get turned - however briefly - once again towards Egypt ...

Debra finally called me from Los Angeles, having at last returned within communications range ... complete with tales of both incredible exhaustion (see below) ... and of "success!" Yes, she’d actually seen the glyphs! And yes, with a "steadicam," they had managed to seamlessly video an entire uninterrupted sequence "from outside the Temple right through to the inside" ... then, right up to the Temple ceiling where "they" still serenely sit.

They had, in fact, been carved ...

The Abydos Glyphs were thus officially confirmed - on site, and by a major, neutral television network--

All it took was a small miracle - an entire network expedition to the literal middle of nowhere, in an Egyptian desert (complete with Egyptian guards - armed with AK-47s ... and live rounds, no less!) to verify that simple, crucial fact ... which, after significant unpaid efforts, only I and Debra had been able to arrange ... and no one else.

Which meant that - despite all the mindless "chatter" on the Internet, and even Strieber’s ultimate dismissal - "they," in fact, existed! Now we could tackle what they truly meant.

Aside from a couple of days spent filming the Fox interview itself (on location in Seattle, at "The Other Side"), now that the video from Abydos had been secured, my attention swiftly returned to the still looming, mysterious "threat" posed by the radar anomalies previously discussed (see right) ... and the fact that "someone" seemed determined enough (up to actual threats) to effectively attempt to foreclose any competent technical analysis ...

Clearly, on this front (let alone on Egypt!) we were getting close to "something"...

Toward the end of January, with my commitments to the Fox Special finally finished, and Gussin madly editing her segments in Los Angeles, I decided to quietly travel to Miami - for, among other reasons, certain technical information (from "neutral" sources) on the kinds of radar systems generating the increasingly "anomalous" returns.

And, of course, as everyone now knows, fell directly into "the Miami Circle" itself...

This is not the place to fully describe the frenetic activity required to preserve that ancient monument in the face of literal "bulldozers at the gate" (!). However, the level of commitment and around-the-clock activity it took can be approximated by simply listening to the series of live "Circle updates" we did

Coast-to-Coast nightly on Art Bell, beginning in late January. Or, by looking at the "Save the Circle" Website that, with our help, has now been established to preserve this unique treasure.


Literally thousands of miles away, in Los Angeles ... unbeknownst to me (because my attention was, out of necessity, "diverted"), Debra Gussin had suddenly become seriously ill - the direct result of her weeks of no sleep and literal exhaustion, dashing around Egypt, filming ... including, an ill-fated triple attempt to photograph the Pyramids and Sphinx from a hot air balloon - which (I found out later), with her and the camera crew in it, crashed!

Debra eventually became so ill, in fact, that another Fox producer had to take her place in the final editing of the "Mars/Giza/Abydos" segment of the Special. With the result that, many of the "bells and whistles" Gussin and I had contemplated months before (like, actual Egyptologists undertaking an attempted translation of the mysterious Abydos glyphs on live television ... or, an earnest effort to identify the earliest known photographs of the mysterious glyphs among the several archaeological excavation efforts that have taken place at Abydos in the last century), did not make it to the final Show.

Debra’s major illness also meant that my "preview copy" of the edited segment was not sent to Miami before airtime. So, I literally had no idea what had actually been photographed at Abydos ... a development which would lead to a major new surprise during the actual airing of the Show (see below).


The evening finally came: March 2nd - and the much-hyped global telecast of the much-anticipated "Fox Live Egyptian Special" ...

It was late in the 2-hour program, when Debra’s Executive Producers finally came to the segment discussing what we had verified at Abydos; I immediately glimpsed something "not quite right" ... the Abydos video that Debra had acquired somehow looked different from the "anonymous" computer graphics of the "glyphs" I’d been working with for over half a year. But ... the segment went by so quickly ... I’d have to wait for the Broadcast Tape that Fox was now promising to send me.

Then, a few days later, having once again plunged into the non-stop, around-the-clock campaign to "save the Circle" (the Governor of Florida was about to hold a major hearing on the preservation issue in the Capitol ... at last!), I awoke that fateful morning (Saturday, March 6th), knowing that "something wasn’t right ...":

I was experiencing a major coronary!

And the rest, as some would wryly later comment, "became history."


In the months since, during this long, enforced absence from my previous activities, there has apparently circulated widely on the Internet the insidious accusation that, somehow, I "stole" the Abydos graphics seen on "Enterprise" ... if not "credit" for their original discovery ...

To which I unequivocally now state the following: I "stole" nothing. And what I do take credit for - while everyone else was casually dismissing their significance - was simply verifying the existence of "the glyphs" --

In Abydos itself.

Anyone who has a copy of my book, "The Monuments of Mars," only has to turn to its extensive index to see the fundamental lie behind these accusations; there are literally hundreds of references to "other engineers, computer scientists, archaeologists and anthropologists, authors and astronomers ..." whom I’ve acknowledged over the years as somehow contributing to our on-going research on the Mars investigation - including some who, inexplicably, later on became bitter enemies of "Enterprise."

But I still named them.

I also do the same thing in other media as well - as anyone can verify by listening to the extensive archives on the Internet. In most interviews, I usually wind up boring both the producers and the hosts (let alone the audience!), by going out of my way to make some mention of the work of several other researchers in the Program ... and what I think their contributions mean to this Whole Effort; the latest example came just the other night, when I once again did the first hour of Art Bell.


Among other things this particular evening, I wanted to get to the latest, increasingly blatant evidence of NASA duplicity around the subject of the Hubble telescope: the fact that - after literally years of telling us it was "too bright" to photograph - they suddenly, quietly, used it to take actual pictures of the Moon .. !

