The Thousand Year Elven Holocaust

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Part 1

The study of history is as much the study of etymology as it is the study and interpretation of actual events. Both are often a daunting task because ultimately history is always written by the victors and the meaning of language and the significance of historical events are invariably decided by those whose hands have taken a firm hold of the tiller that steers society’s ship.

The word ’fairy’ as we have come to understand it from our educators (or deceivers) suggests one of a variety of mythic or imaginary beings whose shape, size, habitat and customs differ according to geography and ethnic or aboriginal folk tradition. Lately a fairy has come to mean a homosexual as well.

A real fairy, who couldn’t give a toss about anyone’s sexual orientation, "it’s all bread and bread after all", whilst dismissing the latter definition entirely, would nevertheless take extreme exception to the former definition for the following reason. Next to the Jews, no race in history has suffered more brutality and racial prejudice than the Elves.

For over a thousand years the church initiated a consistent policy of genocide that was and still is unrivalled in human history in terms of its relentlessness, violence and hatred. The author uses the word genocide and in 1944 Raphael Lemkin formulated the term to define,

"an attempt at the destruction of the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed at individuals, not in their individual capacity but as members of a national group".

The United Nations elaborate by saying that genocide includes "the systematic moral debasement of a group, people or nation". The Jews have suffered just this except in one particular respect. If you were asked your race or nationality today and you replied "Jewish" no one would think twice about it.

However, Mr Green or Miss Leibowitz if instead, after replying "Jewish", the listener burst into fits of laughter and replied "Don’t be such a lunatic, Jews don’t exist, they’re just a myth", how would you feel then? Isn’t that what genocide or ethnic cleansing is all about, eradicating all trace of a culture from the human consciousness? This is what has happened to the Fairy Race.

Certainly the Germans tried it with the Jews and if they had been given the time the Church has had to achieve what they have achieved, no doubt in a thousand years from now the Jews would have also become a myth. But this has already happened to the Fairies. Little trace of their culture or identity exists outside a handful of the old families or beyond the covers of sanitized story books for children, or tomes on rustic folk tradition, in which hints of the old lore still remain hidden.

Mr Green and Miss Leibowitz can go about their business in relative freedom and can be openly proud of their nationality and their cultural heritage. For a thousand years the fairies have had to conceal their identities and live in hiding for fear of being torn to shreds or burnt alive. For a thousand years it has been a crime to be of the elven race, and you may be surprised to learn that it still is.

Today, whilst the Jews, by the Grace of God, enjoy the acceptance of their race won through the backlash of public opinion against the Nazi Holocaust, the Thousand Year Elven Holocaust has been forgotten and still the fairies have to remain in hiding contemporarily for fear of ridicule and ostracisation.

In 1736 the Witchcraft Act was repealed. However, it was replaced by the Fraudulent Mediums Act which is still in force and simply says in one way what the Witchcraft Act said in another.

According to Christian doctrine no one can contact departed spirits and if this is admitted, then perforce all Mediums are fraudulent because the English language defines a medium as being a person who has commerce with the souls of the dead.

By Dragon definition a witch, meaning a Fairy, is a Medium and the law wouldn’t lay a fine distinction upon exactly what the witch mediates with or how, if they decided they wanted to win an argument. It will be noticed at this juncture that by definition, in their prayers to - and visions of - Christ, the Virgin Mary and the departed Saints, all those who currently call themselves Christians are in fact indulging in mediumship, the very act which the church says is impossible and by which edict they render their entire following heretical. This has always been the case and during the witch craze, all things considered, it was actually the heretics who were burning the orthodox Christians.

If the witch mediates with ancestors, she claims to be able to contact the dead. As the church says this is impossible, the witch is a fraud and is breaking the law. Ergo to be, or claim to be a witch, and consequently a fairy, on that count alone, is illegal. The witchcraft laws are alive and well and living in a statute book near you. Further by implication, it is possible for a fairy to be tried under the treason act as well, on two counts.

Firstly Her Majesty the Queen is a Christian and head of the Church of England. No fairy aware of his or her history and the atrocities committed against their people could ever be what is contemporarily thought of as an orthodox Christian and in this sense they run the risk of committing an act of Treason by denying the Christian faith, because in doing so, like others following different paths, they refute and insult the faith of the Her Majesty.

