008 - Karl Wolfe and others



Karl Wolfe worked for the military and was at Langley Air Force Base as an Air Force Technician during the 1960ís.


While there and in his capacity working on some devices in a very secret area of Langley he was shown, by another technician, photographs taken by the lunar orbiter, prior to the lunar landing, of structures on the moon that were specific, artificial, and were constructed of stone and other materials.


Some of them were very large, and he states, are unmistakable evidence that someone had been on the moon before we landed in 1969 and that there are artificial structures on the moon.





008-A  Sergeant Karl Wolfe - Langley Air Force Base, VA Tactical Air Command





008-B  Larry Warren - USAF Security Specialist
Discusses a debriefing film he was shown following his UFO encounter in Bentwaters, England in 1980, showing structures on the moon.