Useful Knowledge, philosophy, religion, science, the cosmos and ourselves. These are only some of the topics that will be included within my section of the DragonCourt website. The primary goal is for this section to grow and shape itself to reflect unbiased reality.

My name is Ruaridh MacKenzie Stuart. My entry into this life, my birth, is the starting point for what is hoped will be a pleasant and fascinating journey through space, time and mind. It is not an easy task to discover an appropriate entry point into the boundless terrain of knowledge. The story surrounding my birth is the entry point I have chosen as it aids in highlighting the process of creation as sacred and universal. After I share this account of my soul's arrival within this domain, you will then understand much more about me and the reason for my mission.

My conception is a mystery embedded in secrets... for each of us there is an initial intersection of events which results in the sacred transformation of matter into a unique conscious entity. This is the doorway through which we all pass to enter this World. All of us, myself included, think of the process of conception as a normal process involving a mother and a father. However, this is not the only key which opens the door to this world. Some of us were provided a different key to open that door. I have not met my father, nor do I know who he is. I'm not sure if I have a father. My mother doesn't like to talk about this, but before she died she told me everything, and she remembered it vividly. Now that I know the story a lot of the pieces of the puzzle seem to fit.

My existence is framed in significant dates. I was born on the Vernal Equinox, and according to my mother, I was conceived on the 21st of June, the Summer Solstice. Of this, my mother is absolutely sure. The experience of my conception was such a powerful and deep experience for my mother that she knew that something bordering on the miraculous had taken place in the pre-dawn hours of the 21st of June, 1972.


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