It is important to recount the story of the Dragon Families as truthfully as the teachings and the research indicate and not to risk having the Dragon Tradition turned by external, commercial forces, into the kind of subject matter that might encourage the mushrooming of ’New Age’ weekend workshops in -

"How to become a Fairy: The Truth About Elven Initiation"
"Grail Maiden Training For The Mature Pagan Woman", or
"Vampirism - The Vegetarian Approach"

- conducted by people that have assumed noms du commerce such as Elfin Starfire, Isis Moonamber, Elrond Rowanleaf or Fairy Womblood who, in a saner world, by representing such a serious threat to public health and safety as they actually do, would have been gassed like Diseased Badgers.

However elitist it may sound, the time honored consensus of feeling in the old families is repeated when it is stated that capitulation to financial pressure from outsiders, leading to the kind of misrepresentation that makes the reader feel that the Dragons were so nice that they want to be one inevitably leads to that gap in the market being filled and yet another impudent impertinence being perpetrated, by exactly that kind of people aforementioned - the spiritual, progenic detritus of Gerald Gardner and his flim-flam witchcraft - which he presented in the 1950’s as the ’definitive’ and ’original’ expression of the "Old Religion".

He sanitized what little he knew about witches with exactly the same pecuniary, sexual or social motives that his descendants have for peddling their equally useless rubbish today. One can’t "initiate" into the old blood or teach the old ways to the "mahoum" because it is a pointless waste of time that doesn’t work.

They inevitably get the wrong idea and discard its most valuable tenets or add to that history or knowledge their own misconceptions which then become carved in stone and published in faddist popular books as the sacred wisdom of a faddist culture.

Naturally it would be appreciated if people identified sympathetically with the characters in the Dragon Tradition, but not to the extent where every reader thinks that they are, or can become, of that ilk.

Most of them aren’t and never can be, and the courses or "initiations" which might inevitably be on offer from the sharks of the ’New Age’ money machine, (following any sanitized re-working of what to them, in its purest state, would essentially otherwise be a "dark" and hence possibly "evil" tradition), will also inevitably lead to the discredit of the Dragon Ethos - when such ’courses’ or ’initiations’ are found not to ’work’ 87% of the time - despite this occurring because the majority of participants either won’t have the right blood serum or the right connections in their cerebral lobes.

In a world where all people are encouraged to think of themselves (somewhat hypocritically given the way they treat each other); in homogenous, egalitarian terms, the foregoing statement is tantamount to heresy and it is unthinkable to suggest that people are not equal or physiologically and anatomically the same. But nevertheless they ain’t.

One might counter such an unreasonably deluded and elitist sounding statement by arguing that because of the out-breeding of the old families, there must be millions of people "of the fairy blood" living today: but such a statement flies in the face of accepted historical facts, they being :

a)   That the genuine old royal families rarely outbreed at all, whilst the later, fake parvenu, tinker nobility whom people now confuse them with often did;

b)   That most of the Scythian, Royal-Druidic, Fairy population in Britain and Europe were wiped out by the Romans in the Battles at Mons and at other druidic sites;

c)   That later the Celts (and what was left of the Scythian Fairy Families who served as their lords and protectors) were decimated by Bubonic plague, starvation and the Saxon invasions in the 6th century. Following which, in Britain and continental Eurasia, the church and the rats (what was the difference?) spent another three or four hundred years, during the medieval and Reformation periods, dispatching the survivors of the previous epidemics, famines, wars or persecutions.

d)   That the Aryan Scythian Overlords - the Fairy High Kings and Queens maintained a caste system that, although it eventually became corrupt and overrun by the warrior caste, was arguably still in place - as the European Class System - until the Second World War. Even up until the First World War the manorial restrictions on the movements of rural labourers, other than during holidays, were still enforced and thus unhindered mobility, either geographically or within the class system itself, was extremely rare.

Throughout the period preceding the modification of the witchcraft laws (now called ’The Fraudulent Mediums Act’) the remnant of the Scythian, sacral-royal overlords who were left were destroyed by papal decree.

Whilst in Britain in addition to the persecutions, many of the wealthier and more powerful ones whose families had survived up to that point were killed off and/or replaced in both lands and name, by those merchant-class nee tinker families who paid the corrupt ersatz royalty of the Tudor and Stewart Houses enough money for the titles and estates.

Following this sequence of events Oliver Cromwell continued the good work and massacred the nobility and allowed their estates to be usurped by even more members of the merchant-class.

Considering the sum of this state of affairs, it is extremely unlikely that any of the people in those classes whose descendants now patronize the ’New Age’ fads would have made contact with or intermarried with what was left of the pure Elven Blood-Royal and so to say perhaps that it doesn’t matter whether a few mercenary fly-by-nights open up preposterous courses, making ludicrous, false claims to be able to train and initiate "probationary elves" or "grail maidens", is a denial of what the Fairy blood and the teachings are all about.

Being about truth and honor, both the descent and the doctrine of the Elven Families are meant to show people, in juxtaposition to what they’ve become used to, exactly how they have already been conned enough over the centuries by their own kind.

If one presents people with the Dragon history in an over attractive candy-sweet wrapping or in such a manner as to make it seem as if anyone can join in, then one becomes a deceiver oneself, and can lay others open to psychological abuse, financial exploitation and manipulation at the hands of the ’New Age Money Vampires’, thereby adding yet another element to the mass psychological ignorance and confusion over identity that already contributes to so much social disquiet and unrest.

People are already being lied to when they are told they can be whoever they want to be and achieve anything they want to achieve if they have enough money and work hard enough (for the establishment’s corporate elites), by unscrupulous advertising executives, politicians and manufacturers who want people to work harder and become more efficient consumer-producers.

The fact is that the class barriers have been relaxed only slightly for a couple of generations and it is likely that the vast majority of those who would like to prop up their egos and empower themselves (in a world that only encourages such in the financial sense) by becoming Elven Magicians, Grail Maidens or Vampire Overlords are going to be in for a big disappointment. It’s no use saying that people don’t think like that because they do.