Secondly, the fairy families stood in absolute opposition to the Donation of Constantine, this being the document that was used to usurp them and initiate the Elven Holocaust itself in the first place.

The Donation of Constantine  (Latin Version: HERE  -  English Version: HERE)
The Donation of Constantine first appeared during the 8th century and was a document which purported to recognize the Roman popes as Christ’s representatives on Earth and to donate to Pope Sylvester and the Roman Church all those Imperial powers formerly invested in the Throne of Byzantium.

The ’Donation’, the Church claimed, was written in the 4th century at the insistence of the emperor Constantine who, the Church said, was so grateful for having been cured of leprosy by Pope Sylvester, that he gave into the Church’s hand, the entire power and wealth of the unified Roman Empire, including the right to crown and dethrone kings. Now that is what you call expensive medical insurance.

Supposedly written before 337 - the year of Constantine’s death - the Donation of Constantine actually didn’t make an appearance on the stage of European history until four hundred years later. So far-reaching are the powers bestowed upon the Church by this document, one would have thought that it would have been made public at the time of its bestowal and not centuries later.

The provisions of the Donation were enforced in 751 AD. following which the Merovingians were deposed by the Church and replaced by their lackies, the Mayors of the Palace who later became known as the Carolingians. The Church had made a compact with the Mayors and offered to ’recognize’ their legitimacy as rulers if they would dispense with the true Dragon Kings. The deal was done and the Carolingians were made the puppet rulers under the Roman Church.

The Donation, because it was made by a Dragon King - Constantine - legitimized the Church’s right to take this action because, to all intents and purposes they had the authority of Dragon Kingship given up to them by this Charter, which no doubt the Merovingians knew to be a fraud, which is why they refused to recognize the authority of the Church to meddle in affairs of state. What do we learn from this?

We can see from the Church’s choice of ’benefactor’ that the Church was well aware that universally, only the Dragon Blood would be recognized as true kings and so they chose Constantine because he was known to have been descended from both the Brittanic Pendragon House and the Dragon House of David. Furthermore as a member of the desposyni - the heirs of the Lord - the blood descendants and legitimate representatives of Jesus Christ, in the Donation, it appeared as if Constantine had relinquished his hereditary spiritual position as a Messiah and invested it in the Papacy.

By suggesting they were the representatives of Christ, the popes were claiming Dragon descent for themselves, because it was well known that Jesus had descendants and that those were part of the only Eurasian dynasty which was authorized to be kings - the Elven Overlords or Dragons. It would have appeared to the public then, that in the displacement of the Merovingians, one Dragon dynasty was being replaced by another, albeit a paper one.

This would reduce any danger of mass unrest. As time passed however, it became uncomfortably clear that the function of kingship under the Merovingians had been entirely different to that under the Carolingians. Whilst the Merovingians had formerly assumed the role of overseers, sages and wise counsellors, the Carolingians and their successors, prompted by the Church, became deliberately poorly educated, pig ignorant, insensitive tyrants and territorial tradesmen.

Dragon Kingship and the Grail Code had died to be replaced by a corrupted form of feudal totalitarianism and brutal, economic slavery as the Church carefully and strategically replaced the old dynasties with its own merchant-class client families who, from that day forth, became vassals of the Vatican.

Lastly we learn that from 751 AD the true Dark Age began in earnest and the Elven Holocaust was initiated and would run its course for another thousand years until, in England at least, the witchcraft laws were repealed in 1736. North of the border in Scotland, however, the persecution of witches in the 1700’s was at its fiercest until the end of the century.

During this time history has witnessed the rise of the Church of Rome and its successful struggle for power. In time no dynasty ruled in Europe or remained in power unless the Church sanctioned their reign. The Church chose the royal families, it crowned kings and it deposed its detractors. In short, the Church, under the auspices of the Donation of Constantine was the sole and supreme temporal power in Europe and the known world. Without this purported imperial benefice however, the Church would have remained a marginalized mediterranean cult contesting for patronage along with a host of other gnostic Christian denominations.

The royal dynasties sponsored by the Church and crowned by its Divine Right instituted their courts and parliaments, passed laws and employed agents to act on their behalf. To all intents and purposes it seemed as if the Church had the absolute right of Dragons and wielded power by the very sanction of Jesus Christ and God.