But, before getting to the Hubble, I started the hour by mentioning Dr. Herb Pardell (who’s treating me here in Miami), then moved on to cite an otherwise obscure researcher in Detroit (over fifty years ago - Dr. Clark - and long-deceased), who pioneered some of the very treatments I’m receiving.


Then, in the course of the conversation re the piece that Mike Bara and I had just posted on the "Enterprise" Website, discussing the amazing sequence of recent lunar events surrounding Hubble (right), I happened to mention one of our other colleagues, J. J. Mercieca - who, a few weeks ago, first brought this startling "reversal of NASA’s previous position" to our attention.

Now, J. J. didn’t "take" the Hubble pictures; and, he didn’t perform some Herculean feat around the issue - like, travel half way around the world from the island of Malta (where he lives) to personally protest this obvious deception on the steps of NASA Headquarters. He merely e-mailed "Enterprise" to let us know.

Yet, like all the other folks I’ve demonstrably singled out over the years, he deserved a "mention" for his efforts.

So the current "rush to judgment" on "Hoagland and Abydos," not only doesn’t stand the test against my years-long, published record of innumerable citations ... it has all the earmarks of another in a carefully-calculated pattern of increasingly "desperate attacks" that "Enterprise" (and Art Bell) have been recently experiencing.

"Smoke screens" - obviously designed to keep people from focusing (in this case) on the extraordinary Glyphs themselves ... and what they mean.


As I’ve been recovering here in Miami (including, making arrangements for an extended stay - because, I found out that I literally "could not go home again," at least, not for quite a while), I eventually was able to once again begin to search the Internet. I wanted to complete the task that I had previously planned, once we had safely shot our Abydos video in Egypt: look for additional clues (besides Greg Braden’s testimony) as to the recent history of the controversial "glyphs" at Abydos ...

This is what I found:

Unlike some recent claims now swirling around the infamous carvings in Seti’s Temple ceiling, the most likely "discoverer" of the controversial glyphs was none other than Auguste Mariette himself - the famed French Egyptologist of the last century, who carried out many excavations of Egyptian ruins up and down the Nile. In the late 1800s, Mariette published a major work on his extensive exploration of the Temple of Abydos ("Abydos: description des fouilles executees sur l’emplacement de cette ville_ vol. I, Paris 1869"), now out of print and extremely rare. It featured plate after plate of painstaking and exquisite drawings of the vast number of inscriptions in the Temple. According to one Egyptian expert, Mariette covered in his book "... section[s] of the temple of Sety I ... not ever published in Calverley and Broome’s ’The Temple of Sethos I at Abydos’" (another volume on the Osiris’ cult center, published in the same time period).

While I have not yet found a copy of this (over a hundred-years-old) original "master work" on Abydos, I have little doubt that in it are carefully reproduced the now infamous "ceiling glyphs" which have become the focus of so many "cheap shots" against Enterprise in recent weeks.

So, if there is an original "discover" of the hieroglyphs behind all the current fuss, I nominate as most likely: August Mariette.


Which bring us to some crucial "definitions": Like - what, in fact, makes a true "discoverer?"

Is it the individual (or institution) who initially ("first") makes note of a particular phenomenon ... but completely misses (or, even worse, carefully downplays) its ultimate significance: the classic example now being "the Face on Mars" itself?

NASA ... actually "Dr. Tobias Owen" ... initially "discovered" the enigmatic "Face" in 1976, on the official Viking photographs (click image left). But then, the Agency (and Owen himself) took immediate and drastic steps to instantly dismiss it as anything "significant."

It wasn’t until DiPietro and Molenaar three years later (in 1979), got in the game (and ultimately dragged me into it four years after that), that any political or scientific progress was made on the, by then, almost decade-old (and essentially dead!) issue.


This includes, all the intense political/scientific maneuvering that ultimately led to the now intensely controversial set of new MGS Cydonia photographs that NASA was ultimately forced to take a year ago this Spring. These only exist because of the overwhelming public political pressure we (and others - like Art Bell) were at last able to bring to bear on NASA (and then ... only about twenty years too late!).

Because of NASA’s abysmal "scientific" track record on this issue (thanks to McDaniel - with his careful documentation of its intervening two decades of proven cover-up, its officially dismissive policy whenever "Cydonia" came up), even though they "took" the original photographs (and one of "their own" actually "found" the Face itself), did NASA, then, truly "discover" anything about this!?

When the first Cydonia Expedition finally lands on Mars, somewhere between "the City" and "the Face" (right), and the Mission Commander shouts into his microphone, "Good God, Houston, look at that!!" ... who will ultimately get "credit" for arguably the greatest discovery in the history of human beings (besides the on-site crew of the Mars Expedition itself!)?:

NASA ...Toby Owen ... JPL ... DiPietro and Molenaar ... or me ..?

Or, all of us together - all those (including a lot of other folks I didn’t mention) who’ve been inextricably involved in this generation-long, official scientific "soap opera" called "Cydonia?"

Are there not, in fact, three essential steps required for the ultimate "discovery" of anything: an initial "awareness" ... followed by the "recognition" of its true significance ... followed by ... crucial public and scientific "verification?"

In a former, far simpler era, it used to be that the individual who achieved an awareness of a new phenomenon was most likely the same individual who realized the second of these crucial steps: he (sometimes she) knew it was "important." That was when science was NOT pursued by vast, dehumanized committees, or equally impersonal government bureaucracies. Now, in this increasingly curious "scientific wasteland" in which we find ourselves - where the institution that actually finds out something new (usually, with public money) is also now the prime agency often directed just "to sit on it ..." (like "Brookings" cautioned NASA!)

Who, then, ultimately carries out the next two essential steps - recognition and verification - for any truly revolutionary "discovery?"

And now - what is the complicating/democratizing, potentially revolutionary role of the Internet in this whole process ..?

(Continued in Part II)