Literally thousands of people in Britain and America have the impudence to call themselves witches. Hundreds more join "magical orders" or associations. Thousands more annually sign up for mystical, ’New Age’ workshops in a plethora of inappropriate foreign disciplines unsuited to their cultural backgrounds and it can be guaranteed that none of them were ever asked about their family history which, after all, from an endocrinal point of view, is the most important criterion.

People don’t realize that they have only just emerged from a social system which was corruptly used by the Church-State for centuries to engineer them into having specific brain physiologies which are not suitable for application to Dragon Subjects. If they were, then the majority of people would have transcended naturally by now anyway and the world would be an entirely different place.

They haven’t, they can’t, it isn’t, and under the present circumstances, it never will be. Even if society were to interbreed more with the Dragon Families that are left - if there are any at all - then the Dragon DNA would eventually become weaker, in which case the Dragon ability would then be lost, leaving us with exactly the same social result anyway.

The modern idea, that potentially anyone can be "initiated" either as a witch or a druid is unbelievably pretentious and arrogant, and has been, it is said (in privately circulated witchcraft documents
*), a source of offence to many ancient families for over half a century since, as mentioned previously, flim-flam witchcraft emerged in the 1950’s, principally at the instigation of this retired clerk in the Indian Raj named Gerald Gardner. It is from this particular source that the ridiculous notion of witchcraft as being primarily a fertility cult gained its credence.

Unless a full, genuine, known pedigree can be produced, demonstrating an unbroken line of descent from a royal, archdruidic family, no modern aspirant or so-called priest or priestess has the right either to call themselves a witch or a druid. This also pertains to those who would call themselves ’Aryans’.

The modern concept of "initiation into witchcraft" is an insult to those whose families, over the period of the Thousand Year Elven Holocaust, died at the hands of the Church. Like Elven royalty and nobility, to which druidism and witchcraft are inextricably linked, both are aspects of the High Aryan Mana; the mystical maja or maia, the genetic memory of a unique race that is carried in the blood and cannot be bestowed by any form of nonsensical neo-pagan hocus pocus.

* During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s a series of privately published papers were being circulated which contained material that originated from old Northern Covens and the ’Royal Windsor Coven’. One in particular - ’The Marshmallow Papers’ - contained a damning criticism of so-called Gardnerian and Alexandrian ’initiatory’ witchcraft and this was followed by criticisms made to this author that stemmed from the leaders of the Baphometic Orders in London and the Black Country, who emphatically asserted that the only genuine form of valid witchcraft was passed down through the blood.

The Royal Windsor Coven and many others, reputedly old hereditary family groups, were the custodians of traditions which had, by their own admission, little or nothing in common with the modern neo-pagan revivalist movement or its reconstructed rituals, the latter having been invented by Gardner and revised by Sanders and other ’initiates’.

These gentlemen, the Marshmallow Papers related were, along with Crowley, rebuffed by Pickingill or by other covens that descended from those East Anglian septs which themselves descended from either the historical British covens or the Flemish weavers. Here it must be noted that Aleister Crowley was actually interested in witchcraft. Isn’t that a surprise? Considering the fact that his generation of ’magicians’ usually tended to repudiate it. Or did they?

Undoubtedly many ’magicians’ have justifiably poured scorn on modern Wicca but nevertheless, it still remains a recorded fact that Crowley attempted to join George Pickingill’s group. Furthermore, one of Crowley’s close associates, Austin Osman Spare, was involved in witchcraft himself and if one peruses a copy of Spare’s work The Anathema of Zos, one might be afforded an intimation of why Crowley was so interested in Pickingill’s pre-revivalist doctrine of the ’Craft of the Wise’.

In Spare’s essay on traditional witchcraft (or at least by his time, a late corrupted form of it) it is described as an ecstatic, transcendent philosophy which was cogniscent with, and variously employed, the strategies anciently used in so-called ’high magic’ to encourage the body to transport itself into states that were old territory for the Magi and the Druids, the Maenads and the Bacchantes.

Spare’s account clearly demonstrates that witchcraft had Tantric elements and was, like Crowley’s system of ’Magick’, in the business of making ’Ubaids’ or ’Overseers’, not the kind of moral cripples and neo-pagan sheep that mindlessly mouth the doctrines of book learnt modern Wicca; the sanitized, shrink wrapped media product that Gardner’s less than fertile imagination gave birth to.

In examining Spare’s work, we might learn why Crowley was so interested in Pickingill and then be tempted to ask where the Africans got Vodun from (Voodoo to you).

Any criticism of ’New Age’ paganism or Wicca derives from one simple fact, that being that it is a marketing exercise that is deliberately designed not to work in the way that real witchcraft did and still does.

Instead of leading the individual to a point of stillness and integrity where they might discard witchcraft altogether as they walk through the doorway to the eternal, ’New AgeWicca just rehashes old, hypocritical, christian moral values and symbols, and attaches to them a host of products, services and useless books with built-in obsolescence, manufactured or written by cynical, unregenerate businessmen - to whom any palely glimmering moments of enlightenment that have ever come, have been when they have had to change a blown 40 watt bulb - and whose livelihoods depend on a captive customer base comprising of a cyclically revolving stream of inadequate continuously buying the next ’soul saving’ product or idea from them.

As soon as ’Les idiotes sur la queste pour le verité’ have discovered that the last philosophical tin of beans or cheap crystal they bought from the High Gurus of the ’New Age’ didn’t work; when it fails - as it inevitably always does - these peddlars of kitschetruth’ tell them their karma isn’t right or that they "don’t believe" it enough, or that they have a hostile attitude or lack focus or some such excuse.

This deflects the blame from them and lays it firmly at the door of the luckless punter - following which they then recommend that the sap buy from one of these Irreproachable Wise Ones yet another Mystery of the Ancients ("at only $29.99") which will undoubtedly work this time.