No monarch reigning today and no government under the monarch or instituted in their name would enjoy their position if the Church, empowered by the Donation, had not given them permission to rule in the first place. Without the Donation of Constantine, European history today would be totally different and none of the dynasties past or present would have had the right to have reigned and nor would they reign now and none of their governments or agencies would have exercised power.

One wee hiccup though, one slight problem. Not much the author grants, but worth a passing mention all the same. The Donation of Constantine is a complete and utter fraud and the Church was never given any temporal powers at all, let alone the right to found dynasties, crown kings or institute governments. The whole document was a lie from beginning to end and was known to be a fake since Lorenzo Valla applied the methods of historical criticism to it during the Renaissance and found the thing to be a worthless sham.

How do we know Valla was correct? The New Testament references incorporated into the wording of the Donation were taken from the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible. The Vulgate Bible was compiled by St. Jerome who was born more than two decades after Constantine was supposed to have signed the Donation! The actual Vulgate Bible wording that appears in the Donation didn’t exist until St Jerome invented it, fifty years after the document had supposedly been dated and signed by the emperor, by which time Constantine had been dead for decades and couldn’t have signed the Dragon’s rights away anyway.

The language of the Donation is eighth century clerical or dog Latin, whilst the Latin used in the 4th century Empire was late classical Roman. The Imperial and Papal ceremonials described in the Donation didn’t exist in Constantine’s time but were developed some centuries later and because of all this, every historical scholar on the entire Planet acknowledges the fact that the Donation of Constantine is an utter fake.

Several documentary instances of the Church’s use of the Donation to assert their authority in the medieval period still exist, including the letter of Pope Gregory IX entitled ’Si Memoriam Beneficiorum’ dated October 23rd 1236 and addressed to the Emperor Frederick II. Pope Gregory writes:

".......that as the Vicar of the Prince of Apostles (the Roman Pope) governed the empire of priesthood and of souls in the whole world so he should also reign over things and bodies throughout the whole world; and considering that he should rule over earthly matters by the reins of justice to whom - as it is known - God had committed on earth the charge over spiritual things, the Emperor Constantine humbled himself by his own vow and handed over the empire to the perpetual care of the Roman Pontiff with the Imperial Insignia and sceptres and the City and Duchy of Rome........".

People in the medieval and Renaissance period, confronted with this document, didn’t generally criticize the Donation on the grounds of its veracity, they just exclaimed aghast that they couldn’t believe that Constantine would have been stupid enough to have given the Roman Church everything.

From the Donation we understand that Constantine offered the Pope all the robes and Crowns of office but the Pope, being such a humble man, gave them back to the Emperor. Which sort of lets the Church off the hook should some malcontent turn up and say "show us the geologically encrusted tin hat and flash threads that Connie gave you then, tosh". If the readers peruse the Donation for themselves they will be appalled at the pretentious egotism, the arrogance and the sheer material greed of the Church, as authors of the document.

The fraudulent imperial power of the Vatican to create kings by ’coronation’ - derived from this faked 8th centuryDonation of Constantine’ (english version) - was later adopted by the Archbishops of the Church of England with the complicity of the Tudors, who were Catholics themselves.

When he split with Rome, Henry VIII still retained and later ratified and re-established in the Anglo-Catholic Church of England the fraudulent right of the Church’s clergy to create by coronation, a succession of British monarchs. Because this was an illegal act, the ’Donation of Constantine’ being proved to be a completely fake document, no Royal Elven House that ’knew its Onions’ and cared about social justice could possibly bring itself to recognize a Christian British Monarchy or any of their Church sponsored, Church crowned predecessors or any of their regnant or formerly regnant, European cousin Houses.

Because the Donation was a fraud and no subsequent priest of any Catholic derived denomination ever had the right to crown kings, Britain has had no legally reigning Monarchs for 900 years. As a consequence of this, ALL the laws passed by these monarchs were and are illegal and worthless and ALL the governmental agencies set up by or derived from these monarchs or their laws are also illegal and worthless up to the present day.

When considering this, the reader might like to think of the fact that all the arrests ever made by the Police in Britain and Europe are acts of kidnap and Habeus Corpus, whilst any man who took up arms for the Crown and killed for his country is unprotected by law and guilty therefore of murder.

