9.2 Appendix I.1: List of Descriptions of Government Documents Related to UFOs

AI.1. To: The Controller of Telecommunications

From: Wilber B. Smith, Senior Radio Engineer - Department of Transportation

Date: November 21, 1950

Re: Top Secret Memorandum on geomagnetic research project, including the information obtained through the Canadian Embassy that UFO subject is classified in US higher than the H bomb and the US assessment that "flying saucers exist".

AI.2. To: Mr. Shlomo Amon

From: Senator Barry Goldwater

Date: March 28, 1975

Re: UFOS. Goldwater unable to find out what was stored in specific building at

Wright Patterson AFB as it was classified above Top Secret.

AI.3. To: Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena

From: William Leet, USAF

Date: 11 March 1958

Re: Reports of several personal UFO sightings and offer to help Keyhoe and NICAP.

AI.4. To: Commanding Officer, Air Transport Squadron

From: Graham E. Bethune and others - Multiple reports of same event

Date: 10 February 1951

Re: Sighting of UFO by aircraft crew. Object appeared to be circular, bright orange-red disc, approaching at "very great, undeterminable speed."


Date: November 7, 8, 9, 1975

Re: Log entries by senior director of 24th NORAD Region describing UFO sightings at Malmstrom Air Force Base, MT.

AI.6. Extracts NORAD Command Director’s Log

Date: 29 October 1975 - 23 November 1975

Re: Multiple reports of sightings

AI.7. Directory of Databases

From: Air Force

Date: beginning 1971

Re: NORAD Unknown Track Reporting System (NUTR)

AI.8. Report. of Sighting

From: National Military Command Center, J.B. Morin, Rear Admiral, USN

Date: 21 January 1976

Re: UFOs near flight line at Cannon AFB, NM; 25 yards in diameter; gold or silver in color with blue light on top, etc.

AI.9. To: Memorandum for Record

From: National Military Command Center, L.J. LeBlanc, Jr - Deputy Director for Operations

Date: 30 July 1976

Re: Sightings at Fort Ritchie, MD - July 30, 1976

AI.10. To: Multiple Distribution

From: Joint Chiefs of Staff

Date: September 1976

Re: Detailed report of sightings of UFOs in Tehran, Iran - 19 September 1976

AI.11. Article: "Now You See It, Now You Don’t"

From: Captain Henry S. Shields, HQ USAF Date: Declassified 4 December 1981

Re: Episode reported by two F-4 Phantom crews of Imperial Iranian Air Force in late 1976.

AI.12. Sighting Report

From: Charles I. Halt, Lt. Col, USAF - Deputy Base Commander

Date: 13 January 1981

Re: Unexplained lights in woods outside RAF Woodbridge, trace landing marks found on ground the next day, numerous witnesses

AI.13. Inspection and Surveillance Record - Incident Report

From: Jack Wright, FAA

Date: November 17, 1986

Re: Report and interview of Captain Terauchi and crew of JAL #1628 on being followed by a UFO during flight approaching Anchorage, AK

AI.14. Personnel Statement - Federal Aviation Administration

From: Carl E. Henley, Air Traffic Control Specialist

Date: January 6, 1987

Re: UFO radar and visual sighting report - Anchorage - JAL #1628

AI.15. Information Alert Report

From: Franklin L. Cunningham

Date: December 31, 1986

Re: Sighting by crew of JAL #1628 for over 350 miles, recorded on onboard color radar USAF Elmendorf AFB showed on ATC radar.

AI.16. To: Multiple distribution

From: Joint Staff, Washington, DC

Date: March 1990

Re: Reports of UFO Sightings in Belgium including summary by Col. DeBrouwer. Phenomenon cannot be explained by Belgian Air Force.

AI.17. Paris Match article - authorized publication of documents from the Belgian Ministry of Defense

Date: March 30 and 31, 1990

Re: Details regarding encounters between UFOs and Belgian Air Force including photos of radar screen sighting of UFO.

AI.18. USA Today newspaper article "Arizonans say the truth about UFO is out there"

Written by: Richard Price

Date: June 18, 1997

AI.19. Boston Globe article on the French COMETA Report entitled: "UFO theorists gain support abroad, but repression at home"

Written by: Leslie Kean

Date: May 21, 2000

AI.20. Department of Air Force Document (1954)

From: USAF Chief of Staff, General Nathan F. Twining

Date: 12 August 1954

Re: Full details regarding reporting procedures of UFOs for the Air Force.

AI.21. Department of Air Force Manual 10-206 (Operational Reporting)

From: Secretary of the Air Force

Date: March 7, 2000

Re: Complete details on procedures for CIVUS reporting (Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings). Full copy in PDF format is available on the AFDPO web site at: http://afpubs.hq.af.mil.