And it never does and so they go back for another try. Real magic is at work here. A group of secretly initiated individuals are turning dross into gold. Fools give charlatans good money in exchange for utterly useless garbage. Now that’s alchemy!

The papers originating from the northern covens clearly revealed that witchcraft prior to the wiccan revival of the 1950’s bore no resemblance to what passes for formulaic witchcraft now and was not pagan, fertility based or necessarily Goddess-led. Essentially it was and is the same as the witchcraft sponsored by the Baphometic Orders who trace their lineage back through the Templars to Jesus’ original teachings and the culture of the Druids.

The nearest approximation or identification in this particular instance would be between late 19th century Northern British ritual and the French medieval, Cathar-sponsored witch movement. In both these instances the central figure was the Baphomet and the highest sacrament of the ’Sabbat’ was the Black Mass, which had nothing to do with Satanism, which in itself, was and is a late, half understood non sequitur - manufactured by the Roman Church - that has nothing to do with the Dragon Tradition.

Many so-called officianados of the Occult, and especially those who like to call themselves witches in public - usually to as wide an audience as possible - will maintain that "The Black Mass was Satanic; and white witchcraft or Wiccecraeft" - as they like to call it - "has nothing to do with Satanism and the Black Mass, which are a parody of Catholicism and the Catholic Mass" they squawk - off pat and by rote - like trained parrots, whilst the Church Fathers grin gleefully when they see how well their propaganda has taken root.

The wiccans’ or neo-pagans’ agenda here is to try and convince as many people as they can that they are mysterious and somehow superior to others without actually saying as much, in that they themselves think - and would like other people to think - that they belong to an ancient tradition or fraternity with knowledge that the public isn’t party to; but also to impress upon people further - before those people are tempted to start throwing big bricks through witchy windows - that witches are really nice people and that true ’Wiccans’ - (whilst still trading off the dark and slightly dangerous allure evoked by the word witch) - deal solely with ’white’ magic,

In this way the attention seekers hope to become more popular or respected by being surrounded by some aura of mystique that they consider in their own minds to be "cool" - because they’ve seen witches on telly no doubt - and believe that by bandwaggoning and choosing that particular persona, out of the many that are on offer at a price, it will make people think they are special and hence attractive.

The big stumbling block here is that Royal Witchcraft, or witchcraft proper, from the early Dark Ages onwards owes as much to its clearly Christian, as it does to its direct druidic, origins and both in their original form, in the publicly disseminated opinion of the Catholic popes, were and are Satanic, inasmuch as Jesus’ heredity - and the descent of the druidic dynasties - both derived from an identical Dragon nascence that the Roman Catholics decided was devilish, because the descent of both bloodlines was from the Sumerian Enki who was the Akkadian Samael: the Roman Lucifer and thus the Catholic Satan.

In Jesus’ case the Roman Church, like all outsiders who know they are on to a good thing, sanitized his rituals and concealed his descent. All those who continued to follow Jesus’ original teachings - like the witches - they burned as ’heretics’. This notwithstanding, the Wiccan apologists still try to tell us that witchcraft has nothing to do with christianity but is a pre-christian fertility religion.

However, the word ’heretic’ was only used by the Inquisitors to specifically define those heterodox Christian beliefs which were at variance with the Roman Church’s orthodox teachings. To call a witch a heretic meant that the witch was a heterodox Christian. The Inquisitors - whatever we may think of them - were nobody’s fools.

They knew whom they were targeting and they knew that witches were ’original Christians’ whose knowledge of the true, druidic nature of Jesus’ liberating Christianity had to be quashed at any cost if the Church were to achieve the political and pecuniary supremacy they desired by replacing it with their own enslaving dogma.

All the time the witches still lived, they were a testament to the fact that Roman Catholicism was nothing like Christianity, and was nothing more than a pack of usurping lies made fragrant with the incense of the suffering of the Dragons, whom the Roman Church had murdered in their pursuit of ultimate world power.

The author has had first hand experience of what happens when outsiders, either as ’media commentators’ or as ’supporters’, become involved with the traditions of the old families. It doesn’t take long before both types start to demand that the tradition be adjusted to meet the middle class expectations of a purchasing public that has been fed on sanitized, smug New Age moral crapulence, in order that they, either the commentators or supporters, can attract even more adherents or readers and thereby increase their envisaged profit margins.

After a while, in order to secure their place on the gravy train of a ’merchandising concept’ they consider to have a market value, the outsiders set about trying to silence and marginalize the very people who were born into that tradition and on whom they formerly depended for their wisdom and knowledge, just in case the now somewhat bemused custodians of the blood "do something out of keeping with what WE are trying to achieve".

As Mr. Kenneth Grant, O.T.O., has pointed out, money and Magick don’t mix and the author echoes this sentiment when he states emphatically that the Dragon Court is a closed body which is kept sacrosanct for members of the blood; and is not a public, profit-making organization.

As for the Black Mass that so-called New Age Wiccans disown, this ritual was not a "Christian parody born of frustration with, or rebellion against, the Church of the day" - as they repeat faithfully from the formulae printed in their bite-size tomes of New Age dogma - but contrariwise the Black Mass was the original Christian Mass of Jesus which the later Catholics stole and sanitized for public consumption in the same way that wiccan apologists are doing with witchcraft today.

Anyone with half a brain can interpret the Black Mass properly and prior to the attaching to it of the Church’s ’satanic’ label during the medieval period - and its decadence and misuse by outsiders throughout the Renaissance and post-Reformation eras - it was one of the most profound and poetic family rituals ever conceived, with an hermetic and alchemical symbolism which delved deep into the Kabala and High Magic.

If so-called Wiccans had half a brain, or in fact actually were real witches, they would know this. But they don’t and they’re not, and the carping on and spouting off that they indulge in - in public worst of all - are no more than the half understood ravings that they have read in the books written by other, equally ignorant idiots who, over the preceding decades, have managed to get their ridiculous ideas published. Whether perceived from the point of view of either its Christian or its druidic aspects, Royal Witchcraft was never devotional. So much for witchcraft being a fertility religion.