However, paradoxically, as the entire British legal system is illegal, there are no laws, and so the crimes of Habeus Corpus and Murder as we define them today, simply don’t exist. Subconsciously people know that their politicians and monarchs have no legitimate authority to rule over them and they manifest this knowledge in an increasing disrespect for these optional, arbitrary and illusory social conventions, which is yet another reason why social order is breaking down. If the UN is right, we may face chaos in the near future; and all because of a stupid fraud, perpetrated by a bunch of myopically greedy, maniacal peddlars of false religion who are now long dead.

Again, for asserting this kind of view the fairies are implicitly guilty of Treason, even though all British laws are constitutionally illegal and the act of treason itself is a non sequitur. Think of the implications of this.

Any nation state in the Christian world today which is still a monarchy or which has evolved as part of a successive, developing political process originating from a monarchy, by virtue of its continuing sanction from, or sponsorship by, the Church of whatever denomination, it is unauthorized by any temporal or divine power to coerce anyone to obey any law originating at any stage of that government’s evolution.

In effect Britain, Europe and America are ruled by the sword and that sword is being wielded by people who are no more than short sighted, self seeking robber barons. They have no constitutional right to rule even in America, where in the 19th century the libertarian commentator, Lysander Spooner, demonstrated that the consensual nature of the original document, upon which the subsequent, consecutive clauses are founded, was being flouted, thereby making the entire Constitution illegal. Pierre Proud’hon called them all "Tyrants and Usurpers". Next time you are tempted to eulogize Western Democracy, bite your tongue and let your brain select first gear before you open your mouth. Flawed or otherwise, the idea that the English speaking world has any democracy at all is a joke.

At the beginning of this work the author stated that the people have been conned enough. He now hopes that the readers might appreciate for themselves the precise extent to which the people have actually been deceived and have accepted a state of affairs where they and their ancestors have been enslaved by a Chameleon-like corporate body that has destroyed their creativity and robbed them of their psychological liberty and their freedom of conscience for over a thousand years.

The entire moral basis of our society is founded upon a massive historical lie which has twisted the minds of generations of individuals until they have become terrified of the natural drives of their own bodies and souls.

The resultant taboos that have been created by the sick, manipulative moral standards of a usurping bunch of egomaniacs have been used to divide the minds of the people and make them dependant on the Church-State for solutions to the problems of resisting Satan and fighting temptation and sin, when these contrived, nonsensical whimsies never existed in the first place.

As a result, western Christian society was turned into an open air lunatic asylum packed full of lost souls who weren’t lost at all and had no need of a cure for diseases of the soul they weren’t actually suffering from in the first place.

The Church created the confusion and the division and then offered the solution. In fear the population invested its trust in the perfidious Church and in return for their confidence the Church turned the people into slaves and an entire civilization into a manufacturing plant to service their own greed for luxury and power.

For a thousand years the fairies have remained silent about their identities - formerly for fear of their lives - latterly for fear of becoming social outcasts and objects of mirth and derision. Still however, a shadow of menace lies over the ancient families. Greed will go to any length to ensure the continuity of its satisfaction and the same motives that prompted the Church to murder and lie in the past, still prompt their merchant-class puppets to kill and deceive today.

Whilst people therefore now understand the fairy to be either a gossamer winged sprite or an effeminate male - both are considered harmless jokes - such a contemporary opinion flies in the face of the facts where the fairy of history is concerned.

In studying the fairy in the context of both Celtic and medieval history it must be remembered that the tribes to whom the Victorians ascribed the appellation ’Celtic’ were not a homogenous or integrated racial group and the Celts themselves never saw themselves as a cohesive, pan-European nation of peoples.

Furthermore, like their medieval descendants, they had, within an indistinct collection of tribes, a patriarchal, misogynistic culture, which stands in complete opposition to the popular view that the matriarchal ’Celts’ promoted a policy of sexual equality. (Green: ’Celtic World’)

The modern myth concerning the Celts, promoted by ’New Age’ racketeers who are rehashing earlier popular trends, tends to set these rather ordinary people into some kind of ’Golden Era’ of cultural expression and heroism, punctuated by the achievement of a state of high spiritual awareness, when in fact they were average, workaday farming folk who treated their women like dirt.

