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From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells

The history and etiquette of Vampirism in the Home Counties~

A collection of essays on the Derkesthai Culture with

accompanying extracts from the Dragon Court archives


Nicholas de Vere
Sovereign Grand Master - The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court

Edited and Illustrated by

- H.E. Michael Hunter B.A. -

Archaeological and Anthropological Consultant

- Baron Richard Dufton B.A. -


This work is dedicated to the memory

of an Elven Princess of the House of

Llewelyn who opened her heart in love,

threw the doors of Elphame wide and gave

birth to the Sovereign Dragon Nation once more;

and to the Grail Maidens and Dragon Princesses

who are the sole and rightful custodians of Eternity’

Extracts from this collection first appeared in Mr. Laurence Gardner's book 'Genesis of the Grail Kings' with the kind permission of HI&RH Prince Nicholas de Vere, who also formerly permitted further extensive essay and research material, and archival extracts from the Dragon Collection to form the bulk of Mr. Gardner's September 1999 'Nexus Lectures' and his next book 'Ring Lords of the Dragon' which, although due to be published by Element Books in September 2000, has now apparently either been abandoned or renamed’


From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells

"The Beast, the Dragon, the terrible monster, is the disguise of the beloved; the horror to be overcome itself is, or contains, the Reward’ Beauty and the Beast must be conjoined’ The old tag that a serpent becomes not a Dragon save by devouring another serpent, has an Alchemical sense:

These are the two Dragons, male and female: they destroy one another, or one destroys the other and a new and mightier one is born, a fiery wonder: A Phoenix (traditionally depicted as having red and gold plumage
*), a leaping glory, a STAR of dream ascending to the throne of the world. This was the Transmutation, the Great Work of the hidden glory of perfection".

Arthur Machen, Fr.GD.
(Frater of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

The mating of Ravens is the rhythmic inhalation and exhalation of the breath of Ravens, one by the other. And in this way are the children of Ravens fashioned. (The Raven is the Phoenix of the Elven Kings)’

Traditional country folklore (England)



* (The red and gold field, symbolizing the plumage of the Phoenix - superimposed by the white Star - are the Arms of the Vere, supported by two Dragons they historically become one of the Seals of the House. Red and gold are also the colors of other descendants of the Merovingian dynasty, including the Planagenets, the Mandevilles, the Spencers and the Royal House of Scotland).





















This book is a conversational and informal, organic, evolving work which will grow as the Dragon Court archives are converted into electronic data. Further chapters will include The Origin of the Dragon Lords of the Rings and a comprehensive discourse on the ancient methods used in The Rite of the Vampire, accompanied by a detailed endocrinological schematic.

The author would like to acknowledge, thank and/or credit the following people for supportive and corroborative source material and for their encouragement throughout the years. These will be added to as time marches on. Anyone who feels that they have been forgotten should contact the site administrator and the oversight will be rectified if your work has been consulted.

  • Carol Thomas

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  • Jehovah (author of the bestselling novel The Holy Bible)

  • and a bunch of Irish and Welsh Monks for variously fiddling with the Annals of Irish History and for committing to parchment the Mabinogion and the Liebher Gabhala.

In all other respects the bulk of this work was anticipatory and derived from the application of the Derkesthai phenomenon. It would be pretty pointless writing about it if it hadn't and the reader would just be confronted with yet another rehash of the same old material that has been doing the rounds for years.

Grateful thanks are also extended to my mother, about whom my father says "that she is the only woman I have ever known to have suffered from post-natal depression for more than thirty years".