The Black Mass had its roots in the ancient alchemical lore of Solomon and was no more nor less than a momento of teachings long past and an aide memoir for future generations, a mnemonic which was intended to remind those to come from whence the power and the wisdom derives.

If the reader looks carefully at the Aziluth scales of the Sephiroth of Binah they will see what is meant. The Sabbatical Goat of the Black Mass was Chem Zoroaster, one of the early ancestors of the ancient Dragon Families and his symbolic presence at the Mass reminds one that Royal Witchcraft was strictly a family affair.

We will also remember in this context that witches actually called their ’god’ the Antecessor - meaning ’the ancestor’ - illustrating to later generations of readers that "Satan", also called by the witches ’Christ, son Dei’ or ’Jesus Christ, son of God’, was in fact a flesh and blood being, not a fallen angel or some bugaboo invented by a bunch of greedy, syphilitic Catholic recidivists in frocks.

If the witches of the Royal Covens honored Jesus as an ancestor-god, then they must have been Merovingian by descent and thus custodians of the Sang Royale.

Here we enter in upon the realm of the Holy Grail. Royal Witches were Elven by blood and everybody contemporary to them knew this. Professor Murray made this assertion in England and was followed by Jules Michelet in France who recorded that the epithet ’fairy’ was attributed by the French to the ancient Gallic Queens.

This also means that The Holy Grail itself was Elven as was Jesus himself, complete with his Crown of Fairy Thorns, depicted as the headgear of Godfroi de Vere de Bouilllon in the 12th century.

How long do we have to suffer the impudence of empty vessels who label as either good or evil, black or white, an ancient family tradition that they can’t understand, are not and never can be a part of, and yet pontificate about anyway. These chattering fools know nothing and yet their stupidity adds yearly to the misrepresentations of and misconceptions about ancient Royal doctrine, made by outsiders, in the Dragon Family’s name.

To any intelligent person, to any true seer, concepts like ’white’ or ’black’ magic or good and evil are irrational, childish nonsense; both in terms of logic and actual fact.

They have nothing to do with witchcraft, but everything to do with the selfish motivation of those who promote a ’white’ Wicca for their own financial, social or sexual ends within a social environment which is still morally conditioned by manipulative medieval prejudices.

To wit Wicca, in company with the New Age as a whole is riddled with mummy’s boy liberalism, cry baby social politics and middle-class performance angst shot to bits by moral cowardice and perpetrated by the sort of people who have names like Crispin and Philida whose probable first gut instinct, or rather gutless instinct, on finding their Au Pair raped and decapitated, and their children: Piers, Stefan, Harry, Jonquile, Jasmine and Cressida, murdered and dismembered in their Terence Conran kitchen, would be to ask the perpetrator if he or she would like to sit down and join together with them ’as a group’ in sealing their anal chakras.

Crissie and Phillie would then insist that they all meditate and centre themselves by looking at the serene, Healing images on any one of the many inane posters of Unicorns, Rainbows and Humped-Back Whales that can still be seen through the smears of finely mashed human internal organs.

They could all send out Healing rays to each other and the Universe couldn’t they?; as they became ’One’ together with the Healing, New Age Sounds of the latest calming, Healing CD entitled: "Incessant, Three Bar Andean-Inca Drain-Pipe Music and Electronic Waterfall Sound-Effect, with Relentless, Irritating Chirping Bird and Humping-Dolphin accompaniment" compiled by a group calling themselves the "Fatuous PC Eco-Trendy Claptrap-Sounds Co-operative" (but which was actually cobbled together in an afternoon by an unemployable, second rate, tone-deaf sound engineer living somewhere in Wales), while the abhorrent infanticide, lacking true direction in their life, shares his or her feelings with Cris and Phil over a cup of sugar and salt free Organic-Bat-Guano-and-Rose-Hip Tea:

"and releases the repressed child inside themselves, internally Feng Shui-ing their inner fear and guilt to harmonize with their parasexual perve-energy whilst they really confront and channel their negative vibrations using Reichian therapy".

For which, as it happens, the victims’ erstwhile ’Parental Role Models’ - Cri and Phi - had just attended an extensive two day ’workshop’ in order to become fully qualified and experienced counselors, prior to returning home to find the house daubed in the blood of their former domestic status symbols.

And seeing that this -

"’Soul lost in the infinite Cosmos’ has so openly shared his or her most intimate feeling with them in the commission of an act which was, after all, only a cry for help, and in so doing has integrated their Karma in a group dynamic and has now almost become a part of what they currently have left of their once nuclear-family-unit, (the Hidden Masters have meaningfully bonded them all together-wise in a situation validated by its intensity and realness)........"

- Cr. and Ph. will only charge their fellow traveler on the quest for eternal truths $100.00 a session.

"Centering crystals, talismanic jewelry, ambient incense, calming aromatherapy oils, robes and copies of Dr. Raymond Buckland’s profoundly thoughtful, sensitively intelligent, academically thoroughgoing, initiated and insightful books - ’Picte-Wicca’ and ’Seax-Wicca’, in which he "reveals in full" all the secrets of Saxon Witchcraft and the ’Wiccecraeft’ of the ancient Pictish Race - are included in the price".

Modern Wicca, like so much else in 20th century society, is imitation and hollow mimicry, it is safe and respectable and consequently it is dead. If it had any intrinsic psychobiological value and any consequent potential for making significant social changes, the establishment would have squashed the ’New Age movement’ in the first few months of its emergence. Like everything else in the market-place however, it is no more than a fashion statement, a lifestyle choice with a price tag attached.

Modern Wicca is nothing more than an invented hotch-potch of Anglo-Catholic, white, middle class moral attitudes and desires, to wit it is modern ’born-again christianity’ dressed up in the Edwardian pseudo-pornographic imagery of titillating young nymphs prancing naked around bone-fires in deep dark woods; mixed in copiously with elements of fantasy paganism that could be found anywhere in the neo-classical and ersatz Celtic revivalist guff of the Victorian period, which the reader will discover that the author has also eviscerated and sacrificed to the God Moloch in a later chapter.