Nymphs and Shepherds....Go Away!
The Georgians and Victorians, for socio-political propaganda purposes, had various revivals and retrospectives that were intended to celebrate the merchant-class era of industrial prosperity and the British Imperial oppression and destruction of the cultures of other peoples, by having the audacity to equate such dubious ventures with various ’Golden Ages’ of the past. (para Gombrich).

Principally it was these individuals who patronized the artistic movements whose Svengalis, seeing that the parvenus were only too willing to advance and buy the lie, produced the kind of sentimental, heroic nonsense that plugged the gap in the nostalgia market which was created by the desire of the newly rich to feel that they were justified by history in the exploitation of the poor in the mills and the mines.

They wished to equate their ’victories’ in the market places with those of the ’warrior king’ or ’noble savage’ on the battle fields of classical antiquity and, by sponsoring kitsch daubers, they felt they could become identified with the highest artistic and cultural achievements of the various ages whose elan flattered these imperialists’ and industrialists’ egotism and furthered their exploitative, propagandist aims.

However, in Newtonian terms, where every action engenders an equal and opposite reaction, the patronage afforded these malodorous pigment shufflers and pebble shavers, by magnates whose cultural tastes, nevertheless, only ran to the kind of jingoistic or sentimental - one hesitates to say pictorial or sculptural - effluent that would have us pseudo-intellectual, epicurean types running to Thomas Crapper’s Patent Water Closet to be sick; led to a calamitous pass where the aesthetically ambivalent skill these pallet-knife and chisel-wielding cultural assassins lent to the rectally retentive rendition of what they had the temerity to call "Their Art", set a trend where utter shite became the highest and the most prevalent expression of Victorian middle-class and pseudo-aristocratic cultural sensibilities.

In the words of the art historian Sir Ernst Gombrich "There is no such thing as ’Art’......there are only artists". And by God: By their fruits ye shall know them well enough.


For instance:

William Colman Hunt

Now there’s a name to conjure with. And if you did you would arrive at an adequate approximation of what his art was like, without actually having to go through the unnerving experience of having to look at - or even be in the same room as - one of his paintings.

Indeed, if you juggled with his name for long enough, you wouldn’t even have to risk being on the same continental land-mass as one of his venomous vignettes, but you would still be able to intuitively apprehend the full extent of the bilious upwelling of horror and revulsion engendered in those who, by hap-chance, have stumbled unawares upon one of his smug abominations. Particularly distressing, although possessed of an almost imperceptible, indefinably reassuring quality nevertheless, is his Swansong which he poignantly entitled: ’Portrait of the Artist as a Diseased Badger’.

’Portrait of the Artist as a Diseased Badger’

Although this is a little known, difficult and obscure work, it is thought by some to be a fitting obituary for a man who is described as "a crude and rudimentary colourist with little taste or sensibility... whose works are now regarded as failures" (Osbourne). The Victorians loved him.

In their gaudy, nouveau-riche Georgian-Classical or Victorian Neo-Tudor demesnes, which they mercilessly and relentlessly adorned with inane moral and social re-affirmations, revivalist Gaelic gauche and pseudo-Medieval Art and Arms; culturally vacuous steel barons and cotton magnates would often display framed family charts - tracing the kinds of instant, purchased ancestry purchased by an ancestor - that any genuine self respecting nobleman would run screaming from in horror.

Their ’miladies’ would hold soirees, for the local cognoscenti and well-to-do, where the cultural á la carte invariably offered copious helpings of moronic, Byronic neo-classical claptrap garnished lavishly with choruses of criminally insane, musical atrocities like "Nymphs and shepherds come away" sung by fat falsetto aunts who hadn’t a clue what Nymphs were customarily renowned for getting up to when they actually did ’come away’ with or without the rustic parties of the second part.

And these arachnid recreational activities were namely: Cannibalism ("fancy another helping of Shepherd’s Pie, Myrtle?") and - as their name unavoidably suggests - Nymphomania; which found the outworking of the expression of its inner, emotive rage and lust to be manifest in such acts as oral sex, buggery, simultaneous multiple penetration and bestiality; with a wide variety of domestic livestock, and an equally varied selection of naturally occurring regional fauna - including wolves, dogs, donkeys, wild goats, rams, horses, snakes and - purely for betting purposes - ferrets.