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There are so many people over the past 10 years who have contributed to this work that even a partial listing would itself be a book. I would like to thank the thousands of CSETI supporters around the world for their help, networking and dedication, without which this project could never have been created and fulfilled.

I especially wish to thank my wife Emily and our four daughters for their love, dedication and support for these many years. Emily has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for years and always in the most self-effacing and pure-hearted way. There is just no one like her on this planet. Thank you, thank you.

My family has also sacrificed in many other ways – They have foregone several million dollars in income while I have been doing this work and they have, in many ways, sacrificed the most. I started this project, not them. How many doctor’s wives would patiently support such an effort? But knowing what the stakes are for humanity, how could we do otherwise? Without the unconditional love and support of my family this undertaking could not have even been contemplated.

The list that follows can only be a partial one. It reflects the hard work and dedication of so many and we are indebted to them all. Special thanks go to all of the military and government witnesses and to my chief assistants, Linda Willitts on the west coast and Debbie Foch in the DC area.

  • Shari Adamiak


  • Major-General Vasily Alexeyev

  • Eric Anderson

  • Lt. Col. Dwynne Arneson (ret.)

  • Colin Anderson

  • Maurizio Baiata

  • Msgr. Corrado Balducci

  • Stephen Bassett

  • Dr. Tom Bearden, Lt. Col. (ret.)

  • Dr. Fred Bell

  • Harland Bentley

  • Cmd. Graham Bethune (ret.)

  • Don Bockelman

  • Gildas Bourdais

  • Shell Boyd

  • Dr. Jan Bravo

  • Bob and Teri Brown

  • Lt. Col. Charles Brown (ret.)

  • Sgt. Robert Blazina

  • David Browning

  • John Callahan

  • Sgt. Stoney Campbell

  • Franklin Carter

  • Astronaut Gordon Cooper

  • Col. Philip Corso, Sr. (ret.)

  • Philip Corso, Jr.

  • Anthony and Patricia Craddock

  • Gordon Creighton

  • Prof. Paul Czysz

  • Don Daniels

  • Col. Ross Dedrickson (ret.)

  • Glen Dennis

  • Janet Donovan

  • Gerry Eitner

  • Maj. George Filer, III (ret.)

  • Deborah Foch

  • Lt. Frederick Fox

  • James Fox

  • Stanton Friedman

  • Alan Godfrey

  • Emily Greer

  • A.H.

  • Dr. Richard Haines

  • David Hamilton

  • Donna Hare

  • Paola Harris

  • Lt. Walter Haut

  • Michael Hesemann

  • Joe Heilig

  • Lord Hill-Norton

  • Jean Houston

  • Joel Howard

  • Dorothy and Burl Ives

  • Prof. Robert Jacobs

  • Don Johnson

  • Miles Johnston

  • Harry A. Jordan

  • Kevin Kachikian

  • Miki Kaipaka

  • Enrique Kolbeck

  • James Kolbeck

  • Marian Kramer

  • Alice Ladas

  • Kelly and Peter Lakin

  • Dr. Paul LaViolette

  • Prof. Ted Loder

  • Brig. Gen. Stephen Lovekin, Esq.

  • Ted Mallon

  • Rosemary May

  • John Maynard

  • Mark McCandlish

  • Denise McKenzie

  • Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

  • Dr. Eugene Mallove

  • Jaime Mausson

  • Merle Shane McDow

  • Cmd. Will Miller (ret.)

  • Robert Mitchell

  • Sgt. Dan Morris (ret.)

  • Jordan Pease

  • Donald Phillips

  • Dr. Roberto Pinotti

  • Antonio Pinto

  • Capt. Massimo Poggi

  • Nick Pope

  • Sgt. Leonard Pretko

  • Rhiannon Pruett

  • Dr. H. E. Puthoff

  • Nick Redfern

  • Capt. Lori Rehfeldt

  • Lawrence Rockefeller

  • Dr. Carol Rosin

  • Ron Russell

  • Capt. Robert Salas

  • Daniel Sheehan, Esq.

  • Gary Shrieves

  • Fred Smith

  • Michael Smith

  • Peter Sorenson

  • Sgt. Chuck Sorrells

  • Ralph Steiner

  • Sgt. Clifford Stone (ret.)

  • Jeff Thill

  • Fred Threlfall

  • Daniel Monoz Tovar

  • Capt. Bill Uhouse

  • Paul Utz

  • Lt. Robert Walker

  • Larry Warren

  • Dr. Alfred Webre

  • Dotha Welbourne

  • LC Jonathan Weygandt

  • Lt. Col. John Williams (ret.)

  • Dan Willis

  • Linda Willitts

  • Karl Wolfe

  • Lt. Col. Joe Wojtecki (ret.)

  • Dr. Robert Wood

  • Sandra Wright

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