At this juncture the readers may be nodding knowingly to themselves and suspecting that the author’s antagonism is due perhaps to him having had a bad experience with Wiccans or New Agers and that his comments are a backlash. This is not the case however; unless, like the author, one is of the opinion that any experience with a New Ager or a Wiccan is, by its very nature, a bad experience.

Nothing the author has seen and no one he has met in the thirty years that he has studied and has been involved actively in the Dragon Tradition have ever led him to any more profound a conclusion than that the New Age or Wicca (or any other of the myriad of identical, merchantable material or mental commodities being offered to fill the deliberately manufactured holes in peoples’ personalities) are any more than pecuniary responses to the manifestation of the individual’s social inadequacy.

These are created and fuelled by corporate greed; the sole inspiration and emotive force behind the new fads and services that emerge to fill gaps in world markets which were contrived by the establishment’s conditioning of its captive consumer workforce to be inadequate in the first place.

The British Trading Standards Office demands of the manufacturer or service provider that any goods or services offered for sale by them should be "Fit to be used for the purpose for which they were intended" and where the New Age Movement, wicca and indeed modern revivalist christianity are concerned, all fall below this definition and furthermore, technically they fall foul of the British Trades Descriptions Act.

All - including Revivalist Christianity - need to be investigated in these terms and in relation to the British Fraudulent Mediums Act. They won’t be, because they make money, they’re impotent and harmless as far as the Security Services are concerned and they keep the Bald Pink Monkeys quiet in their semi-detached consumer cages.

However inadequate and fraudulent these ’services’ are in relation to what they claim to be able to achieve for people, they are nevertheless adequate and succinct social indicators. The boom in these markets reflects the increasing sense of alienation and the disaffection and disillusionment in traditional values and institutions felt by the "Consumer".

The former two are not real magic and not real witchcraft, any more than the latter is the genuine old time ’New Testament Christianity’ that the besuited preachers would have us believe it to be. They are all worst-guessed marketing hype. As are the endless stream of sanitized books on the Holy Grail, the Templars, the Ancient Families and their magical traditions.

The real Dragon Traditions - including original christianity - base themselves firmly on the scientific principles of evidence and repeatable demonstrability, whilst the new age fads and wicca - sops for saps - a new opiate for the masses, depend upon and perpetuate popular beliefs in the same sort of hocus pocus that preceded them in the era of mass christian, orthodox indoctrination which the new age has largely attempted to replace, one suspects with the blessing and encouragement of the fiscally minded Anglo-Catholic Church whose doctrines change weekly in order to accommodate the changes in social attitudes.

This in itself is a clear indication that they speak not the truth and nor do they stand for truth, but rather for the continuity of their own survival and for the maintenance of their power base and their profit margins. If they are prepared to ditch the central concepts of Heaven and Hell which they cherished dearly for centuries as a tool for propagating fear with which to control the people, they are capable of any adjustment in the name of Mammon. They are pecuniary hypocrites to a man.

This is not a new ’Age of Enlightenment’ but simply the old school, the ’religious-academic-industrial establishment’, flogging reconditioned junk in the hope that they can continue to hoodwink the cretinous masses from which they feed like leeches, into staying put and continuing to work subserviently for their sole benefit.

The New Age movement (like ’born-again’ christianity) is big business worldwide and if it were actually capable of helping people to achieve what it says they can achieve, it would go bust in a matter of months along with 90% of the world’s manufacturing and service industries which would also be deemed irrelevant, becoming redundant as people across the globe achieved a sense of personal, self sufficient integrity as the planet entered a new Age of Peace.

Under the prevailing socio-economic conditions the much lauded ’Age Of Aquarius’ can never be the age of the individual who attains integrity and personal sovereignty. It can only be the age of selfish insularity exacerbated by the ever increasing pressure upon the consumer slaves of the ’Free West’ to further cultivate the same old sense of greed and fear which will in turn goad them into buying more and more in order to assuage the ever-increasing sense of impotence disenfranchisement, loneliness and pointlessness that the corporate elite’s have instilled in them for centuries.

To the sociologists who advise governments we have become categorized into ’numbered social units’; to those governments’ military tacticians we are ’expendable civilian collateral assets’ and to the tradesmen who control those governments we are ’consumers’. Do we wish to continue to be labeled so cynically, and only according to our relative value to any given elite or its agents?

-The inverted pyramid of diminishing human value -

’Expendable Civilian Collateral Asset’

’Numbered Social Unit’

’The Consumer’


What is a human life worth when it has reached the point where the sum total of its potential has been abbreviated to the point where it has become, to those who consider themselves to be the global community’s masters, no more than "A Collateral Social Consumer Unit"? To what degree of degradation has the human spirit succumbed when it accepts the label "The Consumer" without thought or complaint?

Is that all we have become, no more than a collection of walking, breathing infill sites into which the corporate elites can endlessly pump their polluting, useless, faddish junk? Sadly, the answer to that question is "Yes we have" and it’s time to do something about it before it is too late. You are a pawn, a character in some Gothic version of Huxley’s ’Brave New World’, how much abuse does it take to wake you up?

As the Age Of Pisces, so we are told, began to draw to a close in the 20th century, we witnessed, at the fin de siecle, the emergence of what was termed the ’me generation’ and the manifestation of an even more insidious sense of vacuosity which bodes ill for any peaceful transition to a future age of utopian equity or fraternity.

With dwindling resources and an increasing demand for basic commodities worldwide there will be no new Aquarian Dawn to herald in, no idealistic era of peace and human understanding, because the continuing blind, careless greed and acquisitiveness of the western world will inevitably and eventually force the rest of the planet’s population to take up arms and fight for their right to be able to have access to the essentials necessary for their own survival. As Crowley pointed out: This new age is the Age of Horus - The Age of War. No change there then, eh?