Such sexually epicurean piquancies were practiced with gay abandon alongside rampant homosexuality (amongst the shepherds who’d managed to survive lunch), Sapphism, drug abuse, alcoholic debauchery, Travel Scrabble, and a range of other delightfully civilized, lubricious distractions. (Riley-Scott: ’Phallic Worship’)

At that time the true nature of Celtic culture was censored, sanitized and idealized so much that the view we have had of it up until recently reflected more our predecessors confusion, chauvinism and wishful thinking concerning the period than it did the reality of the era they lauded.

Modern archaeology coupled with a realistic interpretation of the information, less colored by the concern for moral rectitude, has uncovered a picture of ’Celtic’ society that is clearer than it was in our great-great grandma’s day. Indeed with the wealth of new knowledge we find it difficult to apply so liberally the generic term ’Celt’ in the same way our forebears were wont to do.

Scholarship concerning what previously we might have thought of as the ’heroic era’ of Celtic civilization, conveyed in modern popular works that owe much of their sentimentality to the erroneous and prim historical view of yesteryear, is garbled and confused.

The images of the Noble Celt: the tall blonde warrior chieftain, or the flaxen-haired Swan Maidens of Lyr are not Celtic at all. We still seem to think of all Celts in that way though because we are sold the image by people who, in accepting as fact the Victorian delusion, think that this distinct caste was representative of the Celts as a whole, when in fact they represented a tiny minority of individuals who were foreign to and essentially divorced in racial and cultural terms from the people we now know were the real Celts living in that era.

When we looked at the stories contained in the ’Annals of Irish History’, the IrishBook of Invasions’ or the WelshMabinogian’ we would have been inclined to think that these documents were about the Celts when in fact they were about a strange race of foreigners who reigned alongside these dark-haired, swarthy, stocky little farmers for nearly two thousand years. From these stories we obtain our idea of what the ’Celts’ were like, when in fact they weren’t Celts at all, they were Scythians, the Elves, the Fairies, The Aryans.

These Scythians were a tightly knit, insular group who practiced Phoenician and Pharaonic marriage customs to keep the blood pure and in all other respects they also tended to remain detached from the common swell of humanity.

Differing greatly from the customs of the patriarchal Celtic peoples they reigned over, theirs was a society that appreciated the position and the power of its women and correspondingly favored the idea of matrilinear descent.

The Scythians came to reign across Eurasia and normally we find them attached to various indigenous populations, but occasionally they were an indigenous population in themselves, such as the Danaan of Eire and the Ainu of Hokkaido. Unlike their Celtic clients, whose caste system, based on kinship, was male dominated and hierarchical, the Scythian caste system which operated amongst their own people was egalitarian.

Though individual’s functions and tasks varied, all nevertheless were Royal and therefore equal. Proof of this is to be found in the Brehon Law concerning inheritance. This social structure became superimposed onto the Celtic system and produced the sort of divisions we find in Hinduism where the people are separated into three distinct classes:

Brahmins or Priests.

Ksatriyas or Warriors.

Sudras or Smiths.

beneath these are settled the untouchables or slaves.

The Scythian system had the same three divisions but these were arranged on the horizontal plane and did not proffer any superior status in relation to the other castes. If one overlaid the Elven, Scythian system onto that of the Celtic, which is virtually identical with the present Hindu system, we would have the following social configuration:

Scythians: Gods of Heaven

Gods of Heaven and Earth

Gods of Earth


Druidic Royal Ancestors, the transcended ones

Royal Archdruids, Druidesses and Pendragons (vampires)

War Kings, War Lords, Craftsmen, Metalworkers etc.

Caucasian footsoldiers and Dravidian ’Brownies’

- 0 -

Celts: Burgh Chiefs


Farmers: Tinkers: Traders



(Celtic source - Miranda Green ’Celtic World’          

Routledge, London 1995)          

It will be noticed that, contrary to contemporary misconceptions, Celtic women were in fact just above slaves in terms of their rank and were regularly bought and sold or exchanged by their men for cattle, along with the slaves.

It is not a popular view but sadly - given the contemporary academic discoveries concerning the real nature of Celtic society - it is an accurate one and, although we would love to blame the Church for everything, including the oppressive patriarchy that subdued women - the fact is that the Celts were already treating their women like chattels before the Church reared its ugly head above the blood-stained meniscus line of history.

The conversations or entreaties of love we see recorded in the ’CelticSagas between ’Celticlords and ladies, were in fact the exchanges between Scythian men and women. That which is reported as being the love poetry of the ’Celts’ was instead the love poetry of the Elves - the Royal Scythians - not that of a brutal farming folk who had neither lords nor ladies.

Who in history, if he had the rare gift of writing, would bother wasting such a talent, do you think, by eulogizing the sexual peccadilloes or romantic longings of a bunch of turnip farmers who wouldn’t have spoken to women on such equal terms anyway? Romance in any case didn’t come into it, the Celtic woman shut her mouth and opened her legs - period.

The art of male wooing and flattery arises when the woman has the freedom to choose to say no, and the only women who had that choice then were Scythian Princesses who, because of the mysterious composition of their blood and its consequent magical powers, had a lot more to offer their Elven menfolk than the occasional legover, which is all that nondescript Celtic women could hope to have in their favor.

The beauty and exquisiteness of the magic that a Scythian Princess had to offer could not be taken by force, she had to give it willingly, otherwise in the act of coercion, her magic would be tainted and become either useless or poisonous.

Occupying a position higher than the Elven male as Goddesses incarnate, Elven men were pleased therefore to treat her with deference and honor and to offer her court in a manner that would secure her voluntary participation in their sacred congress.

From this obligation of service to such Earthly Goddesses arose the medieval tradition of Courtly Love which, by no means and under no circumstances, was ever intended to be offered to the female descendants of either Celt, Norman or Saxon.

Today, after hundreds of years of oppression, the female descendants of these poor, downtrodden Celtic and later Anglo-Norman women have managed, during the closing years of the millennium, to wrest from their men the equality that evaded their mothers for centuries and now they demand to stand on an equal footing with their menfolk but - like their sisterly ancestors, when push comes to shove - they have nothing more dynamic or magical to offer than a leg over.

However, as the male descendants of the Celts and the later Anglo-Normans - the examples of manhood living today - have nothing better or more magical to offer their women either and never have had, equality between the sexes seems to be quite an equitable and logical arrangement whereby the mediocre do not differentiate between, nor discriminate against, each other’s mediocrity on the basis of gender.

Passing on from the politics of sex originating in the caste system, we now return to addressing the system as a whole and notice that the figure above is a generalization which encapsulates the main divisions between each social level.

As time passed and the population increased, technology developed and diversified and the main castes became sub-divided into classes within classes. At length the castes themselves eventually became overturned and the Warrior Class gained the ascendant, later to be upturned, in the last 1200 years, by the Merchant Class, whom the Hindus call the Vaisha.

In the twentieth century we also saw situations where the untouchables became the rulers, as in China and Soviet Russia. Presently we have a situation where the Elven Race, at the bottom of the pile have become the untouchables, whilst the increasingly and frighteningly acquisitive Peasants and the Merchants are at the top, having wrested their positions from the block-headed Warriors. The end product of this fiasco over the last millennium and a half can be smelled in the air, tasted in the water supply and seen in the eyes of diseased, starving, third world children.

Its results can be heard in the screams of animals gratuitously tortured in experiments aimed at testing the toxicity of vanity products or of medicines intended to make money for these gauche extortionists whose worthless over-inflated products titillate, save or prolong the vacuous lives of a race of glorified peasants whose continued existence has become an abomination to nature and a threat to Life itself.

At its inception the caste system was not an arbitrary set of divisions or inequalities established through main force by a varying collection of sequential oppressors, but a reflection of the fact that there were differences in the capabilities and capacities of the different types of human beings alive at the time.

Some were ingenious artists, builders and artisans, some were naturally gifted traders and negotiators, some had been bred to have an overview and some were fearless, heroic soldiers. Each group had its part to play in the functioning of society.

Whilst some peoples - like the Celts - had green fingers and could make carrots grow rose blossoms in Hell, most Scythians couldn’t even grow an Infants School size tray of mustard and cress. However, the Celts were useless at organizing complex societies and depended on the Scythians for foresight, guidance and protection.