If they are to survive then people must realize that they have enough in themselves and of themselves to live contentedly without adopting poses, following fads or consuming rubbish produced in response to artificially contrived demand. The earth cries out for the restoration of realistic values operating within an equitable, but above all a realistic social system.

People must look to themselves for the guidance and inspiration they need, instead of consuming ever increasing amounts of externally inculcated infotainment and allowing themselves to be bowed by ever-increasing numbers of restrictive laws which are only imposed upon them in order to keep them continually quiet and continually consuming.

The founding and regulation of any sustainable, equitable, ecologically symbiotic society that has any chance of a future can only be achieved by adopting a system which arises from and responds to innate, individual conviction and owes its continuity to constant consent. In order to be able to give informed consent, people have to be educated and given information in the first place

If the planet is to survive, then social groups must become smaller and must be ordered by economic necessity not by the global tyranny of the so-called Democracy of Consumerism, championed by the anything but ’free’ West.

People learn by suffering and fundamental change comes through the stimulus of radical pain. At present people haven’t had their fingers burned badly enough to make them demand change and so any call for the adoption of sane social and environmental policies still sounds to them like the insane rantings of isolated idealists.

Social Alternatives?
The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline descendants of the ancient Vere family - the senior bloodline successors of the Scythian-Merovingian, Elven House of Princess Maelasanu - and for those whose bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court.

Such is the nature of its enforced exclusivity that the Dragon Court has become the only sovereign body in existence today that demands a DNA test as a prerequisite of membership, because being a Dragon is and always was a matter of race and never a matter of ’lifestyle choice’, let alone of market potentials.

Being of the Dragon Blood is exactly like being a member of the Amerindian Pequat Tribe who, like the Court, also demand such rigorous proofs of aboriginality. After a thousand years of persecution would anyone dare accuse us of racism? We are fighting for our racial identity to be restored to us and in this we are no different to the Jews or the American Indians or any other Tribe or Nation who have suffered at the hands of the European Church-State.

Do we accuse them of racism or conversely, do we approve of their efforts in attempting to restore and cultivate their cultural distinctness and uniqueness? Like the Indians, the Dragons are also sick of having their culture adopted and diluted by the very races and nations that spent so much time and effort in trying to eradicate them and other indigenous populations from the face of the earth and from the pages of the history books.

Nevertheless, the Dragons are committed to furthering the cause of social equity. And whilst they are desirous to promote spiritual and scientific education to those who genuinely seek change, ultimately the Dragons’ concerns lay in the restoration of their own Tribes, their own Nation and their own Homelands.

Ultimately and unequivocally the Dragons have a love for truth and strive to re-establish their own tuadhe based on veracity, honor, liberty and social and environmental equity, according to the Dragon’s ancient lore.

They don’t want to wedge their toes in your doors and they don’t want to preach their truth at you.
They certainly don’t want to ’convert’ you!

Instead they are working towards the foundation of their own distinct society, utilizing the sovereign national rights that the ancient Imperial and Royal Dragon Sovereignty historically already has and which are currently recognized by one European government and another European organization with equal sovereign status.

By re-introducing their old social structures and values the Dragons hope to establish a naturally ordained system of socio-economic interactions between the Dragon people, based on clarity of vision, honesty of spirit and material necessity.

In eschewing that transient and baseless sense of fulfillment acquired through mindless greed; and by looking inwards instead, for a far richer spiritual and cultural experience derived from the ancient racial memory of the Dragon, it is envisaged that its society will be governed by innate conviction.

Achieved through teaching the timeless psychological skills that facilitate access to this infinite realm - it is hoped that the community might continue as an example of what real ’royalty’ entails and further demonstrate how communities can work fairly and efficiently, with a hundred-fold increase in cultural quality, spiritual significance and personal empowerment if they are based, not on idealism, materialism or patriotism, but on sound, realistic principles which are structured organically, according to the outworking of the Draconian consciousness.

The Dragons have no interest in politics and no desire to "Rule the Planet" as certain named lunatics have suggested. Not least because history teaches us that in power-brokering terms, the ’top dog’ is in fact ’the exposed duck’ and in political arenas it’s duck season all year round.

Egotism seeks power through rule, but the Dragonstranscendent perception, the Derkesthai or clear sight, is attained through relinquishing egotism. So Dragons couldn’t "rule" anyway, the two concepts would be mutually self negating.

The office of the ancient Druidic or Dragon Queen or King was that of a Magus (hence majesty), Seer and Guide. The idea of a King as "ruler" or even the modern President or Premier as "ruler", is outdated warrior class nonsense, the disastrous consequences of which can be witnessed across the entire planet.

In tune with the Dragon Court and the old covens, many other groups did not and still don’t initiate outsiders as new members but, echoing Merovingian tradition, only acknowledge family members who have reached a certain age.

The overly complex and unnecessary initiation rites found in wicca or modern witchcraft were and are entirely absent from the rites of small hereditary groups which practiced the old craft. If one knows one is a witch because one is born into a witch family, one doesn’t need excessive pomp and hocus-pocus to convince one of the obvious, any more than one has to wear the entire silver standard of a small nation around one’s corpulent neck in the form of tasteless pseudo-wiccan or occult jewellery, just in order to reinforce the idea - to oneself and to others - that one is ’A Witch’.

The structure of the historical covens will be dealt with at a later date. However, the Dragon Court itself is not now and never was a ’Coven’ in the way that this word is accepted today and when reading this book, this should be remembered.

Recruitment in times of hardship did occur and ’listeners’ were expected to drink the blood of the Officiate. This classical, pre-christian practice was intended to act as a eucharist where the recruit would take on the nature of the Leader by infusing their own being with his or her genetic material.

This form of pact lasted 7 years, the approximate time it takes for the body to renew its cells entirely. After 7 years the recruit would have to drink the blood again as none of the Leader’s essence would remain with them after their cellular regeneration.

In this way they were made footsoldiers but it wasn’t an "initiation" or for life, as modern "wiccans" have conceived induction to be, and it is doubtful whether they would agree to a vampiric ritual being included into their repertoire, as it might damage their respectable image as "white witches", whatever that is supposed to mean: beyond being poorly educated, misinformed, fraudulent, morally spineless poseurs - peddling fraudulent, morally spineless pap.

This is not elitism, the genuine Dragons are just sick of being exploited simply so a bunch of wet cretins can parade their crippled egos and their flippant jewellery in public. For centuries the ancestors of today’s wannabee witches, magicians and new-age gurus raped, tortured, burned and hanged the Elven people, and now they take their names, their titles and their culture and use it to enhance their own social kudos, when they can’t even prove that they are of the Dragon blood.

In the Genes
Having said that, anyone who genuinely believes they have the right to be acknowledged as a ’Draconian’, a member of the ancient Elven, Dragon race, is welcome to submit a genealogy which devolves back to either the Scythian or Mittani Royal Houses before the time of Christ. That is at least 80 generations.

Alternatively, and more realistically for most people, they are invited to submit a gene sequencing chromograph. The Dragon dynasty’s abiding raison d’etre is to restore and gather together the Sundered Elven Tribes and to accomplish this they are making available to everyone the opportunity of taking the DNA test that may prove to them that they too are directly of the ancient elven descent. If anyone is interested in so doing, they can contact the Dragon Court at for further details of :

The Dragon Gene Project
which was commissioned by, and is being run in consultation with, the Dragon Court - by one of the leading haematology departments in one of Europe’s most famous University Hospitals who are at the forefront of chromosomal gene sequencing.

Test samples from a unique and rare strain of the Dragon Blood, believed to have an unbroken Elven descent reaching back in the male line for more than two thousand years, are being retained under laboratory conditions and subjected to each new type of genetic test as these arise, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the similarities and differences between human and Dragon genes.

Included in the range of both standard and new assays being applied are:

  • XY chromosomal diversity and imbalance tests

  • Y chromosome sequencing

  • DNA filament testing and mitochondrial mapping

In the near future it is hoped that we may discover the genes which govern the Fairy brain chemistry and physiology which allowed the kind of "dimension-hopping" abilities that were a distinctive quality of the Derkesthai capacity. As more samples become available the picture will become clearer and the reader is invited to join in what could become one of the most revolutionary cultural experiments of the new millennium.

There are thousands of self styled gurus in the world, each with their own permutation on what they would like us to believe is ’The Truth’, each with a different product to sell the unsuspecting seeker. Unless one is committed to backing one’s statements and one’s position with proof, one is just another voice in the wilderness, preaching yet more pointless jiggery-pokery and deserving of no more consideration than all the other charlatans. The Dragon Court, therefore, always seeks to support its claims with substantiable, scientific evidence.

We have been brought up in a scientific age where we are conditioned to demand and accept scientific proofs as the benchmark of validity for any concept presented to us. This is no bad thing and the Dragons themselves have maintained this attitude for centuries. Indeed such an approach is at the foundation of some of the most poetic and romantic tales in the Dragon culture which, at their heart, reveal themselves as pure science.

The interaction between mind and brain can be psychosomatically suppressed or enhanced by belief, and if people are presented with scientific proof of the existence of Dragon genes in their own blood, the abilities which accompany those genes and their genetic memory will become accessible in a strange kind of consensual way in which the individual, understanding that it is now ’acceptable’ to believe without the danger of being thought insane, will no longer suppress the capacities and dreams they once thought that society would condemn in them as being fanciful.

In tandem with those capacities and visions comes the ability to transcend mundane thinking and the individual, finally seeing the evidence of their heritage in black and white, will allow themselves to begin to see clearly. When they do, they will see that 90% of human endeavor is pointless. They will see a cleaner way to live life and will find that a common, natural social morality will accompany their every waking thought.

They will have no need for man’s petty laws and no need for authorities and masters. The innate laws of life will arise from within accompanied by a love of truth and a contempt for falsehood, pretence and deceit. They will allow themselves to become what they already were and what the corporate elites fear most - integrated, transcendent, detached, truly intelligent and creative beings: Overlords unto themselves - the members of a separate race - a "Royal Priesthood, a Peculiar People and an Holy Nation".

Mere belief is what fuels mere religion. From absolute proof however, there is derived absolute certainty in one’s condition and one’s heritage. Quietly believing or hoping to oneself that one is of the Dragon Race is one thing and in most cases the belief, when it wavers, causes numerous blockages to the fulfillment of any potential as the negative spiral circles downwards with every waver and every failed attempt

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"
If one knows beyond any doubt however, that one is of that Blood, then the doors to the infinite can be opened wide. The planet needs its Elves back, so the saying goes. It needs the people for whom order and empathy come instinctively and whose love of the natural world comes before all else and arises spontaneously from the depths of their eternal souls. Above all the planet needs its Firstborn to know who they are themselves.

It should be said that the symbolism throughout the entire book, is not part of some occult, mystical philosophy. If it is mystical looking now, then that is because we credit our ancestors with little intelligence or knowledge because they lived at a time when experts say that technology, and hence man’s understanding, was primitive, regardless of the fact that the Greeks discovered the atom and understood the basics of jet propulsion, whilst the Kabalists were amongst the first mystics to present the ’Big Bangtheory.

Nevertheless modern day science says that they couldn’t possibly know about endocrinology or psychobiology, and so we look at their obscure writings and symbols and attribute to it a hocus pocus meaning because we are not encouraged to relate it to a scientific basis because our culture dissuades us from attributing such to these predecessors.

Nevertheless, if you strip away the deliberate establishment accretions of superstition, fear and devil worship engendered by centuries of Roman Catholic hatred and envy, you will see that the Dragon people weren’t ’Occultists’ but scientists and this is the most threatening aspect of their culture as far as the Church is concerned. Dragon philosophy is based on tangible assays whilst Catholic dogma is based on manipulated hocus pocus whose philosophy is totally ungrounded and illogical. The logic of dragon science was the threat. In any case the Church’s priesthood weren’t of the blood and weren’t privy to, and therefore couldn’t control, these secrets. Even if they could understand them, they still couldn’t utilize them for the following reasons.