Centuries earlier similar arrangements developed in the east where the Aryans and the Dravidians, having bashed nine barrel loads of horse feathers out of each other, finally came to an amicable social arrangement whereby all parties ultimately benefited. Like the Celts, the Dravidians could get dinner from dust and their expertise and practicality was the backbone of the Aryo-Dravidian symbiotic culture.

Such relationships are also commonly to be observed amongst different species in the natural world and work brilliantly within what must be admitted is a hierarchical natural order which, nevertheless is not a system of inequality or self conscious elitism, but one of necessity.

From about 1800 BC onwards, with the increase in Eurasian populations, the occurrence of a variety of natural disasters and the diminishing of range territory through foreign conquests, the Scythians and the Aryans were forced to seek more settled lives but, being mainly predators and rangers, they lacked the skills to make farming work.

They needed the Hobbit-like peoples of the Celtic and Dravidian cultures to tend the land and in times that were becoming increasingly more violent, these cultures needed the Aryans and Scythians to protect them.

This tolerance and co-operation continued until the emergence of the warrior lords, literally the middle class of their day, whose elitist, hierarchical governmental structures - based on the right of might - became entrenched in western civilization as the feudal system during the years of the Roman Church’s ascendancy and totalitarianism.

From this point onwards the exploitation of the caste system as an ideal tool for breeding elitism, division and inequality became rife as the Roman church, comprising mainly vaishas and peasants, seeing a chance to claw their way to power, upturned the original caste system by ninety degrees and turned it into a ladder to enable them to climb to what they conceived to be the top of the pile and the easy life.

Only humans would seek to differentiate and assert their superiority based on their position within a social structure that, based on natural law, was originally intended in contrast to be for the benefit of all and to function through cooperation. In their egotism humans abused a natural and beneficial order to the detriment of all those subscribing to it.

In the 20th century the audacity of usurpation continues when the ignorant middle-classes, shopkeepers and their ignorant shopkeeper sons, join groups of white supremists who idolize the image of the blond haired, blue eyed Aryan.

This particular genotype, the warrior, who also occupied the middle class or caste, seems naturally to appeal to this middle class today, who unaware of the fact that Aryans had red hair and green eyes, as a result of their lack of education and intelligence, have elevated the usurping warrior to the status of a true Aryan king when in reality the blond haired blue eyed ideal, so beloved of the Germans and for good reason, was bred, like your average white racist today, to be as thick as a plank.

A warrior could never have manifest the attributes of Aryan kingship in a million years. Kingship took spirit, wisdom and brains. The blonde warrior had none of these qualities and wasn’t bred to have. In the feudal period the warrior was called a baron which stemmed from the earlier Latin word baro which was in circulation at a time which was contemporary with the rise of the warrior classes. Baro literally means ’thickhead’.

It is typical of the racist working and middle classes that they would pick such a figure to emulate. Aryan means wise king, not dumb blonde. The adoration by the German National Socialists of the blonde warrior god-king and the assumption ever since by successive generations that he is an Aryan, must have been heavily influenced by the 13th century Royal Poet Snorri Sturleson.

In his ’Sayings of Har’ he defines a corrupted Scandinavian caste system consisting of Jarls, Carls and Thralls. The Jarls says Snorri were blonde haired, the Carls were red haired and the Thralls were black haired.

Everywhere else the royal coloring is red and this tradition goes back in the Aryans to Radamanthus, Ariadne and Minos, and through them to Lilith herself. Even Jesus and Magdalene are regularly and invariably portrayed with red hair in the Renaissance masterpieces. A reversal has taken place here where warriors usurped or replaced kings as leaders of the people.

The warriors were hired Caucasians not bloodline Aryans. The upheaval and resultant inequity and iniquity within the caste system occurred when many Aryan queens and kings were legitimately displaced by their society’s War Kings in times of trouble, but were never to return to their thrones because the conflicts often carried on for decades.

Sometimes however, having had a taste of power, treacherous and greedy warrior Captains decided they would either go it alone or take over permanently by force of arms. Following this however, an even more stupid class of people managed to trade and poison their way to the top.

And who were they? that’s right, the settled warehouse tinkers - the cheating peasants with money who were the ancestors of the upper and middle classes of today. Mind you, some of them were sneaky and one wouldn’t realize that they were and still are middle-class peasants even today.

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