As it has been previously intimated, Dragon Philosophy is only appropriate to Dragons. In the case of vampirism, and those who would play the ersatz bloodsucker, you cannot take the essences by force, they are only given in love. If one plays the Hammer House of Horror Vampire and abducts young females,

a)   their systems will react by producing chemicals during one’s assault upon them that will completely knock out the chemicals traditionally required and

b)   one will rightly and inevitably end up in Broadmoor Hospital or some other maximum security psychiatric unit.

Whilst Mr Kenneth Grant has stated in his book ’The Magical Revival’ that it was his feeling that people need to be initiated and gradually educated with regard to this matter the Dragon Families would echo his caution but for purely sociopathic reasons. Namely that an outbreak of vampire related attacks and murders have been reported in recent years both in Britain and America.

Two young men in England were jailed in 1994, one for slashing the neck of a 15 year old boy and drinking his blood, and the other, a 29 year old, was incarcerated for 9 years after attacking a 15 year old girl and drinking the blood from the wounds he had inflicted. When police eventually tracked him down, a thorough search of his house revealed a book that someone had actually published, in which readers were "encouraged to drink the blood of young girls for youthful purposes". The young man, labeled ’The Vampire Rapist’ was said to be a Devil Worshipper.

Let’s bite the bullet here. It may appear somewhat elitist and exclusionist when it comes to the feelings expressed about people prancing around calling themselves witches or vampires, but when one sees the sociological results of the kind of media encouragement and advertising that tells people they are all the same and thus can achieve anything they want, and a proportion of these people end up swallowing this and assume that the same is a license that extends itself to their becoming a danger to other people, then one might appreciate that a restrictive attitude has some good purpose.

Beyond the confusion and disappointment caused in a society that is encouraged to do what it wants in order that the controlling elite can make money out of selling goods related to conditioned aspiration, we have a situation where society becomes disaffected and disintegrated because the people themselves cannot achieve what the ’American Dream’ says they can achieve. Mostly this unrest is caused because most people just don’t have the money to spend on fashionable, useless crap. In some instances however, if people transpose this aspirational, acquisitive mentality onto the attainment of states of being or the fulfillment of roles which they are not physiologically developed to attain, they simply won’t achieve them and, en masse, that can cause resentment and a build up of social tension. It is called the Politics of Envy.

In the case of the 29 year old, apparently he had read a book written by some idiot who obviously didn’t know what he was talking about. This self styled guru of the occult supplied information publicly that resulted in at least one serious maiming incident that could easily have resulted in murder.

And what’s the Point? Young girls today are encouraged to behave like slappers because slappers buy fashionable clothes and alcohol and do a roaring trade for the music industry. If you removed the abrasive and unattractive exterior brainwashing of this modern female fashion victim, deep down inside you would probably find nothing more than a conditioned breeding machine having a ’bit uvva larf’ before it settles down to the next stage of its existence as an efficient consumer-producer. What you wouldn’t find is the spirit of the ancient of days, the essential genetic makeup of the Dragon princess and the Grail maiden: that rare living goddess whose sacred essences were shed joyously in the service of the ancient Vampire Queens and Overlords.

These days, any solicitous behavior either violent or wheedling therefore, is not going to result in any wannabee vampire extracting anything of value out of the modern young woman. She hasn’t got the brain chemistry and the intendant hasn’t got the brain physiology or anatomy to process the chemicals and so the whole transaction or incident is a waste of time.

The young man cited here was described as a devil worshipper, so he got that completely wrong as well, as we shall see. It is all and only a matter of chemistry. If you go attacking people their bodies discharge heaps of poisons like adrenaline, noradrenaline and histamine. Keep attacking people to drink their blood and you will drink yourself into stress and an early grave.

It actually ages you so "drinking the blood of young girls for youthful purposes" by hacking their necks open in a surprise attack is not particularly bright thinking, is it? Any vampiric interaction only worked with enthusiastically willing females of pure royal blood who were virgins of a certain age and head over heels in love with the ’vampire’.

This cuts out any potential advantages that might be anticipated in hanging around in dark alleys with a questionnaire and a blood testing kit. Finding the right candidate for the prospective vampire’s attention could see him or her lurking around in gloomy, damp passages with an increasingly gloomier and damper countenance as the hours turn into days, possibly waiting for years for a suitable, but sadly non-existent victim.

Vampirism was an aspect of a highly structured culture that used it as the foundation for an ancient and unique society. Those days are long gone and so are the people who fed one another. For a sad, inadequate, misinformed, lonely little man like the one mentioned here the prospect of finding a donor today would be impossible.

If however, this cloud cuckoo cadet had attacked that same girl in 15th Century Timisoara, Romania and got himself caught: a real Vampire named Dracula would have impaled him in the rectum with the oiled and sharpened spike of an 18ft pole or Tepes. As he slowly came back down to earth again, and within slashing range, Dracula would also have personally handed the victim a knife and invited her to tear off her attacker’s genitalia and feed them to the eagerly awaiting dogs.

Having then been skinned alive - and the author is not indulging here in an obsessive, puerile fascination in the macabre - the wannabee vampire would have been allowed ample time to review his life and regret his mistakes.

Like all Elves, Dracula knew the value of law and order and did not tolerate the woolly minded liberalism that encourages rapid growth in the kind of sexual violence we seem to accept by default today. Reformation of character would have been something he would have ordered be done with an axe, rendering an entirely different meaning to the phrase ’Health Cuts’.

In summary and final reiteration one cannot utilize Dragon Essences unless one has the same complementary, genetically inherited brain wiring as the Princess who donated them. If one doesn’t have Dragon synapses, Dragon blood won’t make the connections. One can’t obtain these essences from just any female and so any form of play-acting, poseur vampirism practiced by the bored, inadequate chattering classes today is just a manifestation of Freudian sexual psychosis. Rare is the woman one would worship, but nevertheless all women deserve respect.